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Here to let people know about my 100% true and accurate experiences with purchases. All of my reviews are legit. I have no reason to waste time and energy lying about my shopping experiences.The whole credibility rating thing is ridiculous and wow I really thought site jabber was different but bribing people to get into their social media accounts is just the lowest of the low.

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Start using paypal for most of your purchases and don't buy from 3rd party or unknown/unfamiliar merchants/sellers/websites. Using just a credit card will earn you a headache and no money back, especially with unknown/3rd party, merchant/sellers/sites. I do occasionally make the mistake of purchasing from an unfamiliar website and I am more then happy to tell you about it.


Shopping with competent self aware companies that care about their customers.

167 Reviews by Jane


They added four days to delivery for zero reasons and they do not answer their phone at all, NEVER do that to a new customer during the holidays.An extra four days can be an eternity when you really need what you ordered. I gave a new company a chance and of course they blew it. I fully expect the product not to work but we'll see.


The reviews here are accurate. I have redeemed a reward 3 times in the few years I have been a member but even with my traight score maxed out they only want to give me 10 cents each lately unlike the 50 cents or more I have been receiving. Looks like my time is almost up with this non legit survey site. Survey sites like this know what they are doing is wrong and they dont care to pay people what their info is worth.


They couldn't be bothered with telling ANYONE that they raised the price of stamps, I had to find out for myself.We deserve to be properly informed.If we were peoperly informed, I would not be typing this, obviously. They need to stop raising prices on everything before they are inevitably forced to significantly lower the prices of everything they offer.


A great company with free shipping that is doing themselves a great disservice by using useless UPS. I don't need my package immediately but I don't need UPS driving it around in the complete opposite direction for a week. Come on NHC get away from delivery services(UPS&Fedex)that will kill your business, free shipping or not. USPS is cheaper and faster.As customers when we see a company like yours, we want to help you be the best. Please read the UPS reviews and then promptly ditch UPS.


Raising the prices again, are you kidding me? Sometimes they have good content but they are getting as arrogant as cable/satellite with their bull. I just got done talking to them and they said in order to get my money back from overpaying for a plan I do not want(All of a sudden can't change plans when it is on hold, set to trap the customer and guarantee them max money)I would supposedly need to cancel my account and start a new one.(?!)On previous occasions when there would be a hiccup come up with my account they were always super helpful and correct whatever was going on.Not any more.If they raise the prices again they will lose me as a customer.We really need to check them before they turn into just like cable/satellite turned out. Wake up people! There are plenty of free and lower cost options!


You will discover like me that after a while of fully honestly reviewing sites that they will not allow your honesty and will literally not put up your reviews if they are not to their liking.If you contact them about it their excuse is "You put up too many negative reviews."Wow really, I can't be honest and say most review sites are bad to awful and don't pay people enough for our information. I wont give a site over 3 stars if they are drama. For example high redemption/cash out thresh hold, should be as low as $5 and not any higher then $20. All the info that sites get and then the screen says "Sorry you dont qualify for this survey after 15 to 45 minutes of them pumping info out of us for free.If a site does not use paypal and has few rewards or even worse only give out checks(I mean seriously sites really need to stop using checks to pay people for their surveys, no one uses checks any more, no one has the ability to cash them unless they have a traditional checking account and no one does in our modern times... obviously)If A site has the audacity to put the redemption"paypal fee"(which does not exist, so sites are lying to people, unless people don't have patience then I think there is a immediate transfer fee)onto the customer then yes I'm docking the site for that.The site is good for finding new survey sites, but this is not a site to find out if a site is any good or not because people cannot get accurate information because the site does not let people be honest about their experiences with survey sites.


First Off They Literally Removed My Review Not Once But Twice Because They Didn't Want People Seeing/Hearing The Truth.The Price Of The Ink Is Outrageous And The 1 Day Shipping Took 5 Days. Their Monthly Ink Plans Are NOT A Money Saver And They Are Driving Up The Price To Try To Back People Into Signing Up For Their Rediculous Monthly In Plans. When I Ordered They Had Someone's Phone Number On It And I Commented That It Is A Violation Of People's Privacy To Put A Person's Phone Number On The Outside Of Packages. I Don't Understand Why They Won't Allow My Review When Other Reviews Say The Same Things.


I love samsung products but they will block you from live chat and literally give you a fake tech support email address. All reps are disrespectful, rude, childish and unprofessional.It wasn't like this before 2021. What happened to samsung? They are literally going down the toilet and driving their customers away with their rude, unprofessional drama.The FTC and my state's attorney general consumer division will know about them gaslighting their customers. I didn't think the washer and dryer drama would really spill over to the other products. I just got off the phone with phone support, they will gaslight you and lie dusring the entire conversation. You won't get your question answered. They are either incapable and ill trained or just unprofessional and outright refuse. I have spoke with many reps for just one single question and it was like pulling teeth and I still have no answer.Go with a phone brand that doesn't treat you like crap when you have questions or concerns

Tip for consumers:
Buy from a brand where the customer service is not childish,rude and unprofessional.

Products used:


I had bought a one of their products several years ago and they had excellent customer service. They had answered all my questions, got great help even after the 90 days free support was up. A couple weeks ago I bought a new product from them. What a complete nightmare.Be prepared for mind games.The reps are very rude, won't answer any questions, they will gaslight you and then act like you were being rude to them. This company doesn't care about anything except getting you to buy the expensive extended support so they will make sure your product does not work for you if didn't get it up and running yourself.The support pages are a joke. There are no answered for the specific questions you need answered. I highly advise against buying their products from this nightmare company until they gut their customer service department and get rid of the 90 day support limit and give out support for a minimum of 2 years for their products.

Tip for consumers:
Do not buy their products.

