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Start using paypal for most of your purchases and don't buy from 3rd party or unknown/unfamiliar merchants/sellers/sites.Using just a credit card will earn you a headache and no money back,especially with unknown/3rd party,merchant/sellers/sites.


Shopping with competent companies that care about their customers.

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They will send you one box maybe if you are lucky and then make up excuses as to why they refuse to send you anything more from then on.They use the excuse that it because of your member profile.My was wide open except for pets.Make sure to go to their facebook and complain,they tried to shut people up with some dumb contest.Keep the complaints up so we can shutdown whatever scam they are up to.


I Asked Them To Kindly Remove All My Information From Their Data Base And Now They Are Spamming My Email Constantly.Highly Unprofessional.Also The Reason Why They Have Mostly Wrong Info Is Because They Want Your Money First To Supposedly Check On/Find Others,Then Like Most People Check On/Find Yourself, See The Wrong Info And Get Upset Enough(And Gullable)To Call/Email Them And Say "Hey,My Info Is Wrong!"And Proceed To Give Your Correct Infomation.So They Not Only Get People's Info But They Also Profit Off Of It.


I Promptly Closed My Account After Their "Refer Your Friends"Scam.I Bugged My Friends Only To Find Out After I Had To Dig To The Bottom Of The Fine Print That It Wasn't Just That The Friend You Refer And Sign Them Up(Fullfilling My Obligation For My Reward)But Come To Find Out That The Referred Friend Had To Spend 25 Or 30 Bucks Before I Get My Friend Referral/Sign Up Reward?Um,I Do Not Think So Ebates.That Is Still Not Only Bait And Switch But People Are Un Aware Until Digging To The Bottom Of Their Fine Print.I Deal With Honest Upfront Businesses Only.


They will take info and throw together fake listings.I have caught them more then once putting my name on fake listings/search results.Who do we call to have these criminals shut down for stealing our identities and committing fraud with the info?I don't understand why they are allowed to break the law and no one bats an eye.There are also a few other companies that do this same thing.Who are regulating these creeps?


I Was A Member For Years But I Can't Earn Points No Matter What I Do It Will Not Acknowledge My Purchases&Clicks.I'm Moving On To Companies That Actually Reward Their Members.See Ya My Points,You Should You Have Treated Me Better.


Wow I wish android users had other options.They could not care less about their customers,you can only talk to a live person if it concerns you having trouble giving them money.If you are having any other trouble they will direct you to the bull crap support pages that do not help anyone or solve anything.Why do we put up with this,oh yeah because we don't have a choice other then apple.(Eww)We really need to replace google,I know millions of other are done with google's crap also.


They will remove legitimate reviews or move legitimate not so good reviews down lower out of chonological order.It makes me wonder if they are like the better business bureau where a business can buy their way out of bad ratings and serious complaints,I am almost sure of it after seeing their shenanigans in action year after year.We really need a truely unbiased review website because it turns out yelp's not that.


Not regular paypal or the debit card,I mean paypal credit/bill me later.They have decided they do not want to remain in business.That's what companies decide when they dump off their most loyal long term customers without any warning,barely a month doesn't even remotely count and then they will demand that you "reapply" for something you have been using for ten years,using your same personal information they have had for all these years you have been a customer.Know that when you"reapply"they will deny you and hit your credit for a hard inquiry.I don't understand who they think will want to be their customers after what they just did.The thing about companies like paypal is they don't understand that others will learn from their failure,vastly improve their model and then leave paypal in the dust.Perfect karma for what they just did to millions of people's accounts and credit.So even though millions of people had their accounts shut down,they just proved to us that something is obviously very wrong and we shouldn't be signing up anyway so I really do take it as a blessing that I will watching paypal/bill me later implode upon itself from afar and that I will be ok but I feel bad for whoever all is still in their clutches.Good luck to the unfortunate ones as the ship goes down as they say.


First Off They Literally Removed My Review Not Once But Twice Because They Didn't Want People Seeing/Hearing The Truth.The Price Of The Ink Is Outrageous And The 1 Day Shipping Took 5 Days.Their Monthly Ink Plans Are NOT A Money Saver And They Are Driving Up The Price To Try To Back People Into Signing Up For Their Rediculous Monthly In Plans.When I Ordered They Had Someone's Phone Number On It And I Commented That It Is A Violation Of People's Privacy To Put A Person's Phone Number On The Outside Of Packages.I Don't Understand Why They Won't Allow My Review When Other Reviews Say The Same Things.


