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I Am a Fun, Outgoing, Open-Minded, Down To Earth Woman, Who Loves To Enjoy Life To its Fullest! Life is too short, we All Should Enjoy it & Be Thankful Each and Every Day.

How I Can Help

I Enjoy, Fine Art, Every Type Of Music, Animals(Cat's Mostly), Fashion, Beauty, Makeup, Jewelry, Coffee, Tea, Smoothies, And Many Other Things.


Fine Art, All Music, Movies, Poems, Animals, Makeup,Clothes, Hair, Shoes, Jewelry, Coffee,etc...

17 Reviews by ISLANDGAL


This Site is So Full Of It. They Have Some Pretty Cool Games. I Won a Nice About Of MONEY,. I Log Off And Back On This Site,. And All My Winnings Was All GONE! I Contact Them,. Which Took Forever To Get a Reply From Them. Only To Hear Them Tell Me That I Played All My Winnings. Which is BS! Because I Was Waiting For Them To Approved My Cash Out. So I Stopped Playing Until I Was Able To Cash Out Some Of My Winnings. These People has Taking Money From My Account Somehow. And They Took All My Winnings. I've Won Over $600 and something. Real Talk! And Only Have $0.00 Showing Up. Because These People Took All My Freaking Winnings! What a Waste Of Time And Money! I Had To Set Up a Dispute With My Bank. Because These People Want Give Me My Money Back, Which They Have Just Taken From Me! Chumba Casino is just a BIG Rip Off!


I LOVE This Site! Because I Am Able To Express Myself,. And Tell It Like It Is. And My Reviews Are Posted Up Really Fast. This Site Has Giving Me The Chance To Write What I Feel. I Love Writing Reviews About My Experience With Other Sites & Products I've Purchased. Also I Love Reading Other People Reviews.

Thanks Sitejabber!:-)


JUSTFAB Is So Full Of It. Okay So a friend of mine got me two gifts cards from this site. Total Of $118.95. And On My First Order With JUSTFAB I got Two Pairs of shoes($69.00). And they took forever to ship them. And the MFs Made My Zip code WRONG & Also they had one pair of my shoes,. In the wrong size! Took forever to get some help from them. FREE Returns. But you must have a Printer to Print out the Return Label. And not everyone has a printer! Also They Had a Great Promotion Going On. When I got ready to check out. I found out I Could Only Use The Promotion or My Store Credit Which is My Gift Cards On File(My Account). I Am Very Unhappy With This Company. Shipping is FREE on orders over $39.00 Which Sucks. They Made Out My Return Label. But Guess What? They Still Have The Dang Zip Code WRONG! And Customer Service SUCKS! They Need To Have People Who Understands English! I HATE JUSTFAB. I Don't Want to be a Member With Them No Longer! But I Still Have a Whole Lot Of Store Credit With them. They need to find away to just give me my money back. Because I'm So Done With Them! Some Of There Shoes Looks Great. And Some Of Them Looks Very Cheaply Made. And I've Seen Better Looking Heels at Pay Less Shoes. Smh...

Ivy T. – JustFab Rep


We strive to provide excellent member service, so it genuinely dismays us when things like this happen. We value the opportunity to resolve this issue and someone from our member service team will be contacting you within 48 hours to assist you.



I Love Dollar Shave Club. I'm So Glad I Became a Member. I Had Only One Problem With Them. Which Was One Of My Shipments Never Came. I Brought It To There Attention,. And They Sent Me Out a New One With No Problems. Other Then That I Am Very Pleased With Every Shipment. I Always Get a Wonderful Smooth Clean Shave From There Razors. All I Pay is $1.00 For My Blades & $2.00 For Shipping. Total Of $3.00. Now How Sweet is That! :) And if you don't need your blades,. Then you could always skip that months shipment until you need your blades. Great Site, Great Products, Great Deals. Thanks! :)


I Always Been a BIG Fan Of Bath & Body Works. They Have Some Wonderful Scents. I Love There Lotions, Body Creams, Body Sprays. Well Hell... I Love All There Products. Lol! :) Now Yes They Step There Game Up. But There Prices Are Getting Out Of Control. I LOVE That They Got This BIG Semi-Annual Sell Going On Right Now. Which are: Select Clearance 75% Off While Supplies Last. And Much More. This Sale is Great For both in Stores or Online. This Sale Started June 4 and ends July 5 2018. So I'm Gonna Go Stock Up On My Lotions And All Before This Deal Ends. Because They Have Some Lotions, Body Creams, Shower Gels, etc. From $3.50 $3.75 $4.75 and so on. Hell You Can't Beat That. So I'm Going To The Mall Rather Then Online. Cause I'm Not Paying NO High Shipping Cost. So YES I'm going to the Mall To Get My Bath & Body Works. Lol! Thanks! :)


