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Here to let people know about my 100% true and accurate experiences with sites.

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Start using paypal for most of your purchases and don't buy from 3rd party or unknown/unfamiliar merchants/sellers/sites.Using just a credit card will earn you a headache and no money back,especially with unknown/3rd party,merchant/sellers/sites.


Shopping with competent companies that care about their customers.

93 Reviews by Jane

I was able to cash out/redeem a reward only once but I never seem to qualify for ANY surveys after being a long time member.One of the top signs/red flags of fake a survey site is only being able to get a redemption maybe two or three times and then never qualifying for any more surveys with your demographics as their go to excuse.Fake sites like this one are easy to spot once they start up their shenanigans.
Every single rep I spoke to wondered if I was saying FAQ Or Fax(No one uses fax anymore)and could not answer the simplest of questions concerning their own company's products.They directed me to their website but could not tell me where the info was on their website that I needed for my questions to get answered.At one point I was ak=sked if I had an existing account?Why would I want to be with a card company with uneducated,untrained reps?Big reg flags of how things would go if I were to get their card and needed someone to help me with important card things.Wow,No Thanks.
They will remove legitimate reviews or move legitimate not so good reviews down lower out of chonological order.It makes me wonder if they are like the better business bureau where a business can buy their way out of bad ratings and serious complaints,I am almost sure of it after seeing their shenanigans in action year after year.We really need a truely unbiased review website because it turns out yelp's not that.
I called three different phone numbers/spoke with 4 different people and no one could answer any of my product questions.What company has no idea about their products?That is beyond bizarre.They claim only one person at the third phone number knows anything about their products.Um Wow.On top of that since 2016-2017 people have been complaining about the product ingredient changes.The nasty rancid smell,non lathering gritty new formula that leaves people hair gross and tangled.Loyal long time customers who have been using their products for years knew right away they were messed with.Also they took the cruelty free,vegan and gluten free symbols off of the nasty new products so you know what that means,they are no longer vegan,cruelty free,or gluten free.Even the"Contents Biodegradable"and "Container Is Recyclable"is gone from the label.The fourth phone number that is on the back of the bottle of the picture from the retailer,has been disconnected.Aubrey is obviously just like the regular chemical shampoos now and needs to be clear and transparent about that and put them along with the other regular shampoos in the stores.Granted the retailer is helping them be deceitful with the fake/old pics but it's pretty rediculous that product manufacturers really go to great lengths to make sure we dont find out what they are up to.All this drama for everyone(read the reviews)over shampoo.Researching a new appliance would be one thing but why do we need a full on investigation for something as simple as shampoo?.That's what this company has become.They need change the formula back to what it was before they go out of business.
They couldn't be bothered with telling ANYONE that they raised the price of stamps,I had to find out for myself.We deserve to be properly informed.If we were peoperly informed,I would not be typing this,obviously.They need to stop raising prices on everything before they are inevitably forced to significantly lower the prices of everything they offer.
I quit humantic because the auditors were more concerned with arguing and being right then humantics policies and rules.Also the pay was not enough especially when the auditors were like sharks after our earnings.It was also a lot of fun besides the auditors drama so I will be back it they clean house and enforce rules and policies or maybe alter/change them.
I don't think this is a real survey site,I was never sent any invites for surveys even though I had an account for years.Very strange.
I bought my keyboard and it started malfuctioning after two years and yesterday 6/25/19 it stopped working completely.No one wants to drop what they are doing to go get another keyboard unexpectedly.Keyboards are suppose to last a long time,not three years and they are perfectly aware that they have a three or four year lifespan because where I bought it from was offering three and four year support plans.The cheap manufacer only offers years. warranty.If a company does offer lifetime or lots of years warranty then you know there is only one they care about and its not you.I would not buy this keyboard again nor would I recommend it to anyone.
I called to ask about a certain shoes and the rep literally said "I cannot help you."What kind of company refuses to answer people's questions?You also cannot browse without setting up an account because the sign up square blocks the screen there is no X to get it out of the way.Very bizarre experience.I will not be shopping on this site nor do I recommend you to shop on this site.They do not care about their customers new or otherwise.

