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9 Reviews by Gerry


I bought their IDE/Sata USB drive interface back in 2018. Needless to say the warranty was over. I needed this to help support my customers, since my job is I. T. Support. When I bought the product I did not ever test the older IDE interface on the device until recently. I had to go through some older drives. Well, 2 different IDE drives would not work on the device. I contacted the company to ask them if there was something I could do to read the drives. They did give me some ideas on what to do. However, this did not work. Obviously the IDE port was defective when I bought it but I did not know this. The person I was in contact with believed what I told her and said she would send me a new device. When I got it I plugged it in and it worked perfectly on the two drives I was having problems with. I even asked if they wanted me to send back the bad one, but they said don't bother. Anyhow this is the type of company that is really nice to work with because they stand behind their products and have great support. I highly recommend them.


The fact is that any insurance company will sell you what you want for insurance. If the insurance company tells you what you need, consider all the law suits that happen with car accidents. Do you really have enough insurance? The best way to keep all insurance companies honest is to get 3 quotes. Make sure your quotes are comparing apples to apples. Insurance companies make this almost impossible to do. The one way you can make sure that you can compare apples to apples is tell them to quote the following way.
1. Separate all vehicles and homes.
2. Tell them to quote a monthly payment for each one. This is how you get a honest comparison.
3. Also, make sure that you are giving the same limits on all of the things like deductibles and policy limits. This is really important!
4. Also, you have to ask them what percentage of damage to your car do they consider the car totaled. You will find the cheaper companies percentage of damage repair to car value will be a lesser percentage than the better companies (The better companies pay up to 90% of the value of the car to repair it). This is because they can sell the totaled car in auctions that car dealers will buy cars from. This money helps to offset their out of pocket. So, the sooner they can total your car the more money they get. Remember a totaled car can usually be repaired and sold again. Crazy huh?
5. Make sure to include any monthly fees in your quotes.
6.In some cases you have to join a membership.
Side note: Also, what is their policy around totaling your car. Typically they will give you the option of buying the car from them. This is not prudent. So, be careful about this one.

Tip for consumers:
This site had good facts about insurance in general.

Humana Pharmacy

So, as the title says, I never received a medication order even though it showed delivered. I started to call on the order 9 days after the order was placed. When I finally got through to someone with broken English I was told I have to wait one more day for the 10 day period to be up. So I called back after 12 days and the nightmare began. I was on the phone with 4 different call center people who kept transferring me to a pharmacy tech and then was disconnected after waiting on hold for 15 to 20 min. So I had to start the process all over. This happened 3 times. So, now I am holding again for someone in the pharmacy. They won't ship the order or cancel it until I speak to someone in the pharmacy. So, I am stuck. The funny thing is that I can order the medication I need locally and use a GoodRx coupon to get the medication for less than my Humana pharmacy charge. Take a guess what I will do the next time I need medication? That's right, go through GoodRx and by pass the Humana nightmare.


So, on 10/29/20 I went to the Post Office to ship a package to an address in Florida. While I was there I was presented with the option to ship it standard or priority. I chose priority so it would arrive on Monday the 11/2/20. I checked the status on the 11/8 just to verify it arrived on 11/2. Low and behold I found that the package left my local post office and the distribution center only to find a delay in arrival. This message continued through the weekend. So, on 12/9 I called the Post Office to see what the problem was. The guy on the phone told me the package must be lost and he needed to submit a trouble ticket for the local Post Office to find it. So, there is nothing I can do now but wait. I called the person I was sending the package to and he said this is the 4th one that the Post Office has lost. So, it seems the post office is no longer reliable for package delivery. If I were you I would not ship anything via the Post Office unless you are OK with it getting lost. Remember the Post Office is a government office that is not responsible or accountable for anything they do wrong. You can't even sue them. My post office (Arlington Heights, IL) is probably the worst Post Office in the state. Even the news did a story on them since there were so many complaints. This is the Post Office that is supposed to find my package. Yea Right?


