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100 Reviews by Harry

I've been a Prime customer for a few years now. As time has gone on, I've found that I can order things that I've bought from other sites, but can also find them on Amazon. There's a lot of good price competition, and the free shipping makes it very worthwhile, saving a lot of money vs shopping at other sites. I don't have to spend $75 or more to get free shipping like on other sites. Delivery has always been on time. Good spread of movies on Prime also.
Craigslist is starting to charge across all categories for advertising, whether it's for professional services of any kind, etc. I've used it for 10 yrs as part of my advertising strategy, and have only gotten 4-5 clients over that time, so for free, it's fine to use. If they're going to charge me, I want to see the metrics of how many people view my ads, where they're from, time of day, day of week, all the professional metrics that a business would expect out of a for-profit advertising platform. Obviously they don't have that and never will release metrics like that to the public. There are lots of other free sites that are used as much as Craigslist now, which has lost its popularity over the last several years. That's where I'm going.
In Las Vegas, grocery stores are an extremely competitive business. Those who show up with the best prices and selection win. Albertsons is not one of them. Prices are the highest among stores, quality is maybe the same or less. I've been in really awful and dirty Albertson stores. I take my money to the best quality store, Smith's, which is part of the Kroger family. Albertsons may think that they're the 800 lb gorilla in the space, but they're absolutely not.
Their selection is good; I needed a full front suspension kit for my 99 Honda and they had it. But, the prices are not the best. I found another place, Detroit Axle that sold the same things/brand parts for less. I asked whether they would price match anyone, and they refused, so I went and got my full suspension kit at Detroit Axle instead. I think that they'll be more competitive if they keep the prices more competitive. Talking about same kind of brand parts; Moog, etc., not an sort of knockoff no-name brand.
Sure Frys has all these cheap knockoff items and some of the mainstream brands are fairly competitive, and that's great. But If you buy something thru Frys.com, you can't return it to the store. You can only manage it through Fry's.com and it's a huge pain and inconvenience. Their website has always been real bulky to use because of the layout. Since they're a separate business for all intents and purposes from Frys the physical store, why don't they just call the website something else other than Frys in order to avoid confusion?
I've had health insurance with Anthem for a number of years. My impression is that all of their articles about maintaining good health, which is of course important, isn't because they care about the members, but they like all insurance companies, want to pay out as little as possible. Their 'managed health' has the same intent; what can we deny or label medically unnecessary? Sure they have med staff to weigh in on it, but they're just in the role of paper pushers. They have the goal of minimizing what the co will cover. Med staff certainly not making decisions/recommendations because they care about patients' health. I've worked in other insurance cos before and I understand very well the intents of how companies like this restrict their prescription formulary and how they use underwriting. Really, health insurance was a lot more effective before all the ins cos went public. They don't care about the patient; they first care about the Investor.
You can find pretty much anything on Amazon. Prices are very competitive due to the multiple vendors for each product. There are always enough reviews to evaluate the product thoroughly before buying, phone customer service has always been courteous and effective. I have Prime and now buy everything that I'd normally buy at other sites, because of the competitive pricing plus free shipping. When I've had issues with the seller, Amazon stepped in and made it right to my satisfaction.
I've flown with Delta since before they merged with Northwest, and with Northwest consistently prior to that. I've never had a problem on Delta. Gate and inflight crews are always proactive to tell us what's happening in the case of delays, what they're doing about it, and how long it'll take, usually updating us every 15 minutes. They treat me with courtesy and respect; in past years I flew enough to be a Gold or Platinum Medallion member, but the past few yrs I haven't flown enough to even get heavy cardboard medallion. Yet, they always call me by name when I present my boarding pass and thank me, I don't sense any deep seated anger in the flight attendants like I do and have with other major airlines, like those that might start with a U or Am. My bags have never been lost, and I arrive on time probably 99% of the time. Unless it's a really good deal on a discount airline, I won't fly any other majors, as I usually feel like I never left the ground because they treat us like dirt.
I do believe all of the negative reviews about customer service and flight delays. The website is super kloogy, really bulky to use but designed so they can nickel and dime you at every possible turn. I only use them if the fare is so incredibly cheap that I can't turn it down, and if it isn't a long flight, so there isn't as much time to have a negative experience. I usually try to go to sleep before takeoff and stay that way til we land. I always travel with them with no expectations whatsoever, and so I'm never disappointed.
They're good for researching and finding the cheapest fares and hacker fares. I've done ok with them, but I've not bought through them; they refer me to a different site having that price. Depending who that is, just doublecheck that all of the nickel and dime charges if any are shown. For hotels/cars though I lean towards Hotwire.
I use Hotwire's Hot Deals to shop the cheapest rental car, as it usually doesn't matter who you use as long as it's one of the majors. In cities that I'm familiar with, I'll use the hot deals for hotels, as I'll usually have a good idea what specific hotel it is depending on what part of town it's in. For non-Hot Deal rates, I find that they're really no cheaper than any of the major travel sites, so no value for me there.
I've had Tmobile for close to 15 yrs. The costs have been ok. Warranty replacements have been ok. Cell signal in my area of Las Vegas is real bad - probably not enough tower power. But I can deal with that if I use wifi for calling at home which I do.

