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About Me

Here to let people know about my 100% true and accurate experiences with sites.

How I Can Help

Start using paypal for most of your purchases and don't buy from 3rd party or unknown/unfamiliar merchants/sellers/sites.Using just a credit card will earn you a headache and no money back,especially with unknown/3rd party,merchant/sellers/sites.


Shopping with competent companies that care about their customers.

107 Reviews by Jane

I did a study for them and they refuse to pay me for it or even email me back concerning it.You do the work,they never pay you.Don't bother,you will never see a dime.
At the bottom of their website you can see the paypal logo but at checkout no paypal and they ask for a credit card.I then tried to call and it does not even ring,just says "call rejected."Do not give out your credit card info to shadey individuals posing as businesses,like this.
Cancelling orders without even notifying their customers is disrespectful and unprofessional,then to lie and try to say they will never get certain products back in stock ever again is flat out rediculous.I will not conduct business with a business that act like this towards their customers.I tried and they failed,miserably.
The google play app will have you do the work and get tons of information from you running in the back round of your device but they will not pay you,they will claim they sent it to you but you will never receive it.It's not worth the wasted time and the free info/data they get.
When you try to sign up the site will say "Registrations Are Closed For The Day."A Real Site."A real site eill never say that.Red flag for an email collection site,they just want your email to spam.
I put in my information to signup and it said my email is not valid.Big red flag about an email address collecting site.
There are hardly any earning opportunities.It will take you forever to earn anything and they will rob your points from you anyway just to not have to pay you.Not worth your time.
I bought several camaras to use with their app(which kinda works and they will blame any of its problems on your network instead of fixing their app)and have been working with the camaras and app for about two years.The white "sentinal",the geeni "look" and the black "sentinal".The only camara that kinda works is the white sentinal.I bought the black sentinal directly from them thinking it would be a better camara but definitely not,quite the opposite.I never had problems from buying the camaras from other sellers but Mygeeni.com/Merkury innovations bitterly fought me every step of the way for my money back.The white "sentinal" work ok always("ok" as it gets,it only takes one pic when it senses motion which is rediculous),the "look" and the black "sentinal" never worked and they could not care less.Their customer service is lacking,they never answer the phone or chat during business hours.If this company want to run with the big boys of camara/apps they need to step it WAY up all the way around.
I was wirth this company for a while,they have the redflag high point threshhold that you will never reach,they will make sure of it.Right before you reach the 25,000 points they will all of a sudden not have screeners or surveys.Then when you ask why,they will inactivate your account even though you have recently logged in.Don't bother and make sure to opt out of them selling your information to "third parties."
I was a member for several years.You will not qualify for hardly any surveys to the point that you might be able to redeem point once every couple of years while they get tons of information from you from cookies,trackers and qualifying presurvey questions.When they make a mistake and not give you points you earned,they will call you a liar and you will not get your stolen points.They are stealing tons of your information and not giving you anything for it.Revamping their site makes no difference.Avoid this site,its not worth all the wasted time for zero incentive.
I signed up but never head back from them,even contacted support and no answer.Went to the site to maybe try to sign up again and they were more then happy to let me take a survey and glean lots of info but still nothing.Total fake scam site.Don't bother.
This is ebay's insurance company and they love helping ebay take money out of people's pockets.Always use paypal for your purchases so ebay doesnt rob you of money you are rightfully owed.
So many things wrong with Ebay I have no clue where to start.Always use paypal to protect your purchases otherwise they will help sellers rob you.They allow foreign sellers to take up to two months to send your item/product when we all know at checkout if you shell out the big bucks your item can be here with a week or two.I will be putting the problem sellers on a list here so you can see who to avoid since they dont allow customers to block sellers.

single_mom_kiosk(also goes by collegegirldeals)
you_can_never_have_too_much_awesome(sent way late,ruined giftees birthday)
I have been a member for several years,last time I was able to redeem a reward was 2 YEARS AGO.That must be why they comepletely revampled the site and added more rewards.Too little too late,they knew people like have been jumping ship otherwise why the total revamp.Funny thing is you cant make those changes but it still doesnt change the fact that it will take you over two years to ge ta reward from them for all the information they got from you or from their websites trackers.If I were you I would listen to someone that has delt with their cheapness.I'm off to use sites that pay,dont waste my time and are not greedy.
This is a great idea for homeowners only.Apartment buildings will not allow altering of the front doors to apartments in a way even if it were for security.Ring will claim some apartments allow it but they are wrong because they want people to buy the product first and get their money before they find out the facts.Not only that but theives would constantly steal the outside camara part.Ring claims they will pay for the stolen part after presenting a police report.If you live in an apartment building then you know that the manager/owner could care less about what you are calling the cops over to your apartment for,if you do it more then once you could be out a place to live too.This product is only useful to homeowners or whoever owns the door that the camara is on and people who want to report the external part of the camara stolen on a routine basis because it's on the outside of the door,not a wise idea.Most people rent.Who ever comes up with an actual useful product for apartment doors will be the winner.That is not Ring.com at this point in time.
They will argue with you and use any excuse not to pay you anything over a dollar.I tried to get a payout of a few dollars from my first purchase,let's see if I actually receive it.This company is so inept that like someone else had posted you will be waiting up to six months to a year for your money from the time of purchase.Just as bad if not worse then ebates with the bait and switch dishonesty.Wow,typing a two paragraph explanation as a response is the real red flag people.Sign up at legit sights that pay and don't type paragraphs while not even offering to give you the money you are owed.
TopCashback S. – TopCashback Rep
Hi Jane,

I'm sorry to hear you've not had a great experience so far. Please note that we rely on the retailer to award us the commission for your sale, which we then pass on to you as cashback. If the retailer is delayed, then sadly cashback is delayed, and if they decide that your purchase was not eligible for cashback, then we do not receive a commission to pass on to you. So we do relay this information to you. There's certainly no bait and switch at play here, that's simply not true. If you'd like to get in touch privately via a support ticket or via social media, I'd be happy to shed some more light on this for you and help to clarify why your cashback has either been delayed or declined.

Maybe the products are better then most with all organic,the term "natural" means zero to a smart consumer so if their ingredients arnt organic you better get that USDA organic label on their before more questions come up,no one will buy it anyway.As a Wife,Mother&Main Household Shopper who trys to ALWAYS find the best for her family the "not the soap your mommy bought you",is more then highly offensive to me.You throw Mother/Wives And/Or/Also Main Household Shoppers under the bus so men will shop for themselves and buy this product.WoW,that's how low companies are going these days.I most certainly would never recommend or buy this product until those two extremely important aspects about this company are corrected.
This will not be my first choice go to company if they allow customer's reward points to expire,it's just plain greedy.It overshadows all postive aspects.I will change my rating when they stop being greedy.
The holidays(After August)are very important so taking a long time to deliver(regardless of when the item is ordered)is a straight up no no.You will not get repeat business from me if you mess with holiday items/gifts.
It's been months and I only have a few dollars meanwhile they get tons of info from me and I can never login because there is something wrong with their site.The only support is by phone?It would take years to earn a reward.No thank you.

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