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About Me

Here to let people know about my 100% true and accurate experiences with sites. All of my reviews are legit and I don't need to upload pictures or receipts. I have no reason to waste time and energy lying about my shopping experiences.The whole credibility rating thing is ridiculous.

How I Can Help

Start using paypal for most of your purchases and don't buy from 3rd party or unknown/unfamiliar merchants/sellers/sites.Using just a credit card will earn you a headache and no money back,especially with unknown/3rd party,merchant/sellers/sites.


Shopping with competent companies that care about their customers.

160 Reviews by Jane


They will cut off your rewards and replace them with magazines you definitely don't want to ever read and they will not make it right when you confront them about taking you hard earned rewards away. Putting it in their FAQ that they at their discrestion take your reward away and replace it is even more laughable and rediculous.At my discrestion I will not be using this site anymore. I only use sites that properly reward me for my time and info.


Lots of info about this company assisting scammers and hackers. Read for yourself so you dont fall for their nonsense. They either text or call so watch out:

https://www.yelp.com/biz/bandwidth-com-clec-louisville?start=40(Many offices though, not just this one)


I was accepted for a study and sent several emails over the course of several days but clicked on it to start up the study on the date and time specified and denied access. Just another fake survey/studies company to try to waste people's time.If they didn't want people complaining about their unprofessionalism then maybe they should treat the people they get their information from better.We deserve better.


It took over two years to get the rediculously high redemption of 25,000 points($25!). You will not qualify for most surveys. I don't waste my time with greedy sites that get tons of our information and give us nothing. Hopefully I can save someone time the time I wasted with this site.Don't sign up.


A great company with free shipping that is doing themselves a great disservice by using useless UPS. I don't need my package immediately but I don't need UPS driving it around in the complete opposite direction for a week. Come on NHC get away from delivery services(UPS&Fedex)that will kill your business, free shipping or not. USPS is cheaper and faster.As customers when we see a company like yours, we want to help you be the best. Please read the UPS reviews and then promptly ditch UPS.


Not regular paypal or the debit card, I mean paypal credit/bill me later. They have decided they do not want to remain in business. That's what companies decide when they dump off their most loyal long term customers without any warning, barely a month doesn't even remotely count and then they will demand that you "reapply" for something you have been using for ten years, using your same personal information they have had for all these years you have been a customer. Know that when you"reapply"they will deny you and hit your credit for a hard inquiry. I don't understand who they think will want to be their customers after what they just did.The thing about companies like paypal is they don't understand that others will learn from their failure, vastly improve their model and then leave paypal in the dust. Perfect karma for what they just did to millions of people's accounts and credit.So even though millions of people had their accounts shut down, they just proved to us that something is obviously very wrong and we shouldn't be signing up anyway so I really do take it as a blessing that I will watching paypal/bill me later implode upon itself from afar and that I will be ok but I feel bad for whoever all is still in their clutches. Good luck to the unfortunate ones as the ship goes down as they say.


They will take info and throw together fake listings. I have caught them more then once putting my name on fake listings/search results. Who do we call to have these criminals shut down for stealing our identities and committing fraud with the info? I don't understand why they are allowed to break the law and no one bats an eye. There are also a few other companies that do this same thing. Who are regulating these creeps?


Fedex is the worst of the three main shippers/couriers(fedex, ups, usps)they cause all kinds of drama and delays in delivering your packages completely unrelated to weather. They will make up the most ridiculous lies and excuses to delay you package or not deliver it at all. They hide their local phone numbers so you cannot call them and the people at the only phone number they give out are incredibly rude, disrespectful, lie to customers and are completely unhelpful.If you ask for a supervisor because you are being treated so poorly they will just hang up on you. They don't care about anything but their large corporate contracts. They could care less about how they treat people. I would never go out of my way to go to them and have something shipped.

Tip for consumers:
Use usps,they treat you like garbage less then fedex and ups


Raising the prices again, are you kidding me? Sometimes they have good content but they are getting as arrogant as cable/satellite with their bull. I just got done talking to them and they said in order to get my money back from overpaying for a plan I do not want(All of a sudden can't change plans when it is on hold, set to trap the customer and guarantee them max money)I would supposedly need to cancel my account and start a new one.(?!)On previous occasions when there would be a hiccup come up with my account they were always super helpful and correct whatever was going on.Not any more.If they raise the prices again they will lose me as a customer.We really need to check them before they turn into just like cable/satellite turned out. Wake up people! There are plenty of free and lower cost options!


This Is Not A Real Website.It's Just There To Collect People's Personal Information. Steer Clear! I wish it really were a testing site but it is not.


I was a member for years and I tried several times to login to my account, I tried several more times to recover/reset my password and strangely(although stealing people's points is not all that strange)I never could get back into my account. I emailed then concerning all my points but nothing ever came of it non surprisingly. Know that if you sign up, they will gets tons of info form you and then when you are almost ready to redeem your points they will not let you back into your account. You will be robbed of all your hard earned points and time wasted as I was and they won't care.


