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I am not a nice man. I am an honest man but make no claims towards being nice.

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Audio Editing - Dean's List, Northeast Broadcasting School -Boston, MA 1995 Photoshop - Self taught but use almost daily Mac/Apple Computers - Use daily and have for over 5 years Internet Surfing - Disabled Vet with time to do so!

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I was going to get internet service through CenturyLink.
Got all the equipment, set it up. Doesn't work. When I called, Centurylink's solution was to have me walk all over the house trying different phone jacks to "see which one the signal is coming through".

I asked, "Excuse me, are you telling me if the only phone jack the internet signal is coming through is in the bathroom or the kitchen, you expect me to move my computer there?"

"Yes, sir"

When exactly did the phone company (or cable company for that matter) start deciding which jacks could or could not be used for their services? I remember when if you wanted a phone, you had service turned on and you could plug your phone into any jack in your house (same with cable). Who are these companies to dictate where I put my television, phone, or computer?

Avoid, at all cost.


Once a good site for wallpapers and sharing your own wallpapers.

NOW; pop up advertising windows are occurring there. "You just won a $500 Wal Mart gift card!" Removing images can be problematic as well.

Use Wallpaper Abyss instead.


Evolver.Com is a really cool website that allows you to create (and even animate) custom 3D avatars for use in blogging, websites, and a host of other applications.

You can even make one of yourself using your own photos. Interface is good, I'm always wanting more; so it's probably great but I'm just picky.

If your kid is bored this is a great "digital version" of paperdolls!

Here are samples of stuff I did:*******000/d4cd1b0b-eba1-4d07-9ad7-fb68cd3d157d/bicyclekick_164.gif*******000/6f5ceb20-9f49-4c85-afe3-8bb688306f88/dance_164.gif*******000/98322bc6-fd43-4eec-865b-eb2db42b4296/dance_164.gif_______________UPDATE_________________

Ahhh, for the love of money... Evolver.Com has been sold. No more fun. No more "look what I can do" moments. There is a new site which owns it
( that will SELL you the software to do what you previously did for free. Ain't it always the way.


This site is better known by it's moniker: Wallpaper Abyss.

This is a site that allows users to upload large (I mean MASSIVE) files for use as free wallpapers. So far, I haven't experienced any "pop ups" like you do with

This is a far superior site. Submissions are monitored, no nudity or partial nudity is allowed, and users receive points/badges for reaching certain milestones. Points can then be used to by "raffle tickets" for various items each month.

My profile:

If you click the images they go larger and larger until you have an image that could feasibly be wallpaper for your living room.

UPDATE: (12/2011) This site now offers a showcase for photography, artwork, and avatars as well. (Get a cool avatar for free, woo-hoo!)


While Directv's service may be acceptable (they give you tv, duh), no one EVER mentions the $485 early termination fee.

This might have been a handy bit of information to have PRIOR to my deciding to sign up with them.


My wife purchased a TracFone with 1200 minutes through a Home Shopping Network promotion. After activating the phone, later that same day, and emergency occurred. I tried calling information to ask for a locksmith. I was treated to a 6 (S I X) minute commercial for Wal-Mart and then was given choices for locksmiths in Albany, New York, Flagstaff Arizona, West Palm Beach Florida. Obviously, 411 with TracFone is fornicated to say the least; I recalled information asking to get the police non- emergency number in the town I just moved to. Again, 6 minutes of commercial and once I am connected with the POLICE, a message comes on stating, "You have no more minutes," and I am DISCONNECTED. Pretty interesting since my phone was to have come with 1200 minutes.

Quite frankly, I see a huge opening and opportunity for civil litigation with TracFone over this. Imagine your mom is having a heart attack, "scary people" are menacing your daughter, or your dad has just been in an accident. TracFone's delay in connecting them costs the lives (or worse) of your loved ones. I tend to think reeming TracFone out would be just a small bit of comfort after their complicity in the demise or attack of my loved one.

Want to buy a cheap cellphone "just for emergencies"? No problem, buy a T-Mobile prepaid. Spend $100 and your minutes last a full year. Skip TracFone at all costs.


