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10 Reviews by Gita

They removed three of my reviews without even considering placing them in the "unrated" category. The "unrated" category is for reviews that for some reason will not be weighed in with the rest of the reviews. Nowadays you can only view these "unrated reviews" on your computer, not android phone (at least not mine). They did not even consider my reviews for that category. Just removed them, and only two of them had the courtesy of "removed for violations." None of them show up under "about me" although some years back they used to show even the removed under your private "about me." The point is that I believe there are two things wrong. 1) The ones they leave up predominately focus on TSI members complaining about their overage charges or being billed after sending notice or trying to cancel in person. They should have read the contract. Everyone knows you will be billed for one more month, just like leaving your apartment early, especially in NY, Boston, WDC, where there are many urbanites. Why are they complaining about one extra month worth of bill? So most of them are about these bills, while other legitimate ones, such as mine, are removed. 2) I have made it clear that so far I am not annoyed about my billing. I know what I signed up for, and yes, I am disappointed that TSI has closed so many clubs that by now, my passport membership is kind of moot. I probably should go in and ask for $10 off per month, since it's not really possible for me to use the passport anytime soon anymore. But my "beef" with them has more to do with some discrimination I felt I was experiencing as an older minority female. I am not the W/B variety minority, and the service was singling out a few times. On the complaint at Yelp I did say what race I was, and then they probably used that for removal, even though if I was B/W they would have left it in. I am pretty sure that is the reason they chose to remove it. Nothing I said was offensive, and maybe one time it was too long; I was offering some suggestions. But there are plenty, plenty of whiners at the Yelp for the sports clubs, and some of them, are rightfully about the customer service, or the concern of one gentleman at one club I used to visit of feeling like there were "men in towels who did not work out." Ha. I almost could relate to the counterpart in the women's locker-room at that club location. But that is beside the point. It's not fair to TSI to just keep all those reviews of people whining about their bill. These are people who probably pay hundreds in personal attire and grooming, or whatever. There's no way to check out who some of the reviewers are either. Some are clearly saying the same thing at one club then another which makes no sense since you only pay at one club for everything. It is disappointing that Yelp removes my reviews and then keeps these other super-whiny reviews up. It also feels sort of biased. That is why we are writing about it here. I even told them so. Sorry, but otherwise, I do appreciate Yelp. It does offer me a sense of commiseration at this sad, depressing time when we can't even work out that much anymore. I wish that people would rethink everything and sign back up. It's really better than LA or Planet Fitness, and better lighted than Orange Fitness, and more economical than Vida. Even if they didn't get things quite right, it is always a fun place to work out, and the total effect is that it really helps improve your sense of well being.
The former USSR has poured its resources into new unconventional information warfare. This is known in well informed media circles. There is no HC to lynch in 2020 so the strategy is to instill voter apathy. Even the DHS has published a report "Russia likely to continue to seeking to undermine faith in the US electoral process." Now both Ryan and Whitney bill themselves as new generation bold brave journalists. They do innovative if lengthy broadcasts tied to the scandals surrounding COVID, US bioweapons research, big pharma. They are more "libertarian" something RC stated outright in yesterday's broadcast which covers the first presidential debate last night (9/29) in its first segment. RC harps on the pointlessness of the debate and the candidates and implies voting is a waste of time. He has a great number of subscribers and (phantom?) commenters who imho serve as an echo chamber. I tried to write "Very disappointing. Implying voting is a waste of time... you are absolutely blind to the unfolding catastrophe in California, SE US, and did you not hear Biden speak about global warming? Did you not count the times the moderator himself was interrupted?..." Unconventional warfare is real, its asserted by journalists likely incentivized with foreign government pay. There are several trendy news outfits like this that love to report with this dished up intellectual cynicism (cant list them now but they typically include guest appearances at RT). Voting is the privilege women, minorities, many people have fought hard for in the USA. It is irresponsible to even suggest abdicating the voting process at a time when so much is at stake nationally, state, and local level. We need candidates who will walk the talk in representing the people, the planet, the needs of the 21st century. Leaders who are well-rounded and with good common sense. People who want to make the whole world a better place so everyone has the freedom and opportunity to pursue their right to a life of dignity and exemplify truthfulness, compassion, & tolerance.
