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Here to let people know about my 100% true and accurate experiences with sites.

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Start using paypal for most of your purchases and don't buy from 3rd party or unknown/unfamiliar merchants/sellers/sites.Using just a credit card will earn you a headache and no money back,especially with unknown/3rd party,merchant/sellers/sites.

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Wow I wish android users had other options.They could not care less about their customers,you can only talk to a live person if it concerns you having trouble giving them money.If you are having any other trouble they will direct you to the bull crap support pages that do not help anyone or solve anything.Why do we put up with this,oh yeah because we don't have a choice other then apple.(Eww)We really need to replace google,I know millions of other are done with google's crap also.



Support is incapable or unwilling to help me log in to my account,they sometimes send emails with questions but they will never help you,just round and round with useless questions never any help.Do not bother signing up because if you have trouble signing in,support will help you make sure you never have access to your account ever again.After this review they responded with fake concern.I contacted them more then once before this review,you had a chance to fix it,more then one chance.Responding late and faking that they want to help is just rediculous.I am not falling for it again and no one else should either.




Over priced dry nasty pizza(my local p.hut,don't know about yours)and to top that off your reward points expire?Are you kidding me?Expiring points means the business doesn't care about the customers that keep their business open.No thank you.



I have never seen any samples to try to be apart of of the site.All I get are annoying texts asking me to enter sweepstakes.Sites really need to stop pushing sweepstakes on people,all a sweepstakes is/does is collect up contact information from people so they can amass more traffic to their site and all is does is turn me off of that site and I know lots of other people feel the same way.This is another fake sample site,there are lots out there willing to rob people of their time to get your demographics/personal information/shopping habits and never give you any compensation for it.Steer clear of no give and all take sites.




I have been with this site for years and after the they took away a good reward option the first time I asked when what happened and would they be offering pay pal or getting any new reward options soon they said no very rudely stated"sorry our rewards are not to your satisfaction."Wow,so professional.I just checked my balance today and saw the only other good reward option is now gone.So I am done wasting my time with with this site,no one shops at or uses the remaining reward options.I would not recommend this site to anyone as is.



Charity or half charity websites I'm all for but we all need to start putting our foot down on cheap sites that get tons of our information but they pay us next nothing.We need to send the message that if you don't properly and reasonably pay us for our information then we will not be giving you our information.I was with this market research survey site for two years and only ever paid me $19.80 for all the information they collected from me for two years.Other sites are willing to pay so I don't need to waste my time with this one and you shouldn't either.








Wow tons of fake reviews on facebook.Lots of people cannot cash out/redeem their money because lives in the stone age and gives out checks.No one uses checks anymore.Also most people do not have traditional bank accounts.I only ever see people well over fifty using checking accounts or checks,or stone age businesses.They need to get with modern times and use paypal like the rest of the planet.

American Express

American Express


I could not even get any of my questions answered to be able to make the decision to sign up.None.The customer service in ALL departments is a nightmare.They do not have a search by zip code for the "45,000" reload locations which I find very strange.People need that on the go shopping and traveling.Also their website and system will be unable to verify even physical addresses and say "oh well."Too much hassle even before sign up.Not worth it if something happens with your money.Sign up with companies that are capable of answering the simplest of questions and correcting whatever is wrong with them not being able to verify legit physical addresses.Floored at how ill equipped they are to handle anything at all let alone people's money.

Usps.govimage coming soon


This website is nothing but drama,so is calling the 800 number.Do not make the mistake of using your credit card on this website or starting any auto debit,it will take you years to find out how to remove it from their website.Go into your local post office,they can help people much better and less drama.