Products used:
Internet products


I was a longtime customer until the company was bought out and jacked their prices up. I would never pay! 9.99 for a small bottle of sunscreen and it's only available on Amazon land of the knockoffs. This company fell far since my childhood. Hopefully they realize they have ruined the business they bought and make proper changes so they can stay in business.If not, say buh-bye to bullfrog sunscreen.

Tip for consumers:
Ditch bullfrog sunscreen until they pull their heads out.


I cannot login to my account. They have no email or phone support and you cannot chat with them unless you are logged in.No problem for me because I do not shop with websites that conduct themselves in such an unprofessional manner.

Tip for consumers:
Don't bother

Products used:
None,Can't Even Shop To To their Own Incompetence


This company pretends to be USA based, takes several orders and then ships them in from another country. That's not really so much a big deal but they refuse to give you the actual tracking number, just the last mile tracking number. They will refuse to contact their chosen shipper to get the tracking properly updated. I emailed them over and over and they just more or less impolitely refused to do anything about it. I would not ever recommend any company that act so unprofessional and refused to help their customers. All in all an excruciating experience. Huge pain in the "neck". This company set an example of how not to be/act for an online shopping experience. UPDATE: I Got Kalimba and the wood below the keys is cracked. They don't care. I will be able to play it until it breaks. Needless to say i will never order from them ever again

Tip for consumers:
Don't shop with this company,they will send you damaged Items

Products used:


They took a month to send me my package and they are in SoCal.The won't honor some promo codes or properly apply other promo codes. They even emailed me a promo code and when I tried to apply it to my cart, it was the incorrect amount. Another company I won't be shopping with in the future. Bottom line is don't be dishonest and you wont lose sales/customers. They are lucky I need the item for a gift. But I will never make another purchase with this company.

Tip for consumers:
Just don't,it will be excruciating.

Products used:
All kinds of decor,mugs and gifts.


I love the concept but even concentrated the price is outrageous for a tiny bottle. They offer the first bottle for $16 and that's what the price should be all the time, not $24. This company was dishonest about their discount codes also. I went to cancel my subscription and they offered me 30% off my next two orders. I was like yeah that sounds great. Turns out lying by omission what they are all about and after clarification 30% actually means 16% each for the next two orders but since they excluded that info when making the offer to me I would not have know that until the next order shipped if I had not double checked with them so they are trying to pull that B. S on unsuspecting people who are unawares. Even if the coffee is good(matter of perspective and preference)the dishonesty I will not put up with.

Tip for consumers:
They will leave out details to makes sales,That's Called Lying.

Products used:


They have no first order/new customer discount and no free shipping even after spending almost $70 bucks.So unless I really need something I will not shop with greedy sellers.

Tip for consumers:
No new customer/first time order discount.No free shipping unless you spend $100.


It's always unfortunate when I find out that the primary or secondary shipper to my packages is this company. They ignore their customers and will literally help the sellers by gaslighting customers/package receiver making the customers/package receiver believe that they don't use tracking numbers when in fact their tracking numbers are 10 digits that they use until they hand off the package to the next co shipper, usually usps. Come to find out (and I have the proof) they do use tracking numbers that are longer then 10 digits. I would never intentionally cause myself the drama and headache by voluntarily giving my money to this company to ship anything. This might be why dhl and the other companies like them(fedex, ups)only deal with bad businesses and corporations because given the choice people would not deal with them and they know it.

Tip for consumers:
Do not use this shipping company


A billion dollar company charging for samples is just straight up greedy. I remember back in the beginning they would fill the box full of all the samples they have to offer. Now they are only giving six or seven and they don't give a damn about your preferences they have you fill out when you sign up. When I found out they had the gall to jack up the price of the beauty boxes two bucks I warned then to not short me on the samples. Each box comes with a card that shows all of the sample they offer.The hot the mark on my preferences on the last box but it was almost a total fail this time. This one came with a fake tan cream sample, charcoal mask, charcoal toothpaste and nail art stickers. I would never use any of those types of products and they damn well know it. I would use the witch hazel and a couple of the scrunchies, that's it.If they were even paying any type of attention to my preferences they would have sent me the bliss cream, the hydrating primer and the olay moisturizer.In the beginning they would of sent all the samples shown on the card and particular card has less items then last seasons card. I was even sent the self tanning cream which is not even a sample shown on the card. A complete and total waste of my money. They just don't care. I will stick to buying products and then returning them if I don't want them.Don't sign up for this because they will send you very few samples of items you would never use.


Way over priced noodle bowls. I would not pay this price to try them to let you know if they are any good. There are other options out there that don't have the snobbish arrogance to charge so much for their noodle bowls. Even if it were good I wouldn't pay almost $4 for a tiny microwave noodle bowl.


They refused to let me leave a review of one of their crappy nasty products on their website. Some products are ok but they won't let me leave reviews. That's fine, I decided I was not going to continue to use their products before that and before they were bought out Estee Lauder. Wow Yuck. I will not be putting money into their pockets. But unfortunately most affordable skin care lines are owned by either awful families or big corps.It's quite depressing.The Inkey List is much better all around, use them.

Tip for consumers:
Use inky list's products.There products are better quality at around the same price point.

Products used:
Niacinamide serum(sticky and nasty)Salicylic acid mask(ok but they could make it a different color for messiness sake)Moisturizing factors with HA(greasy)Azelaic Acid Suspension(greasy and no results for PIHP)


Their regular flavorings has way too much sugar and the zero sugar has the artificial sweetener sucralose. Sucralose is bad for your health. Stick with natural sweeteners such as monkfruit, Erythritol or Xylitol. They are better for you then artificial sweeteners.

Tip for consumers:
Don't consume artificial sweeteners

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