James Corbett is actually a pretty good reporter and most importantly for his YT broadcast he's got radio voice, wry humor, and eccentric personality. His subjects are captivatingly offbeat for those interested in behind the scenes type reports. Nevertheless I feel compelled to correct some notions people get that he is a magician. He is a clever disinformation agent. Not in the way of actual disinformation but in redirecting the audience from deeper issues. Take his recent series on Bill Gates. You think from all the comments BG was some kind of mass murderer not the beneficent genius who has promoted a pretty reasonably priced marvelous (often times free) software around the world. The contention is BG is a eugenecist and has a hankering to vaccinate everyone with gels that will transform them into zombies who will die when their time is up. A veritable house of horrors is in the offing and Corbett thrills his audience like he's created the perfect masterplot himself. Okay we get that BG is a speculator and overextends himself, but there is a lot more to this covid than Mr. Bill, event 201 or not. Corbett, as https://americanloons.blogspot.com/2013/06/584-james-corbett.html comment by alan mass notes is a Russo operative more likely than not. He appeals as a gentle friendly pacifist nerd, but take a look at some clues. First his subscriber numbers are more than likely inflated and the commentators half are click plantation robots. That is a specialty of the deep state. Second why attack BG? Its to distract from the fact that many states are conducting biogerm research. His reports with careful NLP (neurolinguistic programing) redirect your energies and frustrations upon Bill Gates, not anyone else. Read the report transcripts at corbettreport.com/gates and although well-cited, the argument is thin and flimsy at best. Sure, there is a linear narrative, but who has he actually interviewed to confirm Bill is a eugenicist (or the other elites). Everyone realizes the inherent dangers in germ warfare and that complete vaccinations are hardly ever possible. He uses the poor results of Gates Fdn backed programs in Africa and India as examples. However what were the entire numbers of people who were grateful for medical care and medicines? Does he not know that there are medical officers often making these critical decisions and that social work or poor laws often contribute to malpractice? So this is the vein in which he cherry-picks among the evidence choosing whichever story will help move the conspiracy along. And with his repetition, stage voice, and clever articulation hundreds of thousands of listeners are hypnotized. Again, I do not worship BG or such. I hate the Bing SE for its lousy results and biased filters. Nevertheless BG is also an American hero and entrepreneur who created the new wealth that enriched Bellevue. He only began restructuring after he was basically forced to, and was a generous employer. But as a Russo operative and Canadian and probably Japanese citizen, why would JC feel any kind of loyalty to the USA. His gag of foolish followers listen to his endless spins not realizing JC is a Russo syndicated production TEAM. Yes. No single guy can be pumping out interviews everyday at corbettreport.com, podcasts everyday at YT, and news reports at theinternationalforecaster.com. The last newsletter is very telling. In a recent report on Arctic development, one of the ghost writers slipped up and is using the Robert Chapman byline and even inserted a conversation with the author who he addressed as "James" twice. FYI Robert Chapman died in 2012 of cancer. But these antics indicate the somewhat exhibitionist typical of Russo. And yes the fact that JC is editor-in-chief means he receives or inherited RC foundation funds, so why not just call himself Robert Chapman? Among the associates there is the (infamous) Stephen Lendman who also is an investment become journalist. I think the saddest part about JC and his Pied Piper enchanted groupies is the fact that our chap is based in Japan but he might as well be a walking ghost there. We know the Japan govt is extremely suppressive about news on sensitive issues--and believe me with the Olympics at stake everything appears to be sensitive--- but our fearless bold whistleblower is a real scaredy-cat when it comes to reporting on Japan, Canada, or Russia. Or for that matter Ireland. It all goes to show you what a strange bedfellow we have for an international journalist who thrives from feeds and harvests and clips provided by the Corbett Production Team... Anyway thanx for the free transcripts, James!
