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About Me

Here to let people know about my 100% true and accurate experiences with sites. All of my reviews are legit and I don't need to upload pictures or receipts. I have no reason to waste time and energy lying about my shopping experiences.The whole credibility rating thing is ridiculous.

How I Can Help

Start using paypal for most of your purchases and don't buy from 3rd party or unknown/unfamiliar merchants/sellers/sites.Using just a credit card will earn you a headache and no money back,especially with unknown/3rd party,merchant/sellers/sites.


Shopping with competent companies that care about their customers.

160 Reviews by Jane


They jacked up the price of a 12 pack from $19 to $30. I don't shop with greedy sellers. Amazon would not allow me to inform people of their greedy, shady business tactics.Are you surprized?

Tip for consumers:
Don't shop with greedy companies with no moral compass

Products used:
None,i could not even but anything because the company is greedy


They won't answer the phone.The phone can be answered remotely. They are blocking people from the chat. I have tried all browsers for try to use chat so the problem is on their end. Apparently they only want to talk to people through email.Not a good first impression.

Tip for consumers:
Don't shop with companies that go out of their way to avoid communicating with you but will be more then happy to take your money.


They do not honor sales and demand people pay return shipping when the item turns out to be undervalue and subpar. Rediculous.


These people should be ashamed of themselves.The price is a real slap in the face to people wanting to get/live healthier or recovering alcoholics. Most people will not be able to afford such a greedt price point. These people care about only one thing and it's not people's health.

Tip for consumers:
Don't shop with companies that charge this much for this type of product.


Do not use any company that does not accept paypal. Protect your money by only using companies that accept paypal as a payment method.

Tip for consumers:
Only shop with companies that utilize paypal as a method of payment.


They should be ashamed of themselves charging what they do. Get over yourselves. There are more reasonably priced websites out there.

Tip for consumers:
Don't shop on websites that arrogantly price their items likesite


I love this app/website. Earning money is fun and fairly easy. Customer service is a real pain, her name is Harley Monroe which I suspect is a fake name. She is nice at first and then she will argue and fight with you. She has terrible customer service "skills."Talking to her is like talking to a confused child.It's very painful to have her try to think her way through a conversation. Please, we really need someone else answering customer service emails.


I ordered an item and then after I ordered they demanded over $80 to ship a light item and they will talk about some overweight freight agreement. I didn't agree to anything except the amount I payed in the first place. This company is out of control. I have never had a company act so crazy, unprofessional and rude.

Tip for consumers:
Don't order from this company,they will try to rob you.

Products used:


I was given one of their products for chistmas as a gift.So obviously I would not possess the receipt.It's just common sense. I called because their non fuctional website would not register my gift/product. They informed me that because I did not have the receipt that they would not honor the warranty.No one says that, no one does that. They do not value their customers. I would never purchase any of their products with my own money from such a disrepectful company.

Tip for consumers:
Don't purchase form companies that do not honor their own warranties.

Products used:
Video game station


Notice how they are not even on the radar online skincare wise.No one is talking about then because they are still clueless. I have not heard one derm doctor or skincare expert talk about YesTo.The price point is awful and I even emailed then and asked then about why thye did not have any fragrance free products. I just got an email about their new fragrance free line. Kudos on the Sodium Hyaluronate but it needs to be higher up on the ingredient list. Awesome on the phenoxyethanol.We need to phase out parabens.The claim uva/uvb protection is impossible if you only have zinc and not the titanium. They also have coconut oil in it. Wow huge no no for the face, it clogs pores. Same with the avacado oil. They are pushing an eye cream, notorius marketing scam.News Flash: regular moisturizer worker on the eyes too. You dont need a seperate eye cream. Also the Olea Europaea (Olive) Fruit Oil, Helianthus Annuus (Sunflower) Seed Oil, Butyrospermum Parkii (Shea) Butter they have in the eye cream should be in the other products and remove and the coconut and avocado oils. Good ideas, not good execution/delivery. Keep trying though. People are noticing/watching the effort.


