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17 Reviews by Gwen

If your a Dachshund (wiener dog /sauasage/hot dog) owner or just a fan of this breed of dog....check out this website for everything doxie. They have everything from Clothing (men, women, kids), Pet Products, Home stuff/décor, fun accessories and knick knacks like phone covers, decals, keychains and more!!! Everything I've seen on there site is super cute. I started following there Facebook page years ago before I checked out there store. And this is why I checked out there store: "We wanted to share our love for dachshunds and to create a community of friends who are just as crazy about dachshunds as we are!" "We started our Facebook page I Love Dachshunds in early 2011 and it has grown into an amazing community."
"Our mission is to educate people about the breed and to bring awareness of the large number of dachshunds in need of rescue all over the world." "It is very expensive for rescues to care for these precious animals so we want to help them and you can help too!" "For every purchase you make from our dachshund shop a percentage will be donated to a dachshund rescue or a dachshund in need of help. Let's help save these long little doggies!" SO NOW YOU KNOW check them out :)
We visited to buy a car, we looked at there website before visiting the dealership, they were great emailed us back right away, answered all our questions. At the dealership they were fantastic, friendly, made you feel at home, no pressure sales they were so great, very easy going, totally work with us, even lowered the price. The salesman that helped us Dennis Ecklund was awesome, great guy, super nice, no pressure, very easy going, knew his stuff, from beginning to end it was the best experience we ever had with any car sales, we highly recommend you ask for Dennis if you visit this dealership. The financial guy was great too, signing paperwork was made a breeze, easily explained, took no time at all and was very happy with the whole experience. They work with you, no pressure, make it easy and stress free....we highly recommend them to buy from and would buy from them again in future. Thanks Guys You We're Awesome and we Love the car!!!!!

Tip for consumers: ask for Dennis Ecklund if you visit them in person.

I tried some samples of Tea from this company for the first time, they were very good, I really enjoyed them. As a tea lover I always like to try new flavors whenever I can... I recommend you try some from this company. If anyone has tried there coffee let me know if it as good as there teas!!!
Shoes, shoes, shoes, you must check out there shoes, I just love there shoes & boots. I've ordered beauty products, accessories, amazing boots and several pairs of shoes for super cheap prices like $17.99, $11, $9.99 & $5.99 for gorgeous heels, and reasonable shipping. There prices vary but they have great sales and sometimes free shipping deals. They have some nice clothing but most of it is to tight, short, sheer and sleazy for my tastes. But they have great lingerie, jewelry, accessories, plus size swimwear and lots of clearance items for awesome prices.
I've ordered personalized mugs, cups and golf balls, they all turned out amazing, loved them and they made great gifts. Sometimes I was not able to find what I was looking for online so its nice to be able to design your own gifts for friends and family. We ordered wedding labels, they turned out perfect, exactly what we wanted and could not find anywhere else. I've ordered cards for weddings & anniversaries and they all turned out great, were a reasonable price, even with shipping they were still on par with store prices....and they we personalized to each person or couple which made them more special than store bought.
I love Smilebox, being able to edit photos, make collages, postcards, invites, online scrapbooks, slideshows, facebook covers, personalize and jazz up pictures and add quotes to photos, frames and so much more. I love that you can either print them, save them, share them online via email or social media. Great for videos too, I love that you can pick a theme, add multiple videos and make a your own home movie. I started using the free version of Smilebox and loved it...then I decided to get the paid version {{one fee only once a year was worth it}} to have tons more options to choose from and I use it all the time, love it and highly recommend it. I've printed off gorgeous postcards & invites from home and share collages & video online almost every week.
I love that you can download the bible for free on you phone or computer, you can search any subject like family, marriage, children, teens, parents, Domestic Violence, Abuse, sexual harassment, Anxiety, sickness, death of loved one, poverty, economy, homeless, abortion, prejudice, bullying, God, Jesus, all bible based subjects....there are tons of great articles, videos and advice. Its all free to download... magazines, bible, music, videos in formats EPUB, MOBI, PTF, RTF, Notetaker(BRL), MP3, ACC or listen to instant audio play. You can request free books and publications to be mailed to you and have a free bible study no string attached. Its so amazing that this site has over 700 languages and sign language too, you can even get stuff in brail for the blind.
I love that this company used plant based, natural ingredients, is eco friendly and gives free gifts to there customers. I've been ordering from Yves Rocher (Canada & US) website & catalogs for years, there one of my favorite places to buy bath products. I've ordered Facial Masks, Exfoliators, Lotions, Hand Soaps, Skin Tightening products, Foot/Hand/Nail care, Body Washes, Lipstick, Eyeliners and more. My favorites are "Les Jardins De Monde" Bodywash in Brazilian Watermelon, Florida Grapefruit, Florida Orange, Africa Shea Butter & Provence Lavandin (Lavender) they work & smell amazing!!! Love there hand soaps, my fave was (Red Pepper and Tomato Basil, sold out) I can't wait for them to bring them back again. There Apricot Fruity Scrub, Peel Off Mask and Clay Pore Clearing Mask, work great and didn't irritate my sensitive skin. I love there Waterproof Eye Pencils in Turquoise & Violet, bright, amazing color, lasts all day, great for summer. SOS After-Sun Cooling Gel is wonderful after a day in the sun, soothing and smells great. I also love to get there 15pc Samplex with French purfumes, lotions, makeup and face stuff, I love them for myself or to add in gifts or cards for friends & family :)