Are you sick of going to a social networking site and having some 14 year old (that you could conceivably be the parent/grandparent of) telling you, "You have no idea how the world works!"?

Enter Eons.Com. "A social networking site for Boomers". While it is "grown up" it is not "adult", at least from what I've seen.

Great user interface, very easy to use and upload images, videos, etc.
A profile page that actually LOOKS like a profile page (as some sites are sorely lacking in that regard).

Seems most of the activity occurs within "groups" (based on your interests) but you do have private email. Seems like this might be a good one.

As it stands now, I recommend it. (Cool rating instead of Heart, due to no chat room)_______________UPDATE_____________
Site is now dead but trying to make a comeback.


"15 minutes can save you..."

Sure, until you have an accident, then that stupid lizard takes back everything you saved plus 35%.

After 3 years of initially getting insurance with Geico, my wife had an accident (her first EVER). She stopped at the driveway of our apartment complex, saw no traffic, pulled out; then a county vehicle blew through a stop sign and tried to whip around her. Unfortunately, he took off the front of our vehicle in the process.

After sending NO ONE to look at the accident scene, after sending NO INVESTIGATOR; Geico claimed my wife was 100% at fault. I sent them photos and the police report where the officer amended it stating that my wife was NOT at fault and they reduced her liability to 50%. I asked them, "So, basically she's at fault for being on the road?" They said, "Yes."

Skip the lizard, go with the beagle (the beagle LOWERED our insurance rate AFTER this accident and did not even consider this accident as my wife was not at fault!). Get a pair of alligator boots if ye feel the need to get close to a reptile.


I've purchased a few things on and out of all the experiences, have only had 2 bad ones.

Once I bought a computer, which the seller completely lied about the os that was installed, ram, etc. (Finally resolved but I lost $60 in the deal).
Once I ordered a software upgrade and the seller claimed "We're out of what you ordered so we sent you this instead" (Meanwhile they sold 8 more of what they were "out of", while I was getting my dispute resolved)

I now will order from ebay but I set myself a limit, $25. The amount one could easily blow going out to eat or to the movies. That way, if the deal goes south; I just "watched a lousy movie".

I recommend because you CAN find some unusual and interesting items there, that you may not be able to find elsewhere.

I haven't sold anything on ebay (though I have taken things to an ebay store where they sold them.) Therefore, I can't comment on the selling aspect of the site.

Use it, but be cautious.


I ordered an exercise machine of Feb 22. "You should have this by Mar 10".
It didn't SHIP until Mar 10.

HSN.Com is much better for shipping times and items in stock.

Can't recommend QVC.Com.


Want to make your own "train wreck of a commercial" like Geico?

Xtranormal is the site for you. You can do 1 quick short one or pay for points to make longer more elaborate ones. Here's one I did regarding people "blocking" each other on a social networking site -


Create Debate is an interesting site allowing users to weigh in on a variety of topics as well as post their own polls/opinions.

To cut down on two word expletive laden responses, users are required to respond with a minimum of 50 characters. This eliminates responses by those who cannot form complete sentences.

It can be fun, give it a try.


Jonesing for Girl Scout Cookies?
This site helps you locate your nearest "dealer".

I just love those Do-Si-DosĀ®


Live somewhere that you can't just let your cat roam free, either due to coyotes or cars? Don't feel like carrying your little dog in your purse?

I recommend a pet stroller from Pet Gear, Inc.

We live in an area where the coyotes are especially numerous (and often rabid) and quite frankly, I like my cat too much to feed the coyotes. So, we got a stroller -

This is the model we bought. Fits our 15 pound cat well. He even likes to sleep in it when we aren't even going anywhere (would make a great emergency kennel).

They also have models that attach to bicycles so your pet can go for an extended ride while you exercise (c'mon, we all know we serve our pets anyway)

In general, where ever you go, stroller prices vary from quite reasonable to OMG! Depending on what you want (They have one designed by JEEPĀ®, insert eye roll here).


If you use it rarely and can pay your balance off in 60 days, it's great. If not, you'd get a better deal going to your local loan shark.