This WALMART does not enforce employees wearing masks correctly. I was just at the WALMART at 1460 Golf Rd, Rolling Meadows, IL 60008 on 09/11/20 and I noticed a good percentage of their employees were only wearing their masks over their mouths. This is the same as not wearing a mask at all. So, you need to take extra precaution and stay clear of these people or do not go to this WALMART. When people only wear masks over their mouths, they are breathing through their nose. This is how people breathe normally. When this is the case it means they are contaminating the air around them. This puts the customers in jeopardy if the employee happens to test positive for Covid 19. I happened to be at this Walmart to pickup an Air Mattress. While in this section of the store I happened to be in an aisle where two employees were walking by me. The one female employee named Bhadravati did not have her mask on at all. I asked her to put it on. She must not have heard me so I asked again. The other employee (Luis), next to her also told her to put her mask on. Finally she did. Shortly after that she was speaking to another customer. Unfortunately when she put her mask on she only had it over her mouth. So, I proceeded to tell the employee that was with her that I was going to write a review about this Walmart and mention that it is not safe for customers to enter this Walmart. This employee seemed oblivious to what I was telling him. I proceeded to leave this Walmart.

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So, we had to go back to Menards today, 08/31/20 and return an item that we bought last week. Just to see if Menards acted on the review I told them I was going to do last week. It seems they really don't care about their customers safety. A good percentage of their employees continued to disregard the mask policy. Most of the offenders did not have their nose covered by the mask. A couple of them actually had the mask pulled down below their mouth. If you go their you really are taking a huge risk. We have decided to discontinue doing business with Menards.

Menards (2700 Lake Cook Rd, Long Grove, IL 60047) and your safety
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Menards does not enforce employees wearing masks correctly. I was just at the Menards at 2700 Lake Cook Rd, Long Grove, IL 60047 and I noticed a good percentage of their employees were only wearing their masks over their mouths. This is the same as not wearing a mask at all. So, you need to take extra precaution and stay clear of these people or do not go to this Menards. When people only wear masks over their mouths, they are breathing through their nose. This is how people breathe normally. One of these people was operating one of the registers where people check out. We happened to be in this line and did not notice this until we got up to this person. I immediately asked the person to put the mask over their nose. They would not comply with this request. I asked several times. Then I finally told them I would go speak to the manager of the store. I did this and pointed out the person that was not wearing their mask correctly. The manager seemed oblivious. I then told him that a good percentage of their employees were not complying with wearing their masks correctly. It was like talking to a wall. I did let him know that I would be putting this incident on line. Again he seemed oblivious. My advice to people is, if you want to stay safe then you should avoid this Menards.


We have been regular customers of Meijer in Rolling Meadows. We noticed that some vendors, employees and customers do not wear their masks over their nose. This means they are breathing through their nose and possibly contaminating the rest of us. When we were there two weeks ago I went to the service counter and spoke to one of the store managers about this. He said that they do enforce wearing masks properly. I told him what I saw and he said he would walk the store and rectify the situation. So, I thought that from that pint forward they would make sure that people comply with the mask policy. WRONG! When we were there today I saw the same exact behavior. I did not go to the manager again because it is obvious that they only check when asked to. Their vendors were the worst at covering their nose with their mask. So, I guess Meijer does not care about the protection of their customers.


So, I ordered my medication back on 12/2/20. I finally called the company on 12/11/20 asking them where my medication was. They looked up the order and found that USPS said they delivered the package to me. Needless to say I never received it. So, now the company said I have to wait one more business day to reorder the lost order. Thanks Arlington Hts., Post Office for another poor job. It's amazing that the news even came out to this post office and did an interview because of all the complaints. The manager of this Post Office is still in charge. He has been the one here through all the complaints. When is somebody in government going to do something about this.


So, I have been having major issues with WOW's internet. It got to the point where I actually tracked the outages and was calling them weekly for a credit. Finally I thought I had a support person on the phone who was really helping me. He said that the issue was that I had the basic internet and with the load because of covid that I was having all these issues. I said that is your problem not mine. He said that he would bump up my internet to the next level and keep my charges about the same. I said go ahead. So, he came back on the phone and told me that my monthly charges with everything would now be $131 and some change. This was only a couple of dollars more so I agreed. My issues did go away after this change. Then I got the bill a few weeks later and guess what, My charges went to $141 and some change. So he lied to me. Now I have to battle with WOW about this. These guys really suck. I have to change vendors. I would not recommend WOW as a provider of services.

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