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Gene"Gene" K.

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About Me

I've used some websites for many hours over the courses of months or even years.

How I Can Help

I have extensive experience with some websites and also quite a bit of knowledge based on what I've learned on those websites.


Spirituality, video game development

2 Reviews by Gene

I'll tell you how this is a psychic scam website. First I'll write the flaws of this system then I'll write my own story.

Here are the 3 major flaws of this system:

1) Kasamba has the right to delete a bad rating you leave for their websites, and has. This has been done quite a bit just because a psychic has complained. This is not right- this is just corruption.

2) You have only 14 days to leave a rating. This is wrong because psychics tell you what will happen MONTHS in the future. And for those naive and/or gullible people thinking their positive, too-good-to-be-true reading will come to pass, they leave perfect 5/5 ratings.This one works with point #3 here.

3) Once you leave them a rating, you cannot take it back. This is corruption too because once your prediction has failed, you cannot leave a bad rating to them. This is very dishonest for Kasamba to do- heck all 3 of these are very dishonest for them to do.

Here is my story of how Kasamba has messed me up. I know it's long but please bear with me and read it fully:

In 2007 I was struggling with a mental illness. So I had an idea to get a psychic and/or a spiritual healer to help me. I went there for that first. Eventually a fake psychic has told me that my soulmate will come in some month in a few months and said I need to heal myself to be able to take her- I knew that because my mental illness messes me up emotionally and psychologically.

I've continued getting readings but this time I was interested in getting readings about this girl whose nickname I will give as "N".

It all started when she(N) kept asking me for attention. I tried ignoring her because at that depressive state I knew the relationship wouldn't workout and at least I would get hurt. So I was going to different psychics on Kasamba and they were all telling me that she likes me even though I have rejected her and have "hurt" her. Eventually a psychic I've trusted said that she was my soulmate. N kept talking to me every time in class and then at my school's event called the "Country Fair" she and her friends have come up to me and we have "hung out". I have an interested or even a liking towards N there and I thought it would workout now, now that she was my "soulmate". At that fair, she has asked me for the most expensive toy. As my friend has correctly pointed out, she was using me, but I didn't know it at the time.

The next thing that happened was her(N) abusing me. I saw her walking with a friend and she saw me and she SUDDENLY STARED AWAY and began walking and TRYING VERY HARD TO IGNORE ME. She tried to be SO into the conversation with that friend of hers. Then it was the subway where we were together and I've come up to her and greeted her and she was like "LEAVE ME ALONE!". I was confused- and still am to this day in 2018. What did I do wrong? I didn't do anything! The next day something even weirder has happened to me. I was at the subway and she was talking to 2 guys and then when I have continued walking THEY SUDDENLY TURNED AROUND- VERY SUSPICIOUS and one was looking at me. A fake psychic who've I've trusted named Psychic Catina has said they were "protecting" her and that if I have come they would have stopped me. I don't regret acting normal and not going to her. I don't know how she could convince those guys in a minute or so to be my enemy but one guy I had a class with. I started to regularly go to Psychic Catina. She said that she was still hurt from me rejecting her back before (before the country fair) and that her friends were advising her to take revenge against me. That her friends were telling her "start talking to him, be his friend then just DROP HIM LIKE THAT". That is the most immature thing I've ever heard in my life. This is spiritual retardation. But I doubt it was true- though it may have been by coincidence and not by Catina's own doing. Catina also has said that she was interested in me but her friends were telling her not deal with me. This psychic named Tealah also told me that her friends don't approve of her liking me and that is why she was doing these things to me. I've decided to try to change her mind.

So me and Catina had decided for me to talk to her on a Friday by me riding the bus 2 extra stops and me getting off at that stop which was N's and me "apologizing" to her. I did just that but she told me she had to go and I just couldn't bring myself to say it- I had too much anxiety.

Then, me and Catina had decided that I write her a letter and I did. I've written her 4 pages of apology. I saw her and she seemed to pretend she was hurt and I gave her the letter and she thanked me. At the letter I have stated that I rode 2 subway stops just to catch her alone to apologize to her. That's when things have begun getting worse.

I wrote at the letter to meet up with her and I went to that place at that time but she didn't- I was hurt.

Okay that wasn't the worst part then.

