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Excellent selection of special diet items I need. Always available at a discounted price. They send frequent percentage off offers to those on their email list. It has saved me hundreds of dollars by ordering in bulk at prices as much as 50% off (after their low prices) and free shipping over $49..

Huge selection of organic, non-GMO, and gluten free products at big discount prices.
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Anyone who uses organic, non-GMO, and gluten free products will find a gold-mine of these on this website. Of course, there are other offerings -- all focused on healthy living. I am a very savvy shopper and have found products on this site that I've never found elsewhere -- online or in the stores in my city. My severe diet limitations and organic, non-GMO preferences make it very difficult to find what I need. In addition, I can order in larger quantities and get great savings. Delivery is, more often than not, next day or two days later. I am not usually so enthusiastic about a site, but this one deserves all five stars.

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This is still worth my daily check in to find out what's happening in my area and to connect with neighbors. But the ads everywhere (beginning, middle, and later on) are repetitive and unwelcome. Wish I had a fast forward, visual mute, or opt out button to make the Nextdoor experience return to being more enjoyable. Also some of the reviews for these ads posted under different "neighbors' " names are simply copy and paste rather than sincere sharing of experiences with the product. Even better would be to make a separate category for these so that it would be an option for those who might be interested.

Only option for connecting with neighbors... can be very useful...
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There is much good to be said about this site. But first... the negative. Hijacking of space by those who post obsessively about lost and found pets is definitely irritating. They are asked to post on other sites and in a special category but don't honor that request. Many people in our neighborhood have left this valuable site because of these kinds of posters.
Now the good... young moms are finding others to meet with, information about community events are easy to find, sales of household items are advertised and purchased by nearby neighbors, free items are given and traded, news of home and car invasions and other criminal activities is circulated quickly, names of trusted tradespersons, local household and childcare help, gardeners, etc. are posted, Meet With a Cop get togethers are advertised, and, currently, sustainability groups are being organized to grow and trade backyard garden produce with other interested neighbors.
Overall, in spite of the endless pet posts, this is an enjoyable and useful way to connect with neighbors and keep informed of what is happening in the neighborhood.


The Carpet Police carpet cleaning service has a five star rating but I do not see how that can be. I had used them at the recommendation of my next door neighbor about five years ago. When they cleaned my carpets it was one of the best experiences I could have asked for. The men who did the work were respectful, professional -- did a wonderful job, and went the extra mile. They were good human beings doing their job with enthusiasm and pride of work. I tried another company a couple of years later and the cleaners were not the same... tried to upsell on everything and charged $5 for every spot. Couldn't believe it. This time I decided to use Carpet Police again because of the excellent earlier experience. But yesterday's experience was a nightmare... now getting a form of PTSD remembering it! The person I spoke to when ordering the service was friendly and apparently remembered me. He looked my address and said my name correctly. He offered me a reasonable price and then said he would apply a 15% discount "to make it more affordable." I was pleased with that and added a chair cleaning to the order. I had an appointment for a certain time and day. The cleaners called and wanted to come 3 hours early because they were finished with earlier appointments. I said that we would not be available until the appointment time (still had many personal things to pick up and wanted to wait until my son was home from work). The caller seemed very displeased but still arrived at the appointment time. From the time they arrived to the time they left, there were almost continual problems. After measuring every foot of the carpet in several rooms (they already had the measurements on file and with them), the lead cleaner said it would be $40 more than what I had been told. After calling his "boss" he said that the owner told him that no one had given me that price. He argued with me about this for some time (he gets paid by the hour... just saying...). His attitude was extremely unpleasant and he proceeded to complain about the spots on the carpet and remained negative about many things throughout the whole ordeal (for me). I tried to speak on the phone with the owner David Bedford (or so he told me) and he was argumentative, dismissive, and kept power talking over me with one kind of denial and "explanation" after another. He said he had never told me the price I was given over the phone. Finally he stopped shotgun talking long enough to say that he would honor the discount price... after forcefully telling me he had already apologized to me and lecturing me on accepting his statement that he was "sorry for the misunderstanding." What misunderstanding? No apology there! Or maybe that is a kind of apology that doesn't accept responsibility for problems caused or rudeness...
Since my son had moved all the furniture, the rooms were ready to go when the cleaners got there. One piece had been overlooked and the lead cleaner told the other one to put it on my brand new light blue velvet couch. I intervened. I can see why there was so much complaining about spots... so that the areas of heavier traffic not cleaned well could not be considered poor work. After researching my stain proof carpet I now see that the wrong cleaning solution may have been used on it. The carpet edges had not been cleaned at all but at my request it was done. Finally, totally exhausted, I paid the price agreed on and they were gone. This morning I saw that the name on the invoice was my neighbors' last name with my first. Like I said, an extremely unpleasant and unprofessional experience. Beware... be alert... and document well any online estimates... As for me, I can't imagine taking another chance with this company.