Tip for consumers: You can order online or by mail catalog, I've ordered from Canada and US. They also have products & websites for other countries.

My whole family loves this store, amazing food items, artwork, soaps, furniture, home décor and cooking items. They have all sorts for food items, beverages, wines, beers and sweets that are imported from other countries. I love buying good quality spices, teas, coffee, sweets, jewelry and gifts here. My favorites are German, Canadian, British and Japanese candy, German cookies, eastern spices, Wild Rose tea, chocolate chai, scone mixes, vintage soda pops & beers, Asian & Italian cooking, unique jewelry and artwork, kitchen kick knacks...these are many of the thing I've bought from this store and loved them all.
Love this site, you can get tons of freebies, free samples, coupons, discounts and deals on almost everything. I've been able to try samples of products like makeup, bath & beauty, tea, coffee, vitamins, cleaning supplies, pet products & food before buying them. I've gotten tons of printable coupons, promo codes and deals for food, pet supplies, movies, online sites. Plus they always post great articles & videos with DIY, how-to, advice, cooking, fitness and more. Great website and who doesn't love get stuff for free :)
Verified purchase
I've ordered everything from pet supplies, jewelry, clothes, lingerie, shoes, beauty tools & more from sammydress.com, not just for myself but as gifts for friends and family as well. I've gotten 2 absolutely gorgeous dresses from them that I love and at a way better price than I've seen on other websites. I highly recommend any and all jewelry. All jewelry ordered for me or others was amazing, I have so many favorites, have gotten tons of compliments on them and gifted many to friends who just loved them. Found some great shoes on there site and really fab styles too. Ordered the most adorable doggie booties and super awesome compact foldable dog travel bowls that are great for in the car, on hikes or hot summer days. There prices are great and I've been happy with almost everything I've ordered. The shipping is very slow, but that is to be expected because it ordering from overseas and has to go thru customs when it gets to the US. If I have questions or concerns I found email or messaging to be better than calling customer service....they get back to you quickly usually in 24hrs or less. My most recent order was awesome, everything was perfect, just like picture, good quality and price, I ordered a few items for myself and the necklaces I found made amazing gifts, so happy with them. I saw similar necklaces for $40-$70 on other website and I got them as gifts from sammydress for way cheaper and my friend loved them. I will definitely be ordering more from them in the future :)
I love all the eyeshadows and eyeshadow palettes I've purchased, use them all the time. Love the Roll On Eye Shimmer for fast and easy on the go. Just for fun I tried there bright Blue Color Mascara it was great, bold color lasted all day. I used there Concealer Jar in Green to help mask redness or blemishes under my foundation and it works great, price is much better than other brands. I bought The Curve black liquid eyeliner, the concept is awesome, it fits perfectly in your hand and is easy to apply, but for the price tag it not worth all the hype. The Curve is to expensive for too little product, I only used it a few times and it ran out. I could buy several other brands of liner for the price on one of these and get the same results, practice makes perfect and saves you money!!! Otherwise I've loved every product I've bought from them....and I can't wait to buy there Wicked Lippies and Butter Gloss in the awesome colors they have...I've been dying to try them :)
I'm sorry if this is overly negative but I have repeatedly had issues with you website and had no choice but to shop in-store only. I really like the local Petco here and never had issues with the store or staff. The local petco store is amazing but not there website. As a regular customer and a family that spends hundreds of dollars at your store on a monthly basis I hope to be treated better in future. I have attempted to order from your website 4-5 times in the past few months, each time I added items to my cart but never ending up purchasing them for the following reasons: ERRORS, errors, errors on your website. I've tried to apply currant coupon/promo codes none of which ever worked (errors allows occurred). Free shipping did not work, % off never works, sometimes my Pecto Pals Rewards points don't/won't apply due to errors on your webpage. Then there is the payment issues... I've repeatedly saved my information and everytime it goes back to old card information, everytime I re-enter my information every single time I try to order from your website....this is annoying and ridiculous. I have contacted your customer service, I tried online without response, so then I tried the suggested phone #, repeatedly calling the customer service number and no one picked up....after being frustrated I emailed customer service and finally received a response that was to late to help me order online. I have tried to load my $5 rewards dollars to my card and everytime it fails to work...so my only option is to print them and use them in-store only or lose them. The Local Petco management & staff are all very nice & I've never had problems with them, have honored all coupons, points and will try to fix any problem they can, very knowledgeable and always helpful.
