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The drama in this game is the worst I have ever seen in my entire life. There are bullies everywhere and when you complain about it, you get made fun of by the other players and the admins. All they bother to do is say "go find another game" which is fine. I did and I don't miss this worthless game. And when I say bullies I don't mean people who hit you because thats part of the game. I mean people who call you racist and sexist slurs, tell people bad things about you that aren't even true because they don't even know you, people who obsessively hit you for days and days on end. Lots of bullying just like lame high school bullies. And these are all "adults" according to the games rules. If you hit someone they get mad and have dozens of people attack you. And you HAVE to hit people to train. Its a really bogus hypocrisy of a game. Waste of my time and my money. Ive seen people get banned for cheating, but Ive seen even more people get banned for standing up to bullies and the admin who is friends with most of the bullies. Those ones are allowed to do anything they want, even in direct violation of "rules" they can do and say anything they want. She just lets them and craps on anyone who gets upset. If you don't pay money for the blood and supplies then she has no time for you.


I did not ask to be, nor did I give permission to be added to ANY kind of mailing list or contact sheet. The website asked me if I wanted to leave feedback, so I did. They entered me into a mailing list and sent me spam emails without my permission. They have been offering me discounts and telling me to update my membership which I don't even HAVE one. They even keep sending me spam after I sent them a cease and desist email. They continue to spam me to this day so.


Really great website with lots of good pictures and video and so on. The only complaint I have about this website is that not all of their wrestlers use social media lol. It would be cool if someone like Kane did.


It's got great info but the forum is filled with seriously rude people. Lots of bullies as the other review says and the "moderators" or "admins" whatever they like to call themselves will only punish the people who are new. The people who have been there longer can get away with breaking rules because they have posted information that they would otherwise lose if they banned those people. It's sad and its wrong.


Employees are not helpful, a bit lazy, and do nothing but goof off all day. Every time I go in they are all loud and playing. No one is working except for when one of the 2 older gentlemen are in. Other than that when you CALL them, they're just as lazy. I called with a question, assuming they would help me because their website uses the following slogan: "At Vacs & Videos, we take pride in finding what you are looking for. Our dedicated staff will search our products and beyond. We do the Leg work for you so you don't have to." That is a quote that I copy / pasted from their website. So it's THEIR words, not mine. Anyway when I called I said I needed to know something about a certain video game. I was told "Google it." What kind of "dedicated staff" is that? Not only was that lazy, but RUDE. I asked him PLEASE I can't find the information I need and it will cost me over $10 just to go out there. Nothing. He refused. "Google it" is his maximum effort. I used to wonder why everyone complains about that store, but now I know and now I'm telling everyone.


I received one of their eCards (electronic greeting cards) in my inbox, from a friend. From there, this website entered me into their mailing list, and claim that I signed up for it, or "requested" to be part of it. Use this website if you want your inbox, and the inbox of your friends to be filled with SPAM, and third party advertising.

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Good information (not great just good) but really judgmental, rude, and aggressive way of speaking in my opinion. Will go elsewhere for frog information now.


Advertized on TV as free, but they also have premium membership and no matter what it requires a download to play which they dont say on the TV ad. Same for their other game website Wizard101 which I reviewed also.


Advertized on TV as free, but they have premium membership and no matter what it requires a download to play which they dont say on the TV ad. Same for their other game website Pirate101 which I reviewed also.


I hate that you people charge for telephone help and will not let anyone email support after their warranties have expired. I contacted them while my warranty was active, I told them my problem and they said I could pay a butt load of money to mail it to them so they could look at it. I waited and waited and no one ever got back to me. Now obviously my warranty is expired, and my piece of garbage Acer product is even less functional than before and when I need help, I have to pay A DOLLAR A MINUTE for a THIRD PARTY to assist me? Forget that. I can't even revert to factory setting because their product is so junky. I can't do anything because this junky CRAPTOP doesn't even have a CD drive. Junk junk junk. I hope they go out of business for selling junky products and being so underhanded, misleading, unhelpful, and uncaring to the people who pay hard earned money for their products.


This web site is really helpful. I found his web site by accident first time because it was listed on Wikipedia because they have a lot of the stuff he wrote about the FC twin, and listed his web site as the resource. It's listed in Yahoo search as "The world's largest FC Twin compatibility list" and it really was. He has hundreds of games tested and everywhere else they only have like 4 or 5 or 6 games tested and they all say the same thing as each other so I don't think they even tested anything. I also found out a lot of information about the actual video game system which was helpful in my choice to buy one from eBay. He even showed that it comes in 3 different colors. I did buy one by the way after I talked to 8-bit Alucard. I was going to buy the one that plays Sega games too but I changed my mind after I read what he said about that other game system. I still had questions about the FC twin system after reading his information, and even though he already had the answers I was looking for on the web site and I just didn't see it, he still answered my questions and was really nice about it and even said thank you for visiting. It did take him a few days to reply to me, but at least he did. The information he wrote is much more helpful then any other website I saw. I tried other places like fctwin.net which is really bad, dkoldies.com which has no information other than promotional information. Wikipedia which was helpful because they link to his web site, and so on and so forth. But his was best and so far everything he says is true because now I have the video game system and every game he said works really does. There is a way you can play games from Japan and I read what he said and tried to watch the video, but can't see it well. So I'm waiting for him to reply and tell me how to do that too. Over all this web site is great about this video game system and I recommend it to people who want to buy one of their own.

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