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Start using paypal for most of your purchases and don't buy from 3rd party or unknown/unfamiliar merchants/sellers/sites.Using just a credit card will earn you a headache and no money back,especially with unknown/3rd party,merchant/sellers/sites.


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The reviews here are accurate.I have redeemed a reward 3 times in the few years I have been a member but even with my traight score maxed out they only want to give me 10 cents each lately unlike the 50 cents or more I have been receiving.Looks like my time is almost up with this non legit survey site.Survey sites like this know what they are doing is wrong and they dont care to pay people what their info is worth.


They added a day to delivery,NEVER do that to a new customer during the holidays.An extra day can be an eternity when you really need what you ordered.I gave a new company a chance and of course they blew it.I fully expect the product not to work but we'll see.


I have been a member for several years,last time I was able to redeem a reward was 2 YEARS AGO.That must be why they comepletely revampled the site and added more rewards.Too little too late,they knew people like have been jumping ship otherwise why the total revamp.Funny thing is you cant make those changes but it still doesnt change the fact that it will take you over two years to ge ta reward from them for all the information they got from you or from their websites trackers.If I were you I would listen to someone that has delt with their cheapness.I'm off to use sites that pay,dont waste my time and are not greedy.


This is a great idea for homeowners only.Apartment buildings will not allow altering of the front doors to apartments in a way even if it were for security.Ring will claim some apartments allow it but they are wrong because they want people to buy the product first and get their money before they find out the facts.Not only that but theives would constantly steal the outside camara part.Ring claims they will pay for the stolen part after presenting a police report.If you live in an apartment building then you know that the manager/owner could care less about what you are calling the cops over to your apartment for,if you do it more then once you could be out a place to live too.This product is only useful to homeowners or whoever owns the door that the camara is on and people who want to report the external part of the camara stolen on a routine basis because it's on the outside of the door,not a wise idea.Most people rent.Who ever comes up with an actual useful product for apartment doors will be the winner.That is not at this point in time.
TopCashback USA

TopCashback USA

They will argue with you and use any excuse not to pay you anything over a dollar.I tried to get a payout of a few dollars from my first purchase,let's see if I actually receive it.This company is so inept that like someone else had posted you will be waiting up to six months to a year for your money from the time of purchase.Just as bad if not worse then ebates with the bait and switch dishonesty.Wow,typing a two paragraph explanation as a response is the real red flag people.Sign up at legit sights that pay and don't type paragraphs while not even offering to give you the money you are owed.


This will not be my first choice go to company if they allow customer's reward points to expire,it's just plain greedy.It overshadows all postive aspects.I will change my rating when they stop being greedy.


Maybe the products are better then most with all organic,the term "natural" means zero to a smart consumer so if their ingredients arnt organic you better get that USDA organic label on their before more questions come up,no one will buy it anyway.As a Wife,Mother&Main Household Shopper who trys to ALWAYS find the best for her family the "not the soap your mommy bought you",is more then highly offensive to me.You throw Mother/Wives And/Or/Also Main Household Shoppers under the bus so men will shop for themselves and buy this product.WoW,that's how low companies are going these days.I most certainly would never recommend or buy this product until those two extremely important aspects about this company are corrected.


The holidays(After August)are very important so taking a long time to deliver(regardless of when the item is ordered)is a straight up no no.You will not get repeat business from me if you mess with holiday items/gifts.


It's been months and I only have a few dollars meanwhile they get tons of info from me and I can never login because there is something wrong with their site.The only support is by phone?It would take years to earn a reward.No thank you.
Synchrony Bank

Synchrony Bank

ALWAYS DOUBLE CHECK BEFORE APPLYING FOR A CREDIT CARD.....That it's not would never and will never have a store credit card or a regular credit card from these crooks.They own most store cards and lots of regular cards.Tons of nightmare stories from honest hardworking people.NEVER GET A CARD FROM THIS BANK.YOU HAVE BEEN FORMALLY WARNED BY PEOPLE THEY HAVE ROBBED.


I was trying to buy a halloween costume but they kept raising the price outragously,it got up to over $50.No one is paying that for an adult or child's costume.Companies need to understand that.The sizes are all screwed up,XL adult costumes wont fit a child,but the plus sizes will?They need to get their act together.Customer service was rediculous and kept arguing with me instead of correcting it and making it right.Not good treatment of a customer before I even buy anything.