It was literally the last day of school and I see her and her friend who I will use the initials "L". I have asked to talk to N in private. N was mean and angry and said we should talk in front of L which I couldn't do. I've wanted to speak to her in private! Then N has said "there is nothing to talk about" and said I wrote her a 4 page letter like it was 2 sentences. Her friend L didn't do anything there but sit quietly. I've practically BEGGED her for 15 minutes at the stop and the subway ride to talk to me but she kept being mean to me and hurting me. I was finally seeing her true colors.

Then it was summer off from school and I've felt like my summer vacation was ruined. I then had mixed feelings for N. I have went to Tealah to ask about why N did that to me and Tealah said her friends are manipulating her or whatever and that N must always get "two thumbs up" from that person L. Otherwise she would have really talked to me. But she was so mean and rude towards me- as if she was truly in control.

I've kept going to psychics and they were LYING to me saying N had feelings for me, that she was sorry for what she had done etc... It is such BS. Multiple psychics have said that to me.

Next is school. I was hurt and angry and had mixed feelings for N but still had more positive feelings towards her than negative- because psychics were influencing me. I noticed that N was asking me for attention at certain times. The most was when we were riding the train car home she would stare at me. Every few seconds she would turn around to stare at me for 5 seconds then turn back and repeat the process. I didn't start at her- I saw at the corner of my eye using peripheral vision like soldiers. One time I did look at her and then she stared at me longer- for like 10 seconds. So I go to a new psychic and ask what N was feeling for me and the psychic said she was feeling "warm feelings" for me. The next day the same thing happened with N staring at me- but at this time less. I have message N on myspace and all hell broke loose. N was like "YOU THOUGHT I HAD FEELINGS FOR YOU!? I HAVE A BOYFRIEND!! AND BESIDES I DON'T WANT TO BE FRIENDS WITH SOMEONE WHO HAS STALKED ME HOME- DO YOU REMEMBER THAT YES NO MAYBE?!". At that point I almost went into full depression or meltdown. I've finally realized THE TRUTH. The truth being that ALL these psychics were lying to me that N doensn't like me and her friends are NOT influencing her and that she is a terrible person and especially she is NOT my soulmate. But I wasn't sure yet until something has happened. What do I do next?! I START COMPLETELY IGNORING HER. And what happens NEXT? 2 weeks or so later SHE COMES UP TO ME AND SAYS HI TO ME!!!! I've finally realized N is a prick and those psychics are liars who are using me for money. I finally KNOW it!

Recently I had a reading with a REAL psychic at Certified Psychics and she said N at-the-time knew I was different and that I've liked her and that she took advantage of me at that time. Also that N thought she could be mean to me and I will still like her. Now THIS was a true reading, finally!

All these psychics on Kasamba were DEAD WRONG... ON EVERYTHING!!! ALL OF THEM!!!

This company is a scam. They do not test any of the psychic's abilities and take in anyone- so it's hard to find out who is a real psychic. At least most of the psychics there are scammers who are after money and exploit the people who have problems. There is NOTHING that Kasamba/liveperson can throw at me that I can't refute. I know that FROM THIS EXPERIENCE at least MOST of the psychic readers there are fake.

Tip for consumers: Don't use it- try Certified Psychics

I don't know why there are so many positive reviews about this website- that is fishy because the website doesn't truly have real psychics. I've had 4 readings with 3 psychics and they were all dead wrong. They gave me information that I KNEW was false. One psychics has changed his reading when I have told him what he was saying was false and what was true. These readings weren't any better than the readings I've had at Kasamba. These people are NOT who they say they are- they are fake! If we're lucky, maybe 1 in 20 people actually have "the gift" of psychic abilities on there. I think that all the good writers here are BEING PAID to write this website 5 stars. If not, why did ALL my readings with these "psychics readers" fail me?

Another thing wrong with that website is that I CAN'T LEAVE NEGATIVE RATINGS TO THE READERS. Almost all the reviews for those psychics were positive. I have contacted the staff and they said they would would the bad rating for me but its been weeks and it still hasn't happened yet. There are some other issues with the website that are technical but it's corrupt that you can't leave negative ratings about the psychic readers.

Here's the final issue I have with this website: The website is not being completely honest- they offer spells etc. but there is no such thing as a spell as you cannot alter other people's free will (for love spells etc.).

Tip for consumers: Stay away! Go try Certified Psychics

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“Please don't try Sonya starr angel. She have many friends/fake people that posted positive reviews about her A LOT. Her timelines absolutely wrong and whenever she got bad reviews she will report it to Kasamba and the reviews being taken down.”

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