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About Me

I'm James, 26 years old as of 2019. I tend to be someone who is very honest and elaborate to kingdom come, but you'll never read anything I write with bad language, I'm always about re-telling my experiences in fine detail often citing film quotes or things from popular culture for comedic effect - I know reading is boring so I always try and make people laugh and be entertained but also get educated on the website in question and give you a sense of my impression, that's what I aim to do.

How I Can Help

I want people to know what goes on after you sign up and been around a site for long enough, get to understand what the website is about, what the users are like, what you can expect. some are great others fell from grace, the rest just stink


Movies, popular culture, memes, quotes, philosophy, health and fitness, music.

5 Reviews by james

Youtube fell down in terms of financial management when it sold it's soul to advertisers i.e company ads at the core of its business model. This inevitably affected the type and tone of new content, to "comply" . Now i havent got a problem with companies, we all use them every day. So what's my grudge? Well, Gone are the days of uploading as you see fit. Authentic content like a long speech that ignores the drama of offending people and says it straight, this would not survive very long.

Yes, companies have money to share (and the vast majority are left wing bias) .. But guess what? Companies also try and dominate everything and make your life difficult before giving you a dime. Prying money out of companies is hard enough as an employee. Companies should have been kept out of the loop when it came to the tubes, the oppurtunity was there but was squandered when the paypal employees signed a deal with the Google devil, getting 1 billion for themselves, everyone else? go fish! That seems to be how it played out

The business model should be social funding from users, like a pay as you go model i.e 5p to watch a video and more for the popular videos, this then gets collected into a central pot controlled by the webmaster exclusively and distributed according to best stats overall. Any leftover money is used to keep the site running and improve it. Youtube should been and independent company in itself instead of a yellow brick road for 3rd party endorsements. There was a lack of backbone from the beginning

If it was the case that a money management system could automate how uploaders get paid, there would never be a chance of demonetisation because it should have been a software program that naturally isn't politically bias. This also encourages a meritocracy on numbers instead of like/dislike of a persons character thus takes power away from narcissistic big company influence

Bartering for company cash is a terrible way of business. Companies just want to take money, not give, so everyone suffers rules according to the companies ethics and policies being a massive influence, because you have to please advertisers BEFORE the audience, now i am wise enough to see it, there is no longer a "fun" purpose about the website. All the good channels are banned.

But Thats the real reason why youtube sucks - corporatism and no longer being about you as an individual, now you're just a puppet having your strings pulled by the elite if you upload. You cannot do a video exactly the way you want without a social filter, heavy editing. To me thats just fake and nonsense.

It was a beautiful thing, ripe for corruption and destruction which is what has happened. It was good between 2005-2009 but now its time to seek an alternative where freedom of speech is respected and not shutdown because people disagree, regardless of how many disagree.

It is a fundamental human right to freely, express, without limitations or filters, one's point of view and youtube will not allow it. Find alternatives. I have and while clunky at least the content is more "real"
I love Amazon and have been a customer since 2013, when I was about 20 my adoration for this website started when I noticed my mum using it and so out of curiosity, I asked what it was. So this is a 5 star review based on as many years in the experience of making this review, though hopefully my writing will not be as lengthy as an essay about War and Peace.

While I do have traits of cynicism and nihilism, I'll be the first to give credit where credit is due and acknowledge great achievements of which I believe, Amazon is a step forward, not backwards, for humanity as a whole. Cue the sound of the marching band. I get it.

Prior to shopping here, I used the high street, carrying heavy bags home but now I only venture out for food shopping or down to the builders merchant for emergency and recreational DIY purposes. Someone's got to fill the gaps in driveway, right?

I never fail to be amazed by the sheer range of stock on Amazon. There is almost nothing you can't think of that can't be found using the search function, except "big things" like cars or boats... Who knows.. They might get listed on there one day.

About 95% of stuff I was specifically looking for by model/brand and even detail can be found on Amazon. I'm such a fan that I exclusively use the NewDay credit card that gives amazon points for every day purchases. Items are delivered straight to your door so no heavy lifting or travelling. It is my opinion that Amazon has revolutionized the world of retail..for the better.

What do you mean for worse?! Well.. Obviously there is the argument it takes business away from the high street. I disagree with that because for example you cant get pre made coffee delivered hot, you need to try clothes on generally even if you know your sizes and a shop you can walk into is convenient. Snakes and Ladders.

I do like the addition of the Prime membership upgrade which I have trialled, when subscribed to you can access lots of music, e books and films you can enjoy if you pay extra for it per month, however it's one of those that's not necessary but nice to have. Gucci.

Perhaps the only gripe I have is that you can't choose your delivery times and might have to arrange it with a seller. #smalltalk. I think a better way would be have Amazon hire a seperate delivery company (courier) that specializes in custom delivery times for the customer as some of us have had to work zero hour contracts so it's hard to tell when you can stay in and avoid a parcel going to the neighbor or left behind a wheelie bin as a security risk. Normally though I time it so it fits around any work commitments. Got 'em.

