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PayPalimage coming soon



I use it regularly since 2004.
I'm mainly a buyer but sometimes I also sell something online. PayPal's conditions are very clear and, once understood, it's difficult to have problems.
I can't quantify the number of times it has saved my wallet from dishonest sellers. I do many online purchases and at least 5-6 times a year I run into a problem that is solved only thanks to PayPal.
For this reason I recommend it and for this reason now I only purchase where I can use PayPal as a payment method.

Steamgiftsimage coming soon



Beautiful community, very reliable website, also useful to stay updated on Steam and surroundings thanks to the forum. I visit it several times a day and I always find something interesting to read!

*How do I win?*

By donating games you earn levels and you have access to exclusive giveaways for that level.
On the forum there is a section dedicated to puzzles where some users organize giveaways for those who solve them.
Increasing the level and accessing private giveaways increases the odds of winning.

In 5 years I participated in 20942 giveaways and I won 128 of them.

GreenManGamingimage coming soon



I have been their client for 5 years and I often find excellent deals. Key collection is almost always immediate and the only time I've had problems with an order they have fixed it in a day. Perfect!

Kinguinimage coming soon



Every time I contact the support, even for a little doubt, they respond quickly and in the right way. Also I have never had any problem with the sale of keys or with their purchase.

Of those I've tried, this is the only reliable keys store with private resellers. Recommended!

Steam Card Exchangeimage coming soon

Steam Card Exchange


I've been using this website for 5 years and I've always had a great time.
The bot is fast, the queues are almost always short and the website is really easy to use.

How does it work?

When you send your cards to the bot, they are worth points and the points can be exchanged for the cards you need.

Tip for consumers: A place where you can trade Steam cards

Fanaticalimage coming soon



I am their client since January 2014. I have purchased dozens of bundles here as well as joining some of their special offers ("Star deal").
Key collection is instantaneous and, in case of problems, support is friendly and helpful.

Why did not I give 5 stars?

Some games are now repeated too many times in their bundles, making them unattractive. They also succumbed to the "mistery games" ̶s̶w̶i̶n̶d̶l̶e̶ business model.

Steamimage coming soon



I use a lot of Steam simply because I find many good deals here. In addition, the cheapest keys are usually those of Steam.
I also find shameful that a huge platform like Steam does not have adequate customer service.

Even the client would need an update and offer some more options. Do you realize that you can not download the OST or other additional content without downloading the entire game?! Is it really so hard to send me a single MP3 instead of 50 GB of game?!

Finally, the part intended for the curators, as well as the entire community, is in disarray. We need more precise rules and above all HUMANS that apply them, not bots! Spend some money on staff!

Gamehagimage coming soon


• Updated review

After the lucky period between November and January, the website started to get worse by returning to the levels of the past.

Ad-Cookies do not work and this means that you will play for 2-3-10 hours to get nothing in return. They will say that they cannot do anything, that it's advertiser's fault but who selected the advertiser?

The support is gone, I have been waiting for 10 days for an answer to the last problem and over a month for the previous problem.

The way of acting has become suspect, very suspicious. For example, the game "Magic: The Gathering Arena" has a defective cookie. There are many reports (I have attached them to the image). They have neither fixed nor disabled but have increased the reward, in order to attract more people (who will not be rewarded).

About chests: there is a user on Instagram (@recensionivere - "gambling around" collection) who has published dozens of stories. The possibility of finding something good seems to be less than 1%. And I said "good", not "excellent", those keys may not even exist!

Recently they announced 3 million users and for this it is even more unacceptable.The small realities are to be supported in the difficulties. They must be understood. But when you have millions of users: you have to improve! Hire staff, pay better, be more active!

“Great website to redeem gift cards!”
• Previous review

From November to today I have used GameHag every day and I can give you some useful tips.

1. Earn points through games. It's easy, fast, and some games are also really nice.

2. One game at a time, maximum two. Try to complete the tasks before moving on to the next one. Because nobody knows how long that game will still be valid.

