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This is what the fool will tell you and of course that is true. This will be especially true if you follow their advice and are then down by 15% within the first month as happened to me. Factor in the cost of their services and that's more like 20% down. This misfortune isn't just a fluke chance, all of their recommendations that I followed are down without exception. Several stocks that I purchased on fresh recommendations plummeted 20% in the first few days. They claim to be able to beat the index funds. Well that is true, my index funds are staying stable during the market volatility whereas these recommendations have them beat in the negative direction. I subscribed to their 630x advice and there was supposed to be a major inflection point starting in in March such that this supposedly was time critical advice to follow. That date came and went and at first not much happened, but then most of these stocks took off strongly in the downward direction and are now looking more like 0.63x. Their 630x advice no longer is featured and there are a number of contrary articles now published by the fool making excuses for why these stocks tanked, and telling the investor to expect a long road to recovery. I am now in a difficult position, sit and wait it out and hope for recovery down the road, or sell, cut my losses as the slide continues every day. I didn't expect overnight wealth, and all investing is risky, but I did not really expect such a complete disaster. Part the problem is my timing, these stocks had already taken a run up and now were over priced and retreating. But why did the fool continue to recommend new members to invest in these companies? Maybe the company fundamentals are good, but the market apparently does not share their opinion. Then as others have mentioned there is the constant upselling of their services. I get more junk email from the fool every day than from any other spam source. I fell for this a few times before I figured out what was happening. Some of these services carry identical recommendations so duplicating information at an increased price. I had to laugh at their so called AI picks. I work in computer science and am very familiar with AI technology. Few if any of their AI picks had anything to do with AI technology, but it sounds plausible and convincing until you apart with money for the service and see what is inside. I will leave you with a few key thoughts. If it is possible to beat the market consistently then why are not the big investment firms all doing this? If one makes enough picks over enough time it will be easy to point to the few that turned out like the Amazons of this world, but how many failures did it take to find those few successes? My summary, not dishonest but not effective either. For every success story there will be a disaster story,

Further to the response made by the fool, I might add that I followed the advice to the letter and I built a diverse portfolio of seventy stocks that the fool recommended. I did make my own selection based on the information provided by the fool. I have made money on exactly one pick from all of those, and it was the one stock not recommended by the fool, and which I located by my own research. The rest are without exception down anywhere from a few percent to forty percent. Maybe if I hold these stocks they will come back eventually, but nobody really wants to be down this much right out of the starting gate. My instinct warned me that a lot of the stocks recommended by the fool were over priced after running up in the first part of the year, but I had paid for their expert advice and I figured they knew much better than I. One might expect declines like this if the market were really down, but it is still pushing all time highs. The reality is stock prices are mostly determined by the institutional investors with large capital pools, and individual investors are along for the ride. It is also difficult to anticipate that perfectly good company stocks, and ones that were the subject of special focus by the fool, would sharply decline even on positive earnings news, just because the market was hoping for something more. I will continue to follow the fool advice and see where this leads, I have little other choice now.

Tip for consumers:
Be forewarned about the constant upsell spam.

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Market Pass, AI, Stock Advisor, Options

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