I bought a gift card for christmas gift. I emailed them and asked for the tracking number for my purchase and did not get a response. Instead of emailing me with the tracking number after I placed the order, several days later I had to call them and ask for it. They are lying to customers saying "USPS did not provide us with a tracking number."Everything has a tracking number and they certainly do provide it to every shipper. Weather they are lying or if they are using a method that can't be tracked, I will not be doing business with them. I will never purchase anything from anyone that does not provide a tracking number to my order/packages. Hobby lobby needs to keep up with the rest of the modern world.


Wish we could give negative. I will never buy anything from amazon.com for christmas gifts. They treat non prime members like dirt.In fact I try to avoid them when I can because they have become a nightmare. I have learned my lesson.On their website they clearly and it really big bold type state that our orders will make it in time for christmas. Customer service literally denies the reality everyone else lives in about the delivery of christmas gifts.We expected the package in a reasonable 5-7 business days after ordering but because they live on another planet they waited over 5 days to ship it and now will be here several days after christmas. Wow, That's how much they care about their customers, their families and their christmas holiday. They also will not provide proper tracking for packages so don't expect to be able to track your package. Amazon has really fallen. I will be adding shadey sellers periodically since amazon does not allow actual real honest reviews:

Hotmiss: ruined chrismas present after lying that they are US based, took two 2 months to get the gift to the gift receiver.
Meeden Art: Another christmas gift ruined. Wherever they are based, they are literally hiding all their info besides at email and demanding between $5.99 and $12.00 to get it to us immediately(within 2 weeks)or Get This: It will take 2 months to get to Giftee for free shipping.The charge on my card says "Seattle Amazon Warehouse"proves they ARE being greedy about shipping&delivery.
Goggles and Glasses: I bought two pair of sunglasses that both broke after the 30 day mark so I don't get a refund and I cannot leave feedback because amazon limits that also, protecting the seller.So if you purchase something on amazon that breaks down not long after purchase but after 30 days you will not get your money back and amazon is happy to help the seller rip you off with their policies geared to rip off customers.


Wow I wish android users had other options. They could not care less about their customers, you can only talk to a live person if it concerns you having trouble giving them money.If you are having any other trouble they will direct you to the bull crap support pages that do not help anyone or solve anything. Why do we put up with this, oh yeah because we don't have a choice other then apple.(Eww)We really need to replace google, I know millions of other are done with google's crap also.


Support is incapable or unwilling to help me log in to my account, they sometimes send emails with questions but they will never help you, just round and round with useless questions never any help.Do not bother signing up because if you have trouble signing in, support will help you make sure you never have access to your account ever again. After this review they responded with fake concern. I contacted them more then once before this review, you had a chance to fix it, more then one chance. Responding late and faking that they want to help is just rediculous. I am not falling for it again and no one else should either.

Ryan D. – Earnably Rep

Hi Jane! I'm really sorry to hear that you had issues logging in to your account. I'd love to be able to help you out with any issues you're having; you can email me directly at help+ryan@earnably.com and I'll be more than happy to help work this out.


Over priced dry nasty pizza(my local p. Hut, don't know about yours)and to top that off your reward points expire? Are you kidding me? Expiring points means the business doesn't care about the customers that keep their business open.No thank you.


I have never seen any samples to try to be apart of of the site. All I get are annoying texts asking me to enter sweepstakes. Sites really need to stop pushing sweepstakes on people, all a sweepstakes is/does is collect up contact information from people so they can amass more traffic to their site and all is does is turn me off of that site and I know lots of other people feel the same way. This is another fake sample site, there are lots out there willing to rob people of their time to get your demographics/personal information/shopping habits and never give you any compensation for it. Steer clear of no give and all take sites.


I have been with this site for years and after the they took away a good reward option the first time I asked when what happened and would they be offering pay pal or getting any new reward options soon they said no very rudely stated"sorry our rewards are not to your satisfaction."Wow, so professional. I just checked my balance today and saw the only other good reward option is now gone.So I am done wasting my time with with this site, no one shops at or uses the remaining reward options. I would not recommend this site to anyone as is.


Charity or half charity websites I'm all for but we all need to start putting our foot down on cheap sites that get tons of our information but they pay us next nothing.We need to send the message that if you don't properly and reasonably pay us for our information then we will not be giving you our information. I was with this market research survey site for two years and only ever paid me $19.80 for all the information they collected from me for two years.Other sites are willing to pay so I don't need to waste my time with this one and you shouldn't either.

Ryan B. – Opinions 4 Good Rep

Hi Jane,

Thanks for taking the time to review us on Sitejabber.

We always appreciate feedback from our panelists. In terms of not qualifying for surveys, our typical panelist usually qualifies for around 1 in 4 surveys. It's also useful to note that most of our work is centered around B2B topics; this disqualifies many who would otherwise qualify for a general population consumer study. The majority of surveys we send out to our panelists are programmed by our client(s), so Op4G is not responsible for the disqualification logic. However, when you are screened out of a survey, the client does not keep the data or "info" in question--nor do they credit us for rejected responses (called "terminates").

In terms of being a philanthropic market research company, we have donated around $500,000 to charities around the country--in part thanks to members who choose to support a nonprofit by taking surveys.

If you would like to follow up with me personally with any questions, please feel free to reach out. I'd love to hear more about your experience.

Ryan | rbrander@op4g.com | Member and Supply Specialist



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