Unique product (soaps made with bear fat)... poor choice of fragrances... later found it was very drying to the skin and did not lather well...

Today we encountered the creator and owner of this handcrafted soap business at the Tucson 4th Avenue Street Fair. While we were speaking with one of the friends of the owner working in the booth (for about ten minutes), the owner cut me off and rudely told me to go outside so that other customers could get in. There was room for them, but as it was her booth I quickly complied. I was in a wheelchair so backing out took a minute. While I was doing so, she grumbled aloud about "telling my stories elsewhere so that other people could get in." I was just being friendly and responding to the invitation to talk about her business and the origin of her idea to use bear fat in her soaps. In all of the years I sold my products at major flea markets and shopped at similar venues, it never occurred to me to be so disrespectful to potential customers... and not one single vendor has ever been so openly rude to me... for any reason. When we left, the person I was speaking with had his eyes turned away and avoided eye contact. I think this pleasant man must have been ashamed of witnessing such curt behavior. We moved on, not having made the larger purchase we had in mind but returned to get one of the the items we most wanted. The owner had moved her tables and merchandise to the front so that no one could come into the tent. We were very courteous to her in spite of the earlier unpleasant experience. The soap we chose (made with bear fat) was not very good smelling to us but we did not say that. We wanted to try this unique product enough to risk returning to the booth. We did mention that we hoped she would make more next year with the scent we really liked (in one of her other soaps) and that we would buy quite a few if she could do that. Her answer was "Well, you can't have everything you want." What a contrast to the happy crowd of people with the Tucson friendliness we have come to expect at this community event.


They have the best prices for dog food and a complete line of my hard to find brand. I signed up for the autoship. We will see if it works a scheduled. If so, this company can't be beat.


I ordered a chicken coop at a price which was $50 less than two others elsewhere. And those two were already $60 to $80 less than the sources I checked on other sites. The coop came in a couple of days and was in perfect condition. I also ordered organic buckwheat cereal for $2 less per bag than I was paying in the store. Now I always check Jet.com first if I am planning to buy anything.


The unlawful charges were removed on the next statement after I brought the problem to their attention. I did take the issue to my credit card company who resolved it. But the automatic billing should not have happened in the first place since I had cancelled the service. As for the information, I have no comment about that since I barely used the site.


Almost everything is available on Amazon... even things that I cannot find anywhere else. It is never a problem to meet the $35 minimum purchase requirement to get free shipping. Prices for multiples of food items are unbelievably low, so I order by the case of canned organic tomatoes, for example, or anything else I use often. I am always surprised at the quick delivery time in my city... often the next day. I once was sent a case of dented cans and it was replaced within 48 hours. The returned case was picked up at my front door shortly after I called to tell Amazon about the bad shipment. I also like that Kindle books can be ordered on this website and can be almost instantly downloaded to my Android tablet. Good products... but good service is everything!