In closing I would say that it's still one of, if not the greatest place online and on earth to shop for the miscellaneous. I have heard that Amazon is venturing into the food market. We all know the potential issues of 1 single company dominating the world, which are valid concerns but it's up to other companies to step up and provide competition.. Of which there is no compelling evidence so far.. Change my mind, Stephen Crowder.

Still i'm happy to share many more years of business with them, the price points for the same item on the high street is always lower. I'm not particularly fond of Jeff Bezos or his politics. But great products, great prices, great service continue to be pulled out of the proverbial magic hat, where else would I get my stuff? . Thankyou Bezos. Top geezer.
I'm not a fan of feminism but more than that - corruption. You do not get freedom of speech here as a male. While i am a reluctant fan of big women, the same problems exist with sister site Feabie. Men are silenced. It is rare to see any male written content or expression. You get banned way too easily simply for being male if you don't sucker up enough and chant how beautiful women are when their personality is rubbish and their flaws need to be called out so they can correct themselves, instead they rebel more and get worse. It ends up feeling like "angry old man shouting at the clouds"

Women will never view your profile or message back unless its tell you to go away. It's tipped as a dating website but what it really is in reality is a "female museum" instead male content attracts other men which couldn't be more infuriating.

The only time women respond to anything is when you are seconds away from getting banned and you have provided a reason for women to complain citing their many flaws which help educate other men on red flags such as female gold digging, flogging "premium snapchats" bashing them for calling sex a form of "work" which is outrageous and laughable, reffering to themselves as "sex worker" but is yet to be seen for them to do a single hard day's graft in their life moving about or standing all day. It's very difficult to take seriously any woman who refers to sex as a valid form of work, they really are lazier and dumber than a box of rocks. You cannot reasonably expect intelligent debate as the mods just ban you without ryhme or reason. "you're male" seems to be good enough. It's treachorous.

The site flogs an upgrade feature after viewing 25 or so pictures, but this was not the case before, it was free, this is squarely aimed at men as the viewing figures speak for themselves, an average guy might get 100views and 1 like in 15 years, a below average female not even showing her face can demand 600 in 5 minutes and about 10% likes so 60. The oldest picture of a female has got 12,000 views which eclipses the whole of the male picture section combined. without men, this site would cease to exist yet there are so many weak minded men with high tolerance who allow the site owners to bash their core-audience.

Many of the women flagrantly advertise in their bio for a long distance "ghost wallet".. This is an unattractive and unreasonable request to have. If im shed a single penny for a woman, i better be getting return on my investment, the women fail to realize it's up to THEM to tout for MY business, not other way round! They seem to believe picture and video will satisfy - it simply isn't good enough, they squirm at the idea of visitation or in person intimacy.

The site, just like feabie, is so hell bent on screwing over the core audience, they feel like they can get away with it - and they seemingly have done for a long time. It's not until men like me "wake up" and see the site for what it is - a place of toxic femininity, I Opted to walk away, i visit less and less until eventually will have completely lost interest. I just screen grab the pictures and don't bother interacting, it's getting to the point where i dont even want to do that anymore
I don't enjoy giving low rated reviews however Rotten Tomatoes users have no taste in good films, i can drop money and bet that if they praised a film, it is terrible, if they hate it i probably love it, in this ironic way it is helpful but not in the way it's intended, the reviews are often troll worthy, I have a hard time taking them seriously

for example their idea of a good film is recent Baby Driver (2017) which immediately starts out with the most awful background music I have ever encountered, it is literally torturous and Angel Egort as "baby" is immediately annoying, i can barely stand the first 10 minutes.. yet they have no problem slandering Fast And Furious or Transformers which by contrast have excellent choices in music such as rap, rnb, nu metal etc as opposed to blues, ska, reggae and are so much more cool, more sophisticated and action packed

the Tomato people appreciate the utterly abysmal It Follows horror film but have no problem slandering Some Kind Of Hate they review poorly with there strange opinion being that a film crammed with dialogue, boring character development and appeal to emotion fallacies are what i consider time wasted not getting to the point is more valuable than explosions and blood-shed. the lack of intelligent observation of the things that a film needs to be awesome is insult to my intelligence.

a lot of film critics are self-appointed, egotistical and more importantly clueless, they are completely out of touch and as aforementioned, very difficult to take the vast majority of the reviews on this site seriously having sat and watched what they praised compared to what they dislike, for me I believe the opposite is true.
The most pro 3rd wave feminist man hating website I have ever seen and for no good apparent reason backed and supported by the website owners. if you are a man here then you are unwittingly "the wrong gender" and will be chastised at every opportunity if you so dare to demonstrate you are intelligent, independent, confident and not slave material. Then you are a threat. Prepare yourself for a train wreck journey into the abyss.

as a guy i like (the look of) bigger women but they are undeniably problematic!! Stinking attitudes! All of them (the ones I have seen in my own experience) suffer from a common White Girl disease known as "princess syndrome" easy to spot symptoms such as flagrant arrogance, domineering, victim complex, sociopathy, insults, shaming and grease bucket bodies which are in the bedridden category, how is a date even possible with these bacon monsters?

