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28 Reviews by Goh

• Updated review

I recently bought from Mata Traders again. The shipping price was reduced (to what I find a reasonable rate) and Mata Traders now uses 100% recycled poly mailers! The packaging was also much more efficient and protective compared to the cardboard envelope Mata Traders used to use.
Apart from that, quality, design and shipping time remain good.

Great products, average customer service
• Previous review

Mata Traders produces items of good quality, although some fabrics have creases than just cannot be ironed out.
Shipping is fast but customer service was completely unresponsive. I once wrote to enquire about out-of-stock items and a year later, I'm still waiting.
Shipping is also $3.40 more expensive than the listed price of the USPS service used.
On the whole, Mata Traders is decent and has consistently provided correct information and delivered as promised.

• Updated review

I bought a pair of Tod's sandals from the Outnet and one of the soles fell off after less than 10 wears over a period of less than 6 months. If it wasn't the inherent quality of the sandals, it could have been because the shoes were kept for too long before they were put on clearance on too long, causing the glue to dry up.

Shop with Caution
• Previous review

Before my most recent order, I've had a few pleasant experiences with The Outnet.
However, on my recent order, I ordered a pair of shoes that were in UK size. As I was unfamiliar with the UK sizing, I used the international size chart converter on The Outnet. It was only after placing my order that I realised that their size chart converter was so off...
So 11 minutes after placing my order, I rushed to cancel it. When customer service replied a few hours later, they simply informed me that it was too late for them to cancel my order, while giving me a very vague response.
From this experience, I believe that customer service didn't even bother to check if it was possible for them to cancel my order, especially because my item was only shipped out two days later. Furthermore, there's a $7.95 charge on returns.
Lesson learnt, I shouldn't have shopped on impulse The Outnet because they make things difficult for their customers. I personally feel that it wasn't entirely my fault because The Outnet provided incorrect information, which I used. The Outnet also clearly has an incompetent / lazy customer service.

Tip for consumers:
It's ok to shop on The Outnet, but don't count on them to give you correct information or a decent customer support.

Products used:
Shoes, clothes


I recently made my first order on Paez and my shoes arrived within the specified number of days (i. E. they came within a week). I found that quite amazing since shipping cost is reasonable and they're shipping from Europe.
The shoes are quirky and comfortable and I absolutely love them. The alpargatas took only one wear to break in, and they fit nicely.
As for sizing, the shoes were definitely true to size, but Paez conveniently has a size chart on their website, which is quite accurate for the alpargatas.


My experience with Nordstrom Rack wasn't the best or the worst.

One traumatic incident that I experienced with Nordstrom Rack was when they sent me a pair of shoes that was 2 sizes bigger than what I'd ordered. The shoes were $270 (which is a lot to me). I had to initiate the return and of course, according to their return policy, I had to pay the cost of the return postage ($5.95) even if I wasn't going to use their return method.

Following that, my order somehow disappeared off the grid and I panicked because it was nearing the end of the return window. Luckily, Nordstrom Rack worked with me and proceeded with the return even with the missing order. (The item eventually successfully arrived at the warehouse after almost a month.)

I personally found it unfair that I had to pay for the cost of the return shipping even though Nordstrom Rack made a mistake with my order. Furthermore, I live overseas and my return cost amounted to almost $30, which I had to bear.

Other than this incident, my experience with Nordstrom Rack was passable. I like the fast shipping even though they sometimes lie about their delivery time and pretend that your stuff has arrived when it in fact only arrives a few days later.


I first came across Kwame Baah footwear on Kickstarter, which is one of the few good things that Kickstarter has brought to my life.

Kwame Baah is an enthusiastic entrepreneur who sells quirky footwear that are both high quality and beautiful. Also, Kwame Baah was responsible and replaced items that were damaged in the delivery process. He also constantly provided updates on Kickstarter and delivered according to the project timeline.

I intend to purchase Kwame Baah footwear again.


This site itself is really bad. It is unregulated and all it provides is a platform for projects to collect money.

The first project I backed never gave any updates and was supposed to give the "reward" 1.5 years ago. To date, I have not heard anything from the creator.

