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Their unfortunate "Jab and Go" ad campaign struck a chord. Yet another strike against this morally corrupt company.

I made a promise 2 years ago that I'd never fly with RyanAir again and I intend to keep it.

I booked and paid for 3 sets of flights for myself and 2 family members. Then, I end up needing to go to hospital on the weekend that the flights were happening. The flights wouldn't be for another two months, so I fill out their form that claims to refund in the event of serious illness. My situation was that. I needed this surgery and it was going to be happening. At the time, I had heard that RyanAir are very bad at refunding or giving vouchers if you need to cancel flights, but I thought I'd chance it since the form was there.

The reply I got back was just terrible. I am not exaggerating. The cretin who responded to my email treated me like I was the kid with glasses in a schoolyard full of bullies. "You will not get refunded or a voucher under any circumstances. We never give refunds." She went on to write two full paragraphs that felt like she was belittling me for having the cheek to fill out that form. I felt upset because I was already emotionally vulnerable because I was dreading what was going on in my life. So I send her a reply asking her why she felt the need to be so rude, and she could have just said "sorry, we can't give you a voucher or refund" and leave it at that. Why make someone feel so small.

Instead of answering my question she responds saying "there is no way that you are getting a refund, so there is no point in sending more messages." Seriously, what on Earth?

So I email her back saying that I did not ask again for a refund, I was addressing her rudeness. I said that I would never fly with RyanAir ever again. I know O'Leary says that people say this, then fly with them again. I won't and haven't. It's been a couple of years...

Given the attitude of the woman via email, I would rather fly with Aer Lingus from now on. I've flown with them a few times already and they're honestly much nicer to deal with, and they don't treat their customers like begging scum.

Tip for consumers:
Watch out for hidden charges. Your flight might end up much more expensive by the time you pay for your luggage and other extras.


I recently ordered from Next online for the second time. The items arrived and were perfect. I can never fault the quality of Next's clothes.

However, they need to fix the issue where the Eircode is not printed on the package. I definitely provided it when filling in the address, but the courier had issues delivering my parcel yet again. They couldn't contact me, so my parcel ended up back at their headquarters. I had to phone them myself and provide the Eircode. This isn't good enough that it's happened twice. First time I was available to answer the phone, second time I was not.

Please fix this issue.


I've bought many many things in New Look stores over the years, coats, dresses, jumpers, shoes etc and I've been pretty happy with the quality. They are a high street store, so shouldn't expect high end stuff at those prices.

However, New Look denim jeans, especially skinny jeans, are not worth the money (which is why it's getting 4 stars.) After a couple of washes, skinny jeans widen, lose their elasticity and that's really not a good look. This happens despite the fact that I never put stretchy jeans in the dryer. You're better off investing in a more expensive pair as you'll be out more money in the long run replacing the cheap ones from this store.

I find their sizing to be spot on with most things I buy. I am a UK 12 (US 8) and most of their clothes fit perfectly.

Final verdict. Great for all your other clothing pieces, avoid the skinny jeans. =)

Products used:
Shoes, jackets, skirts, blouses, jumpers, dresses


I've been using Humble for a few years now. I was sick for a long time and was given a Humble Monthly subscription to help with being stuck at home. Every month, for 12 dollars, I was getting a bunch of games. I might only enjoy 2-3 of them, but that's still great value for games that would normally cost a lot more.

I am still getting the Humble Choice classic sub now. 12 games for 12 dollars every month. I pause more often now because I have a lot of games in my Steam library that haven't been played yet.

Oh and a percentage goes to a charity every month. =)

They have some good deals in their store during the sales as well, and I've often bought a key from Humble, that was cheaper than the Steam sale.

Since I've been using their site for a long time, I have ran into issues with keys on more than one occasion. I've found their customer support to be very nice and helpful, and issues have been resolved within a day or two. I honestly have nothing but praise for their support team.

Due warning: If you're a subscriber, (or buy a charity bundle) don't trade your gift links on grey market sites. Because the games are sold cheaply in aid of charity, their subscriber agreement states that they must be activated on your account or gifted to a friend. They have banned some accounts that were caught selling on the grey market or trading to resellers. Just something to be aware of.


I've used Steam for years to buy and play games. I've tried other launchers, but I always went back to Steam. I love the non-game features that other similar game launchers just don't have such as achievements. Achievements give another reason to replay a game that I might otherwise never look at again. Trying to collect them all can be fun in itself.

There are some reviews stating that they got fraudulent charges on their credit cards from Steam while they never used the site. I can say with almost certainty that these charges are not the fault of Steam itself, but scammers who trade in Steam games and keys.

They go to grey market sites and sell games for below their market price. They add the buyer on Steam, then "gift" them the game using your card. The buyer of said game will be the one out of pocket when you make the charge backs to your credit card after Steam revokes the game from their account. But they know the risks when they buy on the grey market, so no need to feel sorry for them. The scammer will have gotten away with their cash though. And you get your money back via changeback. This is what happens in most of those cases.


I love Conquer Club. It has it's flaws, certainly. The UI for starting a new game is a bit confusing for a new player imho. But start simple, create a few bot games and see how it feels.

The general area of the forums can be a little bit of a turn off, but I generally choose not to post in them. Mods have gotten better at putting a stop to the trolling though. I've been a member now for over a decade on and off. I returned because of the covid lockdown and found my love for the game again.

I recommend that new users sign up for SoC training via the forums. They add you into a group where you learn a few tips and meet more players. You can also join Clans if you've been active for a little while and would like to play with teams. I've personally done these things after joining and met some really great people. The site has around 6,000-7,000 active players currently, and you can use the Global Chat to call people to join your games to fill them faster.

Just thought I'd post my positive experience to balance out the negatives.

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