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Start using paypal for most of your purchases and don't buy from 3rd party or unknown/unfamiliar merchants/sellers/sites.Using just a credit card will earn you a headache and no money back,especially with unknown/3rd party,merchant/sellers/sites.


Shopping with competent companies that care about their customers.

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They will cut off your rewards and replace them with magazines you definitely don't want to ever read and they will not make it right when you confront them about taking you hard earned rewards away.Putting it in their FAQ that they at their discrestion take your reward away and replace it is even more laughable and rediculous.At my discrestion I will not be using this site anymore.I only use sites that properly reward me for my time and info.

You cannot use a debit card with a promo code.You cannot use merchant gift cards but they want you to link All of your shopping accounts to your google express account.You cannot use paypal.(Huge deal breaker for me)Wow,completely all the way around inconvenient.I wont be using google express until they get their act together.


I was able to cash out/redeem a reward only once but I never seem to qualify for ANY surveys after being a long time member.One of the top signs/red flags of fake a survey site is only being able to get a redemption maybe two or three times and then never qualifying for any more surveys with your demographics as their go to excuse.Fake sites like this one are easy to spot once they start up their shenanigans.


BEWARE OF THIS COMPANY:I Couldn't Even Sign Up,There Is Something Wrong With Their System And They Couldn't Care Less And They Are Not Going To Help You With It In Any Way Shape Or Form.I Don't Want Incompetent People Handling My Money Anyway So It's A Blessing In Disguise For Me.Rude Unhelpful Customer Service To Someone Trying To Sign Is A Huge Red Flag That I Don't Want To Be Doing Business With Them.BUT MOST OF ALL The Next Thing They Told Me Was The Needed A Copy Of My Driver's Licence!!!THEY ARE SCAMMING PEOPLE,DO NOT GIVE IT TO THEM,THEY HAVE NO RIGHT TO IT AND IT IS ILLEGAL TO ASK PEOPLE FOR IT.There Are Plenty Of Other Prepaid Cards That Do Not Ask For Your D.L/I.D And MOVO Will Still Have All Your Personal Information After You Attempt To Sign Up.Is There Really Even A Card?,I Doubt It.So This Company Is Not Legit,Just A Front To Obtain People's Personal Information
IntelliZoom Panel

IntelliZoom Panel

You will never get any surveys or studies and they will do whatever they can not to pay you.Please people educate yourself about the scummy BBB they don't care about anyone else's money,they only care about their money.


Raising the prices again,are you kidding me?Sometimes they have good content but they are getting as arrogant as cable/satellite with their bull.I just got done talking to them and they said in order to get my money back from overpaying for a plan I do not want(All of a sudden can't change plans when it is on hold,set to trap the customer and guarantee them max money)I would supposedly need to cancel my account and start a new one.(?!)On previous occasions when there would be a hiccup come up with my account they were always super helpful and correct whatever was going on.Not any more.If they raise the prices again they will lose me as a customer.We really need to check them before they turn into just like cable/satellite turned out.Wake up people!!There are plenty of free and lower cost options!
American Express

American Express

I could not even get any of my questions answered to be able to make the decision to sign up.None.The customer service in ALL departments is a nightmare.They do not have a search by zip code for the "45,000" reload locations which I find very strange.People need that on the go shopping and traveling.Also their website and system will be unable to verify even physical addresses and say "oh well."Too much hassle even before sign up.Not worth it if something happens with your money.Sign up with companies that are capable of answering the simplest of questions and correcting whatever is wrong with them not being able to verify legit physical addresses.Floored at how ill equipped they are to handle anything at all let alone people's money.

Protect Yourself From Walmart's Bulll By Only Using Paypal(Purchases are Protected And You Will Get Your Shipping Back On Refund Too Unlike Using A Credit Card)And Do Not Buy From 3rd Party Merchants Unless You Know And Trust Them.It's Not Worth The Drama And Time Wasted.They Very Poorly Keep Track Of Their Own Inventory And Can't Keep Anything In Stock EVER.If You Find An Item You Like And Get Attached To It Oh Well They Will Sell It For A Couple Of Years And Then Boom Gone.One Scam They Pull Is If You Order Online Expect That You Can Pick Almost Everything Up At The Store Except For One Item So They Supposedly Can Only Ship Even Though There Are Several Sitting On The Shelf At My Local Store At The Time Of Ordering Or When You Order For Pick Up Expect 3 Or 4 Seperate Dates When All The Items Are Supposedly Ready At The Store Within The 1 Week They Will Hold The Items.The Worst Lately Is Them Fullfilling The Entire Order For Pick Up And Then When I Get To The Store There Is One Item Missing Because They Did Not Fullfill The Order Properly As They Were Supposed To,So I Go Get The Item That They Just Couldn't Be Bothered With And Then The Rude Woman At Pick Up Says I Can't Have That Particular Item I Would Need To Cancel It Off My Order And Pay For It Right Then And There.They Said It Would Have To Be Shipped In When I Holding The Item In My Hand,Because I Had To Go Get It Myself(Wow,Are You Kidding Me?I Dont Care What The Reason Is AT ALL PERIOD You Are Screwing Your Loyal Customers Over)A Scam To Get Cash Which Is No Different Then The Money I Paid For The Order With.Not Doing Their Job And Then Telling People They Have To Go Through Unnecessary Drama To Get The Item I Already Paid For.A Whole Nother Level Going On These Days At Walmart.I Now Make It A Priority To Go Out Of My Way To See If I Can Get Things Else Where Before Even Thinking About Ordering From Walmart Because I Deserve Better For My Time And Money.Big Tip:Do Not Use Any Other Payment Method Then PayPal(Buyer Protection)And Do Not Buy From 3rd Party Merchants(Nightmare Return Policies)And You Will Find Returning Items To Be Much Easier.


