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About Me

Here to let people know about my 100% true and accurate experiences with sites.

How I Can Help

Start using paypal for most of your purchases and don't buy from 3rd party or unknown/unfamiliar merchants/sellers/sites.Using just a credit card will earn you a headache and no money back,especially with unknown/3rd party,merchant/sellers/sites.


Shopping with competent companies that care about their customers.

120 Reviews by Jane

Squaretrade needs to jump into the modern age and seriously stop with the checks. Most people do not have a checking account and have to pay a fee to cash checks. Using checks is unprofessional and a hassle as everyone uses paypal and prefer to use paypal. I mean if paid for the product protection with paypal but squaretrade wants to pay out my claim with a check, sounds like they are saving millions at the expense of their customers who pay for their business to stay open and running.As soon as a company comes along that uses paypal for their product protection claim payouts no one will be using dinosaur squaretrade anymore so they better get with the program before they go down to the better competition. Also it took like five reps to get my product protection case finished.No one could seems to get all the way to the last step to finish the claim, it was truly bizzare.
The bar soaps are outrageously priced. They don't even carry the one I like anymore, oatmeaI something forgot the exact name. I do like the sizes of the body wash and the fact that they have a fragrance free one.The do need more scents but at the end of the day adding the shipping makes it so I cannot buy directly from them because they are too expensive. I recommend the products but buy elsewhere.
I kept hearing people people brag about how this makeup was affordable and then went and look at the prices.No, not affordable to people on a budget. Maybe the eye palettes are pigmented well but the prices are too much.
Unnervingly expensive, almost insulting because walgreens carries it(drugstores should carry items at drugstore prices)they use dangerous chemicals like parabens, alcohol and lye(aluminum, sodium hydroxide)Companies like this give companies with good products and afforable prices a bad name.
Full of nasty harmful ingredients but has the audacity to charge outrageous prices and keeps their products out of reach for regular people on their own website and at "exclusive" stores. There is better out there for way less money. People are calling out companies and their like this and their crappy products, google it.
I cannot login or retrieve my password, it keeps says the capcha code is wrong and it's not. Same thing happens when I try to send a message to support. This looks like a nice site. I already found two really good books I want to read but it's say that I cannot even communicate with support to help them fix their problems
I ordered two of their products on bonanza. Com. That transaction went fine. Then I ordered another product and they never sent it, I had to go seek out a refund. Very unprofessional. I was excited to try out this companie's products but they clearly do not care about their customers. I will not be buying anything from them ever again.
They will not honor their promo codes and will offer you a lesser promo code to replace the promo they dont want you to use. Then they will direct you to their promotions page that has lame promotions that have nothing to do with your intended purchase. Treating customers badly before I even purchase? Really bad for business.
For starters the woman that answers the phone is a condescending twit. She will pretend whoever is putting on the study is busy because they will never call you back, never. I have never done a study because of their fakeness but many people have legitly reported that they will get tons of info from you for zero money paid to you and then drop you from the study.Don't fall for these frauds.
I have been watching her videos and reading her news letters for years. She bombards you with information but not one of the work at home opportunities has turned out to be legit, not one. What's worse is the links she give out do not work after a while. She makes her money from referrals. She should know that once people catch on that none of what she says is true the money will dry up.
They are leaving out the regular folks that love their skin and skincare products but cannot afford the luxury prices.We regular folks also know that their are other less pricier brands and can do the job just as well. Yikes on all those honest reviews about the poor customer service.As a consumer/customer expensive and poor customer service is not the kind of shopping experience I want to have. I want companies to value my repeat business and me as a person.
In a nutshell, filing a complaint is useless because they are constantly helping businesses rip people off for millions. But their trick is they will lull you in with a false sense of security by actually getting your money back on a couple transactions and then rob you on a few after that. I would not file a complaint unless I knew 100% that I am entitled to MY money back. Why would I file a complaint for money that was not mine? How is the business entitled to take money that is not theirs, it's call thievery. You have to give a good or service in exchange otherwise you are literally stealing people's money.It's been especially bad during the covid.Do not get this card it's been nothing but a huge headache.
Travis V. – NetSpend Rep

We're sorry to hear that you are unhappy. For assistance, please email us at social@netspend.com.

Thank you,
I guess before the sprint/tmobile merger they were victimizing people's credit cards/bank accounts but now if you go to the website the phone number is disconnected and there is no email support contact.
They were bought out a couple years ago and if you look at the reviews about their White Musk Oil they completely changed the formula to what is best described as cheap and nasty. They have enraged and lost customers that had bought this white musk oil for over 20 years. I have yet to hear about another company sabotaging their own products. I mean who does that. I hope they learned their lesson and are going back to the old formula and if not I hope the customers they lost stay lost to make the point that they don't appreciate something they loved being destroyed. Shame on you new owners of the body shop.
The woman who answers the phone has the IQ of a nematoade. She does not understand simple questions people ask her. You are not allowed to place orders unlike our local pepsi distributor. They don't care about their customers only the retailers they deliver the product to. That's who this company is.
They put cancer causing chemicals(Sodium Hydroxide otherwise known as Lye)in their products that smell nasty and then throw a toddler fit about returning the product and not give me a prepaid label. They make 6 billion dollars annually( https://drugstorenews.com/otc/qa-scott-rudolph-ceo-piping-rock-health-products)but what to try to screw me for $11ish dollars.No ethics or morals. They do not care about their customers. Truly despicable. You don't know till you know. Best piece of advice I can give other people is check out the return policy of companies if you are unfamiliar with them and if it says they won't pay for you to return their own product by giving you a prepaid label be prepared for a fight and always use paypal, never credit card only.
The Reps are always really nice and helpful but any time I need to login I can't and have to have the assistance of customer service to reset it while they tell me that it's strange that I cannot login to my account, no kidding? This last time their chat was unavailable and their systems/computer froze and wanted to call me back after it unfroze so I cannot buy anything or redeem VIP points until they want to fix whatever is wrong with their website. This password thing has been going on for over a years. What a shame lego. I have to buy else until they get that fixed.
These Shmucks Want To Sell You Overpriced Cheap Fake Junk.Do Not Waste Your Money.The Other Bad Ratings Don't Lie.
Don't bother, they will not give you the points you earn from activities. You will be in the middle/end of a survey and they say sorry we met the quota meaning we got all the info we wanted from you but you won't be getting any points for it.No thank you, total waste of time.
The sunglasses they sell do not fit a females face no matter what it states on the website listing. When you return the item they will not give your money back, they will fight you on it and drag the issue out. They will also pick a shipping method that is cheapest for them and it taking 4 more days then necessary to ship back to them but they could care less about the customers needs or satisfaction and will refuse to contact their chosen shipper to resolve the issue. You have to take your money back by force. I will never order anything from them ever again.Not worth the deception and drama that they cause to their customers.

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