What the really awful thing is the knowledge level of their tier 1 tech support. They waste time trying to artificially sympathize with your issue instead of a brief apology and getting right to the troubleshooting. BUT, my advice is if you need to call tech support, CALL AT LEAST THREE TIMES! I constantly get a different answer from each tech to qxs that aren't rocket science; most of the time just one answer will be right. I've been skeptical of their solutions, and have simply used online search and Youtube, and have gotten the right answer that way. I suppose I should be grateful that even if they are unknowledgeable, at least they're polite and not nasty to you.

My only consolation is that everyone says that other carriers' tech support is worse. Still Tmobile's tech support is deficient.
I only give 2 stars instead of 1 because other than this one travel nightmare, I get from point A to point B without much problem.

Here's the Travel Nightmare. I was on a flight from LAS to IND to attend my daughter's college graduation the next day. When we got to IND there was a big thunderstorm over the airport, so we circled for a while, and then the pilot said we had to divert to Cincinnati because we were running low of fuel. Allegiant serves Cincinnati. Ok, I get that - that can happen. We landed in Cincinnati.

Here's where the horror story begins. The storm cleared Indy by the time we got to CVG. They wouldn't send the plane back to IND, presumably because they wanted to save fuel money and use that plane from CVG to LAS the next day. The gate agent/supervisor announced that they had to await instructions from the Allegiant ops center. Ok, I can understand that. We waited a couple of hours. Finally, the gate sup said that they were calling some limo bus line in CVG to see if they can take us. By this time it's midnight or so. It seemed like nobody at the limo service answered - they probably didn't want to wake up and drive us to Indy. It was some no-name limo service, not like a Greyhound, which Amtrak uses in similar situations. We wait ANOTHER 2 HOURS, and then, wait for it---- the gate sup gets our attention by the podium. Understandably people, and a number of them aren't seasoned travelers like me, are really irate. A couple of passengers turn on their cell phones to video her announcement. The gate sup gets real defensive, and announces that she refuses to say anything IF ANYONE IS RECORDING! We are all incredulous, but those with phones turn their cams off. She then proceeds to tell us that ALLEGIANT WILL NOT FLY US TO INDY IN THAT PERFECTLY GOOD PLANE NOR PROVIDE A BUS FOR US because they couldn't get a hold of the limo service. She does say that, at 3 a.m., they'll reimburse us for a hotel room after we turn in receipts, and if we choose to go to downtown Cincinnati and take a Greyhound bus, or get an Uber, they'll send us reimbursement. Luckily as I was walking out of the airport I was with a gentleman who was calling Uber to see if anyone would drive all the way to the Indy airport, and asked if I could carpool with him. We fortunately did find someone crazy enough to take us there. But BE FOREWARNED - IF YOU GET DIVERTED TO ANOTHER CITY OTHER THAN YOUR OWN DESTINATION, YOU'RE ON YOUR OWN!

