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The other day I discovered an incredible GEM a few miles from my home.

This hidden GEM is the Aloha Foot Spa and Salt Room located in the Peppertree Shopping Center (next to Winn Dixie) in Margate, Florida. It is owned by Alan and his wife Rose Marie, both lovely folks.

On the walk back to the salt room, there is a dimly lit (a wonderful ambiance effect) room where massage therapists are working their magic on lucky recipients.

It was the first time I had experienced a salt room. From the moment I walked into the room, I could feel the stress leave my body. Every comfy chair in the salt room comes with an incredibly plush towel.

Alan put my bag in a large zippered vinyl bag and since this was new to me, he began to tell me what I could expect before the session began. This included explaining the 2 modes of breathing (one for relaxation and one for clearing the lungs). After I removed my shoes, Alan told me to build up the Himalayan salt pieces around my feet. Ahhhhhh!

Picking up on my fascination with this new experience, Alan took a flashlight and held it up to the vent where thousands of salt particles were streaming out and being circulated around the room. This was particularly interesting to me, since I have been fascinated with the benefits of the Himalayan salt lamps for years.

I could continue to rave about this place for hours.

I will simply add that Aloha's prices are extremely reasonable for every service they provide.

If you live in South Florida, plan on visiting South Florida or know anyone who lives in South Florida, please make a point to visit the Aloha Foot Spa and Salt Room. Alan is a super friendly guy and he will be glad to show you this little piece of heaven. Don't let the outside fool you. Once you walk through the doors, it's a very different world from the rest of the shopping center.


Where is your "zero" stars option?"

Evidently, the company "Buddha Power Store" has other names it goes by... The Viral Gadgets (TVG) and Squalet Pte Ltd are two other names. Prospective customers, beware.

Someone on my FB page shared their link and it caught my eye.
I was interested in one of their pendants which came with another of the same pendant FREE.

I placed the order for one of their pendants and paid $49.95 via Paypal. Within minutes, the confirmation came in and instead of my being charged $49.95, I was charged $99.90.

Smelling a scam, I immediately wrote back to the company telling them that I wanted to cancel the order. An hour or so later, I received an email from them thanking me for my purchase. My request for a refund was blatantly ignored. I wrote back to them that I had cancelled the order immediately after receiving their invoice with the wrong amount.

I received additional emails from them, acknowledging and thanking me for my purchase. I realized that they were never going to acknowledge my cancellation and refund my money, even though their site claims they honor refunds.

Called Paypal yesterday afternoon. I explained the situation, gave them the facts and they credited my money back immediately. Thank you, Paypal. I love you and the buyer protection you provide.

This evening, that bogus company had the gall to e-mail me the following:

We'd love to hear what you think of our customer service. Please take a moment to answer one simple question by clicking either link below:

How would you rate the support you received?

Good, I'm satisfied

Bad, I'm unsatisfied

Below is the e-mail I sent back to them.

Your customer service sucks. It's awful. It's the pits.

You did not acknowledge my request for a refund (that I asked for within a few minutes of placing the order). I cancelled the order because your company got the order wrong and charged me double what the total was supposed to be.

Instead of acknowledging my refund and issuing me a refund, you sent me additional emails thanking me for the purchase.

I have Paypal to thank for refunding my money. Not your scamming company.

Just go away.


About 2 weeks ago, I saw an ad pop up while I was on my computer. It was for a face cream that supposedly works wonders for the face.

They were offering the facial cream for $4.95, the cost of shipping.

Having been scammed years ago with a different company with a similar scheme, I was very careful to look for any fine print regarding recurring billing.

NO WHERE on that ad did it say anything about future automatic shipping and billing after the $4.95 cream arrived.
Got my credit card statement today which showed 2 charges from Instantly Vivid 15. One charge was for $4.95 and another charge was for $89.87... 11 days apart.

I called my credit card company, explained the situation and told them that I wanted to DISPUTE the $89.87 charge.

They asked if I had called the company first and I said no.

I called the company, repeated the same story that I shared with my credit card company. I told the woman that I did not sign and / or agree to future shipping and billing of their product.

The woman had the gall to tell me that the recurring shipping and billing info was right above where I put my name, address and credit card info.

I told her that it MOST CERTAINLY WAS NOT.

I asked for a cancellation number and she eventually gave me one. I called my credit card company, who had already put that charge in dispute, and gave them the cancellation number.

A few more comments.

Their online ad says that the company is owned by Kathie Lee Gifford.

The jar I received is 1 ounce. Inside the jar is a plastic lining, so you get even LESS of the cream than if the jar were completely filled.