Writing a full page paragraph as a response is very indicative of an employee trying to defend the company's rediculous website fuctions and incrediblely rude customer service.If they are like Amazon "In regards to individual products because Zulily is a lot like Amazon" then all the more reason not to shop there if a site is hosting third party sellers then they should definitely should keep even better track of all inventory more then regular websites.The problem with these types of websites is we use them and give them the impression it's ok to run their awful websites/company like this and treat customers badly.We need to stop using companies that don't want to run their to serve their paying customers whokeep their business running.No one should have to make a dummy account to browse,that's just pure absurdity.Your paragraph was mostly useless but thank you for taking time out of your day to defend such an awful company.Please think about your responses before posting them to people's reviews.
You will never get any surveys or studies and they will do whatever they can not to pay you.Please people educate yourself about the scummy BBB they don't care about anyone else's money,they only care about their money.https://www.reddit.com/r/beermoney/comments/4wslnw/psa_getting_a_bad_feeling_about/
Do not order anything from here,they will not keep the tracking up on your packages and will treat you bad for asking them to do what is apart of their job.They will also claim the package is delayed,they delayed my package on my very first order with this company.Very bad for business,you dont get repeat business that way.Tracking is very important to busy people.I do not shop anywhere there is poor tracking and delays in delivery.
They will cut off your rewards and replace them with magazines you definitely don't want to ever read and they will not make it right when you confront them about taking you hard earned rewards away.Putting it in their FAQ that they at their discrestion take your reward away and replace it is even more laughable and rediculous.At my discrestion I will not be using this site anymore.I only use sites that properly reward me for my time and info.
Lots of info about this company assisting scammers and hackers.Read for yourself so you dont fall for their nonsense.They either text or call so watch out:

https://www.yelp.com/biz/bandwidth-com-clec-louisville?start=40(Many offices though,not just this one)
I was accepted for a study and sent several emails over the course of several days but clicked on it to start up the study on the date and time specified and denied access.Just another fake survey/studies company to try to waste people's time.If they didn't want people complaining about their unprofessionalism then maybe they should treat the people they get their information from better.We deserve better.
It took over two years to get the rediculously high redemption of 25,000 points($25!).You will not qualify for most surveys.I don't waste my time with greedy sites that get tons of our information and give us nothing.Hopefully I can save someone time the time I wasted with this site.Don't sign up.
A great company with free shipping that is doing themselves a great disservice by using useless UPS.I don't need my package immediately but I don't need UPS driving it around in the complete opposite direction for a week.Come on NHC get away from delivery services(UPS&Fedex)that will kill your business,free shipping or not.USPS is cheaper and faster.As customers when we see a company like yours,we want to help you be the best.Please read the UPS reviews and then promptly ditch UPS.
Not regular paypal or the debit card,I mean paypal credit/bill me later.They have decided they do not want to remain in business.That's what companies decide when they dump off their most loyal long term customers without any warning,barely a month doesn't even remotely count and then they will demand that you "reapply" for something you have been using for ten years,using your same personal information they have had for all these years you have been a customer.Know that when you"reapply"they will deny you and hit your credit for a hard inquiry.I don't understand who they think will want to be their customers after what they just did.The thing about companies like paypal is they don't understand that others will learn from their failure,vastly improve their model and then leave paypal in the dust.Perfect karma for what they just did to millions of people's accounts and credit.So even though millions of people had their accounts shut down,they just proved to us that something is obviously very wrong and we shouldn't be signing up anyway so I really do take it as a blessing that I will watching paypal/bill me later implode upon itself from afar and that I will be ok but I feel bad for whoever all is still in their clutches.Good luck to the unfortunate ones as the ship goes down as they say.
They will take info and throw together fake listings.I have caught them more then once putting my name on fake listings/search results.Who do we call to have these criminals shut down for stealing our identities and committing fraud with the info?I don't understand why they are allowed to break the law and no one bats an eye.There are also a few other companies that do this same thing.Who are regulating these creeps?
The trucks move 24/7.That means the tracking needs to be properly updated on time 24/7,there is zero excuses for the poor/improper tracking,lies about tracking numbers,and alterations to the tracking numbers.You guys need to keep a better eye on your driver's work.Somehow you or they they think they(not sure who is messing with the tracking numbers)are special and don't need to update the tracking on the weekends.This applies to all delivery companies,not just fedex.Fedex used to be the best and now I can't say that,usps is top.They don't set dates(you really need to get out of your own way with the set dates thing,it's just rediculous and just makes everyone involved angry)and let packages sit for days at a time at stop/hubs/far away locations for absolutely zero legit reasons.They never get packages to people in a timely fashion.If you want to be the best,you have to actually make the effort to earn that title.I will be periodically updating/editing this review.Right after posting this review the tracking for my package updates with "In transit." "In transit" is not an update,it does not properly state tracking information.(My package has been "In transit" for 34 hours,I live 7/7 and a half hours from where the package last departed,I could have had my package yesterday.) If one of your drivers does this,especially after days of zero updates something is wrong.Pay attention to what your drivers are doing,not doing,and what's going on within your company.It's just getting weird at this point,and its not even the holidays.
Raising the prices again,are you kidding me?Sometimes they have good content but they are getting as arrogant as cable/satellite with their bull.I just got done talking to them and they said in order to get my money back from overpaying for a plan I do not want(All of a sudden can't change plans when it is on hold,set to trap the customer and guarantee them max money)I would supposedly need to cancel my account and start a new one.(?!)On previous occasions when there would be a hiccup come up with my account they were always super helpful and correct whatever was going on.Not any more.If they raise the prices again they will lose me as a customer.We really need to check them before they turn into just like cable/satellite turned out.Wake up people!!There are plenty of free and lower cost options!

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