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Stop placing photos of Black people near photos of monkeys if you expect them to buy your products!


I love all types of literature, but one of my favorite works is The Little Prince, a children's book that Antoine de Saint-Exupéry wrote. I recently discovered that this extraordinary author was also an aviator. In Saint Exupary's book, the prince says: "It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye". (Unfortunately, Sitejabbber.com does not offer italic type.)


In The Mystery Tale: The Dealer's Choice Collector's Edition hidden object game, the black spade is illustrated as a drowsy Black person with a spade-shaped head. These kinds of insulting representations of people of color can be found routinely in online games. Anyone who cares about stopping racism should contact the companies responsible for depicting people in offensive ways. Many of these games cost money, so they need warnings attached to them. I will never pay a cent for any of them.


Members of the Southern California branches of Kaiser Permanente who are not seniors can be vaccinated if they have a medical condition. I have mild asthma, I am under sixty-five, and I received my first Covid-19 vaccination shot at a Kaiser facility almost one week ago. Hooray for KPSOCAL!

Products used:


Regarding the Covid-19 virus, the rumor that has been expressed in many rooms of the fourth estate is that certain people are intellectually vacant enough to be vaccinated only because some people that have worked in the film or television industry have been inoculated. Truth is impossible to see through blindingly yellow journalistic views.


Unfortunately, too many unethical, thoughtless folks take possession of literature that they do not own.


My cat could have completed the touchdown that Rogers refused to finish for the Green Bay Packers during the 2021 NFC championship game. Moreover, during the last part of the game, La Fleur, the coach, decided to have someone kick a field goal rather than have someone attempt a touchdown, huh?


"The world is too much with us late and soon,...
We have given our hearts away, a sordid boon,...
For this, for everything, we are out of tune."

-- William Wordsworth ("The World Is Too Much With Us")


Today, they are gathering for a massive protest against certain, simple habits that the Center for Disease Control recommends that everyone develop regarding Covid-19, but, trust me, I understand their outrage pertaining to the issues because, I mean, George Floyd's death aside, what could be more abominable than them being asked to wear a mask or, by gosh, by golly, by George, wash their hands.


I am stunned that I am living through a time when millions of Americans have chosen to attack the credibility of legitimate, prestigious, and moral medical scientists. Rome is burning, and I am not sure anyone can control the fire.


Many of what I would have considered the greatest motion pictures ever created were ruined through the perverse representation of some Americans. If films that contained Black and Asian buffoons, maids, porters, butlers, gangsters, pimps, prostitutes, and whites in blackface-makeup were destroyed, there would be very few of them left to view. The torch of bigotry relating to films was lit by classic movie producers who carefully handed it to contemporary movie-makers. Why are there no warnings attached to movies concerning racism? I cannot count the times that I have felt my stomach contort upon witnessing the aforementioned types of obsequious fools being thrown into the mix of a movie as distasteful seasonings. In addition, people should not be tricked into believing that computer technicians have dropped the torch of racism because they create, for instance, extremely biased Xbox and hidden object games. In short, even choosing to be entertained is not an effortless privilege for people of color. Update: I have attached photos of free and purchasable computer games that can be found online, today, this moment of 2021. I could not rotate all of the photos, but they are visible.


Ebony Lyfe is the most bizarre, idiotic, useless rubbish that I ever installed on my iPhone. The members are not bright. They attack positive comments and mangle them into negative remarks. This is a forum for mentally ill black women. They all need to be in therapy. However, I suspect that this application might have been developed by non-Black people for the purpose of maligning women of color.

• Updated review

Mr. Sundar is the CEO of Google. Flood his office with complaints about the monkey business being conducted at Google as it relates to mixing lists of Black videos with primates. The problem continues to exist as of 5/25/2020. His contact information is as follows:

Email: (The moniker above)@google.com
Website: https://www.google.com
Social Media: Google
Postal Address: 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain View, CA 94043

Postscript: Five thousand people viewed my original review (which appears below this one) concerning this subject. For some reason, when I updated the information, the views disappeared. Nevertheless, there must be some merit to my complaint about YouTube because over nine thousand individuals have seen the updated version of it. The reality is that the laws and policies in societies can be changed, but the ways that humans think and feel about each other can be as fixed as cement. Update: Along with YouTube, Peacock T.V.com ( an online site connected to NBC) has decided to present racist material. The photo could not be rotated, but Lester Holt ( who works for NBC) is photographed next to Curious George, the animated monkey.

"YouTube's Computerized Racism"
• Previous review

Whenever you scroll through its content, you may discover that YouTube has developed some kind of algorithmic way of mixing websites that contain information concerning gorillas and monkeys with sites regarding Black people. I have reported this problem to the company, but nothing has been done about it. Welcome to "the new normal" type of racism.


The crackling fire of hate that permeates (www.tiktok.com) reveals the degree to which, primarily, young people are mentally injured. This application is another ugly, global boil filled with racist puss to which no one should be exposed. Black Social is a new site that seems to be troll-free. Yet, if it becomes an unsightly mess, I will update this review.


IDS Asset Management, LLC

I am livid about what appears to me to be fake positive reviews at other sites about a disgusting, according to Orange County Court documents, co-conspirator regarding her ex-husband's criminal behavior. She is also a bigot someone on Yelp declared. Furthermore, she and her spouse have bankrupted many companies. One of their former businesses, Right WayLA, can be found by googling, her husband's, Peter Drivas', name. Every one of the comments concerning the company has one star. Unfortunately, my homeowner's association has, without properly vetting her background, hired her. I hope this miscreant says something ignorant to me. Beware River Water complex residents, evil is among us, and her name is Tracy Drivas ( possibly, otherwise known as Bahar Miller). Update: My HOA decided to hire another manager, yay!


On behave of my mother, my sister, myself, and all of the people who complained about the worse hospital in the United States, as I did in my sixteenth review at this site, I am ecstatic to mention that it no longer exists. When the service was poor concerning my mother or myself, I submitted complaints to those employees in charge of the hospital, and although I always received formal apologies from them, the service at this chop-shop never improved. There were so many people in Los Angeles who where outraged by the fact that this place was allowed to attempt to treat patients. I would have sued Dr. Payam Shadi and Dr. Wu (who both worked at this dump) for malpractice regarding my mother's health if the statute of limitations had not expired before I chose to pursue a lawsuit against them, so she and all of the folks who hated how that hospital functioned have been vindicated for being disrespected. Hooray!


To whom it may concern:

The fact that your company is practicing acts of segregation and racism in 2019 is horrific! All people are flesh and blood and all people live and die, so how is anyone more special than anyone else? It would behoove Dote to realize that there are more people of color worldwide than any other group of people. Research the majority of the populations of India, Brazil, Africa, and Fiji. How dare Dote influencers visit a predominately Black country and treat African American young women that, I might add, Dote invited to this place (Fiji), abhorrently. I will never, ever use this brand, and I will be releasing information about its biased behavior on every social media outlet to which I belong.

Fix your twisted, out-of-date agenda,
Dote owner(s).

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