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Just don't. 6 months and my dishwasher still is not fixed. I call and get the runaround. No promised calls were returned. So frustrating. Their call center is overseas where I think English is a fourth language.

Tip for consumers:
Don't be stupid. Read the reviews

Products used:
my sink and dish-washing liquid.


I have been dealing with Lowe's for over 20 years. I am changing to Home Depot. About 2 years ago I bought a set of matching locking pliers, Kobalt brand. Kobalt is owned by Lowe's and is the store brand. Recently one of the pads split and came off. I took the tool back to the store. "We don't carry that anymore, so you need to contact Kobalt". She gave me the number and I called Kobalt. "We don't make that tool anymore, so you need to go back to the store". I did. I told the store if they would give me store credit for $13.78 I could get the tool elsewhere. "We can't do that". So I tried online chat and calling directly. Suffice it to say I have not gotten anywhere. Between business and for myself I spend about 10,000 a year at Lowe's. Next year it will be under 100.00. I will go elsewhere.


I like dealing with a company like Chewy. They have a good variety of dog food and products, good prices and great customer service. They respond to email questions very quickly even in these times of the coronavirus.
Thanks, Chewy


Over a year ago I bought a used truck radio from these folks. Yes, it had a one year warranty, which I knew. About a year and 3 months later I began having trouble with the CD player. I contacted them to find out what I needed to do to get it fixed. Talk about kick-ass customer service. They repaired it as if it was in-warranty (thanks Derek), having me only paying the postage. Need a car/truck radio repaired or replaced? This is where to go. Thanks, 1FactoryRadio


Where do I begin? I got a promo offer for $100 off a case of wine, I figured the case would be at least $200. Not so. Their promo is an assortment from small mom and pop wineries around the world. I am not saying I liked all the wines, but I am a sweet wine lover. The dryer it is, the less I like it, but 1/2 of dry red wine and 1/2 Welch's grape juice fixes it right up. My friends have liked every wine so far (except for the really sweet one that I loved. That is okay, more for me). Some they liked more than others. They were also able to get the $100 off! So after your first assortment, you get to pick from sweet to dry, from the US, to around the world. Only want Italian wines? They have you covered, as well as at least a dozen other countries. Customer Service has been great. Oh, you will have a hard time finding wines over $20.00 and easy to find them under $15.


I don't know how they can ship 8000 sheets of paper to my home for free, but they did. Quick and reliable. I will definitely order from them online again


I recently rented a Ford Fiesta. It has less than 500 miles on it. I drove it home, 40 miles. Parked it and 3 hours later used it. I went 100 feet up my driveway and the wrench light came on, another 100 yards and the screen said, Transmission is over heated. Shut vehicle off for 5 minutes. Message continued to show. Called the rental place, they had no other car and he said, "We have had a lot of issues with the Fiesta, including transmissions." You have been warned!


It saddened me greatly to read that Land O Lakes, a company I held in high regard for years, has been deceiving the customer for years. They marketed a product that they labeled as "American Cheese" and other "cheeses", when in fact, they knew it contained no cheese at all.


I have 22 Chicago Brand (Harbor Freight's brand) drills, circular saw, reciprocating saw, flashlights. These are 18 volts. Harbor Freight stopped carrying the batteries and the chargers. I now have over $500 of tools that are or will soon be, worthless. Price is not everything.


I was running a subpanel to my barn and needed 6/4 wire. They had it, cut it to length and shipped it quickly (2 days!) I was delighted all around.


What I like about this site is that they are upfront. It is a decent "free" dating site. If you want more than the basics, you pay for these products and/or services. Nice thing is that you get to test drive it for as long as you like, Not a "free this weekend and then we automatically start billing you" If it is for you, then step up and add some options.


Ok, not the most pleasant topic to write about but if you have an issue with yellow toenails here is the info. Yellow toenails are caused by a fungus under the nail. Treatment is difficult. My doctor said that OTC remedies do not work and that prescriptions are not much better. So, I went online. Found a product/company called Clear Touch You get a 30 trial. For me, this did not do much, as the nail bed was still yellow, so they gave me another 30 days. The lady told me that it can take a long time, depending on how long I had it and how faithful I was to treating it. This time I took "before" pictures. I could see it was beginning to work. This is not an overnight cure. Your nail has to completely grow out. It takes about 18 months. The good thing is there are no pills or medicine. It does it using some kind of light. You treat it twice a day for a total of 30 seconds. I did it when I put my socks on and when I took them off. It is not cheap, about $189 if I remember right. Since I paid in full I got a 2 yr. Warranty, instead of a one year. They have replaced the unit twice. Once when I dropped it and once when the bulb stop lighting.


