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English, lived in the States for 18 years or so.

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I buy online a lot, pc parts, electronics, vouchers and coupons, just about anything really.


Fixing computers, playing video games and I love to travel.

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Wow... Where do I start. NOT to be confused with California Scents. Just reading or trying to read their website info should send most people running, it seems to be written by a 6 year old or it's a really bad translation job. Several things spooked me, the use of 2 names, the story of their 8 year online business ( though a quick research shoots that down.) the fact that they say your info is kept at sephoravip yet they don't seem to be aware of this, anyway I gave it a shot, here is what happened.
Sept 2nd 2014 i ordered 2 x 2.7oz unboxed testers of Prada candy, it seemed to go through ok and I received an email verification of my order. Even though their site boasts quick processing and delivery... 3 days later my order was still 'pending'. I tried calling them, but nobody answers and they don't respond to messages either. I called my bank as it showed a different business name on the charge than the website, they said I couldn't cancel as it was a pending payment, why it took three days to go through I have no idea. My bank assured me that if there were a problem I would be able to open a claim through them, I would receive a refund and they would take it from there, so I waited, and waited, then... I signed in and saw my order was shown as completed, so I thought the next thing I should see was shipped right? On the 9th I came home to find a parcel sitting at my door, i was very relieved, I hadn't just wasted almost $70 couldn't wait to open it... I knew the minute I opened it that something was wrong there was a difference in the amount of perfume in each bottle and it looked very light colored, nothing like the original Prada Candy looked, On further inspection I noticed that the collar on the bottle was loose, and could be lifted up and down. It smells like Prada Candy, but this is supposed to be eau de parfum much stronger than eau de toilette yet the scent fades after 20 - 30 mins. The one in the store lasted for more than 12 hours! I just carry this in the car and respray it every hour or so, this may be watered down, or it may be a knock off or they simply managed to get some rejects I really don't know, I could take it to a lab with a sample of Candy from a store and then we'd know, but I think that may be extreme, so... They say to follow them on facebook, I can't even find them on facebook, they do not answer the phone, can't find anything on the web about them, and though I did order testers, I still say beware. There are plenty reputable sites for buying fragrance from, I say stick to them. At the end of the day I got what I paid for, a percentage of fragrance!
I will add to this review should I ever get a response from them.

Tip for consumers:
I wouldn't order a tester again, in fact I probably won't order from them again. Remember you get what you pay for so, if you want to try these guys out, I say start with one and don't get un boxed or a tester. Better still go elsewhere.


First time I saw this it was advertising a game for play, a hidden object game. (yes I am addicted to these)
I downloaded their application only to find that there are so many ads that they covered the search bar, eventually I managed to type in the game name only to be confronted with "not found", I uninstalled their app, but now for every browser window I'm on, another one opens from epicplay. You can not get rid of them, I am going to have to roll back to before I downloaded it, it's a real pain in the you know what, avoid like the plague.


There is always something interesting on the site, I love to just wander through it. Its like walmart for geeks.


Brilliant, not much more to say. I have 4 pc's and each one has a copy of rollback rx. Takes but a second for a snapshot and since it is a mini OS there is no problem getting to it even through a BSD.


24 hour discounted software site, well worth keeping an eye on this. I get a lot of my Horizon software here. I liked the old site layout from a few years back but still troll the dashboard weekly. Safe, legit and quick to respond to concerns, they offer a large variety of software deeply discounted. What discount you get depends on the developer. Here you'll find more of the bigger developer names. Some pricey software offered at about a 50% discount, all the software comes with tech support (through developer), a full license and can be re registered if need be due to new HD or OS upgrade. Always have a good experience when I buy here. You are directed to the developers website to buy it so you know it's the real thing.


Great site for finding the software you need for free. You have to do a lot of searching as there are hundreds of software titles. Unfortunately there are no user reviews, so if you're looking for a program to try in a particular category, I suggest googling the software to see if it's going to do what you want before downloading and testing. I've downloaded quite a bit software here.
They offer a new product everyday, the difference between this site and GAOTD is the software remains in their archives available for you to download at any time, the software is tested for bugs adware and spyware, tons of categories.


I love this site, they give away full versions of new and, tried and tested software. I get about 50% of my software here, plus if you read the reviews, at least those that have downloaded the item, you can sometimes get names of other software to try too.

This is how it works, each day there is a different software product available for free, you have 24 hours to download and register it, you don't get tech support unless it's with the download or registration process. No free upgrades, but if you leave feedback, the best suggestion usually gives you something like a free license from the company. The only drawback is if for any reason you have to re install your OS then you can't re register this software. They do have repeats but, I've found that using Horizon RX enables me to try all the software out there without ever having to worry about malware or virus laden software or sites, so I never have to re install my OS, other than HD failure of course.

You will find some products or companies that you've heard of before. You won't find the likes of Adobe or Microsoft on here, obviously they don't need to give away their products for feedback.