Absolutely appalling that experian,the one credit bureau I could half trust is going the for profit way.By August 2018 we will no longer be able to talk to a live person unless we pay for a membership.SHAME ON YOU EXPERIAN!!!You put false/incorrect personal information on people's credit reports,then when people ask you to remove it,you refuse and demand a copy of their driver's licence,even after they give it to you,you still don't correct it or give people a copy of their credit report AND THEN to add insult to injury you deliberately create a barrier to fight off all the B.S,you only allow people who purchase A membership to speak to a live person about their credit reports unless you have an auto debited membership and everyone else is on their own with your self help website,Where you will bury the useful important information?A lot of issues do not get resolved unless a person speaks to a live person and experian knows that.So they get your driver's licence,control of your credit card and anthing else you send them.Experian you have sunk to an all time low and you truely disgust me with following equifax's shadey business ethics and now you hold our credit hostage with no one to talk to,to get it resolved.So now the only way to fix your credit through experian is on your own and they know that's not even possible.Seriously people,when are we gonna wake up and do something about these credit bureau trying to control our lives?THEY need US not the other way around and they know they are losing other wise they wouldn't stoop to this new all time low to back us into a corner.We really need to do something about these bogus credit bureaus.


I was trying to buy a halloween costume but they kept raising the price outragously,it got up to over $50.No one is paying that for an adult or child's costume.Companies need to understand that.The sizes are all screwed up,XL adult costumes wont fit a child,but the plus sizes will?They need to get their act together.Customer service was rediculous and kept arguing with me instead of correcting it and making it right.Not good treatment of a customer before I even buy anything.


After Their "Breach"They Have Ruined People's Credit By Putting False/Wrong/Fake Information On Their Reports And Then Have People Call In And Lie And Pretend That All Of A Sudden They Don't Know Who You Are(I Have Been Getting My Reports For Years Without Any Problem Before The "Breach")And Demand Driver's Licence S.S Cards And Other Very Sensitive Documents To Supposedly Verify People's Identity And Current Physical Address(They Already Have That Anyway And Then Lie And Say They Don't)To Directly Cater To The Whims Of Debt Collector's On Your File For Their Own Profit.(Equifax Is For Profit Unlike TransUnion And Experian)No One In Their Right Mind Is Going To Hand Over Any Documents Of Any Kind(And You Should Not Either)After The "Breach" Because They Obviously Cannot Be Trusted With People's Personal Information And People's Credit Reports Should Not Have To Suffer Because People Refuse To Give Them Information They Do Not Deserve To Have Or Be Trusted With.I Trust The Other Two Credit Bureaus Because They Cooporate With Me,They Do Not Ask For Driver's Licence Or Any Other Documents,They Don't Need To,To Make Sure My Credit Files Are Accurate.Equifax Only Cares About Profit.DO NOT GIVE THEM YOUR PERSONAL DOCUMENTS FOR ANY REASON THEY CANNOT BE TRUSTED WITH THEM.AND WHATEVER YOU DO,DO A" FRAUD ALERT"ON YOUR CREDIT FILE IF YOU ARE WORRIED ABOUT IDENTITY THEFT,NOT A "CREDIT FREEZE"THAT'S WHAT THEY WANT YOU TO DO.THEY WANT YOUR CREDIT FROZEN,SIGNED UP FOR THEIR "CREDIT MONITORING"(THEY ONLY MONITORING THEY ARE DOING IS FOR DEBT COLLECTORS AND THEMSELVES NOT IDENTITY THEFT)AND IN THEIR CONTROL AND IF THEY CAN'T GET CONTROL OF YOUR CREDIT FILE THEY WILL TREAT YOU LIKE THEY ARE TREATING ME.THEY ARE LITERALLY HOLDING MY CREDIT FILE HOSTAGE FOR MY PERSONAL DOCUMENTS.NO JOKE.*UpDATE!!*5/5/18:My Credit Was Further Screwed With After They Took 69 Points Away For Paying Off A Debt,Yes You Read That Right.Instead Of Playing The Monthly Payment Game I Payed Off My Debt In Several Chunks And Got Punished For It.All The Credit Bureaus Need To Be Shut Down Because They Are Not Even Following Their Own Rules Or Any Rules Anymore They Are Following The Corruption And We Are All At The Mercy Of It Until We All Together Get Rid Of Them.


