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About Me

Here to let people know about my 100% true and accurate experiences with sites.

How I Can Help

Start using paypal for most of your purchases and don't buy from 3rd party or unknown/unfamiliar merchants/sellers/sites.Using just a credit card will earn you a headache and no money back,especially with unknown/3rd party,merchant/sellers/sites.


Shopping with competent companies that care about their customers.

107 Reviews by Jane

Shipping is pricey for one small item,I will get back to you after I receive my order to see how that goes.
Long lame warranty process,and they won't pay for the shipping back of their product that failed within a couple months of purchase.They will honor the warranty if you bought from a third party seller Except Ebay?I will not be buying from them until they change their pathetic business ethic.they started out good and then got arrogant.They will learn you can't treat consumers like that.
Update8/5/2020: Shipping jacked up to $4.00 for a single item under $20.00.Regular flat rate shipping used to be $1.00, Now it's $2.00.shipping to P.O Boxes is double that for no good reason.All about greed.I will look elsewhere first.
Michael L. – iHerb Rep
Dear Valued Customer,

We apologize about the $1.00 increase in shipping to P.O. boxes. These decisions are influenced by carriers. However, we wish you the best of health with everything going on.
They claim their Envion Therapure Model TPP240M that you can change the UV light and that is complete B.S. because I tried.Even the directions are B.S.Make sure right away when you get ANY air purifier that you change the UV light easily otherwise you just got duped into buying an expensive disposable air purifier.Also they will only let you pay for spare parts by credit card and not paypal.Huge red flag that I'm correct.I learned an expensive lesson.Either they will correct the problem they didn't forsee and I'm wrong OR continue to take advantage of people and I'm correct.We'll see.
I bought this mug for myself( https://paladone.com/usa/hyrule-mug)only to find out later that it can't be microwaved.I can half understand not being dishwasher safe(everything is dishwasher safe now)but you cant microwave it?Everyone reheats their coffee a million times.Thank you for ruining my christmas gift with the crappy stuff you used on your mugs.Do not buy this companies products,it's very clear they dont care about anything but money.Product Number:PP3021NNTX black mug gold lettering&symbol.
They added four days to delivery for zero reasons and they do not answer their phone at all,NEVER do that to a new customer during the holidays.An extra four days can be an eternity when you really need what you ordered.I gave a new company a chance and of course they blew it.I fully expect the product not to work but we'll see.
The reviews here are accurate.I have redeemed a reward 3 times in the few years I have been a member but even with my traight score maxed out they only want to give me 10 cents each lately unlike the 50 cents or more I have been receiving.Looks like my time is almost up with this non legit survey site.Survey sites like this know what they are doing is wrong and they dont care to pay people what their info is worth.
They will remove legitimate reviews or move legitimate not so good reviews down lower out of chonological order.It makes me wonder if they are like the better business bureau where a business can buy their way out of bad ratings and serious complaints,I am almost sure of it after seeing their shenanigans in action year after year.We really need a truely unbiased review website because it turns out yelp's not that.
They couldn't be bothered with telling ANYONE that they raised the price of stamps,I had to find out for myself.We deserve to be properly informed.If we were peoperly informed,I would not be typing this,obviously.They need to stop raising prices on everything before they are inevitably forced to significantly lower the prices of everything they offer.
A great company with free shipping that is doing themselves a great disservice by using useless UPS.I don't need my package immediately but I don't need UPS driving it around in the complete opposite direction for a week.Come on NHC get away from delivery services(UPS&Fedex)that will kill your business,free shipping or not.USPS is cheaper and faster.As customers when we see a company like yours,we want to help you be the best.Please read the UPS reviews and then promptly ditch UPS.
6/30/2020 Edit:They took 4 days to move and hour,one of those days it did not move at all.If you google it,it will say right on it that anonymous complaints are encouraged,then when you call they will say due to the covid they are not accepting anonymous complaints,then after you give your name and nature of the complaint they will say they are not accepting ANY complaints.Really?They are lucky they have the corporation contracts because I would never pay my own money to send packages and to be treated like dirt.Oddly USPS at 3rd worst thank god for them.They The trucks move 24/7.That means the tracking needs to be properly updated on time 24/7,there is zero excuses for the poor/improper tracking,lies about tracking numbers,and alterations to the tracking numbers.You guys need to keep a better eye on your driver's work.Somehow you or they they think they(not sure who is messing with the tracking numbers)are special and don't need to update the tracking on the weekends.This applies to all delivery companies,not just fedex.Fedex used to be the best and now I can't say that,usps is top.They don't set dates(you really need to get out of your own way with the set dates thing,it's just rediculous and just makes everyone involved angry)and let packages sit for days at a time at stop/hubs/far away locations for absolutely zero legit reasons.They never get packages to people in a timely fashion.If you want to be the best,you have to actually make the effort to earn that title.I will be periodically updating/editing this review.Right after posting this review the tracking for my package updates with "In transit." "In transit" is not an update,it does not properly state tracking information.(My package has been "In transit" for 34 hours,I live 7/7 and a half hours from where the package last departed,I could have had my package yesterday.) If one of your drivers does this,especially after days of zero updates something is wrong.Pay attention to what your drivers are doing,not doing,and what's going on within your company.It's just getting weird at this point,and its not even the holidays.
