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No, no and no! Stay away from this website. Frankly the site is covered in malware, terrible privacy settings and half the people on this site are fake. Too be honest this website should be taken down as I have seen a horrible amount of underage nudity.


Enter at own risk. According to Norton Safe-web, McAfee SiteAdvisor & WOT the site is unsafe. The site has many ethical issues (illegal copyright content), malware and it does spam. I have also had my own problems with this site, thus I don't recommend it.


Caution: installing Incredimail could expose you to adware or malware. Despite this site containing a verified TRUSTe Seal, McAfee Seal and been a Microsoft Certified Partner - many are claiming this site is dangerous. The WOT community, overall, has given the site a "satisfactory" rating, however, the past 5 pages have comment after comment with a 'bad rating', saying that the site contains "Adware, Malware, annoying pop ups and more". The Norton Safe Web Community have given the site a 3.6 rating, but have confirmed a presence of malware also.


StartPage is an initiative by Ixquick.

StartPage works similar to Google. Go into your URL bar - type "" and you can surf the internet like Google does. But - what's the difference between Google and StartPage? What makes StartPage better than other search engines?

Well picks up very similar results as to what Google would pick up. doesn't log your IP address and supports 256 bit SSL. A really cool part about is its proxy tool. For example - lets say you wanted to view the NASA website - enter NASA into the engine, then click "proxy". This will then take you into their site through a secure proxy server. However - bare in mind that it will disable Java.


In my two years doing survey's with Rewards Central I earned $20 and an unstoppable amount of spam. The website itself is fine other then the crap pay you get. However - I have found out this is a perfect growing grounds for marketers who want to put people on mailing lists. For example - you're asked to do a survey for a pharmacy drug then you get constantly spammed from them. I closed my profile with Rewards Central over a year ago and still get the spam!
WOT Services Ltd

WOT Services Ltd

Not too fussed with Web of Trust, (WOT).

To be honest - the rating system isn't set up well at all. In short - I wouldn't trust this site because its got a safe mark from the WOT community. I would go to more trusted sources such as Norton safe-web, McAfee Site Advisor, or even Jabber!

In general - when coming to a new site especially before downloading check with a human based community (I would recommend Jabber over WOT) and then check with an anti-virus company, such as the ones mentioned above.


I have been trying to find a more private and secure engine to Google Search for some time now. What I find worrying is the fact that Google traces all your moves, logs your computer details, your IP address, you location and so much more! I then came across Google SSL, more secure against outside tracking, but still doesn't stop Google from tracking you.

I then found, which has a great engine. It comes with SSL and doesn't even log your IP address or your search terms. But then - the problem with is that it doesn't turn up very relevant search results. Its now about a month later and I have found the best one yet. DuckDuckGo! It supports both HTTP and HTTPS which is good. It also doesn't log your search terms or even your IP address.

I compared Google's search results on my name to DuckDuckGo search results. Funnily enough, I found DuckDuckGo to come up more relevant than Google. I managed to find some old profiles and some press releases that I never thought were published on the net!!

This isn't all though. The SSL version located here: has a Firefox addon called "HTTPS Everywhere". Thus, when entering sites like Facebook, Wikipedia, etc that support HTTPS connection, you can click to enter SSL mode. Finally - also works with the TOR Network. You can run this search engine through their proxy to get ultimate privacy.


Do not enter this site! Its covered in malicious content and viruses. It will also install a key-logger into your computer that is well hidden and hard to remove. I suggest blocking this site on Google.

9/8/11 is an illegal hacking forum. Here black hat hackers exchange viruses, computer program exploits and give codes to activate programs.

It is a crime to participate in the above. I do not support or endorse the forum and recommend against creating or malware.

I would give the site one star - but this community can also be useful to an extent. The forum gives me an insight into what hackers are doing, and how to prevent future viruses or malware from entering my computer when it's released.

Lastly, let's hope that ICE can seize the domain soon. Sites like this make creating viruses easy, and the site makes hacking look "cool" when it isn't.
Khan Academy

Khan Academy

Excellent online educational source. This site has over 2 400 videos covering topics from arithmetic to physics, finance and history. It is beneficial to people of all ages. It could be used for high-school students or even adults that want to improve their skills, or for those oldies that want to refresh their memory. This site is highly recommended.


This website will make your life easier when you want to delete an account. They don't have instructions for all websites, but they have a large range of sites listed. They have set out three colour coded groups: white, grey and black. The white ones are easy to delete, the grey are moderate and can take some time while the black groups are permanent accounts you cannot delete.


I have always found learning computer languages hard. Most will. But this site makes learning JavaScript so much easier and it's really fun. This site is so easy to understand that a computer newbie should be able to understand it. I've bookmarked this site. Its well worth a look at for those interested.


Mashable takes too long to load, it causes both my Firefox and Google Chrome too crash and Adobe Flash doesn't seem to like the website, either as that crashed several times when on the site.
PrivNoteimage coming soon


This website does do the job, but I feel uncomfortable after reading the websites privacy policy. I suggest that anyone who does use it doesn't write anything that could personally identify themselves or something that could cause harm.


I love Gmail! I have used this email service for around two to three years without problems. I love the new Gmail design, I love how it offers fantastic security measures and most of all how everything is connected.

Google has improved in regards to design over the years, but over the past several months Gmail and Google have improved quiet significantly.

Gmail, along with all their other services now support two-step authentication. For example, depending on how important your account is to you, you can enable a verification code to be send to your phone each time you login through a different computer or browser. This then means you have to enter your password AND enter a code sent to your phone. This step is a fantastic Google, Inc. Initiative.

Does logging into several accounts each day become annoying? Do you prefer managing all your data in one central place? Then Gmail is a great start. For one, logging into Gmail will also give you access to he Google Calender, CRM, YouTube, Bookmarks, photos, documents, and so much more! In addition to this, with Google, you can connect your account with other services. For example, you sign into Google and you have connected your account with Zoho, then you can access their site at the same time.
Prey Project

Prey Project

I know many people who've been robbed at home, or had they're computer stolen at work, etc. It is almost pointless filing a report to police over a stolen laptop because it won't be found. But with this open source software, it will help you in situations like this. For example, you have this installed and your computer goes missing. With your mobile (or another computer) log onto the website and set the computer to stolen.

It will give you details about their physical location. If this person uses webcam - you will get screenshots also and you can see what pages on the internet they are viewing. It is a really good software and a must have for all.


I found a review on this site on a blog a couple months back, so thought I would give one of their downloads a go. So I installed SlimDrivers - after installing the product, it prompted me to create an account with them (which made me suspicious at first), but it was well worth it in the end. SlimDrivers is free and saves time. It found 26 driver updates for my computer and it gave me a link to click to update my drivers - was that easy. In the end - it really does save you time searching the net to find out if your drivers have updates.


This travel planner is still in Beta mode, but really does make life that much easier by providing you with directions by plane, trains and cars. It is pretty accurate and you can search for over 670 airlines across the world.

"Is your browser configuration rare or unique? If so, web sites may be able to track you, even if you limit or disable cookies". Basically, Panopticlick tests your browser to see how traceable your browser really is. Give it a shot! I found the results interesting.
Free Software Foundation

Free Software Foundation

The Free Software Foundations mission is to secure the future of individuals, schools and businesses around the world. This site provides many free programs that you can install. I haven't come across viruses, or any problems with the site or the downloads.

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