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From first hand experience I confidently say: stay away!
I'm shipping a 20GP container with personal belongings from Shanghai to Middle East; and with the post COVID unbelievable high freight rates intended to look for the lowest possible, and here I found this company. After almost a month of lots of broken promises from their end to make a vessel booking, finally they claimed they did so se proceeded with loading. After they picked up the container and they had ALL the cargo detailed packing lists and commercial invoices that I personally revised multiple times and insisted to send to them multiple times to avoid troubles, yet on the night pre vessel departure date it was the disaster! They claim "customs are selecting the container for inspection", and before the end of the weekend day "working hours" they put me at the corner threatening to either pay an extra 1328USD because "they found special way to clear container" or if not my container will go through "regular way and won't catch vessel and I have to wait"! Without any explanation or further justification other than illegitimate claims that "there are some undeclared cargo"! So who's fault if that's true: me who sent them all cargo 100%, or theirs who probably didn't bother to fully declare what I sent them aiming to fish for opportunity to ask for bribe between them and their corrupted customs friends, if at all this whole inspection thing is true and not another lie of their endless lies. So due to the lack of any justifiable reason for such HUGE bribe and due to the principle of avoiding bribes when you have nothing to hide and because I shipped before three times more goods and containers without such claims and troubles so I refused to pay; at least initially, but actually I was worried last minute so I accepted after lots of heated negotiations but then they claim "it's too late now", their so-called "customs relations" gave them deadline and now is gone, so I have to wait and won't catch the vessel next morning! I was so pissed but unfortunately had nothing to do! And since then, the 17th of July 2021, and till today, the 13th of August, almost a MONTH passed, and they haven't moved a bit in my cargo clearance! Every now and then they claim something new: one time they ask my suppliers that there are 3 samples of masks illegal for China so-called "anti-epidemic restrictions"; not true because China exports million of masks everyday not just three freaking samples! False claim and it's sample not even a cargo within a whole 20'container of other variable cargo! Then another lie they claim customs now asking all suppliers for VAT invoice, another illicit request because all goods are bought in USD and to be exported not used in China, just like when you buy from China at Amazon or eBay you don't pay China VAT, you only pay your own home country VAT! So another false! Then they took forever to recollect repeatedly commercial invoices from all suppliers that we already sent them multiple times before; but of course fraud gangsters like those they have to find always a way to linger and drag things to serve their purpose that I'll come to. All this they claimed my container went to something called "contraband cargo bureau" in China customs! Finally last week they claimed that cargo now sent to legal department of China customs and now EACH suppliers will be called in to customs to physically come to clear their goods! Unbelievable and cruel, because by this they knew that no supplier will dare to do such, and even if did, they won't have the time or means because all suppliers are all over China at different providences far away from Shanghai so making such request is basically putting me again at right corner to blackmail me, but this time with no way out!

This is a true story, my container destiny in those gangsters thieves is still unknown and I pray everyday that it gets out of their hands and they get what they deserve. I felt obligated to warn all international customers about this particular company. Please don't do like me, don't be fooled by cheap prices in freight forwarders in China particularly not this one, do yourself a favor and dig more or even pay little extra and save yourself all this endless hassle! Remember, in China is not like anywhere in the world, if something you own is stuck this way, there's no easy way to get it unstuck! So avoid at the start to get anything you own stuck there at all!

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And they're also member of freightnet.com

Stay away!

Tip for consumers:
Stay away, simple!

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Freight forwarding in China


Turkish airline suddenly canceled a segment of our return ticket that was booked on this flyfar who "prohibit" airlines to change their tickets so you have to wait for hours on phone for their answer! I'm waiting and still waiting and it's been TWO HOURS no answer yet! Besides, they rip off for changes even airlines' mistake or even if airline forfeit change fees, they don't! They don't care for pandemic or anything they just want take advantage of people's need; very cruel stay away pay little extra for pronounceable booking website not at all this one!

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Airline booking


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