I considered contacting Kickstarter, but didn't, as it states in its terms of use that the project creator is completely responsible for delivering results and Kickstarter will not be liable for any poor results. The backer also has the responsibility to chase the creator if no results are shown.

If you're lucky to get your "reward", it's not because of any miracle that Kickstarter has worked. The success can only be attributed to responsible and upright project creators.


Ive used shopspring.com more than about 10 times and it seems okay. Quite often, they have the same promotions as the original site, although they start a bit later.

Theyve cancelled my orders twice due to out-of-stock items, but it was relatively hassle free. Once, I had to contact them because the seller still hadnt shipped my item out after 8 working days. This issue was settled within a day. I think in this case, they shouldve settled the problem before even have me contact them.

Nevertheless, I find it easy to shop as they source for a wide variety of brands and make shipping free. The only problem is that shopspring.com is very seller-dependent and its just your luck if the real seller is reliable or not.


I got a pair of Minnetonka mocs on Boot America after coming across a promo code, and they had unconditional free shipping. Just received the mocs and they're in great condition in the original Minnetonka box.
Positives: The delivery was super speedy. My order was processed by the end of the next day, and my mocs reached me in less than a week. They got my order correct and it was generally hassle-free.

Negatives: They sent me an invalid tracking number (and because there're so few reviews online about them, and one negative review on fb) I panicked. I contacted customer service twice by submitting a request on their website, and never got a reply for either query. To give them the benefit of doubt, their website may have been malfunctioning since they're a small business.

I will buy from them again should I see anything I like.


Bought from GUESS factory a few times and haven't encountered any problems. I was informed of out of stock items within a week, and the size charts/sizing are generally very reliable. I liked the occasional unconditional free shipping promotions! The most affordable shipping method is quite fast.


Once, I placed an order on Amazon and the seller shipped it without a tracking number. Two weeks went by and my item still hadn't turned up. I contacted customer service and was contacted within a day (or two?) with an immediate offer of a refund.


I placed an order twice on Lord and Taylor, and both times, my orders were rejected on the basis of lack of inventory. However, the stuff is clearly still in stock in my size on the webpage! Clearly they can't be bothered to explain why my orders were rejected.

Update: I contacted customer service to find out more about the rejection of my order, and the customer service replied me in about two working days, and gave clear explanations. Seemed okay. Of course, it wasn't pertaining to refunds etc so I can't speak for that.
Nevertheless, I probably won't shop there again because I've already wasted a lot of time trying to login at checkout, and the solution provided to my "out of stock" problem was rather unsatisfactory. Also, the earlier "out of stock" issue I encountered was somewhat a turn off because they couldn't even be upfront with me about the order rejection.


I bought two outfits that were quite poorly-designed - one jumpsuit which doesn't have a side zipper and only an elasticised upper body that requires you to step into it and the elasticised part will just stretch pass your hips. Clearly impractical. Quality of the fabric was decent but nothing to wow over.
I didn't encounter any problems with orders and shipping. Shipping was completed in about one week? Order was probably processed within two days or so. Product descriptions are super scanty.
Probably won't shop there again cos it's not value for money.


The website is now known as Diegos (diegos.com). I'd planned to buy shoes from them for like half a year but didn't, because of the bad reviews. However, I finally bought the shoes, and they're perfect! The sole feels durable enough, and I love that Diegos has an accurate size chart and I got shoes that fit me (unlike some other sites that are subject to sizing inconsistencies and missing size charts...)
On the downside, one shoe is a bit bigger than the other and my foot is at danger of slipping out. That's nothing I can't fix though, and I still really love them!

• Updated review

I bought from Pandahall again this month and selected a 3-4 working days shipping option. My items came in one working day (Pandahall shipped it on Friday and I got it on Monday)! Super fast and prompt shipping! Also, my items were in perfect condition, easily having the quality of things that certain US sites provide, but for something like 25% of the price! (I got clip on components for earrings).

Acceptable quality and efficiency
• Previous review

It's not as bad as I though it would be (after seeing all those negative reviews online).

The first time I ordered from them (around Christmas), my order was delayed. The customer service officer contacted me to check if I had received my order and updated me on the possibilities for a delay. The second time, my order arrived promptly.