Hubble Have Some Amazing Contacts. They Are Super Comfortable in Your Eyes. Great Prices Too. I LOVE How It Feels Like Your Wearing Nothing in Your Eyes. These Contacts Fits & Feels Better Then The Freshlook(Brand) Of Contacts I use to wear. I Just Wish That Hubble Comes Out With Colored Contact Lens. Great Site, Great Contacts, Great Prices. Give Them a Try. You'll Be Glad That You Did. Thanks! :)


I Really Enjoying Shopping At PipingRock.com I Love Ordering From There Tea Section. They Have Such a Great Tea Section For a Very Great Price. So I Have Order a Lot Of Teas From This Company. There Teas Taste Fresh. Also I Have Ordered Some Supplements, Vitamins From This Company in the past. All great products and great prices too. Shipping Should Be Free or Cheaper. Thanks! :)


Chewy.com is Such a Wonderful Site To Shop For All Your Pet(s) Needs. I Love That They Have All The Wet & Dry Cat Food,. That My Cat Truly Enjoys. And They Have Great Prices On Most Items. The Cat Treats That I Normally Buy at Walmart,. Are Much Cheaper On This Site. I Just HATE That You Have To Spend $49.00 or more in order to Receive FREE Shipping. Although Shipping Is Amazingly Fast. I Feel Shipping Should Be Free or Lower. I Will Only Buy From This Site,. If I only have a Discount. Because They Sometimes Mail Me a Discount Card. I Receive a $15.00 Off Discount Card. And I Will Be Using it. I am very Thankful for Discount Cards. They Really Help Out A Lot. But Other Then That... This is a Great Site To Shop For Your Pet(s). Thanks! :)


Wish.com Is a Very Great Site To Shop. I've Shopped There Many Of Times Now. I LOVE There Products And There Prices. My Only Down Fall,. Is That The Shipping Cost More Then The Product(s) Itself DANG! And I Have Some Issues Where I Didn't Even Receive My Products At All, And I Have Received Some Damaged Items. But Wish.com Was Very Kind To Give Me My Full Refunds. But Other Than All That... I Really Enjoy Shopping On This Site. Just Wish Shipping Was Cheaper Because some items Takes Months To Arrive.


Great Site. Most Of There Snacks Taste Great. And a lot of there Snacks Taste NASTY! My First Box With Them Was Okay. I Enjoyed Most Of My Snacks in my Box. But My Second Box With Them. I Was Not Happy At All. Only a Few Snacks Was Enjoyable And The Rest Was SUPER NASTY! I Had Try To Contact Them,. And Never Heard Back Form Them. So There Customer Service is Very Poor. And I Feel That For All The Snacks a Customer did NOT Enjoy,. Should Be Replaced With Something They Will Enjoy! And Another Thing... Snack Nation Snacks Are Super High in Cost... My Goodness! But it really makes me HAPPY That For each box you buy with Snack Nation. Means you are donating one meal to feeding America.


"WOW" I Really Enjoy Shopping On This Site. You Can Find So Many Great Products With So Many Great Deals. Tax Free! Now How Sweet Is That! I've Shopped With Them Many Of Times. And Got So Many Wonderful Products And Amazing Deals. So Far I Had No Problems With Them. Oh Maybe One... Where a Item had Wasting all over the box and had Damaged some Items in my box. I told them which products was damaged. And They Went Ahead And Replaced Those Items With No Problems. And SHIPPING is Amazingly FAST! I LOVE This Site. And I Highly Recommend it to All! Thanks! :)

Brittany B. – Hollar Rep

Wow! We're so thrilled to hear that you're having an awesome Hollar experience. Thank you for the love and our apologies for the little hiccup. More exciting deals are coming so stay tuned!


WOW! I Really Enjoy Shopping On This Site! They Have The Best Prices In Beauty Products And Hair Products. They Have Save Me So Much Money. Because I was Spending Way More at My Local Beauty Supply Store. And SHIPPING is Amazingly FAST! I Just Wish They Had Full Sizes in some of there Beauty Products instead of the Travel Sizes. And I Don't Like There Return Policy(It SUCKS!). But There Half Wigs, Full Wigs, Braiding Hair etc... is SUPER Cheap Compare To What You Would Spend At Your Local Beauty Supply Store.

SamsBeauty C. – Sams Beauty Rep

We appreciate and value your feedback. Thank you for being a SamsBeauty customer!


PayPal Is Full Of It. I Had So Many Problems With Them And With My Account With Them. I Had Lost a Lot Of Money With Them. And For Some Reason My Account Has Been Closed Twice By Them For NO Reason At All. I Will Never Recommend Them To Anyone!