HP 173 Laptop Intel Core i5 4GB memory 1TB Hard drive SKU# 5623243 Model#17-X121DX
First off this computer is just slow, in fact its slower than my old computer of over 5 years that has be dropped a few too many times. Not only is Wifi & internet slow so is the computer's performance all around, takes forever to load even when using apps or programs you will have to wait....and wait. Video & Photo quality is horrible, its pixely, faded, sometimes blurred, changing settings won't make any difference. Watching a movie was like watching a VHS cassette on an old static TV. The DVD drive is broken, it sometime take 3 tries to read a disk, claims there is no disc and make sounds like a jet engine and occasionally sound like its a paper shredder. This computer severely underperforms and has cheap, poor design, not worth the money you pay for it. The Wifi Card is bad, defective & slow. You cannot watch YouTube, Google, other media videos higher than 240p or 360p without buffering every 20 seconds or so, you may as well forget watching 720 or 1080p, can't watch Neflix, Amazon or other movies at all...unless you want to watch a minute at a time between buffering. They lie and tell you this computer has "crisp" & clear "HD" quality, this is a total joke. Last but not least this is personal preference but the to pad/left/right click buttons are stiff, unresponsive, have to press or swipe hard, turned up touch pad sensitivity settings and still felt like I had to pound not tap for it to work. Buttons are cheap, stiff and have to type harder than any other computer I've ever owned. I also personally hate the sandpaper like texture on the touchpad & right side of keyboard...it feel horrible after more than a hour especially if you have to scroll often. Trying to set up printer, internet or personalize apps or desktop....is so not user friendly. Overall this is the worst computer I've ever owned out of Gateway, Lenovo, IBM and Dell. If I could give this computer ZERO STARS I would.
Best Buy gave full refund but had to drive 2 hrs to nearest store to return computer :(
They do not carry enough plus sizes online or in store, I have visited many of there stores and online website. They have limited if any at all in sizes for women over a DD, this has been the case for over 13 years and it hasn't changed much in all those years....believe me I have been checking. Even when I was younger, skinner and wore a 32 waistband they still never carried sizes that truly fit busty women...which is funny & ironic because isn't that what there all about. Both myself and others I have shopped which in store have bad experiences with staff in stores, if your a larger girl they don't always treat you well, they either don't have sizes, try to get you to try on sizes that are to small or suggest you try a bra with a smaller waist or cup size than yours (this is the reason hundreds of women are wearing the wrong bra, not only do people not know how to measure themselves but also stupid pushy untrained sales staff try to make sales rather than fit you correctly in the proper size). I have had in one store a sales lady be so rude, suggesting we were to fat and to specific in what we wanted and that we won't find it in any other stores. We asked for a bra in one of 3 colors, in a size bigger than DD....WOW asking for so much OMG!!! She was sarcastic and in the end basicly told us we were too fat and go check there website. I suggest you spend a little extra and go to "Nordstrom", they will properly measure you, find you a bra in any style, size and color without complaint, they will bring a selection of to your dressing room and help you adjust the bra to fit perfect....you won't get this service or quality bras at Victoria's Secret ever!!!!
This store only caters to small sized, flat chested girls. There sizes run small and they don't carry plus sizes for real women. This company has come out with press releases that stated: "they only want to sell to/have pretty attractive people wear there brand" and also stated they don't want "ugly fat people" shopping at there stores even calling them "disgusting". DO NOT SUPPORT THIS HORRIBLE COMPANY.
WARNING: TOXIC CHEMICALS - DO NOT BUY FROM THIS SELLER: Queen's Beauty Store Seller: karry LI on website aliexpress Makeup Brush Set is tainted:::
I purchased this brush set, I opened the package to a very strong chemical smell like paint thinner or nail polish remover like formaldehyde, toluene or dibutyl phthalate. I tried to contact the seller to send them back & get a refund BUT they refused, told me to clean them and use them on my face & skin even though they have been tainted with cancer causing chemicals. I opened a dispute, I purchased these on sale for $13.05 normally priced at $45-$80 depending on which set your pick, they refused a refund even though I provide evidence including screen shots, receipts, videos, conversation back and forth with seller, website mediation on my behalf and 3rd party testimonials...they still refused and then offered me a refund...but only refunded $5 and ripped me off.

Tip for consumers: NO - Don't Order From this Seller: "Evans" Store No.1210331 Angel Design (poor service, never got what I paid for, won't cancel, refund took forever)
YES - Do Order From this Seller: Win-Win wholesale store Store No.813745 (I ordered nail supplies, great prices, shipping, quality)

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