BEWARE OF THIS COMPANY:I Couldn't Even Sign Up,There Is Something Wrong With Their System And They Couldn't Care Less And They Are Not Going To Help You With It In Any Way Shape Or Form.I Don't Want Incompetent People Handling My Money Anyway So It's A Blessing In Disguise For Me.Rude Unhelpful Customer Service To Someone Trying To Sign Is A Huge Red Flag That I Don't Want To Be Doing Business With Them.BUT MOST OF ALL The Next Thing They Told Me Was The Needed A Copy Of My Driver's Licence!!!THEY ARE SCAMMING PEOPLE,DO NOT GIVE IT TO THEM,THEY HAVE NO RIGHT TO IT AND IT IS ILLEGAL TO ASK PEOPLE FOR IT.There Are Plenty Of Other Prepaid Cards That Do Not Ask For Your D.L/I.D And MOVO Will Still Have All Your Personal Information After You Attempt To Sign Up.Is There Really Even A Card?,I Doubt It.So This Company Is Not Legit,Just A Front To Obtain People's Personal Information

PayPal-prepaidimage coming soon



They raised the monthly fee without informing people,there are cheaper cards out there so shop around.If an error happens to/on your card,they could care less and you will not get your money back...ever.The only good thing at this time is that it's a master card and not awful greedy visa.




I Was A Member For Years But I Can't Earn Points No Matter What I Do It Will Not Acknowledge My Purchases&Clicks.I'm Moving On To Companies That Actually Reward Their Members.See Ya My Points,You Should You Have Treated Me Better.




UPDATE:they have removed live chat from their website.WoW.The shorter story would be what do they do not not screw up.After this last package I am convinced they absolutely love irritating and aggravating their paying customers rather then helping them at all.They make up their own dates concerning when picking up from the shipper and dates of delivery.Three to five days for delivery,they run 24 hours and everyone is aware of this,do I bug them about a package past eight pm,no because that is not business hours but the trucks run day&night and lie to people t hat they dont.But they decided they want to make up a delivery and deliver it whenever the heck they want to.Both the shipper and UPS have all the power to help customers but outright refuse and having the proof of their refusal have the nerve to deny they are refusing to help their paying customers.I would never want to burden a person receiving a package with having to deal with all the non sense and drama UPS puts paying customers through.It doesn't matter one bit to me usually when packages arrive but I needed this particular package on time and UPS just laughed in my face.As I am typing this,I check on the delivery of my package and they pushed the delivery date back yet another day making the delivery date a saturday(making the package four days late)and they don't deliver on saturdays.Which means they are being spiteful towards their paying customers on purpose.What planet does UPS live on?I will never ever willingly use UPS and businesses need to know that we will shop else where if they choose to keep using this awful delivery service.I will sing and dance when they are put out of business.Same As Fedex:The trucks move 24/7.That means the tracking needs to be properly updated on time 24/7,there is zero excuses for the poor/improper tracking,lies about tracking numbers and alterations to the tracking numbers.You guys need to keep a better eye on your driver's work.Somehow they think they(Not sure who is messing with the tracking numbers)are special and don't need to update the tracking on the weekends.This applies to all delivery companies,not just fedex&ups.UPS used to be the best and now I can't say that,USPS is top.They don't set dates(You really need to get out of your own way with the set dates thing,its just rediculous and just makes everyone involved angry)and let packages sit for days at a time at stop/hubs/faraway locations for absolutely zero legit reasons.They never get packages to people in a timely fashion.If You want to be the best,you have to actually make the effort to earn that title.I will be periodically updating/editing this review.



You will discover like me that after a while of fully honestly reviewing sites that they will not allow your honesty and will literally not put up your reviews if they are not to their liking.If you contact them about it their excuse is "You put up too many negative reviews."Wow really,I can't be honest and say most review sites are bad to awful and don't pay people enough for our information.I wont give a site over 3 stars if they are drama.For example high redemption/cash out thresh hold,should be as low as $10 and not any higher then $20.All the info that sites get and then the screen says "Sorry you dont qualify for this survey after 15 to 45 minutes of them pumping info out of us for free.If a site does not use paypal and has few rewards or even worse only give out checks(I mean seriously sites really need to stop using checks to pay people for their surveys,no one uses checks any more,no one has the ability to cash them unless they have a traditional checking account and no one does in our modern times.....obviously)If A site has the audacity to put the redemption"paypal fee"(which does not exist,so sites are lying to people,unless people don't have patience then I think there is a immediate transfer fee)onto the customer then yes I'm docking the site for that.The site is good for finding new survey sites,but this is not a site to find out if a site is any good or not because people cannot get accurate information because the site does not let people be honest about their experiences with survey sites.


