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I ordered Coffee Table from The Classy Home. Took over 1 month to receive. Packaging was in great shape. Coffee table was gouged and scratched. I immediately notified The Classy Home and they offered me $90. I requested undamaged item. They emailed me another discount of now $165 and to hire a handy man. I requested Refund. They emailed me to contact the Warranty Company (i had purchased an additional 3 year extension for $26). I contacted them, and they said NO WAY! I checked with PayPal and The Classy Home said I would need to return item to get refund. Cost me $281.73 to ship back. They deliberately send out damaged products knowingly that most Customers will not act on return shipping. BBB needs to shut them down.


This website is a total scam. I ordered mats and a Christmas sweatshirt on 11/18/19. On 11/21/19 I received an e mail that my sweatshirt and 1 mat was shipped on 11/21/19 and a FedEx tracking number. Then on 11/23/19 received another e mail that 2nd portion of order was sent, with another FedEx tracking number. When I didn't receive the 1st order from 11/21/19 and contacted RoseGal via live Chat, all I got was the run around that according to their system everything was correct and to give it more time. On 11/29/19 I receive another e mail stating they have a shipping delay and to accept a SHIP15 discount.
When I checked with FedEx, they have not even received a shipping label from this company. When I had done the live Chat, I knew something was fishy when I requested a phone number to contact a Supervisor or Manager and was told I could not speak to those in that position. I was very unhappy with this person and explained that according to Better Business Bureau that obviously this was not a legitimate company in the United States or she would have to be giving me a phone number and she went onto explain, they were located in Spain, and if I wanted to spend money on a long distance call she would give me a phone. I did call and requested a Supervisor, which I was told a "Julie" was the Supervisor and my orders had been shipped, but she would create a "problem ticket" that would be updated every 2 days with a follow up e mail.
It is now 12/17/19 and no other emails have been forth coming nor the 1st part of my order ever received.
The 2nd order was received and what a piece of crap. These were door mats. They are so cheap and thin, I have bath towels in the rag bucket that are better quality!
Today, I sent another email to this Julie-supposedly a Supervisor to keep their 2 items that they claim was shipped out on 11/21/19. I said I did not want any other dealings with their company and would tell my bank to not process payment.

rosegal r. – Rosegal Rep

Dear IP.,
Thank you for your feedback.
For the delivery issue:
We are sorry to hear that you have not received one of your package.
Because it is international logistics, the transportation time will be longer.
For the quality issue:
We are so sorry to hear that you have been experiencing quality issues.
All of our ROSEGAL clothing items must meet our quality checks before shipment.
Please check our warranty policy here: https://www.rosegal.com/warranty-return/
Our team has reviewed your case and offer you a solution in the ticket.
Could you please kindly reply us?
We are looking forward to hearing from you.
Best regards
ROSEGAL Customer Service


"A fool and his money are soon parted" These are this man's ethics and those of his Physician Assistant, Jacqueline Brambila, MS, PA-C.
I was recommended to Dr. Terry Dubrow from a family friend of his "Botched TV show" with Dr. Paul Nassif. A Family member stated they had met these 2 Drs. And felt they were down to earth, ethical, and not out for "an easy extra few thousands of dollars." I had consulted 2 other Plastic Surgeons after having a Botched Mastoplexy, with replacement of a ruptured breast implant. After initial surgery, I looked hideous. I had a nipple going sideways, misshapen both breasts and what felt like bubble wrap under my skin. Initial Surgeon kept telling me things would calm down and "if necessary a 2nd surgery." I sought advice from a female Plastic Surgeon in my hometown who stated:
1-no Mastoplexy had been performed
2- there was significant asymmetry of both breasts
3- the nipple was definitely wrong. She suggested I contact Original surgeon to give me 1/2 my money back, as having him do 2nd Surgery would probably not end in better results.
I happened to be visiting the Orange County area, and with my families encouragement decided to call Dr. Terry Dubrow's office. They were nice enough to squeeze me in for a consultation. My husband was with me. Dr. Terry Dubrow confirmed what Surgeon #2 had said. He asked me if I would be happy with 95% improvement -since 100% he never guarantees. My answer was, "of course."
My husband asked Dr. Terry Dubrow, what % would you give this Original surgical procedure?
His answer, "this is not even 30%, it is a fail in my book."
We had not even considered a litigation situation at this time. We were shocked. As we left his office with brochure packet and cost of repairing my breasts, riding down the elevator as I was shared with my husband the additional $23,000 this was now going to cost us. He looked over and said we need to make you feel whole. This kind older lady leaned over and said, "That is my Son."
It was at this point, we decided to go with what we felt was the best. (original Surgeon claimed he was the BEST in the East Bay Region). By now, friends and family recommended we seek legal counsel, if nothing else, but to have Surgeon #1 pay for Surgery #2. I saw Dr. Terry Dubrow 3 times- 1-Initial consult, 2-day of surgery and 3-1st post op visit. The rest of the year I was followed up with his Physician Assistant, Jacqueline Brambila who was always kind and attentive. Altho, when I questioned what was the material pouching out under the scar of right breast, she admitted it was part of the implant. She made no mention of discussing this with Dr. Terry Dubrow, or what her recommendation was.
I decided to consult an attorney to pursue that Dr. B (who had performed the initial Surgery) would at least pay for this much needed "failed procedure, as per Dr. Terry Dubrow."
When it came time for Dr. Terry Dubrow to sign a declaration attesting to his statement, he refused. My attorney paid him $1,500.00 for 15 minutes just to discuss this situation, his response was that he only deals with his own litigation team.
We were shocked beyond belief at Dr. Terry Dubrow's response.
I reached out to Dr. Terry Dubrow and his Physician Assistant, Jacqueline Brambila to try and understand how he could tell me and my husband what a botched job had been done to me, and yet not stand behind his statements. There was no explanation offered and no response whatsoever.
DO NOT FALL FOR THIS SCAMMER! He is only interested in the money he can scam from Women and their families who fall for his performance as a caring physician-NOT!
I can't believe even after the recommendation from family friends of his TV partner, Dr. Paul Nassif, he would still give us this type of treatment. Not even the courtesy of a response from Dr. Terry Dubrow or his PA, Jacqueline Brambila.

Tip for consumers:
BE PREPARED TO PAY $350 JUST FOR AN OFFICE CONSULTATION. This is not applied to your total fee. With the ability to fact check an MD's "report card," don't need to pay for a Consultation.


If I could give them NO Stars, that is what they deserve. The size guidelines are totally wrong. I ordered a size even bigger, considering these were coming from China, they might run smaller. The waist was not even at the waist as in the picture. When I inquired about return and refund (their website Guarantees full refund if not satisfied)-I got a return email stating some BS about NOT returning and applying to another item; only receiving 40% off; and if I was to return within 7 days, I need to submit to them a picture.
Then, they said I used a 10% off coupon and would only get portion of total price. When I did the math, they were wrong on the refund of only the dress. When I addressed this, they totally ignored that they were taking advantage of Customers. If they are keeping chump change from every order, that all adds up to a heap of money at the end of the day.

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