Like any other testing site you will have to wade through reviews from people who have no idea what they are doing or talking about, but there are lots of folk who do so, give it a try it's a safe and legit site, and a great place to try out software that you might not want to buy but just need for a short while.


Wow, sorry to see so many people have had bad experiences. I've bought everything from car bluetooths to vacuum cleaners, I've always gotten my stuff in good condition and always working. I see some of the electronics are refurbished but I just buy a square trade warranty, and I've noticed some of the refurbished items even have a full warranty. I got my nook from them and it was refurbished with a full year warranty, got it back in May and so far so good, I use it everyday.


I've ordered several times mostly small stuff, everything went fine, though it was quick I think some of the shipping charges are high,


Reasonable prices, a lot of things come from China, but they are upfront about it, I ordered a dash cam and it arrived from China within 10 days. Can't say what their customer service is like, didn't need to use it, but the transaction was fine.


You really have to be careful with this site, I do use them but this isn't a charity they have to make money somehow as do the restaurants. I am in NC and there are hundreds of places to choose from, I prefer to use them at places I've eaten before or a smaller place I'd like to try.
There is a great restaurant that I pass every day never used them before I found them on restaurant.com, they don't do the coupons anymore but I had no problem using mine, even though they were a year old.

Just be sure to read all the small print, the rules differ for each deal, many for example are only to be used for dinner when prices are higher, or you have to spend more than you usually would before you can use it, and 90% of restaurants expect you tip on the pre discounted rate even when they charge an 18% gratuity because you're using a coupon(not much of a deal there).
Regardless of the rules there are great deals to be found just sign up for email and you will get coupon codes to make it easier to find one.


I have only bought restaurant coupons through Groupon, I never had a problem using them and the main reason I use other sites in its place is simply because their deal is only available for one day, and that's not a problem I just like to look into the product, place, service or item I'm thinking of buying.
I run a business myself and I know when things were quiet and we ran a discount on our service that it hindered instead of helped. We were overwhelmed with people all wanting the discount so we ended up giving an ok service to everyone rather than the excellent service to everyone that we are known for.
Groupon was one of the first of it's kind and, I'm just thankful for any respite from rising prices on anything. You have to remember that Groupon is only offering a discount on an existing service, they don't do the offer then try and get the people to comply, they were approached by the business with a request for the discount service, any problems with coupons or vouchers not being accepted are with the business and I expect they would be more likely to second think it if you were to threaten legal action. All in all I think that the restaurant deals are the best, as for the resorts and more expensive deals I would want the business concerned to maybe put a note on their website that they are aware of and will honor the Groupon offers.


I like it, I buy things now and then but have found that when they have their deals you can usually google the item and find it at several sites for roughly the dame price, once again you get what you pay for read the info carefully if it is bloadted it is probably refurbished or liquidation items. I got my shark from them and absolutely love it.


Used to be pretty good but really people you get what you pay for and if you don't like it sell it on ebay that's what I do, now that amazon owns it well... might as well be run by Microsoft.


I do get things on quibids but unfortunately if you just jump in and think you can get an i pad for 20.00 then you are going to be out of pocket, there are now so many people on the site that makes it harder to win anything for a decent price.
I was doing pretty well but then I got greedy and tried to win something big for next to nothing ended up losing a lot of bids but, I have won an ipad 2 xbox 360 kinnects and others which I have sold on ebay netting a tidy profit. I don't buy anything that doesn't have free bids with it if I can help it and I buy a lot of gift cards now they have gas cards. A few months ago I bought about 9 cards total cost including all bids purchased to buy them with $320.00 and I got $900.00 worth so that month it worked out, other months I don't save more than 5 or 10 dollars as for being suspicious over the same name bidding in auctions that you are looking at, well that's just stupid, if you're seeing the same name at more than one auction then you are also at the same auctions! Lots of people buy here and sell on ebay or amazon so beware of anybody who has been on the site a long time they probably have free bids and can afford to throw them on an auction that you might be bidding on. If you don't get greedy and you can sit back and watch a while, then you might have a little fun and win something, if you're looking for a big tv for 100.00 keep your money, and look at something else. I haven't had a problem they have always been great with phone support and I have always gotten my things in a few days, like every thing else that involves a gamble there is a possibility of losing, if you don't want to lose then don't play the game.


This is my favorite site out of all these types, I use it all the time, I love that the deals are available for more than one day and some of my favorite places on on here so we spend about 30.00 a week here. Never a problem and I use my droid with some of them you don't even have to print out the coupons though I do if it is a smaller restaurant.


I have used this site several times and never had a problem, because of my job I am on the road all the time so use all the restaurant deals I can. As I have said I never have any problem with the coupons being accepted and I never had a problem with my credit card being used, but if you want to, most cards will allow you to get a temp card number that can only be used once.

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