I was able to cash out/redeem a reward only once but I never seem to qualify for ANY surveys after being a long time member.One of the top signs/red flags of fake a survey site is only being able to get a redemption maybe two or three times and then never qualifying for any more surveys with your demographics as their go to excuse.Fake sites like this one are easy to spot once they start up their shenanigans.


Every single rep I spoke to wondered if I was saying FAQ Or Fax(No one uses fax anymore)and could not answer the simplest of questions concerning their own company's products.They directed me to their website but could not tell me where the info was on their website that I needed for my questions to get answered.At one point I was ak=sked if I had an existing account?Why would I want to be with a card company with uneducated,untrained reps?Big reg flags of how things would go if I were to get their card and needed someone to help me with important card things.Wow,No Thanks.


They will remove legitimate reviews or move legitimate not so good reviews down lower out of chonological order.It makes me wonder if they are like the better business bureau where a business can buy their way out of bad ratings and serious complaints,I am almost sure of it after seeing their shenanigans in action year after year.We really need a truely unbiased review website because it turns out yelp's not that.
Aubrey Organics

Aubrey Organics

I called three different phone numbers/spoke with 4 different people and no one could answer any of my product questions.What company has no idea about their products?That is beyond bizarre.They claim only one person at the third phone number knows anything about their products.Um Wow.On top of that since 2016-2017 people have been complaining about the product ingredient changes.The nasty rancid smell,non lathering gritty new formula that leaves people hair gross and tangled.Loyal long time customers who have been using their products for years knew right away they were messed with.Also they took the cruelty free,vegan and gluten free symbols off of the nasty new products so you know what that means,they are no longer vegan,cruelty free,or gluten free.Even the"Contents Biodegradable"and "Container Is Recyclable"is gone from the label.The fourth phone number that is on the back of the bottle of the picture from the retailer,has been disconnected.Aubrey is obviously just like the regular chemical shampoos now and needs to be clear and transparent about that and put them along with the other regular shampoos in the stores.Granted the retailer is helping them be deceitful with the fake/old pics but it's pretty rediculous that product manufacturers really go to great lengths to make sure we dont find out what they are up to.All this drama for everyone(read the reviews)over shampoo.Researching a new appliance would be one thing but why do we need a full on investigation for something as simple as shampoo?.That's what this company has become.They need change the formula back to what it was before they go out of business.

They couldn't be bothered with telling ANYONE that they raised the price of stamps,I had to find out for myself.We deserve to be properly informed.If we were peoperly informed,I would not be typing this,obviously.They need to stop raising prices on everything before they are inevitably forced to significantly lower the prices of everything they offer.


I quit humantic because the auditors were more concerned with arguing and being right then humantics policies and rules.Also the pay was not enough especially when the auditors were like sharks after our earnings.It was also a lot of fun besides the auditors drama so I will be back it they clean house and enforce rules and policies or maybe alter/change them.


I don't think this is a real survey site,I was never sent any invites for surveys even though I had an account for years.Very strange.


I called to ask about a certain shoes and the rep literally said "I cannot help you."What kind of company refuses to answer people's questions?You also cannot browse without setting up an account because the sign up square blocks the screen there is no X to get it out of the way.Very bizarre experience.I will not be shopping on this site nor do I recommend you to shop on this site.They do not care about their customers new or otherwise.

Writing a full page paragraph as a response is very indicative of an employee trying to defend the company's rediculous website fuctions and incrediblely rude customer service.If they are like Amazon "In regards to individual products because Zulily is a lot like Amazon" then all the more reason not to shop there if a site is hosting third party sellers then they should definitely should keep even better track of all inventory more then regular websites.The problem with these types of websites is we use them and give them the impression it's ok to run their awful websites/company like this and treat customers badly.We need to stop using companies that don't want to run their to serve their paying customers whokeep their business running.No one should have to make a dummy account to browse,that's just pure absurdity.Your paragraph was mostly useless but thank you for taking time out of your day to defend such an awful company.Please think about your responses before posting them to people's reviews.
HAVIT Online

HAVIT Online

I bought my keyboard and it started malfuctioning after two years and yesterday 6/25/19 it stopped working completely.No one wants to drop what they are doing to go get another keyboard unexpectedly.Keyboards are suppose to last a long time,not three years and they are perfectly aware that they have a three or four year lifespan because where I bought it from was offering three and four year support plans.The cheap manufacer only offers years. warranty.If a company does offer lifetime or lots of years warranty then you know there is only one they care about and its not you.I would not buy this keyboard again nor would I recommend it to anyone.

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