I have a balance of $4000 (dentist and veterinary bills) and they charged me $308 (three HUNDRED and eight dollars) in interest in 1 (ONE) month!

If there is any other way to avoid using them, do it.
Think my experience is unique? Do a Google search for CareCredit reviews.


Grouply.Com is now owned by
None of the phone numbers listed anywhere for either site are connected.

Do not, under any circumstances "upgrade your group".
(i. E. Don't give 'em a dollar)

My password mysteriously changed last Friday. I have had no contact and no response from Grouply regarding this. After 32 times hitting the "I forgot my password" link, I received 2 (two) emails with links. BOTH claim the links have expired.

Let's sum it up like this, after my experiences with this site, I find myself checking my shoes to see what that smell is because I HAD to have stepped in SOMETHING!


<img src="http :// i290. Photobucket. Com/albums/ll274/Gun665/SodaHead%20Stuff/bored_evolver. Gif" border="0" alt="bored">

A great website for sharing (or storing) photos.

This site even helped me out as I was trying to send images to my (FORMER) car insurance company after an accident but they "could not accept attachments over 1 MB". (Why did they ASK me to send pictures then?!) I simply uploaded the images (simple, easy, and FREE) to Photobucket.Com, then pasted the url's into an email to the crappy FORMER car insurance company and "magically" the insurance company had the images.

Handy place to store images you use often for emails, websites, blogging, etc.
Go get an account now. It's worth it.


PlayList.Com is great for those who have profile pages that allow embedding of media. You can set up quite large playlists and even share or embed them onto other websites and it's FREE.

<img style="visibility: hidden; width: 0px; height: 0px;" border=0 width=0 height=0 src="*xJmx*PTEyOTk1MjM1OTM*MjgmcHQ9MTI5OTUyMzYwODI*MiZwPTY5NDMwMSZkPSZnPTEmbz1hZDk1NThlOTAxYzA*YzkxOWQx/NTRlNWE5NjY3OGIxMiZvZj*w.gif" /> <object width="450" height="470"> <param name="movie" value="http :// www.musiclist. Us/mc/mp3player_new. Swf"></param> <param name="allowscriptaccess" value="never"></param> <param name="wmode" value="transparent"></param> <param name="flashvars" value=" Xml&mywidth=450&myheight=470& Php%3Fplaylist%3D64804019%26t%3D*******594&wid=os"></param> <embed style="width: 450px; visibility: visible; height: 470px;" allowScriptAccess="never" src="http :// www.musiclist. Us/mc/mp3player_new. Swf" flashvars=" Xml&mywidth=450&myheight=470& Php%3Fplaylist%3D64804019%26t%3D*******594&wid=os" width="450" height="470" name="mp3player" wmode="transparent" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" border="0"/> </object> <br/> <img src="" border="0" alt="Get a playlist!"/> <img src="" border="0" alt="Standalone player"/> <img src="" border="0" alt="Get Ringtones"/>


My Domain.Com is very cool.

Going for a job interview and don't want to give your "*******@YAHOO.COM" address? Through MyDomain.Com you can look and see if your domain name is taken. Many times the dot com is gone, but dot net, info, tv, etc. is available!

I purchased 4 domain names and one email service. For $9 a year I have something cooler than "Yahoo.Com" to give potential clients and 5 email accounts with unlimited size mailboxes (Email account service is $20 a year). Very handy as my wife is a graphic designer and sends HUGE (285MB) files to and fro.

I recommend it to anyone who has their own site as they ALSO have site hosting (but I'm not quite technically proficient enough for that).
As always, smooth sailing breeds complacency. Was charged ($245) for something without being billed. Had charge reversed (begged the bank and they overturned the overdraft fee) and am now moving all of my business to Hover.Com


This is a GREAT website for listening to music while you work on the computer (whatEVER you're doing). Very easy set up, account is free (but you can upgrade for ad free listening) (the ads are very short and infrequent).

Your "station" can be shared with anyone with an internet connection.

I'm listening to it now! (You can too!)*******9970026E&

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