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14 Reviews by H


I don't consider myself naive. I wasn't born yesterday. So I don't know why I'm still shocked by a car dealership's dishonest business tactics and deceit. Schumacher Lincoln sales manager knew we were negotiating for a 2017 MKX Reserve in black or white with cappuccino. She only had silver, but said she can get black and white brought in. We were too far apart on price on a clean deal. We left. The salesman calls me over Labor Day weekend claiming the manager was willing to discount the deal further. I told him we were too far apart. He begged me to come in, claiming the District Manage was actually standing over his Sales Manager, going over how bad August sales were. I told him I wasn't going to waste my time or theirs. He assured me Joanne would come down a few thousand. For a few thousand I agreed to come in. They didn't reach the number I wanted. We left and went next door to Nissan. While at Nissan the salesman calls me and comes to $200 over what I wanted to pay OTD. We agree. It's Saturday night. He tells me he will have the car Monday, but I have to text him the color (black or white) by the next day, in order to have it Monday. What time Monday he asks me. Early I said, so it doesn't kill the day. He says no earlier than 2pm because they need time to get the car. We agree to 2pm.

NO CAR ON MONDAY AND THE SALES MANAGER TELLS ME THE SALESMAN MADE A MISTAKE ON THE PRICE. She blamed it on the salesman. Excusing it for it was a busy weekend. THEN CLAIMING WE WANTED A SILVER CAR. We never wanted silver. It was always black or white. I had been dealing with her most the time. When the salesman called me while we were at Nissan And I agreed to the deal. I asked for a few oil changes be thrown in since I was paying $200 more than I wanted. He claimed they'd gone to the top manger to get the deal and couldn't do any better. He then asked someone about the oil changes. I heard Joane's voice say no. So the sales manager was with him when I accepted the deal. I have the texts confirming everything and they stil reneged.

Like I said, I don't know why I expected better from car sales people.

I've asked that Mr Schumacher be informed. I have yet to hear back from him or any of his people.


STAY AWAY. Delivery took much longer than expected being they are on the east coast and I'm on the east coast. Ordering was easy, but trying to get a tracking number for the shipment was impossible. I called customer service twice. Each time got a different reason as to why it hadn't shipped.

The first person there told me it was because I ordered Juzo knee highs with silicone band. She claimed they come without the band and it takes time to sew in the silicone band. I never heard of anything so rediculous and should have canceled.

When the shipment never arrived and my email requests for a tracking number were ignored. I called customer service again and spoke to a rude man, Brian told me the order would have shipped, had I not ordered the bottle of liquid stocking detergent. ( So the 1st delay was because they had to sew the silicone bands on and now I guess they need time to mix and bottle a batch of detergent.;)

The stockings are not holding up well. With less than two months of alternating use and using the detergent they recommended and supplied. The stockings aren't compressing and one has a small hole.

We have been using the same Juzo silicone band model stocking for years obtained from our health care provider and then via the Internet. They come from Juzo with the silicone band and have consistently provided the correct compression and held up well.

Makes me wonder if compressionstockings.com is selling old expired stockings. Or are they putting together something cheaply and using the Juzo name?

I emailed compressionstockings.com seeking replacement or refund. I'll post an update.


I love my elderly father & I'm glad I got him a Tracfone. He did not want a cell phone. Nor did he feel a need for one, but I bought him an inexpensive reconditioned Tracfone at tracfone.com. Shipping was free and it came with a 60 minute card and I bought an additional 60 minute card. A small investment to test if he would take to a cell phone.

He took to it like a duck to water. He never imagined how much he would use it or how much easier it made his life. It's been about 8 years now and he wants an upgrade. No problem. I already ordered and received a new one in anticipation of fathers day.


I like Living Social but prefer Groupon. On Groupon you can view other people's questions and the answers they received. They usually address my own concerns and some times people ask questions that I never considered, that make the offer either more attractive or something that would not work for me.

