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This is something the parents on this site might be interested in. There are so many antivirus programs out there to protect yourself from malicious scripts. However - social networking can be a dangerous place for people, especially children. How can parents make sure your child isn't a friend with, or communicating with a registered child sex offender online? Well - FriendChecker.com can search your child's friends list. Even though it won't pick up every registered offender, it will make you feel more at ease.


Interesting website. Lets say you were out on Sunday and didn't get the chance to look at all the photos your friends put up, or you want to read your comments? But the problem is - you're at work and you don't want to get caught. What do you do? Install Excellbook. What is it? Basically, it makes your Facebook appear in an excel like way. Pretty sneaky, uh?


PrivacyChoice maintains a database of companies that track you. It offers solutions to prevent yourself from been tracked online. It also offers advice on how to opt-out of search engines like Google and Yahoo! Search. This site seems to be safe and genuine.


Moved to a new location in Australia and not sure what school to put your child in? What to compare schools in your local area through postcode? Want to know the school's academic rates? Maybe you're into politics and want to know how much Government's funding is going into each school? Well here is a perfect website for you! The reports aren't written by the schools themselves, thus the reports aren't biased. Recommended site for Australian parents.


Do you want to know more about your local hospital? Do you want to compare your hospital rating times and other details? Then this is the website for you. Patients can also see, on average, how many people are admitted to the hospital each year.


I have seen a number of reviews on this site over the past few months on various sites. The reviews seemed to be positive so I continued and installed PeerBlock. It does exactly what it says. Even though initially this was used to stop the Government eyes from preying on you when downloading torrents, it now can be used to prevent hackers and stop malicious software being installed on your computer through ads. It will block over 700,000 IP Addresses, which is fantastic! Makes you feel that sense of been secure.


I have never had a problem with Malwarebytes'. It is fantastic and will run in addition to other antivirus software. Malwarebytes' helps eliminate spyware and malware that often antivirus programs don't pick up. The free version is an on-demand program which means it doesn't provide live protection like Norton and Trend-Micro. In saying this, it won't stop malware from getting onto your computer but will remove it once you scan your computer. On-demand software such as the free versions of Malwarebytes' and SuperAntiSpyware are compatible with live programs such as the ones mentioned above.


Drop-box is well-designed and an encrypted service. In total - anyone can add up to 8GB of free storage. This is large compared to most other services that offer free secure online storage. The biggest benefit about having online storage is that when your computer decides to retire, or you accidentally delete something, you have this backed up on a secure server. Just as simple as 1... 2... 3 to recover it!

BUT - here comes the down side. I recommend that no one store personally identifiable information with this service. This includes email addresses, phone numbers, street information or even your medical information. Basically anything you don't want the world to see, don't put on Drop-box. I say this because their recently was a depute over their privacy policy how they were promising more than they can deliver. Their privacy policy was in fact promising more then they could deliver. For example, it was said that when under investigation they unencrypted all your files. This means anyone in the world can see your unencrypted files and publicly release it. The last thing you want is your entire medical history posted over the internet. So - overall - my warning is not to trust this service with personal information. I would recommend VeriSign PIP for that sort of information.


I cannot begin to explain how much this site has helped me!
It may be old - and most things are outdated. However - the man who created this site is a genius. His encryption skills are amazing and still benefit many today. He has a program called Ultra High Security Password Generator with between 63 and 64 character passwords. I use his passwords with both Hushmail and TrueCrypt. The passwords are virtually uncrackable.


I hold much respect for TRUSTe. This organisation makes sure that websites who hold their seal provide their customers with a high level of privacy. This means websites who hold this seal can be trusted with your private details (e.g. Email address). It can also be assured that when you download from their website they won't install spyware or malware.


This website will make your life easier when you want to delete an account. They don't have instructions for all websites, but they have a large range of sites listed. They have set out three colour coded groups: white, grey and black. The white ones are easy to delete, the grey are moderate and can take some time while the black groups are permanent accounts you cannot delete.


I was reading through my Google feeds today and came across this interesting website. I have found a number of interesting tools, in particular Qualys SSL Labs. It gives a fantastic and detailed report about the SSL certificate. For example, I looked up the report for 'encrypted.google.com'. It gives an overall rating, the Cipher Strength, veiled from, veiled to and whether the certificate is from a trusted source.


I wouldn't search for your email address on this. It has no privacy policy, no Terms and Conditions and no way to contact anyone. I also found my own email on it - so not really impressed! Further to this - they are using the 'VeriSign secured" and the TRUSTe seal. From the looks of it - they are fraudulent.


I have used Norton antivirus for some years now. In 2011, I switched from Norton Internet Security to Norton 360 5.0 to give that a go. I am a very dissatisfied customer because it completely slows down my computer and it is horrible protecting me from hackers and viruses. I spoke to a computer expert down at a store and he told me that he would never recommend Norton to his clients. He, in fact, said to buy Trend-Micro Titanium Maximum Security. He said that its cheaper, it doesn't slow down the computer performance like Norton and it has much better protection. I think I might have to give it a go!


Home to SpywareBlaster. This is a free passive protection tool that will secure your browser against potentially unwanted software and sites. It will also prevent the installation of spyware and other potentially unwanted software from gaining access to your computer.

Now - most do not know that one cannot have two live antivirus programs running at the same time as they conflict and can cause system instability. However, passive protection programs such as SpywareBlaster are compatible running with other antivirus software.


Yet again - another fantastic tool! Browse your computer and put files, photos, or whatever in for testing. Apparently they use up to 43 different antivirus engines to test the quality of the file! Great stuff.


Not too fussed with Web of Trust, (WOT).

To be honest - the rating system isn't set up well at all. In short - I wouldn't trust this site because its got a safe mark from the WOT community. I would go to more trusted sources such as Norton safe-web, McAfee Site Advisor, or even Jabber!

In general - when coming to a new site especially before downloading check with a human based community (I would recommend Jabber over WOT) and then check with an anti-virus company, such as the ones mentioned above.


Have an interest reading over 14,000 emails from former Governor Sarah Palin's personal account? Well - this site gives you the real emails in a gmail-style way. I haven't read all, nor do I intend to, but still found this interesting. The site SarahsInbox.com is a project by the Sunlight Foundation and the emails were released under the FOIA.


Fantastic website and designed well. Its an alternative site to NASA to get the latest news about space. Its a great read and very informative. However - I will warn that it won't be as accurate and dependable like NASAs website. Overall - 4 stars!


This is rather an interesting, detailed and informative site that I found today. DarkGovernment is like Wiki-leaks, by providing up-to-date news what isn't usually found on the media. The difference between this site and Wiki-leaks is that this site isn't compromising secret government documents. It also has a very welcoming home-page, very well designed.

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