You will discover like me that after a while of fully honestly reviewing sites that they will not allow your honesty and will literally not put up your reviews if they are not to their liking.If you contact them about it their excuse is "You put up too many negative reviews."Wow really,I can't be honest and say most review sites are bad to awful and don't pay people enough for our information.I wont give a site over 3 stars if they are drama.For example high redemption/cash out thresh hold,should be as low as $5 and not any higher then $20.All the info that sites get and then the screen says "Sorry you dont qualify for this survey after 15 to 45 minutes of them pumping info out of us for free.If a site does not use paypal and has few rewards or even worse only give out checks(I mean seriously sites really need to stop using checks to pay people for their surveys,no one uses checks any more,no one has the ability to cash them unless they have a traditional checking account and no one does in our modern times.....obviously)If A site has the audacity to put the redemption"paypal fee"(which does not exist,so sites are lying to people,unless people don't have patience then I think there is a immediate transfer fee)onto the customer then yes I'm docking the site for that.The site is good for finding new survey sites,but this is not a site to find out if a site is any good or not because people cannot get accurate information because the site does not let people be honest about their experiences with survey sites.
Dick's Sporting Goods

Dick's Sporting Goods

Do not order anything from here,they will not keep the tracking up on your packages and will treat you bad for asking them to do what is apart of their job.They will also claim the package is delayed,they delayed my package on my very first order with this company.Very bad for business,you dont get repeat business that way.Tracking is very important to busy people.I do not shop anywhere there is poor tracking and delays in delivery.


Wow tons of fake reviews on facebook.Lots of people cannot cash out/redeem their money because lives in the stone age and gives out checks.No one uses checks anymore.Also most people do not have traditional bank accounts.I only ever see people well over fifty using checking accounts or checks,or stone age businesses.They need to get with modern times and use paypal like the rest of the planet.


Wish we could give negative.I will never buy anything from for christmas gifts.They treat non prime members like dirt.In fact I try to avoid them when I can because they have become a nightmare.I have learned my lesson.On their website they clearly and it really big bold type state that our orders will make it in time for christmas.Customer service literally denies the reality everyone else lives in about the delivery of christmas gifts.We expected the package in a reasonable 5-7 business days after ordering but because they live on another planet they waited over 5 days to ship it and now will be here several days after christmas.Wow,that's how much they care about their customers,their families and their christmas holiday.They also will not provide proper tracking for packages so don't expect to be able to track your package.Amazon has really fallen.I will be adding shadey sellers periodically since amazon does not allow actual real honest reviews:

Hotmiss:ruined chrismas present after lying that they are US based,took two 2 months to get the gift to the gift receiver.
Meeden Art:Another christmas gift ruined.Wherever they are based,they are literally hiding all their info besides at email and demanding between $5.99 and $12.00 to get it to us immediately(within 2 weeks)or Get This:It will take 2 months to get to Giftee for free shipping.The charge on my card says "Seattle Amazon Warehouse"proves they ARE being greedy about shipping&delivery.


The trucks move 24/7.That means the tracking needs to be properly updated on time 24/7,there is zero excuses for the poor/improper tracking,lies about tracking numbers,and alterations to the tracking numbers.You guys need to keep a better eye on your driver's work.Somehow you or they they think they(not sure who is messing with the tracking numbers)are special and don't need to update the tracking on the weekends.This applies to all delivery companies,not just fedex.Fedex used to be the best and now I can't say that,usps is top.They don't set dates(you really need to get out of your own way with the set dates thing,it's just rediculous and just makes everyone involved angry)and let packages sit for days at a time at stop/hubs/far away locations for absolutely zero legit reasons.They never get packages to people in a timely fashion.If you want to be the best,you have to actually make the effort to earn that title.I will be periodically updating/editing this review.Right after posting this review the tracking for my package updates with "In transit." "In transit" is not an update,it does not properly state tracking information.(My package has been "In transit" for 34 hours,I live 7/7 and a half hours from where the package last departed,I could have had my package yesterday.) If one of your drivers does this,especially after days of zero updates something is wrong.Pay attention to what your drivers are doing,not doing,and what's going on within your company.It's just getting weird at this point,and its not even the holidays.
Credit Karma