The product specifications are not very clear and I wasn't entirely satisfied with what I had received. For example, I ordered some cord labelled as "cowhide leather cord", only to receive a roll of plastic-looking cord known as faux leather (which was never mentioned on the site). However, I cannot complain for the price that I've paid. The goods are of reasonable quality (no defects to date).

Pandahall goods are also of the same quality as products on some American beading sites, but for less than half the price. Sure, it may be disorganised and all, but they do offer nickel/lead/cadmium free products, which cannot be said for certain American beading websites.

I will not hesitate to order from them again if I need something from pandahall.


I would say the fabric quality is like 4.5 stars. The designs are good and the prices are great! The pictures are true to the products' colours and designs. I've never encountered any faulty products like loose threads etc.
Good for casual wear, but I've managed to get one work dress from Old Navy that had a very reasonable price.
It's easy to get free shipping.


High quality clothes with top-notch designs. Classic and stylish.
Never tried out the customer service, so mayyybeee the customer service is as bad as the one star reviews say. Never had to return anything either.
The size charts are very accurate and the designs are really good! Their loose-fit clothing don't look unflattering, and their slim-fit ones actually make me look slimmer than I actually am:)
The photos depict the designs and colours accurately.
Shipping may be slightly delayed, though you'll still receive your stuff within the expected time frame. For example, on both my orders, I was notified that my items will come on a certain day. I even went to the FedEx site to verify with my tracking number, and the info is the same on the FedEx site. Then on the day, the expected day of delivery suddenly disappears on both sites and my items are clearly nowhere near the destination. It's only on the NEXT day that FedEx says I'll get the item. So basically both times my items came a day after the predicted day. Nevertheless it seems like it's FedEx's fault.
I wouldn't say the items are cheap though, even after the discounts. I'll still buy from Ralph Lauren nonetheless.


I LOVE Banana Republic! The cut, the fabric and the zippers are good. The designs are stylish - very classic yet modern all at once. I find that their pieces are usually good for going out and work wear because the length doesn't get too short. However, the size chart seems inaccurate (especially for the waist). According to the chart, I should be a size 4 or 6 (more like a 6), but 2 seems to fit me the best.
Photos on the site are very reliable as they accurately depict the colours and fit well.
So far, I haven't found the need to return anything, even on my oversized purchases
Shipping is fine. I've always received my items on the promised date. It's easy to get free shipping too!
Prices can be reasonable, making their apparel value for money. I'll definitely buy from them again should I see anything I like on their site.

Tip for consumers:
Try your sizes in the actual store first. I made many off purchases because of the size chart.

• Updated review

I bought from Jute Laune again just to try my luck with the sizing. This time it came too big even though I'd referred to a chart on another espadrille store that had EU sizes. There was a discount though, so prices were good!
I bought the Pom Pom espadrilles, which are REALLY pretty! The fabric is nice and comfortable, but the soles are only partially rubber (like on the edges). The other parts of the soles are made out of jute. So like in the middle, it's jute soles all the way (no rubber outsole). It's okayyy but sometimes feels like I'm walking barefooted, which may not always be very comfortable.
Honestly, I find that the site is poorly-managed because incomplete information is given. The last time I bought from Jute Laune, the entire outsole was rubber (like one complete piece). This time, the outsole is only partially rubber but no photos or info was given. However, actual quality of the shoes is undoubtedly good (like slip-resistant outsoles)

Great everything, but no size chart
• Previous review

The interface of this shoes site is well-done, but the site lacks a sizing chart. The customer service is efficient and good.
I got a pair of espadrilles from jute laune and they're amazing! High quality, good grip and aesthetically-appealing! However, the shoes came two sizes too small for me. I think buying from jute laune is like a trial and error process for you to find a pair of shoes of the right size. Apart from the fact that you may not be able to slip your feet into the shoes, the shoes are perfect.


It was my first time buying from Ann Taylor, and NEVER AGAIN! The photos on their website is too different from the real thing (see attached photos)! Quality is okayyy.
At least the fabric looks like it won't tear, even though I really don't want to keep this thing.


The soles wore out just after five months. I wore them about 4 times a week. I might as well use these shoes for ice skating...
At least the fit is nice and the fabric is still holding up.


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