I've used computers and internet for decades; nevertheless am not much of an online job center fan. The time it takes often seems self defeating. One resume will not do for specific application to improve keyword searches. You need to do several and tweak each one for the job. If you hear back there is an online application also with lots of uploading docs. Ironically its counterintuitive to your personal identity security to allow strangers, virtual HR, to have all this info. That is why ID theft is a problem. Does anyone know that Simply Hired (they are the best) was bought by Indeed which is owned by Recruit which is based in Japan. Its a Japanese owned multinational and their IT security might be based in Israel. It can influence how your applications are handled. I have not had such good experience that I do not try to complete my research on said company looking to hire to ascertain whether they are accepting applications in person. Seems to me that first handshake and screening is a better indicator than sheaves of messily assembled files. Even waiting for secondary opportunities to meet and greet works better. I pass on playing golf and secret orders though. Remember always back up your docs even questionaires. Reason? You feel better rereading and understanding how arbitrary employers can get. Like they will fault you for not being on LinkedIn then scrutinizing your online profile which goes back to how meeting them in person benefits you better.

PS. Also what really threw me is recently I read a bunch of employer reviews on a late employer (enrichedschool with plural) and I liked many of the criticisms which matched with my experience. The "run dont walk in the opposite direction" had about 45 likes, and the few negative reviews they allowed also had tens of likes. Well I rechecked enrichedschools today and now the likes on negative reviews are below 5. I think they reset the negative review counts which really tells you that public opinion does not matter that much.
Indeed-Support S. – Indeed Rep
Hi Gita, thank you for taking the time to leave us a review. Our job seekers are our number one priority here at Indeed. For your safety, we recommend reviewing these guidelines for a safe job search, https://support.indeed.com/hc/en-us/articles/216354123-Guidelines-for-Safe-Job-Search?isid=careeradvice-US&_ga=2.207417747.1298176150.1516053322-480159301.1512415269.
This is a nonprofit that has grown. It exposes the grassroots nationals for being less than idealistic. Detailed reports on corruption or questionable financing from 350, greenpeace, suzuki, sierra club etc. The exposes are helpful but the purpose is vague. From whois to zoominfo the organization appears to be a group of far left who at times merge with far right in postmodern fractionalization of the media. Could that be the deeper implication to help instill distrust and divide activists. As for the frontspersons are they devoid of any profit motive whatsoever like St. Francis?
This is now my favorite review site. No need to sign in like Yelp. Faster than Ripoffreport.com. You can use it on computer, laptop, tablet. There are sometimes trolls, but they must really have very nice staff who understand how frustrated things can be as a consumer. And I am not just talking about my shopping experience. It can be very poor customer service at a fast food, being harassed by security guards, being told you must never ever complain by some agency with total control, working for an outfit that is a scam, problems with a peer that helps you vent. I know my complaints are often legit, and I don't drop names usually, and I don't have to see my reviews hidden away because it's bad for tourism or something. At pissed you can retract what you wrote or rate something nice too. My favorite thing is the speed. I really appreciate it. It saves you stewing about it, figuring out how to address it in person, and comparing with others have to say. It makes me feel better when there are others who basically confirming what you experienced which can be very important so you don't get taken advantage of and stand up for your rights.
There's very excellent information but this site has seriously been affected by negative search algorithms. The top results usually wikipedia chussodovsky then reprints and finally the site itself maybe. That's one aspect of gatekeeping. The other is the magazine is becoming a lot more selective. It seems they prefer donors, alternative establishment names with fancy titles, and then popular conspiracy theorists. This helps advance the credibility of an alt establishment, fine. But these tend to use hubris & gatekeeping for their own hidden agenda such as capitalist profiteering, divisiveness, and ownership of the message. I can see why millennials dont give a darn about politics anymore. Dr. MC himself is exceptionally hardworking kindly and well-informed. Its too bad their tv channel doesnt show up on searches.