Another issue with living social: Sometimes my purchases are not listed in my account. Fortunately I remembered making the purchase, called customer service and they email me a link to print the coupon. But what about the deals I purchased that are not listed in my account and i've forgotten about.

Recently I started printing the coupon within days of purchase while I remember the purchase rather than chance it not being in my account later.

Now that I begun that regiment, I feel more comfortable using living social.

One more thing. When I called customer service when I could not view my coupon. The rep was very professional and helpful. Something which is getting less frequent in dealing with some businesses now a days.


I don't know if this is the venue to voice my enjoyment with this place. I'll some it up in two words: MONSTER FRIES.

Over a pound of potatoes in this delicious mess of cheese, onion, peppers and mushrooms.

Friendly service. Outdoor seating. Unpretentious. I'll be back.


BEST BUY WILL NOT HONOR THEIR EXTENDED WARRANTY. Best Buy sells me an extended warranty and then WONT HONOR IT. I called the toll free Geek number and was given a phone order number and told the part will be shipped to my home in 8 to 10 days. Eight days later I get an email from the corporate Geeks telling me to contact the manufacturer.

I call the manufacturer. They say they have nothing to do with Best Buys extended warranty. I call Geeks again, they tell me to tell my local store to order the part. The store hasn't a clue. They tell me they can't. Only corporate can. I have been sent back and forth every time I call. This has been going on for 43 days!

I don't know about the rest of you, but I stopped buying at Best Buy. I just bought my iPad2 and a couple other things elsewhere. I would have liked to use my accumulated Best Buy rewards but I'm not willing to go through this with any other purchase.


This site tells you about discounts and rebates. For example; where kids eat free. It has Mid-Atlantic and Mid-Shore deals, but I use it for the USA national chain deals and coupons. Every little bit helps.

Beware of some of the advertisers like quibids.com. Stay away from Quibids,


Get lost in the abyss of youtube video clips. ITS MY GO TO SOURCE FOR TUTORIALS. Why open a one dimensional manual when you can learn what you need by watching a youtube video on the subject.

I've saved money on repairs. Learned tricks on how to make loading my kayak onto the car roof easier. Viewed reviews on items I was considering. I've made better educated consumer purchases. All through youtube.com. I find it very useful.


I went to this site because of the positive reviews here on sitejabber when searching under financial. They failed to mention the website is geared towards europeans. Many of the opportunities have a residency requirement. You must be a UK resident.

You get excited, keep reading, hyperlink to another website and then get disappointed when you read the fine print limiting participation to UK residents. I'm a USA resident.

There is plenty that is general enough that applies to anyone, but you have to weed through too much to find what might be worth something to non British citizens.


I'm a sucker for a deal and I'm having a problem turning down these deals. I long for my groupon incoming emails. I have a psychological problem letting what I perceive as a good deal get away.

Jean Chatzky on the Today Show suggested you ask yourself "Would I buy this if it was full price. " I wish I was armed with that advice when I purchased a gym membership at 67% off. I went once (that's a future review) and never went back.

But on the other hand I'm haunted with regret in passing up a newspaper subscription in my struggle with this groupon addiction.

People with limited self control and or will power be warned. Groupon can become addictive but gosh aint it fun!



I don't know which I dread more; going to the dentist or buying a car. I researched the model and its various upgrades, packages, options, offers and rebates.

In the unrealistic hope of avoiding haggling and driving to multiple dealerships, I requested internet quotes from Kia dealerships specifying the options I needed. Napleton Kia (also known as Riviera Beach Kia) lured me in with a FALSE LOW INTERNET PRICE and then started explaining why they can't sell it at that price. The manager claimed I was the 2nd person this weekend this particular salesperson did this to. He said he planned on speaking to the salesperson and they were in the midst of correcting their website.

Prior to making the long drive I verified with the salesperson three times about the options, fees, and stock. I was assured it was there at the price provided and she would have it ready sitting in front of the dealership.