Where was I all these years that I spent $100 ++ on cable with all the bells and whistles? During those years I only watched Netflix occasionally and did not discover the amazing amount of interesting content they offer. Now that I have free television with limited (but sufficient) content, I have found many Netflix "treasures" that I would never have discovered before. The documentaries are unique, plentiful, and top rate. The older classic movies... those I never had a chance to watch when they were produced... are wonderful entertainment, much to my surprise. I have found that these older films actually rely on good plots and good character interaction... unlike many current favorites that rely mostly on special effects and competition for the fastest action possible. Best of all are the foreign movies which give me an opportunity to be part of the cultures and concerns of countries I would never be able to visit. Also, I find that I do not mind waiting a year or so for the latest episodes of a favorite television show that I cannot access with free television. I have enough to view with all the other choices available.


The one stop shopping idea keeps us coming back. If we need anything for our puppy or rabbits, we go online first to find the coupons and then to the local PetSmart. We are bargain shoppers so we always watch for the sales and promos. It helps to join their customer club also. Prices can be high but the quality and selection is very good. When on sale, the prices are better than most for most items. About 90% of the employees (in our Tucson area store) are very knowledgeable and friendly, especially the managers. The others... well... we wonder how they got jobs anywhere. Social skills for these sullen ones seem altogether missing. The young woman at the vet clinic desk was so eager to sell us the insurance package that she ignored every question we tried to ask. We decided on the basis of her rude and pushy attitude alone that this was not the right vet service for our baby dog. Also, we had to miss a couple of weeks of dog training and, even after leaving messages, we could not get the promised return call from the trainer to schedule makeup sessions. We had to go in to the store several times until we actually found him there before we could work out makeups. One of the employees at the doggie daycare was very unpleasant when we asked her a question about the service. On the plus side, the store has a policy of inviting customers to bring their dogs along to meet other dogs and their owners (as well as to purchase services and more food, and toys, of course). Dogs must be on leash, but otherwise it is a kind of indoor dog park. We have met several friendly people and their dogs (and children) while walking down the aisles shopping there. Our puppy likes to choose her own toys and knows what she wants. So it is a socialization opportunity for her... and us. And yes, our little doggie girl has us well trained.


Today I walked out without buying what I had brought to the counter to purchase. First time ever! It was President's Day and none of the sweet, helpful sales people were working... at least none that I encountered. Once again, the coupon scam was in place. With two 50% off coupons and the "20% off of all purchases" in hand I carefully picked out the items I had come to buy. When I got to the counter, I was told that the 20% off "your total purchase" did not apply to my purchases because I had used the 50% off coupons. This restriction has never (to my knowledge) applied on these percentage off days. And I have shopped at JoAnn's frequently... and I mean frequently! Ok.
So there was a change of policy without notice. It was in very tiny print on the coupon. This reversal of policy has happened on other situations where coupons were involved. That's how you get charged without realizing that you haven't gotten the discounts you were expecting. You get used to one "policy" and never think to review the total bill (which is higher than expected). When I questioned my bill, the woman at the register said "honey, just slide the card" and pointed to the card reader. She kept repeating in an impatient way "just slide the card" and pointing. Mouth open I turned away and said "just keep it." In her acid, patronizing voice she replied "now you have a nice day." Another word of warning... expect to be cheated and question every single purchase if you use coupons. I, for one, will not shop in our Tucson store unless I can be helped and check out with the honest and respectful employees who have made it a pleasant experience. I see negative reviews of the website, but the store can be just as problematic.


Almost all of the restaurants have $50 minimum purchase requirements. Many are good restaurants but when you have already spent $10 and must spend $25 more before the tip, it is not really a saving. I bought several of these before I realized what was going on. When I did, I felt deceived and that I had wasted a lot of money. The only restaurant that was worth it was Opa's in Tucson. We ate our meals and then ordered another two to take along for the next day... in order to reach the $50 minimum. Opa's food is exceptional Greek cuisine and the atmosphere and service are truly old country style.

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