Wsws.org is the go to place for leftist news. Its ad free and full of ideas for news stories. Its pretty legitimate. I always fact check before citing it because sometimes the facts are confuted as props to advance socialism. From what i can make out they have a small but dedicated group of writers and contributors mostly men. The socialists generally have an a priori approach to giving credit. But even seasoned writers dont get much of a byline. My beef with them is stemming from their social networking confusion. On the one hand they are very concerned with growing their flock by any social means. On the other hand they complain incessantly about search engine page views. They wouldnt exist were it for technology yet its as if they expect to be lionized. Enter their group of expert commentators and moderators. Actually anyone can comment which is generous by todays standards. But since they are probably high up on the watch list, there are also all manner of flamers and trollers. Their latest gambit may be trying to put the authors on a pedestal. With that approach the author is predicted to be filled with hubris, with a false sense of high authority, and coming with the territory an above reproach sense of authoritarianism. Recreate animal farm to pick off and further divide the left. There are other great alternative independent news sources out there. Indybay indypendent ecology today etc. Dont limit yourself to just one site or become their groupie.
I used to use FF Mozilla anytime I could, but more and more I am opting for Internet Explorer. IE may not be updated but I never experience the gaping holes in security. This would include fake news aggregator websites, and fake websites. For instance one website instantly informed me I had a bug on my phone, which made me close out really quick, and of course there was no bug. Other times to exit a site, I keep having to fill out "check if you are not a robot" forms (repeatedly). Other times the website tells me that the site is not secure (but it doesn't say the same thing if I enter the site using IE). Other times I enter the site, then get kicked off after signing in while using FF. So all this tells me is that either the public computer I am using at the library or the FF Mozilla has gaping holes through which hackers are trying to steal information. Fortunately, I mostly use an alias while doing any social networking or consumer reporting. However, I notice that whatever is FF's problem, the institutions are also no longer supporting or listing FF in their university SEO platforms. Well, why would they if the SE is unreliable. I used to support FF because I know they are supposedly independent and user-supported, but exactly who are the users right now, I don't know. Maybe FF Mozilla has been infiltrated by a bunch of NSA hackers. I am very disappointed. My report is due to wasting over 45 minutes submitting a consumer report at a site that kept kicking me off, then filing the same report through entering at IE, and finding very little problems such as the site repeatedly requiring robot-form filling then kicking me off anyways.
Sure, many teachers are quivering for the school district, now that Devos is in office. However, what they should be quivering about (rather than quibbling like distressed teenagers here) is the fact that many who are entrenched in the old good old boy system don't even realize that they are unconsciously biased and demeaning. This is why we have a divided country by the way. Teachers frequently align along the better side of the tracks; yet in the public schools, where most of them start out and "are stuck" frequently involve lower middle to lower income students and students of color, even while they are often tenured salaried workers with benefits.
Their patronizing attitudes about free lunches, dumbing down of the curricula, covert racism, self-congratulatory methods sometimes border on contemptible. With the help of school principals, some teachers are promoted through all kinds of favored systems. With a crumbling middle-class, there is a distinct class color gender biases often operating unspoken. One principal told me that working at his HS as an aide would be a "nice gig" for me regardless the fact that this reviewer holds masters degree, high test scores, and other work qualifications. Obviously this principal is so entrenched in his patriarchal complacency ("gee I'm such a tall good looking empowered dude, man") that he doesn't realize how insulting he could be.

How did he promote one rookie teacher 20 years my junior? It seems that he helped arrange for him to receive teacher of the year certificates offered by a for-profit college with a vested interest in funneling graduates to Corinthian. Even after the place went bust, the teacher still displays about six years or so of certificates from that place. When you feed a certain type more than they deserve, their pride becomes overweening. Certificates and publications does not equate with teaching empathy. My comments about a style that does not suit the level of student ability, nor seriously engages them, nor addresses their weaknesses very well, coupled with biases, were worth posting. Ratemyteachers took down the comments, about which I am disappointed but not surprised: anyone can sign up to be a school moderator, and of course in a place with entrenched favoritism, it's probably worth their while to help protect their interests. It wouldn't surprise me if that particular teacher was signed up as a moderator. Ratemyteachers is probably struggling with threats of litigation or slander, but I urge these internet administrators to consider the service they are offering to the public at large.

Not only parents, students, and auxiliary or temporary staff deserve a voice, so do prospective enrollees, or those who are shopping around. There are more forces to consider besides the neighboring value of real-estate, and who is allowed to matriculate into the local movers-and-shakers. Thank you for helping to preserve what little voice we have left to express our views and make our voices heard.

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