I bought a gift card for christmas gift.I emailed them and asked for the tracking number for my purchase and did not get a response.Instead of emailing me with the tracking number after I placed the order,several days later I had to call them and ask for it.They are lying to customers saying "USPS did not provide us with a tracking number."Everything has a tracking number and they certainly do provide it to every shipper.Weather they are lying or if they are using a method that can't be tracked,I will not be doing business with them.I will never purchase anything from anyone that does not provide a tracking number to my order/packages.Hobby lobby needs to keep up with the rest of the modern world.
Natural Healthy Concepts

Natural Healthy Concepts

A great company with free shipping that is doing themselves a great disservice by using useless UPS.I don't need my package immediately but I don't need UPS driving it around in the complete opposite direction for a week.Come on NHC get away from delivery services(UPS&Fedex)that will kill your business,free shipping or not.USPS is cheaper and faster.As customers when we see a company like yours,we want to help you be the best.Please read the UPS reviews and then promptly ditch UPS.
TopCashback USA

TopCashback USA

They will argue with you and use any excuse not to pay you anything over a dollar.I tried to get a payout of a few dollars from my first purchase,let's see if I actually receive it.This company is so inept that like someone else had posted you will be waiting up to six months to a year for your money from the time of purchase.Just as bad if not worse then ebates with the bait and switch dishonesty.Wow,typing a two paragraph explanation as a response is the real red flag people.Sign up at legit sights that pay and don't type paragraphs while not even offering to give you the money you are owed.


I quit humantic because the auditors were more concerned with arguing and being right then humantics policies and rules.Also the pay was not enough especially when the auditors were like sharks after our earnings.It was also a lot of fun besides the auditors drama so I will be back it they clean house and enforce rules and policies or maybe alter/change them.


I Was The Victim Of A Student Loan Scam(Private For Profit School Scam,The School Moved Several Times And Changed Their Name Several Times Also)Which Was A Private Loan But The Department Of Education Bought It To Try To Make It And The Other Scam Loans Look Legit And It Went Through Several Loan Servicers After Sallie Mae,They Were The First Servicer And Was Sued For The Scams They Are Helping Perpetuate.It's All Over The News(Finally)Now.I Have Since Paid Off The Loan And They Refuse To Give Me Any Proof I Have Paid It Off.Each Time I Call They Give A Different Answer.The First Time They Said Thirty Days,Second Time 30-45 Days,45-60 And Then Just "Up To 60 Days/2 Months.There Is Zero Reasons/Excuses As To Why It Would Take Any Longer Then 7 To 10 Business Days To Print A Letter And Send It To Me.As I Tell Any One Who WIll Listen,Loans,Especially Student Loans Are A Scam And You Will Pay Dearly If You Sign To One.
Invoke Solutions

Invoke Solutions

I was accepted for a study and sent several emails over the course of several days but clicked on it to start up the study on the date and time specified and denied access.Just another fake survey/studies company to try to waste people's time.If they didn't want people complaining about their unprofessionalism then maybe they should treat the people they get their information from better.We deserve better.
Bandwidth Inc

Bandwidth Inc

Lots of info about this company assisting scammers and hackers.Read for yourself so you dont fall for their nonsense.They either text or call so watch out: offices though,not just this one)
HAVIT Online

HAVIT Online

I bought my keyboard and it started malfuctioning after two years and yesterday 6/25/19 it stopped working completely.No one wants to drop what they are doing to go get another keyboard unexpectedly.Keyboards are suppose to last a long time,not three years and they are perfectly aware that they have a three or four year lifespan because where I bought it from was offering three and four year support plans.The cheap manufacer only offers years. warranty.If a company does offer lifetime or lots of years warranty then you know there is only one they care about and its not you.I would not buy this keyboard again nor would I recommend it to anyone.
Opinions 4 Good

Opinions 4 Good

Charity or half charity websites I'm all for but we all need to start putting our foot down on cheap sites that get tons of our information but they pay us next nothing.We need to send the message that if you don't properly and reasonably pay us for our information then we will not be giving you our information.I was with this market research survey site for two years and only ever paid me $19.80 for all the information they collected from me for two years.Other sites are willing to pay so I don't need to waste my time with this one and you shouldn't either.

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