3. In case of problems, contact support (aka Misty), with a polite message and containing as much detail as possible. So you will surely be helped.

4.Accumulate points for gift cards. Forget the chests!

5. But don't forget the free chests! There is one free per month and sometimes there are events with other additional free chests.

I won Darkness II and Beholder 2 from the free chests. I redeemed a 10 euro Steam card and now I miss a few gems for an Amazon voucher ;)


Belletica.comimage coming soon


Shipping times much longer than stated. Improvised and imprecise support. Poor customer consideration.

I'm just saying I bought a gift here. It arrived very late, damaged and they did not even apologize. What would be your reaction?

Tip for consumers: It is a (online) cosmetics store

Samplicio.usimage coming soon


We spend a lot of time answering the exact same questions. When there is a "suitable survey", it first makes you answer all the survey and then says that you are not eligible.

Pitney Bowesimage coming soon

Pitney Bowes


Often purchase on eBay UK and it's the first time I come across a shipment run by Pitney Bowes. I hope it's also the last one.
What should have been a fast delivery was actually a slow one, but paid triple.
The customer service, contacted in advance, blamed everyone except himself.
So I think we're done here.

Skyimage coming soon



Criticized in every single nation where it is present, because incapable of listening to its subscribers. Lives thanks to a very limited number of exclusives. Fortunately it will disappear along with traditional television.
Don't settle for refunds and don't waste time with assistance. Remember that you can report misconduct to antitrust/competition regulator: do it!

DxOMarkimage coming soon



Until a few years ago this website was the point of reference for photography enthusiasts. Now, as you may have already read on some forums, some of their considerations are delusional. If for example they are in front of a green apple, show it and you too can see it is green, they could write that it is red. Or even that it is a pear.
It's a pity because there are no valid alternatives and it's a loss for all enthusiasts. :(

IronSourceimage coming soon



Do you have in mind when a game ask you to watch a video or complete an offer to earn credits? They are probably behind it.

ironSource is the company behind many game monetization systems (former SupersonicAds).

The problem is that they don't pay many offers, technical support is non-existent (answer with copy / paste) and they earn millions of euros while we do the work for them.

Scammer definition: "a person who commits fraud or participates in a dishonest scheme."

Epic Gamesimage coming soon

Epic Games


Of the many clients I use (Steam, GOG, Origin, Uplay) this is the worst.
Poor personalization, disorganized shop... just think that there is not even a wish list.
The interface itself is badly designed. When I use the PC I want a PC interface, not a console interface!

And then the reviews are missing. I trust a lot on the reviews of the players and the possibility to talk about it with the player himself.

This simply seems like an improvised shelter for developers. Of course, Epic will continue to stack users, but they will mostly be users who are not interested in buying games. Users who go there for free games.

In summary: website, client, content, marketing campaign... start all over again.

Nowtv.comimage coming soon



Limited range of choice compared to competitors.
The quality of the streaming sometimes it's okay, sometimes it's unusable. On some devices the definition is like Youtube, but 10 years ago.
Obviously there is no attention to the customer, who must take all the blame. But this is an attitude of SKY and Now TV is a division.

LootBoyimage coming soon



I will be concise to not waste additional time.

1. The first point is that they violate consumer protection regulations. They write that the packages cost 0.99 and then bill 1.09. In this regard I will forward my telephone invoices to the bodies in charge.

2.Within the packages are often keys that, in the Russian market (still ROW keys), cost less than 10 cents. So, in addition to the income from ads and affiliations, it seems that often they collect 90% of what we spend. Too greedy!

Gaijin Entertainmentimage coming soon

Gaijin Entertainment


They have obvious problems with cookies. When you click on their ads (for example on offerwall) sometimes the registration is recognized and other (too many) times not.

Unacceptable after the GDPR: no option to delete the account, there is a mere suspension.

Seems an awful lot of trouble for so little.

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