I ordered CBD tincture. For those of you that are not aware of this, this is an oil from the hemp plant. Yes, marijuana, grass, weed. The stuff to get you high is removed and it is legal in all 50 states. I got the product, not sure if it is working for me as normally my pain goes up and down. After using it for 2 weeks, I can only say that it has not eliminated my pain. No problem. Shot them an email (on Saturday) Heard back in a few hours. They have agreed to work with me and I will be switching over to capsules at a higher dose. The quickness that they responded to me has me delighted and them standing solidly behind their promises has me writing this!

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Finally, after 5 months, I got a full credit. I was able to get the stuff off my kitchen floor and took it to Staples for recycling. Thanks, SJ.

Same customer lack of service
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2 weeks since Liquidations.com said they wanted to work on a solution. Have not heard from them. SURPRISE!

Liquidation S. – Liquidation.com Rep

Thanks for providing the information. We looked into your transaction ID to see what we could do and have processed a full refund. This may take a few days to process, depending on the bank, but it was issued this morning on 2/1/18. As for the double charge of the transaction, I consulted with our finance team. Please email them at payment@liquidityservices.com and include documentation of the double charge and we can get that sorted for you very quickly. Thank you for reaching out to us on this forum, and we hope we can do better for you in the future.

Response to Liquidation.com
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Your reply says you want to work with me to get this resolved. OK, the transaction # is 6267243. Posting said it was a refurbished computer with windows 10. This was to include a monitor, keyboard and mouse. The monitor was made in 2002, the monitors with the large back. It didn't matter. It didn't work. I tried it with a computer that I knew worked, it didn't work. The mouse and keyboard were not for this computer because the computer took USB and the mouse and keyboard ends were round. None of this mattered, because the computer itself powered on, but didn't work. You wanted pictures, I sent pictures. You requested video and I emailed back asking what you wanted to see on the video. No response. I asked again and I got an email back saying I failed to provide the required information. Then when I got my credit card bill, you billed me twice.
Original post
There is not much good to say about this business. The pictures that they post are deceptive. They wrap the stuff in plastic so you can; t see it. What they post on the manifest is not what you get and do not even think about contesting it. The pictures they show are often generic and have little if anything to do with what you are bidding on or what you get.

Dishonest to the core
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There is not much good to say about this business. The pictures that they post are deceptive. They wrap the stuff in plastic so you can; t see it. What they post on the manifest is not what you get and do not even think about contesting it. The pictures they show are often generic and have little if anything to do with what you are bidding on or what you get.

Liquidation S. – Liquidation.com Rep

Hi James, sorry to hear you haven't found Liquidation.com to be the easiest to navigate. Often times, merchandise arrives to our warehouse in a wrapped pallet to ensure everything stays in tact for the handling it endures. In these cases, we do not unwrap the pallets as the risk for missing items would increase. Therefore, we do ask for our buyers to review the manifests provided by the seller. In the majority of cases, the manifests are accurate, and when they aren't our disputes team does investigate and work with the buyer and seller to determine what happened so we can make it right. If you've have a recent transaction that resulted with an issue, I'd be happy to look into it - please just message us your transaction ID and we'll work with you.


I really do not like deception. POF will send you an email saying that XXX is interested in you. Click below to check out their profile. When you click, you are not sent to the profile but are sent to where you can sign up for a 30 to a one-year commitment. If they are not sending you to the profile, then do not say they are.


Match will notify you like there is someone interest in you. After you answer their questions they require you to register and select a membership. When you write stuff, they change it or delete it to suit them. So I have unsubscribed too many times to count and I still get messages, Finally, I got smart and blocked them. Who needs to be notified about non-existent women


About a month ago I ordered a heating pad from Sunbeam. It was longer but skinnier than normal pads. I have arthritis and ankylosis spondylitis (deterioration of the spine)
I love the heating pad. It offers different settings and allows you to set it for continuous or off in 2 hours. After I got it I looked on their site. I found one that embraces the neck, shoulders and upper back. Oh, did I mention that both of these have a 9' cord?
I am a happy camper. Got one for my 89 yo Mom.


I wanted good dog tags for my little 4 legged boy and my BIG 4 legged girl. I looked and ended up on eBay and Hathawaycustom, com. First, they print on both sides of the tag at no extra charge. 2) they allow more letters/numbers per line. This allowed me to put my WV home, cell, mom's # in NJ; daughters # in MD, so no matter where I traveled with my doggies, if they got lost the finder could call a local number. So for home I put: WV 304-###-#### NJ 609-###-####. I was delighted with the tags, the price, the service.


I have been dealing with Puritans Pride for over 10 years. In that time I have never received a damaged product, incorrect product, or a miscount. Their prices are really good and it is hard to beat their sales. I have no hesitation telling people about their site.


Well if first impressions count, these guys are in. Provided info before I bought, shipped super quick and I a delighted with their products. I see the reviews, both + and -. Apparently, some of these people are big users $1000+ dollars, I am under $100. So maybe that is the difference. Maybe BA just can't handle big orders. Me, I am well satisfied.

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