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CSS3 provides site developers with a quick and easy way to create boxes that customers would find attractive. Its rather simple, instead of wasting time writing codes, head off to CSS3 and they will generate one for you!


Great program. Saves you time going into your control panel each time to uninstall software. It also has more advanced features to remove all traces of the program that are often left behind.


It was an interesting read and very informative. Gives some details about the inmates and the history of the prison. However - after have 10 minutes, my eyes got saw from the black background so I had to leave the website. Thus, I will give the site three stars.


Personally, this website makes me feel safe and secure compared to most others. It has a file vault that can store up to 2GB for free, along with managing your own personal identity page. It also can be useful to store your passwords and safely sign into your favorite websites with one click. To secure your account even more, in addition to a username and password, you can set up a digital certificate or have a code sent to your phone for extra security.


This website has some useful tools for Web Masters. It can tell whether a site returns a 404 status, check domains, WhoIS Lookup and even search your IP and your location.


I have being using Rainmeter for some time now and I have become a very satisfied customer. This website lets you install a program onto your computer and have the ability to customize your desktop. Its very flexible and not one thing you cannot change.


Its a really good website. Protecting an identity online can often be hard, but with this fake-name generator it will help you generate a fake name along with address, numbers, etc according to your gender and location. Rest assured, this website is RANDOMLY generated as stated in the Privacy Policy.


Folkdirect.com is a brand new social network devoted to its customers privacy. Even though its rather new with very few members I believe it has a positive future ahead of them. Maybe even the next Facebook. Huh? I wish them good luck!


I would love to give this website more then two stars but I couldn't. I'll explain why below:

The website is fantastic in general. Great picture quality and would be a fantastic way to share my photos with friends, and even the world!

The fact is the website is so slow and puts me off. I have a good quality and fast home connection, but this website seems to slow my connection down. Further to this, I cannot put photos up onto the website when others are on their computers as their connection disconnects when I put some photos up. Lastly, it takes an average 10 minutes for every 15 photos.


I once upon a time did a Google search on my house phone number and found the results come up on this page. I opened the page up and questioned myself how they had such information about us. For example, our address, names, service provider, maps and a whole lot more information. I found this interesting frankly because we are set to private.

Anyway - I made contact with Reverse Australia and asked them how they obtained such information and politely asked them to remove my details. Within 5 minutes, I had received a response and they deleted all the information. They also told me where the information was obtained from, in which they said was from a telemarketer company. But I am very satisfied with how they handled the situation.


No, no and no! Stay away from this website. Frankly the site is covered in malware, terrible privacy settings and half the people on this site are fake. Too be honest this website should be taken down as I have seen a horrible amount of underage nudity.


This website does do the job, but I feel uncomfortable after reading the websites privacy policy. I suggest that anyone who does use it doesn't write anything that could personally identify themselves or something that could cause harm.


Have got to love comodo.com! I believe that this organisation has a successful future ahead of them. For personal users they have a number of free products ranging from Internet Security, Firewalls, backup managers and even an EasyVPN that secures your instant messaging. I also like to use 'SecureEmail' that they also provide free for non-commercial use. It will both encrypt and digitally sign all your emails. I recommend this site to all.


Obviously Wikipedia.org is a safe and a enjoyable browsing experience. I find Wikipedia.org a great start when looking for information. However as some have mentioned, anyone can edit these pages. Thus it can be biased and not based entirely on the truth. Ask most universities and they will almost always tell you not to use Wikipedia.org as a source. But again, don't doubt the site. It is a great starting point during research.


Surprised this doesn't have a comment yet. This is again another OpenProject I support. It's particularly useful when you have important documents such as bank files that you don't want others to read. The best part about it is YOU do the encrypting so no one, not even TrueCrypt themselves can Decrypt the files.


This would have to be a personal favorite. This program along with Sandboxie almost completely makes you anonymous online. I would recommend this to anyone concerned about their privacy online.


The community in general is alright but as a member you get consistent spamming sent to your email in relation to their bodybuilding products. It took me several weeks of making complaints to successfully cancel my account and have them remove me from their mailing list.


I agree with the below comments. Its part of the CNET Community. I have downloaded many programs with no problems whatsoever. Highly recommended site.


I give three stars because I found several bad reviews on the Macafee SiteAdvisor. However - I started using it recently and haven't run into any trouble yet. Fantastic CRM and does support SSL connection.


Safe website! Great community, very supportive and encouraging.

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