They didn't even have the car. The manager to"make up" for what the salesperson had done. Claiming he was takeing a large loss offered a vehicle with more options but I would have to pay substantially more money. His large loss price was within a hundred dollars of another dealership who offered me a similarly equipped model. Staying within my budget I didn't buy it from the first dealership so why would I pay about the same price at a dealership that lured me there under false pretenses.

I'm worn out. I am a disabled vet and can't take much more of this. I'm willing to pay for the unnecessary options but still leaves us with about a $1200 difference in what they want and what I feel is more than fair. $1200 happens to be about how much they low balled the original offer for the one with less options that they didn't even have but had me come in to pick up.

Napleton Kia said they'll get back to me. I'll post again as things progress. I'll provide names of the internet salesperson, the showroom salesman, manager and general manager once the ordeal comes to a conclusion. I'm hoping the manager and showroom salesman come through for me.


I'm on Big Lots email list which notifies me about specials. I've tried to purchase the sale item as soon as possible, but OFTEN they don't have the item.

Just this past Sunday morning I wanted to buy the floor lamp they advertised. The store just opened and ie was the first day of a two day sale. They didn't have the item. I was told it had never come in and as usual, they wouldn't issue a rain check.

I think they advertise things so you come for the unavailable advertised item and end up buying something other than the special. I now shop the item that brought me there: If its not available, I immediately leave to avoid getting cought in their bait and switch.


Its a great website. Its free to post items and its popular. Like anything else. You still need to be careful.

My first taste of Craigslist.org got me a barter that worked out extremely well for both myself and the person listing the barter.

Since that went so well. I bought a few baby items for a friends visit. It was cheaper to buy a travel play pen and a baby bouncer on craigslist than for them to pay the baggage fee with the airlines. I then donated the items to charity.

I've also had a tremendous response to a bunch of items I listed that were just taking up space. Craigslist readers got great deals and I gained precious garage space. I'm blown away at the distance some people will drive to pick up a good deal.

I don't bother selling items on eBay. The listing fee, after the sale fee, paypal fee and the hassle of boxing and shipping. It just wasn't worth it for me.

You can; t beat free. craigslist.org is primarily free.


I was shopping for two complimentary items. The more expensive item was pretty much the same price at most websites. There was less than a $4 difference between websites on the cheaper item.

I narrowed my selection to two websites with free shipping. The cheapest and the next cheapest which states a LOW PRICE GUARANTEE with an additional 10% off price match.

I called foryourlegs.com's customer service and asked for the price match. She said they don't price match on anything other than stockings. I pointed out that their LOW PRICE GUARANTEE does not make that stipulation. She said they'll advise someone to make that change.

Bottom line. They will not follow through on their LOW PRICE GUARANTEE.
Here is how their LOW PRICE GUARANTEE still reads:

LOW PRICE GUARANTEE - We will not only match, but will beat any advertised price by 10% for up to 30 days following your purchase. Simply email or call us with the link to the lower price and we'll beat the price by 10% if you are ordering at that time or will refund the difference plus 10% to the credit card you used at the time of purchase. Promotion on new orders only. Effective February 10,2010

www.foryourlegs.com, not only do we provide outstanding customer service from a knowledgeable staff with certified fitters and prompt shipping, we also offer a LOW PRICE GUARANTEE!

How does it work?

It's simple...

If you find a lower price today or within 30 days after placing your order, we will beat it by 10%. You can also use our "price match" tool found in each product listing. We are rarely beaten in price and never beaten in service. We challenge you to find a better price.


Please note: When determining price matches, the value of all promotions as well as any shipping charges will be taken into consideration when determining the eligibility of a price match. For example, if a competitor's product price is less than ours, but with shipping it ends up costing more, no price match will be granted. Additionally, prices found on comparison shopping engines like TheFind.com, Shopping.com, etc., will not be honored. These sites often use outdated information. Only prices on actual competitor's sites will be taken into consideration.

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