Credit Karma

I have my maiden name and my married name on my credit file only but credit karma's site shows another last name I do not at all recognize.I asked them to remove it and they said they were"Waiting for the credit bureau to send them changes/updates"and that is a complete lie because I Spoke with the credit bureau in question more then once about this and this strange surname is not on my credit file.When you sign up for credit karma know that they will put false,fake information on your account,lie to you and refuse to remove it.They are only interested in making money and gathering information to give to credit agencies and debt collectors.Do not put your tax info,car information or any other personal information they do not already have.If they are willing to put false information on your credit report and lie about it,they are not in the business for you,they are working for the bottom line of whoever is paying them.People need to stop helping credit karma help debt collectors and credit agencies committing illegal and/or shadey acts with your personal information.


I was a member for years and I tried several times to login to my account,I tried several more times to recover/reset my password and strangely(although stealing people's points is not all that strange)I never could get back into my account.I emailed then concerning all my points but nothing ever came of it non surprisingly.Know that if you sign up,they will gets tons of info form you and then when you are almost ready to redeem your points they will not let you back into your account.You will be robbed of all your hard earned points and time wasted as I was and they won't care.


Dishonestly Charged Me For This Item.Got All The Way Through My Order.It Even Said "$5.99" On The Screen Right Before Clicking To Put The Order Through Then,They Charged Me Twice As Much.I Would Not Pay Double For This Or Any Other Item.I Emailed Them Immediately And Told Them To Cancel The Order And They Ignored My Very Easy/Simple Request And Put The Order Through.Very Dishonest Business Practices.No Phone Support So I'm Sure None At All.I Would Give Zero Stars If I Could.Avoid This Business.Shipping Cost Or No Shipping Cost Lying To People About The Grand Total Is Dishonest.And There Is Absolutely NO WAY To View The Real Grand Total Before They Rob People,None At All Just Options To Choose 1 Of 3 Shipping Options.Two Of Those 3 Options Are Missing The Cost Information.RED FLAG.Saying People Can Calculate And View Shipping Before Clicking To Finalize The Order Is A Lie If That Were An Option *In Plain View Of Everyone* To Use,Which It IS Not,I And Tons Of Other People With The Same Complaint Would Have Used It.The Final Final Screen Of The Order At The Bottom Said "Grand Total."The Kicker Is That Shipping Calc Or None The Final Screen Of Any Purchase Reflects Actual Cost Unless Deliberately Altered To Bait And Switch People.Heck You Even Take People's Money And Then Never Give Them Anything,Lying To People Saying It's On Back Order.If You Are Not Scamming People One Way Your're Scamming Then Another Way.Good Grief,Are You Kidding Me?The Complaints Speak For Themselves And Will Continue Until You Stop Scamming&Lying To People.The Response From The Rep Below Is An Bold face Lie Otherwise Why Would I Write The Review.


I thought better of transUnion before today.They took 69 points away from my credit after I did the right thing and paid off my debt.That is The complete opposite of their own rules of credit scoring entirely.What they are doing is wrong.Apparently they follow new rules we are unaware of for the benefit of themselves and the creditors/collectionors,not us people.We are all at their mercy until we actually do something to shut the credit bureaus down.I will put it back to 5 stars after I get my stolen 69 points back.The best way to not get caught up in their scammy games is not to play.Opening revolving credit lines while crooks are in charge of the credit companies is not smart At All.Do not listen to any one who would suggest opening credit lines to "fix" your credit,it does not "fix" or "repair" your credit at all.You are being fed lies.That is the entire reason for this review,obviously.


Started out just ok.They tell you it's based on your profile but there are certain items I would never pick,and didnt but they send/sent them to you anyway and the box always comes damaged,one box actually arrived opened(doesnt matter who did it)they never send the regular samples just strange things/items people would never use,and they obviously know it.What did it in for me is them trying to make me And Other people believe all the regular samples were "sold out"in an hour.Even if that were true they should have taken steps/anticipated before today to get more samples for people knowing how fast they supposedly "sell out"of them.I want to waste my time on site that are actually worth it.This one is not.
USPSimage coming soon


This website is nothing but drama,so is calling the 800 number.Do not make the mistake of using your credit card on this website or starting any auto debit,it will take you years to find out how to remove it from their website.Go into your local post office,they can help people much better and less drama.

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