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11 Reviews by James


Excellent customer service the representative helped me find exactly what I needed for my car and at one point the call dropped and she called back to help me finish my order! Very Happy with CAR ID!


In the past I have done business with WISH.COM and most of the stuff u buy from them is cheap crap made in china but I liked to shop there until recently! I had my CREDIT CARD on file with them and this is something that I want everyone to NEVER DO is to NEVER EVER keep your credit card on file with any company ESPECIALLY WISH.COM! I had some items that I was going to buy and had saved them on WISH I was going to purchase the items at a later time but I wanted to update my Credit Card info and change it to a different card so I went to the Credit Card info section and started to update the new Credit Card info at wish! Well wish said that the info that I put in was incorrect as I tried several times and I realized that I forgot to update my address info with the bank and this is why it was not working so beings that this was on a Sunday I would just wait until Monday and update my address info with the bank! A few hours later WISH emailed me and said that they were processing my order and I was FRIGGEN PISSED! I DID NOT GO TO CHECKOUT I DID NOT GIVE THEM PERMISSION TO RUN MY CREDIT CARD? They did not accept my card info for the new Credit Card so they FRAUDULENTLY went to the Credit Card that was on file with them and charged that card and the old card was going to the old address not my new address but THEY DO NOT CARE! THEY CARE ABOUT THE MONEY! I immediately called my banks fraud department on Sunday to report the FRAUD ON WISH.COM and cancel my card! The total items were $93 but they ran my Credit Card 4 times st $93 each WTF! So Monday I went to the bank to have them issue me a temporary card while the new one came in the mail! That same day GREEDY WISH.COM was at it again? Remember I told u that they would not accept the new Credit Card that I was updating well apparently after I checked my balance after making a deposit to the other bank they FRAUDULENTLY ran the Credit Card that was unable to be accepted 4 times at $93 sending my bank into over draft costing me a fee of $25 that the bank will not return! They are still trying to process this order even though the Credit Cards are canceled and they are still e mailing me telling me my order is processing? THEY ARE FRIGGEN IDIOTS! WARNING DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH WISH.COM THEY WILL STEAL AND ABUSE YOUR CREDIT CARDS DO NOT KEEP YOUR CREDIT CARDS ON FILE WITH ANYONE IT IS YOUR MONEY DON'T BE STUPID AND BE A VICTIM!

Tip for consumers:


I recently stayed at the Howard Johnson Motel in Kent Washington and I have to say it was one of the best motels that is comfortable as far as the bed being very soft not hard like other motels I've visited! The amenities including the continental breakfast the friendly people, the service, I give it all a five star! I stayed there two days and will stay there in the furure it is a very well maintained property inside and out!


Well after giving the Rodeway inn Fife, WA a 1 star! I figure I would try them again since I am a OTR Trucker! I pulled into the Hardin, MT Rodeway Inn motel Thursday and spent 4 days here I was greeted very friendly and politely by the manager SAJ I had my pet with me and he put me in a very comfortable room carpeted as the last one was tiled! This bed was very comfortable then the BED ROCK MOTEL in Fife, WA that I stayed at! It had a clock and even a coffee machine in it as the BED ROCK didn't! It was cool if I wanted to have coffee for myself! The towels were as white as the sheets as the BED ROCK MOTEL in Fife, WA had stains on there towels and holes in there blankets ewww! But the staff here in Hardin, MT was eager to change them everyday if need be! One particular thing I liked was that it had a separate room for it's continental breakfast and it was very clean as SAJ was always busy cleaning up after us messy eaters lol! I will gladly stay here again and if I could give them a 10 star I would! This property inside and out sparkled and it is because of hard working non lazy people such as SAJ and the staff that make it a welcoming stay! Thank you SAJ and staff for making my stay very comfortable!


I was online looking for rental homes and I came across rent to own homes so I entered my information it was within 30 seconds I got a call from someone on the other end claiming to be a real estate agent who preys on people with bad credit as I told her I am a victim of identity theft and I have myself been rebuilding my credit she asked me if I was interested in buying a house I stated yes she said that she would have to refer me to Lexington Law before she could send me a list of homes for me to rent I would have to give Lexington Law $99.00. I stayed online with her when she contacted a representative from the Lexington Law Firm as I explained my situation to the sales rep from Lexington Law was telling me that they could help me with my credit I told her that I can do it myself and that I wasn't interested in her charging me $99 per month for something I could do myself the previous person I talk to at american rent to own homes told me that if I didn't pay the 99 dollars to the Lexington Law firm that I would not be receiving a list of rental homes to own after speaking with the person at Lexington Law and being unclear and hearing other people in the background thinking its a typical call center where there are other people trying to get people like myself to be talked into fixing there credit while on the phone I looked up Lexington Law firm complaints and this is why I am telling u that American rent to own is a scam to get yur money! DON'T DO BUSINESS WITH RENT TO OWN AMERICAN HOMES! IT IS A SCAM!


