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About Me

Here to let people know about my 100% true and accurate experiences with sites.

How I Can Help

Start using paypal for most of your purchases and don't buy from 3rd party or unknown/unfamiliar merchants/sellers/sites.Using just a credit card will earn you a headache and no money back,especially with unknown/3rd party,merchant/sellers/sites.


Shopping with competent companies that care about their customers.

101 Reviews by Jane

Another fake business.They cancelled my order without explanation.Very unprofessional.I like to support smaller lesser known businesses but you never know who to trust when they rudely cancel your order.I need what I ordered,it's not like it was a frivolous purchase.Don't bother,they will just cancel on you.
It speaks volumes about a company that treats a first time customer like dirt.They claim 2-5 days for delivery,when it actually took 8 days to deliver.They said 2-5 "business" days.They act like truck/delivery drivers only drive during business hours/days.Are you kidding me?Just because they don't drive truck for a living is no excuse to act ignorant to a truck driver's job and what it entails.I asked them why my package went in the complete opposite direction of me for several days and they brushed me off like it was nothing.They offer no compensation for the lousy shipper they chose.Unless I really need an item and they are the only one that has it,I will look/shop elsewhere first.I mean why would I go out of my way to have bad shopping experience again?
They do not retain your demograhic info to tailer the surveys to you.Each time they send you a survey invite they want you to fill out a full page of demographic info questions.No other survey site does this.You wont qualify for many surveys for it will take forever to earn anything.In My Personal experience,it's just not worth your time.Spend time on sites that have surveys and it wont take forever to earn a reward.
Who on earth would trust this company with their packages?They are completely incompetent and have no clue how to conduct a package shipping business.They also don't answer their phone,huge red flag.Very unprofessional.My package was handed over to them several weeks ago and they were suppose to hand it over to USPS but they never did.I hope this company is shut down for their antics.
Their Garnier "Olia" hair dye has made thousands of women's hair fall out from whatever is in the dye,google it the facts are out there.Here is one > https://www.amazon.com/review/R1BF8TTZS3BX58/ref=cm_cr_srp_d_rdp_perm.Of course as a billion dollar company that stands to lose millions they could argue(Lie&Deny)that people's hair loss cannot be attributed to their product.Well if a person has always dyed their hair with no problems previous to using Garnier "Olia" and did not have hair loss before using Garnier's particular hair dye product and the person's hair is recovering now that the person no longer uses Garnier "Olia" hair dye product then it's it stands to reason that the person's hair loss was in fact due to Garnier "Olia".Garnier needs to be sued and people compensated for their hair loss and the product taken off the shelves forever and Garnier not be allowed to sell any type of hair dye products from now on.Shame on them.
My local walgreens rocks but the website,they refused to fullfill my order in a timely manner,then when I wanted to cancel they refused to do that also.They said they would put in a request for a cancellation.WoW,not professional and bad for business.I ordered elsewhere for a cheaper price too.I will update ya'll if they have the gall to actually ship out the item instead of cancelling my order and refunding my money because I suspect that's what will happen.
I am unsure if this is a market place but the seller's name is
Zhongshan Huayang Network Technology Co., Ltd. They will waste your time.They wont fullfill your order or answer your emails.Don't bother ordering.I had to wait over four days to find out they were never going to send me my item.Very unprofessional.
$32 dollars for their tiny tester bottle?This company doesn't care about people they only care about money.I would not recommend these products to anyone.They are out of anyone's price range unless your're rich.
I had to contact them twice because they never sent me a receipt or order number claiming their email doesn't work.They told the item is out of stock and have no idea when it will be back in stock.Not a good way to conduct business.Dont bother ordering from them because it will be a waste of time when you need parts for your car.
They took my rewards account and boldfaced lied that I violated rules/policies.Their greed wouldn't be so obvious if they didn't do it to millions of people.Google it and you will see millions of people's testimony,reviews and videos proving they are shutting people's rewards accounts down and not providing the proof that people violated any rules/policies thus proving they are just Greedy Crooks.If I had known years ago they were Greedy and Spiteful I would have never signed up for their email services.If they do not give back my rewards account I will be looking into a different email service.As it is unless they give back my rewards account they will never again see a dime from me.They have really fallen from the small company they started out as.
They will let you have a microsoft bing rewards account and then a couple years later they will just suspend you account without you having done anything wrong at all to violate their terms of service.Then when you question them they will tell you that for security purposes they cannot tell you what you did wrong.Typical scam artist tactics of a billion dollar company.Google all the people they have screwed over and robbed,it's an epidemic.Don't bother signing up because when they are done squeezing whatever info out of you,they will discard you and take away your rewards account.Pretty shameful behavior of their part but it's not as if they care.
I also made the mistake of ordering from this unprofessional company.Tthey claimed my order was lost in the mail.Then they lied and claimed they refunded my money to me.Total frauds.Do not order from this "company."Very bad business practices.Paypal is also acting very unprofessional and has given them 20 days instead of the usual 10 days to respond.Paypal also refuses to contact them by phone dragging this whole thing out for no reason.Ever since they were bought out they have been going down the drain and treating their customers awful.
It will take you literally three years to redeem a $25.00 redemption while they get tons of information from you.Definitely not even remotely worth your time and information.The website layout is drab and the activities repetitive and boring.
4/28/2020 Update:They do not answer emails and the site does not record the large purchases you make,only the small ones.You cannot make claims for missing cash back because they don't answer emails.I have lots of cashback missing and they simply dont care.I am not using this site.They are just like all the other bogus cash back sites,nothing but excuses for their greedy behavior. If they are having such big problems with Amazon paying their customers/users for purchases then they need to remove them completely from their site and not give their customers/users the ability to use Amazon through their website.But I guess it's easier to not answer people's emails and answer their questions pertaining to whatever the problem is.This is who Mr.Rebates is.Strike one in my book,they might want to knock off their nonsense before they go down the drain.
Abby P. – Mr. Rebates Rep
Dear Jane S.

We are sorry that you are having any issues.

Amazon mandates the cash back categories and all customers will be paid the cash back promised up till Amazon removed most categories on 03/21/20.

You also mentioned that no one is answering your emails but the Mr. Rebates' online customer service has been active and has answered all emails in a very timely manner. However, if somehow your email was missed please email us direct at mobilesupport@mrrebates.com and we will make sure your issues are addressed promptly.

Let us know if there is anything else we can do for you as we have every intention of helping people through this covid crisis by offering and paying cash back on all their purchases.

Mr. Rebates Support
Mr. Rebates, Inc.
I did a study for them and they refuse to pay me for it or even email me back concerning it.You do the work,they never pay you.Don't bother,you will never see a dime.
At the bottom of their website you can see the paypal logo but at checkout no paypal and they ask for a credit card.I then tried to call and it does not even ring,just says "call rejected."Do not give out your credit card info to shadey individuals posing as businesses,like this.
Cancelling orders without even notifying their customers is disrespectful and unprofessional,then to lie and try to say they will never get certain products back in stock ever again is flat out rediculous.I will not conduct business with a business that act like this towards their customers.I tried and they failed,miserably.
The google play app will have you do the work and get tons of information from you running in the back round of your device but they will not pay you,they will claim they sent it to you but you will never receive it.It's not worth the wasted time and the free info/data they get.
When you try to sign up the site will say "Registrations Are Closed For The Day."A Real Site."A real site eill never say that.Red flag for an email collection site,they just want your email to spam.
I put in my information to signup and it said my email is not valid.Big red flag about an email address collecting site.

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