As to the recent media reports about the problems with their older planes, which they're replacing little by little, I've not had any problems, and figure that now that they are under a very large and uncomfortable public microscope, they'll be more vigilant about their planes. I've not had any problems with nasty inflight crews. The CVG gate crew and sup were the worst ones I've seen with this airline.
There are online reviews all over talking about the poor customer service at the airport and in-flight. I made sure that I didn't have to interact with the ground crew just in case of an adverse experience and tried to go to sleep for my entire flight. I can sleep anywhere, even sitting up unreclined on a plane. But at Frontier, I met my match. The seats are literally just curved metal slabs with some thin fabric wrapped around them. The funniest thing was the tray 'tables.' They are HALF SIZED! And of course, another metal slab. Barely big enough to hold a cup, certainly not big enough to hold a laptop/tablet. I believe that it is big enough to hold my hand.

The silver lining was that the seat, legroom and tray 'table' provided a very entertaining social media post for my network, based on the feedback. Before they went bankrupt they were a much better airline.
Kohls has some pretty good sale prices. When I don't have any product problems, Kohls.com is adequate. But Beware: the website customer service has been highly unreliable for me. I've talked to reps and mgrs in the Nicaragua call center and it also sounds like they've got an Indian call center. Some English language barriers, and sounds like reps will just read chapter/verse of rules. I've gotten conflicting info from reps, finally had to have their mgr give me the right info. Very confusing and frustrating because often it seems like they don't completely understand what I'm saying. I speak slowly and without an accent. No help. Kohls.com when I review a product prohibits you from saying ANYTHING negative about your cust svc experience with them. I was forced to finally put in my review simply that Kohls won't let me talk about my cust svc purchase/return experience, and only that I bought x product and then I returned it. Yes, the sun rose in the morning and then the sun set in the evening. About same value of their review if you had a problem experience. Long as you had no problem with purchase, then the use of the site is ok. Truly nothing exceptional.
I've used California Psychics for 8 years, and before that I tried some competitor sites. I like California Psychics because they not only rigorously screen readers before they admit them, but they also keep evaluating them every year to ensure that they're still as good as when they first came, or better. Finding an exceptional psychic is like finding a really good mechanic; there are millions out there, but only a few of them are really good and keep your car running perfectly at a very competitive cost. I haven't read with every psychic on CP but of the ones that I regularly read with, they are all incredibly good. I use my readings for purely informational purposes, not to make them tell me what I should do, so that I can make the best-informed decisions for me. Three of the most talented readers there include Maeve, Reed, and Fiona. I know that they're legit because they'll tell me the exact same thing, and they don't know each other. With Maeve, I enjoy the greatest level of detail, remote viewing, and mediumship. All of them remember what they've told me over the years.

Now you may find that you don't connect well with a particular psychic for whatever reason; I've had that situation a couple of times only. But California Psychics has a money-back guarantee on your reading, and you can call them and tell them why you feel like there wasn't a connection, and they'll make it right. Their 24 hr customer service is excellent, which is a rarity these days. California Psychics have frequent discount specials, which I really appreciate. I'm extremely selective and demanding that the psychic that I read with is totally accurate and informative, and I've found that the people I've regularly read with are truly exceptional. They've helped me through major challenges dealing with relationships, finance, and career, and I owe them a huge debt of gratitude for how they've helped me. All of these other psychic sites, don't even bother wasting your money. I've already wasted it for you and am here to say that California Psychics is the only place you should use. Skeptical? So was I at first. I no longer am. And no, they didn't ask me to say any of this; I'm just a customer whose incredibly demanding expectations have been heads and above surpassed.
This is an update to my original review. I have an outstanding balance from quote refunds that were never responded to, under the old quoting rules. I wrote to Thumbtack and requested a refund of my outstanding account balance to my card. Here is their response:

"Thanks for your prompt response. We're really sorry for the confusion and the inconvenience it caused by the updates and changes regarding on our pricing. First off, I'd like to let you know that we do not process cash refund. Anything refundable will go back to your Thumbtack account."
---------Sooooo, in other words, Thumbtack says they will keep the money that I paid for a quote not answered, even if I were to close out my account. In other words, too bad, I'm hosed?" -Is this a matter that should be reported to the Federal Trade Commission? Feedback from any pros in similar position is welcome.

