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I was taking the drug Simvastatin made by Northstar drug Co. To lower cholesterol and it took the vision out of my left eye twice and left me with permanent vision loss. THERE WAS NOT ONE WORD ABOUT VISION or eye PROBLEMS IN MY ADVERSE SIDE EFFECTS PAPER I GOT WITH THE MEDICATION. I contacted an Attorney to file suit against the drug maker and he told me that the FDA protects Generic drug makers from lawsuits PLUS ALLOWS THEM TO OMIT THE DANGEROUS SIDE EFFECTS OF THEIR DRUGS FROM THE PATIENT ADVERSE SIDE EFFECTS PAPERS YOU GET WITH THE MEDICATION. I am now left with permanent vision loss and no course for compensation. The FDA is the entity that is supposed to protect the consumer from this kind of thing but they protect BIG PHARMA so they can sell their 'POISONS" CHEAPER and cause blindness, vision loss and death. The FDA should approve STREET DRUGS as they are far safer then what you get form the pharmacy as I have never heard of a street drug blinding someone.


After opening a Microsoft account and getting 19 low life sex spam the next day I closed the account and went to Internet Explorer and its running like the old dial up, but if I use microsoft it runs fast never had that problem before they repealed the net nutrality law


I got a new computer that had microsoft edge programmed into it and as it lead me through the set up it also wanted me to open an account and the next day I got 19 new adult spam from very low life places I contacted them to close the account but it will take 60 day so they say and I am getting 20+ spam per day of which I am putting blocks on but they seem to change the email by a few letters and send me more PLUS I'm having a terrible time typing on here as if someone is trying prevent me from posting this. My sentences are jumping all over and boxing up I guess I have said enough to warn people


I have had PayPal for years and no problem, recently they offered me a "Cash back MasterCard" I got it and it was fine for the first few months, I got rewards as promised ETC. THEN when I was making my Feb. Monthly MasterCard payment. Their system went down in the middle of it and caused me to make two payments of over $2,000.00 as my total monthly charge on the card was over $1,000.00 I contacted them and ask them to reverse one of the over charges and the chat person said they couldn't but could send me a check. Well I told them to just post it on the account as a credit and I would use it next month to pay on the master card bill. So they posted it as a credit to the account. Then with out my knowledge or permission each time I made a purchase they would deduct that amount form the cash credit I had on the account and charge me a transaction fee and pay it to the credit limit on the account. The only authorization they had over that account was a ONE TIME automatic payment on the due date to pay the total owed during the month. I ordered them the send the remaining back and the chat person said they would and also send me a "$25.00 adjustment check" the remaining balance came but I never received the $25.00 check but it shows it was sent on my account. ALSO they don't even show the transaction charges on my monthly statement which was posted a week ago. I filed a complaint with the D. O. J. And am waiting a reply but so far nothing. Word to the wise if you over pay the card be sure to make them send you a check and not post the over payment to the account.


I was looking for address information on my nephew and entered the information on thinking it was a free information site and they tried to charge me I closed it off and later they send an email wanting me to pay them, I told them I can get this information free from my state public records. The next day I discovered 18 more spam than I usually get and they were all "Low life" type of spam. They send me another request to pay for the information. I told them to get lost and wrote a review in and the spam stopped for one day then started back up. Good thing they never got my credit card information. With the kind of spam they send my account would have been drained.

Chris E. – Rep

Hello Gary,
Although we are sad to see you were unhappy with your experience, we appreciate you taking the time to give us feedback. We are constantly working on and updating our records and we appreciate you taking the time to give us constructive feedback. We hope to continue to improve our services to make them better for you and future customers.

Thank you,
TruthFinder Support


I ordered form tomtop and after 8 weeks the order never came. I contacted them via email and Lee sent me tracking information stating the order was on its way, When I clicked on the tracking information from the email he sent me my Norton anti virus blocked it stating there was a Trojan in it. I sent Lee another email telling him about the Trojan and demanding a refund, he wanted met o wait longer and never said anything about the Trojan as if he knew it was there. I then demanded a refund and it was promptly credited back to my account. I tried to close my account and there is no way to do that either as I will not go back into the site if its full of viruses. They used to be good I don't know what has happened to them.

shamy z. – TomTop Rep

My dear customer, i am very sorry to hear that, pls kindly advise your email address and order number, i will help to resolve this matter.


Target has good prices on items they sell online and also offer free shipping


I have bought several items from Walmart online and they offer free shipping even on big items like window A. C units and they delivery time is very fast just a few days and it's here


I have bought several items from Newfrog and all have been good quality, and worked real well, matter of fact, I'm still using everything I bought from them. And their prices are really low compared to local prices

Crouse W. – NewFrog Rep

Good comment is a reward which inspires us to try our best to satisfy the demand of our customer, thanks you.


I have bought several items online when I can't find them on e-bay as the same item on e-bay is 1/2-2/3 the price Amazon offers on the exact same item


I had dish then went to the local cable Co because they have more entertainment channels for less cost, Dish has a lot of sports channels that would be good for some one who loves sports.


I joined e-bay years ago and have spent thousands on the site buying form Co's that advertise on e-bay as well as private sellers and its so easy to make a purchase and if for some reason a seller don't send an items e-bay has a buyer protection plan that is free and e-bay will reimburse you 100% if the seller fails to send the item you purchase. I have only had to use it once and I have made hundreds of purchases on the site and will continue to use them as they have everything you can imagine on there, just type it in and its there

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