Anything more intimate than spoon feeding is condemned constantly and consistently. The dedication to hating straight, white, single men is more impressive than the most elite army regime. Kim Jong Un would blush with pride.

the victim complex has been highlighted by the current trending hash tag there #MakeFeabieSaferForWomen which is similar to the #MeToo tag, a congregate of whiny bimbo's who haven't actually been through any physical health issues and are still alive... duly noted it's not physically possible to pin down and R*** a big woman, she is too heavy to fall over and if she does she will roll away, it would be like a Carry-On film.

These women typically self impose themselves on house arrest 24.7 no guy has touched them only in their dreams, they just use this fake excuse to rally up more hatred for men as if in a mob mentality, men who haven't done anything but simply look to fulfill dating and s**ual needs of which we all have whether we want to agree or not, congrats on the over-generalizing... so brave.. lol..

it just occurs to me that these specific set of women love to complain as some sort of past-time, again mostly hilarious reading to see this disconnect of land whales coming together to moan in unison alas the not kind of moaning she SHOULD be doing from a real man if you catch my drift it's as if they hate to draw attention from men or the attention is not "perfect" - hence the huge arrogance run amok. the front page of this website should just be that one meme "**** you, pay me!" that is the mentality here.

Lest we forget these are not women that want to date, marry or have spicy time with, their intention is that you buy stuff from their Amazon wish list 1000 miles away in exchange for a mediocre non difficult spicy video.. For the average dude that just doesn't cut this big ol' cottage cheese looking cake. Long distance financing of a female and not meeting for intimacy are serious deal breakers for the average dude.

This really feels like what happened to Emo kids of the millennium after becoming unemployed young adults, the correlation is chilling - women who have given up on love, living, dating and turned to food and guys who didn't get any excitement in their teens. well you know how the saying goes "when the world gets you down, eat it"

it becomes ever-clear the women are un-dateable and they don't care. Basically gold diggers with extra weight. no different to the gangster films side chicks chowing down on burgers for your viewing pleasure and expense, the proposed XL pass is a con, the women here will take take take and offer you nothing in return other than something to look at which is their only real purpose.

They'll bleed you dry mentally and laugh about it because greed has it's roots deeply entrenched in evil, i've come to have my expectations be crushed. she'll try and convince you she's not a huge slab of meat that you just want to bust off too and not involve yourself with, she has "feelings" too! lol! so do men, but that doesn't fit the narrative. truth and facts are not welcome on feabie and get you banned faster than formula 1 racing to the finish line. but if you're a woman you get a free pass to spew vitriolic man hating poison like water over Niagra Falls. this is the social justice warrior heaven. Normal guy's hell on earth.

The slightest attempt to kill the big woman ego with a statement like "not every single man wants to persue you" is punished brutally with an 18 month access ban to visit the site on your ISP connection by the admin (info garnered from the t.o.s section). this is further complimented by extreme limitations on viewing 30 photos "per day" .. if only they were so strict with their dieting choices lol... oh wait they're not. oh the irony!

the "ssbbw" want to get fatter but they are 600lbs anyway and unable to bear children.. so im trying to re-calibrate my attractions to athletic women. It is an embarrassing "fetish" to have, if i were dating i realize i'd have to hide her in the closet around my parents while I temp hire a gym bunny chick to show off to my parents so the fat chick would be like some pet in a cage because i cannot bring dishonor to my family and be the laughing stock of my friends, I come to understand a ssbbw will ruin my reputation and street credibility and that i'd be cheating out of necessity to dodge bullets of conversation.. i dont need this kind of hassle. i refuse to fund death and reason it with lust. it is immoral. Plus i am all for just 1 woman so I have to choose carefully what I really want as far as dating or intimate relationship goes so she has to be slim, it's a no-brainer.

what the women users here actually want as you will discover is instead a conveyor belt machine that self loads food by the truck load paid by YOU the weak, feable man slave, not an Alpha Male, its all one way for her fat arse and i dont think any good guy with his wits about him will be so subservient to these bunch of greedy hogs, it is crystal clear they just want a rich Arnold Shwarzeneggar to dump all their money and time into their lazy lumpy arse.

and so you ask what do they offer men in return? Absolutely nothing, less than nothing - if you are a dude and enjoy poverty, debt, humiliation, shame, guilt tripping, subservience, oppression and depression then you will find it here in spades. What you wont get is a woman worth dating. don't come here and expect anything more than fap material by the bread crumb. i can view 30 photos in less than 2 minutes so the website usefulness is quickly shot.

so if you are a prime dude in your 20s and REALLY want to find love and real women, go to the local gym or night club because a big woman is ugly inside and out, they dont leave the house so are easy to avoid. its been a great life lesson to ditch my delusions and go after truly beautiful thin, slender athletic non feminist women. men will agree, women have 1 job to look pretty and slender & I might be a little more forgiving but it is such a small website that the man hating is hilarious but spend too long on feabie and you will lose your sanity. its also just a black hole for your hard earned money, none of the girls are worth anything more than a quick pump n dump if it were possible anyway. avoid like the plague you have been warned.

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