I was a member for several years, they never had any surveys for me to be able to redeem points, I am sure other people had the same problem and obviously the reason why they are shutting down. You can't keep ripping people off and stay in business. A red flag for the fakes survey sites. Good riddence, no one will miss you.

Tip for consumers:
Watch out for and beware of the fake survey sites where you do tons of screener/studies/surveys but you never get paid or can never seem to get enough points to redeem for paypal/giftcards.


Americans/USA cannot register on their website? I think a lot of people would think that is rude and inclusive.If they are not trying to be inclusive then solve the problem. Also it won't matter unless they charge price similar to Stylevana because I for one will not pay more, I will shop where the prices are better.

Tip for consumers:
Shop where your business is wanted and where the prices are good


These nutbags literally outright refuse to list their product's ingredients on their own website and on Amazon.com where they also have a storefront. Who does that? A company putting questionable ingredients in their products, that's who does that.Don't ever put a product on your skin that you have no clue what is inside of it.It's just plain dangerous. Update: They put up an ingredient list but one of the ingredients they list as luarite sufate.Do not put sulfates on your body especially your face. Suffates are not body safe. Sulfates are a common detergent and putting it on your body is damaging to your skin barrier.

Tip for consumers:

Products used:


I had one of their perfumes in my cart and they jacked the price up. Then I write a review letting them know I caught them doing it, that it's bad for their business and I will let evertone know what they are doing.Of course amazon won't allow it me to let people know they are allowing sellers to screw people over. I won't buy directly from them after they did that.


Some of the immediate promo online coupons work but that depends if each company cooperates.If coupons continually not work they need to remove the particular retail company from their website. Most of the time they don't acknowledge you activated cash back and they don't respond to emails concerning the money they owe you either.

Tip for consumers:
Use rakuten,they are way better and ackowledge your existance as well as your purchases.


If you enter a promo code, they will not honor it correctly. They will take less off then the promo code it's worth. I don't shop with dishonest companies that attempt to rip people off.


Way too over priced, and even worse on Amazon. There are plenty of alternative companies out there that want to help you on your skincare journey, not rob you. Look elsewhere for both quality and affordability.


Update: It's been over 2 months since I ordered, they dropped an item off my order claiming it's out of stock and they supposedly have no clue when it will be back then a few days later they said the other items in my order were out of stock and will be back 6 days ago. I have emailed them several times and they refuse to answer me at all. Their customer service people are very rude and will never help you at all with your order. They just don't care.My first order with them came very fast within a couple weeks, to impress a new customer but if you are not online influencer that places a huge order and brag online about them then they could care less about you and your order.If you have a coupon code for anything above 10% it won't matter because when you enter the code into their website, their website will knock the code's value down to 10%. They will not honor a code above 10%. Try it, you will see what I'm talking about. I don't deal with shady businesses so I won't be putting up with their B. S anymore. K and J Beauty is superior. Everyone knows that but they charge way too much for tiny sized products. They should also let people have free shipping after a $25-30 threshhold.$50 threshhold is just greedy with all the money they are making. Something just as good or better will come along to knock them off their arrogant high horse and then maybe they will change their ways.It's just a matter of time. I thought better of them because they were so good with the first order but WoW they sure proved me wrong. Shop elsewhere and save yourself the grief.

Tip for consumers:
They do not answer emails and could care less if you are not an online influencer that places huge orders and then brag online about them.Shop elsewhere.


Whoever owns this site is asleep at the wheel. I couldn't log into my account and they never answered any of my emails. Very unprofessional.

Katherine L. – Banggood Rep

Dear customer,

Thank you for choosing Banggood and we apologize for any inconvenience caused.

We have sent you a private message to understand the situation, if the problem has not been solved, please contact us at vipservice@banggood.com

Best regards,
Banggood Team


Do not bother with this service, it is not worth the greif amazon pay causes you. I called several times for a refund of my money and was hung up on every single time I called, they simply don't care.

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