• Updated review

Don't Get Me Wrong... But I LOVE Shopping On Amazon.com. I Just HATE That They Keep On Changing There Review Policies. It Really Makes No Sense To Me At All. Because I am a person Who Really Enjoys Writing Reviews On All Types Of Products I've Try. And I Write And Say What I Mean. Rather I Like The Product or Not. And Amazon Makes It Very Hard For People Like Me To Voice Our Point Of View. On Products We Have Try and Tested. Amazon is Deleted so many People Reviews Over Some Dumb Stuff. All They Do is just Delete With out Really Explaining Why. This is what they say: Amazon does not permit reviews from customers whose relationship to the product or seller may be perceived as biased.

I Mean WTF Are They Talking About? What if that person don't have a Relationship with the seller and all that BS? I Feel That Amazon is so wrong on that. And They Are Letting a lot of people go over some BS. I've Been With Amazon For a Long Time. And I Also Pay For Amazon PRIME! And I Cant Even Write a Freaking Review or even Ask a Question on a product I wanna buy! That's BS! But Other Then All That Its a Great Site, With Many Great Deals. Just There Guidelines Suck Butt! Oh And They Seem To Keep Going Up On There PRIME Member Ship. They Went Up Again!

I LOVE Shopping On Amazon.Com
• Previous review

I've Been Shopping On Amazon For So Many Years. Amazon Have So Many Items to choose from, and Reasonable Prices. I have Got Many Gifts For My Friends, Family, My Pet Cat, And Of Course Myself. And I Really Enjoy Being a Amazon Prime Member, Because I Get 2-Day Shipping, I Can Watch Movies, TV Shows, Listen To Music, etc...
Shipping is Awesome, And The Products Are Amazing! Amazon is The Place To Get Your Shopping On! I LOVE IT!:-)

Tip for consumers:
Once You Start Shopping On Amazon,. You'll Be Hooked On Amazon.
You Would Not Get Enough Of Amazon. Its so much Ease & FUN Shopping On Amazon.com.


Okay I LOVE Me Some Pizza Hut, But The People Who Work For Pizza Hut,. Is Messing Up The Company Name. Because Every Time I order On Line, or Even On The Phone,. These People Cant Seem To Get My Food Right. My Food Is Cold All The Time, or Hard and Over-Cooked. I even got a Pizza That Was Half Way Cooked! And Boy Was I Mad!
I mean some people don't even deserve a job. If they cant take the Heat Then get out the kitchen! And I remember back in the days... Pizza Hut Pizza was not Super Greasy like it is now-in-days. They Be Having Some Great Deals & Coupons. But The Soda's cost too much, I rather stop at a soda machine, or get a case of sodas elsewhere and get my money's worth. But other then the lazy people working for pizza hut...
Overall its a great company and some Good Eating!


I LOVE Having it my way. I don't know about anyone else location. But The Taco Bell at my Location,. Really "SUCKS" or Should I say The people who are working there serving our food. Well They cant seem to get my order right. When I order a hard shell taco, Then That is what I want. But when I looked at my taco,. Its more Lettuce Then Meat! I'm like... Hello! I ordered a Hard shell taco, Not a Salad! And Sometimes the Lettuce don't even look fresh.
Now When I Order On Line, and when I make it to the Drive-Thru and just press send. And my order is ready. And everything looked Hot, Fresh, & Ready To Eat! It looks like It was made at a totally different Taco Bell. I feel like a Super Star! And I'm like... Now Why Cant these people make my food like this when I order inside, or the Drive-Thru?
So For Now On... I am Placing my Order On Line Where I Know my Food Will be Hot & Fresh!



Ever Since I Joined This Site,. I Just Fell Deeply in LOVE!
This Site has so many Different Wonderful Items To Choose From.
And The Prices Are Unbeatable.
So Far I Had NO Problems Out Of This Site.
Now Shipping Does Take a Long Time, But So Far I Have Received Most Of The Items that I have Purchased. And I have Purchased a lot of things. And I still have some of my orders on its way to me. And I am Tracking Them All.

And The Items That I Have Received So Far,. I Am Enjoying Each And Everyone of them.
I Am Very Pleased With This Site, and I wish that I have Known Of this site Sooner,. Because I would have saved so much time & money on Christmas, Birthdays, Baby Showers, Mother's Day, Father's Day, etc...
So I am glad I know of this site now and I LOVE IT! And I will Be Doing Most of my Shopping
Off This Site For Now On.

And If/when I Had Any Issues or Just Questions,. Then I didn't have any problems what-so-ever getting a hold of someone.

So Yes I am a Happy Camper!:-)


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