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I love Gmail! I have used this email service for around two to three years without problems. I love the new Gmail design, I love how it offers fantastic security measures and most of all how everything is connected.

Google has improved in regards to design over the years, but over the past several months Gmail and Google have improved quiet significantly.

Gmail, along with all their other services now support two-step authentication. For example, depending on how important your account is to you, you can enable a verification code to be send to your phone each time you login through a different computer or browser. This then means you have to enter your password AND enter a code sent to your phone. This step is a fantastic Google, Inc. Initiative.

Does logging into several accounts each day become annoying? Do you prefer managing all your data in one central place? Then Gmail is a great start. For one, logging into Gmail will also give you access to he Google Calender, CRM, YouTube, Bookmarks, photos, documents, and so much more! In addition to this, with Google, you can connect your account with other services. For example, you sign into Google and you have connected your account with Zoho, then you can access their site at the same time.


Obviously is a safe and a enjoyable browsing experience. I find a great start when looking for information. However as some have mentioned, anyone can edit these pages. Thus it can be biased and not based entirely on the truth. Ask most universities and they will almost always tell you not to use as a source. But again, don't doubt the site. It is a great starting point during research.


According to the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF), Google has made some significant improvements in regards to user privacy and security.

Gmail and Google Beta (SSL) now support secured connections. Gmail also has a second password that can be set up and sent to the phone. Google Privacy
Center lets you opt-out of history logging and even a Google Analystics opt-out plugin can be set-up.

In addition to this - Gmail lets you set up usernames and you don't have to use your real one in public forums. Photos and documents can be stored and locked from public view. Google search lets you block up to 500 sites, and Google search also lets you set up a "safe-browsing" mode.

I could go on forever - but Google has improved over the last few months and is more reliable than before. It even monitors the web for your personal information (e.g. your name, address, numbers, etc) once set up.


7/6/11 is a fantastic open source download site. The site has something for everyone, with almost 300,000 free programs. Can't complain nothing is free anymore! I have found some of the best downloads from this site such as Eraser, TrueCrypt, OpenVPN & TOR.


I absolutely love Creating websites are often daunting but programs like this can assist even a complete noob create a professional looking website in hours. No need to know your HTML coding, etc as many gadgets are provided on this website already. All you have to do is drag and drop, that easy! Of course, if you're into HTML or like adding flash programs, you can do that to.


I have found this site to be very educational and a reliable source. In-fact, its probably more trustworthy than Wikipedia as professionals are the ones who edit So if you have a question about life, health, technology, science, etc. Then this site is worth looking at.


I agree with the below comments. Its part of the CNET Community. I have downloaded many programs with no problems whatsoever. Highly recommended site.
Prey Project

Prey Project

I know many people who've been robbed at home, or had they're computer stolen at work, etc. It is almost pointless filing a report to police over a stolen laptop because it won't be found. But with this open source software, it will help you in situations like this. For example, you have this installed and your computer goes missing. With your mobile (or another computer) log onto the website and set the computer to stolen.

It will give you details about their physical location. If this person uses webcam - you will get screenshots also and you can see what pages on the internet they are viewing. It is a really good software and a must have for all.


I have never had a problem with Malwarebytes'. It is fantastic and will run in addition to other antivirus software. Malwarebytes' helps eliminate spyware and malware that often antivirus programs don't pick up. The free version is an on-demand program which means it doesn't provide live protection like Norton and Trend-Micro. In saying this, it won't stop malware from getting onto your computer but will remove it once you scan your computer. On-demand software such as the free versions of Malwarebytes' and SuperAntiSpyware are compatible with live programs such as the ones mentioned above.


I love this website! Joined in December 2011 and started writing my own articles for WonderHowTo. When you have set up your own world, you can start earning 100% Google AdSense revenue.


6/27/11 is a fantastic source to get downloads from. All the programs on this site are 100% free and don't contain viruses, malicious software or spam. Don't even have to register! It even comes with a 'FileHippo Update Checker' which will check and inform you when they're updates available.
Electronic Frontier Foundation

Electronic Frontier Foundation

The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) is endorsed through many media sources, along with various businesses. The Electronic Frontier Foundation supports and advocates freedom of speech and privacy through the network world. The site states "when our freedoms in the networked world come under attack, the Electronic Frontier Foundation is the first line of defense". I could not say it better - they are the heroes of the internet world.