I guess I'll never find out if the size of the jar for $89.87 is the same size I received. If it is, saying that this company is getting away with highway robbery would be paying them a compliment.

Oh and one more thing... This product claims to have many healthy natural ingredients. After putting a magnifying glass to the ingredient list on their label, I was very hard pressed to find more than 4 "healthy" ingredients and they were at or near the end of the long laundry list.


Site lock is a company that claims to provide security and protection to your website.

Unfortunately, today they have managed to creep into "bed" financially with probably every major hosting company out there.

Most hosting companies have an automated recording before you can speak with an associate. Such was the case with my hosting company (who I absolutely loved prior to getting entangled with site lock.)

I called my hosting company when I suspected that my website had been hacked. On their recording, it said to press "so and so number" if you suspect that your website has been hacked.

I pressed the number and a young woman answered. I explained to her the concerns I had regarding my website. She was soooo sweet and understanding and assured me that website security was their expertise and they would get right on it. That's when I realized that it wasn't my web hosting company that I was talking with.

Before I knew it, the rep transferred me over to a male associate who was very talkative and high pressure.

I am not going to go into the whole OVERPRICED ABOMINATION that I experienced with them. Matter of fact, months and months later, I am still so disgusted and angry with site lock (who I call s_it lock) that I NEVER EVER want to see or hear their name again. They did NOT do what they promised they would do.

There is so much more that I could say (ALL NEGATIVE) about site lock. Honestly, I refuse to waste my good breath and intelligence on these lying and useless scumbags.

If you suspect that your website has been hacked, please do not call your web hosting company. I am sure they are getting a nice cut of the $50 and up a month "monitoring" that site lock charges.

Through this nightmare, I had the pleasure of finding "Jim Walker, the Hack Repair Guy." He is very honest, he explains everything, tells you what needs to get done and moves on it fast. His website is https://hackrepair.com/about/jim-walker-the-hack-repair-guy

No, I am not getting paid to endorse Jim. Matter of fact, he isn't even aware that I am sharing his name.

Site lock, you may be a multi million dollar company. Just so you know... Bigger companies have fallen from their grace. Byeh Byeh, site lock!


I am convinced that the 2 people (thus far) who gave them a 5 star rating are friends or family of Ace Deal Store.

Just go into oblivion, Ace Deal Store. You are scam artists and cons like the other folks say.


One of my favorite places to eat.

Food NEVER disappoints.
Extensive selections / options
Friendly and courteous help
Clean restaurant
Great Rewards program
Free offers / specials e-mailed to you once you become a rewards member
If they ever disappoint, the corporate office will always make it right.

Pei Wei ROCKS!


I just deleted my storevny shop. I closed it exactly 6 months ago and had to wait 6 ridiculous months (their requirement) from the last sale to delete it.

I opened my shop in 2013 / 2014 as an opportunity to generate sales aside from my website.

I was never crazy about the word "envy" in their name cause that is not an "enlightened" word, however I decided to give it a go.

Storenvy started out being completely commission free. In time, they needed to generate income (rightly so) and came up with a way to do so. It was called "The Marketplace."

The Marketplace was supposedly designed to provide additional exposure to the storenvy shops. If customers went to your shop by going to storenvy.com rather than directly to your store, it was considered a "marketplace" sale. All sales that were generated through the marketplace were subject to a 10% commission.

From the start of their initiating the marketplace, they claimed that you always had an option of whether to continue to promote your own store (and not pay a commission) or supposedly increase your exposure and pay the 10% commission.

Since I had my own website and respectable following on my FB business page, I opted not to go with their "Marketplace." Storenvy was already getting tremendous exposure from me because I was promoting it on my website and on my FB page.

A short time after I opted to turn off the "marketplace" option, my weekly sales went from (between 3 - 8 items) to basically nothing.

Several repeat customers had shared with me that they went "directly" to my store only to NOT be able to purchase anything. A few of them were required to completely fill out a brand new buyer "application."

After a couple of months of being hounded by Storenvy "pop ups" and e-mails to "open the marketplace" option, I decided to do so.

Here and there, a few orders came in, however it was nothing like what I had been getting. And... the majority of these purchases were shown as coming from the marketplace. I know for a fact that the majority of these customers went DIRECTLY to my store using the link I advertised on my website and FB page.

You know the expression. You can't beat someone at their own game? Well, that is true.

If storenvy had charged a flat 3% (across the board), my shop would still be there.

They appear to offer sellers an option to join their "marketplace" and if they don't... Oh well.

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