I was referred over from rent to own American homes another scam company that you should not do business with beware! I spoke with someone at Lexington Law Firm as they require a $99 per month membership to repair my credit! I told her that I did not need to pay her $99 a month because I have been rebuilding my credit myself and I myself have taken the steps to removing the negative things off of my credit report! This place is a scam and if you don't believe me go online to Lexington Law Firm. Com reviews and complaints and see for yourself you can rebuild your credit yourself you don't need anybody else to do it for you BEWARE STAY AWAY from this company or they will make you broke and do nothing for you!


I ordered a radiator for my Suburban about 2 years ago and about two weeks ago I noticed it was leaking so I called customer service and after verifying some previous customer account info they shipped out a new radiator without charging me fore a core or anything out of pocket! I have bought parts from them before and they stand behind there parts and provide excellent customer service. Just a great company to get all of your Auto parts from!

Tip for consumers:


I have a 1995 Chev Suburban with 204k miles on it! One day I was climbing the hill coming home from work and my truck started to jiggle and I pulled over as the transmission seemed to be slipping! I checked the trans fluid it was good and there was a scratching noise coming from underneath as I looked I couldn't see what it was! I put it in gear nothin as it is a 4spd auto! 1234 & reverse were like neutral oh crap just 1-1/2 miles from home I am thinking of having it towed! I turned it off and waited about 10 minutes as I was talking to my Burban saying come on baby just get me home which is crazy but sh** it worked! I turned it over put it in drive and drove home totally insane but sometimes good things happen! I googled my year make and model of my suburban and searched for a solution to my transmission problem and after reading several reviews I ended up buying two transmission solonoids a transmission filter and a replacement gasket and new transmission fluid! I generally can fix and work on cars and googling for a solution for a temporary fix rather than pulling out 2 k for a new transmission heck I'll try anything and the parts only cost me $50! Before I started my attempted temporary google solution tranny repair I walked over to Rock Auto in Kent, WA and talked to one of the mechanics and told him what I had googled a possible solution regarding my transmission slipping and that I was going to do this repair with the recommened parts. He said that I am wasting my money that it won't help one bit! Discouraged but not yet beat down I asked what he charged by the hour for servies. He said a "WHOPPING" $98HR.? But here is the thing he told me that it would be a minimum of $250 to look at it! What I feel is not fair is if u are a shop u accordinly have a hourly rate! It was my understanding that he was not interested in his hrly rate he was interested in lining his pockets! I went home and put my truck on the front ramps pulled the pan put in two tiny electronic solonoids in the valvebody which is underneath the transmission pan and replaced the dirty dirty transmission filter replaced the gasket added trans oil all under 40 minutes! I took it for a test drive everything shifted as well as that noise dissapeared and it appears to be shifting better than it did before. I now have driven it 750 miles with no slippage and I am taking it easy but it is still driving and shifting great although I will be saving up some money to replace the transmission in a few weeks because of it having 204k miles on it! The moral of this review is DON'T BELIEVE IN ROCK AUTO because he was WRONG and only interested in lining his pockets and not willing to give me any advice as to what I may do as a temporary fix. I WOULD NOT RECOMMEND TAKING YOUR CAR TO ROCK AUTO FOR REPAIR! I played being stupid knowing nothing when I actually knew a little about alot and he took advantage of that! Sorry Charlie not me not today and not tomorrow!


I received a catalog in the mail from MONGOMERY WARDS as I placed an order thru them!
About a week later I received a DENIAL letter from them stating that they could not place my order? I called them and told them that they probably couldn't process my order because of the 3 fraud alerts that I placed on all three credit bureaus because I am a victim of idenity theft! She said I was right, so after verifying my identity I was allowed to proceed with my order as I told her despite me being a victim of identity theft that I was able to thru another catalog company which is an excellent company to shop with "FINGER HUT" that I was allowed thru there Fresh Start program to raise my credit score by making on time payments and I now have a credit line thru them! 1 week later I received yet another letter and M. W. said that could not approve me be because they said thru Equifax that I had a PRESENCE OF PUBLIC RECORD? I wrote them a letter back and said since I have been a victim of identity theft that I have been very dilegent and continually checking my credit bureaus and I assured them that I have no such public record as I have also contacted Equifax regarding that absured statement and whomever told them that is incorrect! Furthermore I told them that they could be sued over slanderous unconfirmed statements in federal court thru the FTC! Also that I would be filing a written complaint regarding Montgomery Wards unproven statements! DON'T DO BUSINESS WITH MONTGOMERY WARD AS THEY DO NOT CARE ABOUT THE CONSUMER!


A plus buying shoes@ Masons


Fingerhut has helped me rebuild my credit as I started out with a six month trial and they gave me a $200 credit line which allowed me to shop and as long as I made my payments on time they graduated me after 6 months of on time payments and gave me a credit line and increased my credit line as I started off with $200 in credit I now have $900 in credit and every time I make a payment on time it is reported as positive to my credit bureau and this has been great since my credit is improving because of Fingerhut. As long as you make your payments on time just like any other bill you would pay you to can increase your credit score. I enjoy shopping with Fingerhut and I give them a 5 star rating as a very good company to help you establish a good credit standing and not a lot of companies do what this company does and also provide excellent customer service and I will continue doing business with them. Thank you FINGERHUT! Sincerely, James P Pennington. A Happy Customer

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