I have been trying to find a more private and secure engine to Google Search for some time now. What I find worrying is the fact that Google traces all your moves, logs your computer details, your IP address, you location and so much more! I then came across Google SSL, more secure against outside tracking, but still doesn't stop Google from tracking you.

I then found, which has a great engine. It comes with SSL and doesn't even log your IP address or your search terms. But then - the problem with is that it doesn't turn up very relevant search results. Its now about a month later and I have found the best one yet. DuckDuckGo! It supports both HTTP and HTTPS which is good. It also doesn't log your search terms or even your IP address.

I compared Google's search results on my name to DuckDuckGo search results. Funnily enough, I found DuckDuckGo to come up more relevant than Google. I managed to find some old profiles and some press releases that I never thought were published on the net!!

This isn't all though. The SSL version located here: has a Firefox addon called "HTTPS Everywhere". Thus, when entering sites like Facebook, Wikipedia, etc that support HTTPS connection, you can click to enter SSL mode. Finally - also works with the TOR Network. You can run this search engine through their proxy to get ultimate privacy.
Secunia Research Community

Secunia Research Community

Secunia is a great tool to make sure your computer is up-to-date and secure. I use PSI (Personal Software Inspector) and have found it to be great. It is hard to understand at first, but it really does give you a detailed report. If a program is out-of-date, it will provide you with a solution or installation link. Really does make updating your computer easier. Recommended product.


Its a fantastic social browser and would be useful for those who are heavy on social networking. The browser is on Beta 2 and focused on Facebook more than most other social networking websites. Improvement needs to me made so that it works with a variety of social networking sites. I would suggest that this browser never replaces your original, i.e. Firefox.
Bleeping Computer

Bleeping Computer

I should send my praise to this site and recommend it to others. I was using Norton Power Eraser and a file named "pxhelp20.sys" came up as unsafe. I almost went ahead and and removed it from my computer. However because it was in my system32 I wanted to exercise caution. I did a Google search and found this website which I found helpful. It stated that it was a needed program to start the computer up. Without this site (and a little brain of course!), I probably would have killed my computer. So highly recommended site.


I could not live without Sandboxie. I recommend this to anyone who uses the internet often. Running your browser in Sandboxie means that all malicious software downloaded by the browser is trapped in the sandbox. As soon as you close down the sandbox, the malicious software is completely gone.

Sandboxie also provides (quoted from site):

- Enhanced Privacy: Browsing history, cookies, and cached temporary files collected while Web browsing stay in the sandbox and don't leak into Windows.

- Secure E-mail: Viruses and other malicious software that might be hiding in your email can't break out of the sandbox and can't infect your real system.

- Windows Stays Lean: Prevent wear-and-tear in Windows by installing software into an isolated sandbox.


This site is the home of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). I have found this site as a great source to come to when doing studies about other countries. It is very informative, with great detail. The site contains a World Fact book and various de-classified intelligence reports. It also has an education section, and a virtual museum in which you can study some interesting WWII and CIA facts.

I have also come across something interesting that I found a few months ago, and thought I should share. In the URL Bar - write "skull and bones" all together and add a ".com" to the end. It will look like this:

See where it takes you :-)


Have got to love! I believe that this organisation has a successful future ahead of them. For personal users they have a number of free products ranging from Internet Security, Firewalls, backup managers and even an EasyVPN that secures your instant messaging. I also like to use 'SecureEmail' that they also provide free for non-commercial use. It will both encrypt and digitally sign all your emails. I recommend this site to all.
Khan Academy

Khan Academy

Excellent online educational source. This site has over 2 400 videos covering topics from arithmetic to physics, finance and history. It is beneficial to people of all ages. It could be used for high-school students or even adults that want to improve their skills, or for those oldies that want to refresh their memory. This site is highly recommended.

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