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I'm looking for a new health plan, thought this would give me some quotes or plans to review - all it did was take data, send it to God knows whom so in the last 10 minutes I've gotten literally 15 calls and another 10 texts, and I haven't looked at my email box yet -- plus the only data the website gave after all that was links to other people's sites that list plans. Completely useless, worse than useless as provides nothing in exchange for getting spammed out of existence. No box asking permission to send your data elsewhere. Privacy violation, probably illegal since it's personal and medical data. Will report to authorities.


I have only written 2 reviews online in my life but felt it was important to write this one. I was searching for quotes online to switch medical insurance since my company is closing due to COVID so I needed to find individual insurance coverage since my corporate plan will be lapsing in 60 days. I filled out the general inquiry online and spoke to an agent who was VERY rude. I told him I was not interested and then after I hung up received 15 calls within 15 minutes from the same company. My phone just kept ringing and they wouldn't stop calling! They also sent a text that I opted out by confirming with the word "STOP" in writing and they continued to call and call. I filed a formal report with the Federal Trade Commission for bad business practices and harassment because the calls just kept coming. I have never done anything like that before, but after I got my case number I picked up the next call and told them I filed a formal complaint and gave my case number to the agent and finally the calls stopped for the night.

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