You cannot use a debit card with a promo code.You cannot use merchant gift cards but they want you to link All of your shopping accounts to your google express account.You cannot use paypal.(Huge deal breaker for me)Wow,completely all the way around inconvenient.I wont be using google express until they get their act together.




First Off They Literally Removed My Review Not Once But Twice Because They Didn't Want People Seeing/Hearing The Truth.The Price Of The Ink Is Outrageous And The 1 Day Shipping Took 5 Days.Their Monthly Ink Plans Are NOT A Money Saver And They Are Driving Up The Price To Try To Back People Into Signing Up For Their Rediculous Monthly In Plans.When I Ordered They Had Someone's Phone Number On It And I Commented That It Is A Violation Of People's Privacy To Put A Person's Phone Number On The Outside Of Packages.I Don't Understand Why They Won't Allow My Review When Other Reviews Say The Same Things.




Absolutely appalling that experian,the one credit bureau I could half trust is going the for profit way.By August 2018 we will no longer be able to talk to a live person unless we pay for a membership.SHAME ON YOU EXPERIAN!!!You put false/incorrect personal information on people's credit reports,then when people ask you to remove it,you refuse and demand a copy of their driver's licence,even after they give it to you,you still don't correct it or give people a copy of their credit report AND THEN to add insult to injury you deliberately create a barrier to fight off all the B.S,you only allow people who purchase A membership to speak to a live person about their credit reports unless you have an auto debited membership and everyone else is on their own with your self help website,Where you will bury the useful important information?A lot of issues do not get resolved unless a person speaks to a live person and experian knows that.So they get your driver's licence,control of your credit card and anthing else you send them.Experian you have sunk to an all time low and you truely disgust me with following equifax's shadey business ethics and now you hold our credit hostage with no one to talk to,to get it resolved.So now the only way to fix your credit through experian is on your own and they know that's not even possible.Seriously people,when are we gonna wake up and do something about these credit bureau trying to control our lives?THEY need US not the other way around and they know they are losing other wise they wouldn't stoop to this new all time low to back us into a corner.We really need to do something about these bogus credit bureaus.




I Called Twice To Obtain Proof That My Money Orders Were Cashed,When And By Whom.They Refused.Customers Deserve Proof That Someone,Anyone At All Cashed The Money Orders They Purchased..Zero Reasons/Excuses For A Simple Piece Of Paper That Has The Information That Is Staring The Rep In The Face While You Are Speaking With Them,Print And Mail It To Me.Super Simple But Yet They Refuse,And Then Refuse To Tell You Why.Very Unprofessional.




I Was The Victim Of A Student Loan Scam(Private For Profit School Scam,The School Moved Several Times And Changed Their Name Several Times Also)Which Was A Private Loan But The Department Of Education Bought It To Try To Make It And The Other Scam Loans Look Legit And It Went Through Several Loan Servicers After Sallie Mae,They Were The First Servicer And Was Sued For The Scams They Are Helping Perpetuate.It's All Over The News(Finally)Now.I Have Since Paid Off The Loan And They Refuse To Give Me Any Proof I Have Paid It Off.Each Time I Call They Give A Different Answer.The First Time They Said Thirty Days,Second Time 30-45 Days,45-60 And Then Just "Up To 60 Days/2 Months.There Is Zero Reasons/Excuses As To Why It Would Take Any Longer Then 7 To 10 Business Days To Print A Letter And Send It To Me.As I Tell Any One Who WIll Listen,Loans,Especially Student Loans Are A Scam And You Will Pay Dearly If You Sign To One.

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