Raising the prices again,are you kidding me?Sometimes they have good content but they are getting as arrogant as cable/satellite with their bull.I just got done talking to them and they said in order to get my money back from overpaying for a plan I do not want(All of a sudden can't change plans when it is on hold,set to trap the customer and guarantee them max money)I would supposedly need to cancel my account and start a new one.(?!)On previous occasions when there would be a hiccup come up with my account they were always super helpful and correct whatever was going on.Not any more.If they raise the prices again they will lose me as a customer.We really need to check them before they turn into just like cable/satellite turned out.Wake up people!!There are plenty of free and lower cost options!
They raised the monthly fee without informing people,there are cheaper cards out there so shop around.If an error happens to/on your card,they could care less and you will not get your money back...ever.The only good thing at this time is that it's a master card and not awful greedy visa.
You will discover like me that after a while of fully honestly reviewing sites that they will not allow your honesty and will literally not put up your reviews if they are not to their liking.If you contact them about it their excuse is "You put up too many negative reviews."Wow really,I can't be honest and say most review sites are bad to awful and don't pay people enough for our information.I wont give a site over 3 stars if they are drama.For example high redemption/cash out thresh hold,should be as low as $5 and not any higher then $20.All the info that sites get and then the screen says "Sorry you dont qualify for this survey after 15 to 45 minutes of them pumping info out of us for free.If a site does not use paypal and has few rewards or even worse only give out checks(I mean seriously sites really need to stop using checks to pay people for their surveys,no one uses checks any more,no one has the ability to cash them unless they have a traditional checking account and no one does in our modern times.....obviously)If A site has the audacity to put the redemption"paypal fee"(which does not exist,so sites are lying to people,unless people don't have patience then I think there is a immediate transfer fee)onto the customer then yes I'm docking the site for that.The site is good for finding new survey sites,but this is not a site to find out if a site is any good or not because people cannot get accurate information because the site does not let people be honest about their experiences with survey sites.
First Off They Literally Removed My Review Not Once But Twice Because They Didn't Want People Seeing/Hearing The Truth.The Price Of The Ink Is Outrageous And The 1 Day Shipping Took 5 Days.Their Monthly Ink Plans Are NOT A Money Saver And They Are Driving Up The Price To Try To Back People Into Signing Up For Their Rediculous Monthly In Plans.When I Ordered They Had Someone's Phone Number On It And I Commented That It Is A Violation Of People's Privacy To Put A Person's Phone Number On The Outside Of Packages.I Don't Understand Why They Won't Allow My Review When Other Reviews Say The Same Things.
They were bought out a couple years ago and if you look at the reviews about their White Musk Oil they completely changed the formula to what is best described as cheap and nasty.They have enraged and lost customers that had bought this white musk oil for over 20 years.I have yet to hear about another company sabotaging their own products.I mean who does that.I hope they learned their lesson and are going back to the old formula and if not I hope the customers they lost stay to make the point that they don't appreciate something they loved being destroyed.Shame on you new owners of the body shop.
The woman who answers the phone has the IQ of a nematoade. She does not understand simple questions people ask her. You are not allowed to place orders unlike our local pepsi distributor. They don't care about their customers only the retailers they deliver the product to. That's who this company is.
They put cancer causing chemicals(Sodium Hydroxide otherwise known as Lye)in their products that smell nasty and then throw a toddler fit about returning the product and not give me a prepaid label.They make 6 billion dollars annually( https://drugstorenews.com/otc/qa-scott-rudolph-ceo-piping-rock-health-products)but what to try to screw me for $11ish dollars.No ethics or morals.They do not care about their customers.Truly despicable.You don't know till you know.Best piece of advice I can give other people is check out the return policy of companies if you are unfamiliar with them and if it says they won't pay for you to return their own product by giving you a prepaid label be prepared for a fight and always use paypal,never credit card only.
The Reps are always really nice and helpful but any time I need to login I can't and have to have the assistance of customer service to reset it while they tell me that it's strange that I cannot login to my account,no kidding?This last time their chat was unavailable and their systems/computer froze and wanted to call me back after it unfroze so I cannot buy anything or redeem VIP points until they want to fix whatever is wrong with their website.This password thing has been going on for over a years.What a shame lego.I have to buy else until they get that fixed.
These Shmucks Want To Sell You Overpriced Cheap Fake Junk.Do Not Waste Your Money.The Other Bad Ratings Don't Lie.

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