I've been a professional on Thumbtack for 5 yrs now. Part of my service includes giving online piano/theory/composition lessons to students coast to coast, so I don't limit my quoting to just my home area. Obviously then my rates are location-dependent; for instance, a 60 min lsn in Manhattan will be a different cost than a 60 min lesson in Chanute, KS. Also, if the request was to teach multiple people in the family, I could meet there needs better by suggesting the right length of lesson and give them my family discount. Before, up til April 2018 I could address every quote with a customized message and tell them exactly what they needed to know, and how I could help them with the specific discounts/scholarship, and we wouldn't waste time going back and forth with unnecessary requests for more information. We just hit the ground running, and I could give them a rate that is normally charged in their geographic region. BUT, now in what's most likely an effort to save Thumbtack money, they require that you simply hold out your generic information and pitch; ABSOLUTELY NOTHING SPECIFIC THAT WILL HELP THE CUSTOMER BECOME HAPPILY INVOLVED IN MY SERVICE. I get a box where I'm supposed to fill in the rate. Well, Thumbtack, teaching student-specific lessons with unique needs in almost every case is DIFFERENT from someone to unclog your toilet. I explained in great detail my (and others who teach online coast to coast) situation and how they're doing the Customer a disservice (and eroding their rep in the process), but I'm sure they're not going to bring that choice back. I know that for teaching music lessons, the quote cost structure is going to change soon, i.e. increase a lot. My advice to professionals looking to advertise their services? STAY AWAY! USE ANY OF A MULTITUDE OF STILL FREE QUOTING SERVICES!
I like the cards on Punchbowl and use them almost monthly. BUT, imagine my surprise today when I tried to send a Christmas card that they now put ADS at the top of their cards, and will not take them off unless you buy the MOST EXPENSIVE subscription level. The ads make it look so incredibly cheap. If I want a cheap looking card I can just go to Walmart. At least their cards don't have dumb ads on them. I'm taking a hike and finding an ecard site that removes ads for any subscription. Does anyone have any recommendations for an alternative?
Punchbowl M. – Punchbowl Rep
We offer best-in-class digital cards and carefully monitor the ads that appear on our site. We're sorry to hear you were unhappy with a service we offer for free.
I like that I can find out whether an item is in stock at various stores, but the huge listings for non Walmart sites, listed on the site, is just too much clutter and confusing. I wanted to shop at Walmart's site, not some obscure affiliate who's got stuff to sell on Walmart's site who's got no real connection with them.
I've been on EH for a while, and although I've seen what looks like plummeting membership (getting matches who've left long ago), I had a new experience with them a couple wks ago. Someone who called themselves Sarah, 51, from Sioux Falls reached out to me. Thru email conversation she looked to write with very lightly broken English, but not quite enough to suspect one of those Nigerian scams. She professed to go on a trip to Cairo Egypt to find some art work for a business she alleged to own, and for 5 days sent daily photos of her posing at this or that artisan's market. Finally on the day she was supposed to leave, she writes and gives me a variant on the old Nigerian scam of being marooned there, hotel mgr holding her passport (they never do) until she settles up and asks for $980. Of course I didn't. But I did say it wasn't appropriate for me to assist. Then, the next day she writes with another even older Nigerian scam that I've seen, saying she'll send me a check to cash, then I'm to cash it and send her the money; in this scam, by the time the bank processes the int'l check, it's 30 days before they discover it's fraudulent, but the scammer's already gotten your money and they move on. I traced the IP addresses of these 2 emails to the Nigeria area, and told EH about it after closing her, but I don't know if they'll do anything or can. There's certain things about the way they write that indicate that they're not from the US or Canada. Anyway, beware! I don't know if this 'Sarah' is actually a blonde or some guy in Nigeria trying to scam EH members.

UPDATE: Get this everyone: I got yet ANOTHER SCAM MATCH. The person wrote to me, a Joan from Los Angeles (probably Nigeria too), who requested EH Mail. I didn't give her any personal info that you can't find on the internet, but five minutes ago EH Customer Relations sent me a msg saying that they've terminated Joan's account because it violated their terms of usage, translated, it was a SCAM ARTIST. My opinion is that EH is getting saturated with scammers now, and I am extremely suspect of all matches unless their public information on the net checks out, like a lawyer, doctor, etc that can be verified.


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