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Maybe they are good selling you a vehicle but that's only 1/2 the experience. I suggest you do your homework and look at the reviews regarding the quality of their service department. As I found out, it ain't so hot. My service experience was less than zero. Ripped off and trying to get my money back.

Went in for a warranty repair and got a car back that was running horribly with a OBD-II scan permanent code that was never a problem. I have proof this problem did not exist before I dropped off the vehicle. Then they ripped me off charging me for the diagnosis of the problem they created followed by repairs that could not have fixed the issue. The problem they created was a permanent misfire after working on the cam tensioners under a warranty claim. I put the original parts back and the problem never resurfaced.

I don't know what was actually done to fix the permanent misfire on cylinder 1 that they introduced with the warranty service. One thing for sure is it wasn't 4 spark plugs that cost me $525.00! I've proven that and have a 5 page document showing what was done.

Management refuses to contact me. MB USA contacted. Complaint filed with the Attorney General today. Waiting for a response. Next stop will be small claims court. If anybody what's all the details I'll be glad to provide them. I have documented proof they performed or gave me an incorrect diagnosis then charged me for an unnecessary repair to my vehicle resulting in over $700 of expenses.

They have destroyed my confidence this dealership and in the Mercedes-Benz brand. The other Mercedes-Benz we own will never be serviced by this dealer. Probably not even by any dealer. Certainly I will never buying another one when the corporation has so little control over the dealer quality.

Tip for consumers:
Avoid them like COVID-19 unless you like being ripped off and ignored to the point of filing legal claims.


Extremely unhappy with the employees and management at Fry's location at 20220 N 59Th Ave Glendale, AZ. I WAS a regular shopper at this store until Monday. On August 16 in the evening, a guest of our home (23 years old) visited this store with my daughter (20 years old) to buy a bottle of wine for our dinner. We are all aware of THE LAW and policy to check ID on anyone that looks under 30. Your employee asked for IDs from BOTH yet the adult was buying the wine. Already a strange request. Both were willing to show IDs. The doofus at the checkout took the bottle away from the ADULT and said they would not sell it to her because the adult MIGHT be buying it for the minor. This person further said this was THE LAW. LAW? That is an absolute lie. I know the LAW. There is no LAW covering this situation. It just sounds stupid if anybody says that, much less 3 people! Yep. The managers were also in on it. If she actually did that, then she would be in violation. This doofus employee seems to be making up laws. This person should be fired. They are not in the position to make assumptions. I called the store. I asked two "managers" to explain this situation. They also created this goofy scenario making up laws that don't exist. I asked them to explain the case when my wife visits with our minor daughter. Why is it then ok to buy alcohol? Their interpretation of the law fell apart and when questioned further, they became rude and stuck with the lies. There is no law covering alcohol purchases whn an adult and minor are shopping together. The adult had an ID. That is all that is required. My daughter (the minor) is well aware of the Arizona liquor laws. She has a permit to serve alcohol in a local restaurant. I am looking into filing a complaint with Arizona authorities. Not sure which one but I'll start with the attorney general. This was a case of prejudice at a minimum. You need to get this store under control. Three people in your store look stupid with their made up laws on the spot. They should have apologized for their mistake. Instead they all backed up each other's ignorance. I've been shopping there for 2 years and now I will never return. If they respond with a canned sorry message, that is not enough. If they respond with "they were just doing their job", that is not enough. If I get a personal written apology for their ridiculous actions and a commitment from Fry's that they will educate their employees on the rule of law in Arizona, MAYBE I will cautiously shop there again. In the meantime, I am spreading my experience at various websites and pursuing a complaint with state authorities. BTW. They went to another supermarket and made the purchase after showing the ID of the 23 year old. Fry's has a responsibility to follow the the law. The law it to not sell to anyone under 21. They can meet that obligation by checking IDs. The "violation" they assumed above would occur after they have met that requirement. If they really want to extend their duties to be an alcohol vigilante to the parking lot, they can witness the possible exchange and call the police. Yes, that's being facetious. Other store's employees do not attempt to create imaginary laws to boost their egos. Maybe the three employees at this location should get a job as a Mall Cop so they can wear a badge. They certainly shouldn't be in positions of customer service. I also find it interesting that NOBODY at Fry's ever responds to Google reviews. The competitor and my new go-to supermarket Safeway responds to negative and positive reviews regularly.

Tip for consumers:
Shop somewhere else

Products used:

Verified purchase

BUYER BEWARE! If I could leave a 0 I would. Junk. Fake. Misrepresented completely! Bought from one of their sellers. Wish knows what is going on. They support blatantly false and misleading descriptions. In this case, I bought a 8 TB HDD. Liars. It is a case with 4 USB ports inside. There are 4 separate 2TB USB sticks on 4 ports. It shows up as 4 separate devices. There is no way to use this as an 8TB drive. Performance is abysmal even for USB memory. If I wanted a bunch of horribly slow performing USB memory sticks, that's what I would have ordered. When something is too good to be true, it usually is. Beware of ALL these devices being sold on Wish. They are NOT HDD devices. Not the first bad product from Wish. Never buying from Wish again since they allow this to continue. I posted an image of the device disassembled and performance charts for this device and a standard USB drive here. Wish has the option to post a picture but they never post it when your review is published. It magically disappears. They don't want buyers showing just how bad the products really are.

Tip for consumers:
Just don't use it! If it's too good to be true then it is. Everything is listed in a misleading way.

Products used:
None. Sending them to the dumpster


Don't waste your time. Not sure what's up with this company. Quote from their website "All of our items on this website are IN STOCK!". Not the case 2 times. In the second purchase (attempt) they advertise 10 of an item. They refunded. They don't have stock and they don't update their online database when they cancel the order. They charge your card before shipping. They disappear for a few days. They never respond to online requests for info. They don't respond to email. It appears online as a legitimate site. Maybe they were at one time. Online search of the company address traces it to a residence and a cell phone. Seems to be two people per ZoomInfo. They have an eBay presence and they post raving reviews from their eBay business. What they sell on eBay doesn't come close to what they "have in inventory". This was a complete waste of my time. They continue to advertise stock on the two items they cancelled!

Tip for consumers:
Just don't waste time. I don't know how to classify them other than they don't have a clue about what they are selling and they really don't care to do a good job. If you can't keep your inventory updated, then don't publish it. They do refund your money.


Looking like a scam. Bought 2 tickets for an OUTDOOR candlelight concert in Phoenix about 2 monhs ago. Today they sent a notice it was being moved indoors and I have to sign a waiver giving up certain rights to attend. Not happening. They misrepresented the concert, changed the character of the performance, and are adding additional conditions to attend. They are not responding to a refund request. I disputed the charges with my credit card company. Next stop the Arizona Attorney General's office. In addition, check the BBB complaints against them.

Tip for consumers:
There are only complaints about FeverUp. Do your homework before you buy!

Verified purchase

Absolutely horrible, time consuming ordeal dealing with them. This has been dragging on for 3 months.
We ordered 2 expensive slide out shelves for corner cabinets. I managed to install one but decided it wasn't worth the cost, effort, and added zero functionality. We kept one but decided to returned the unused one. Easy, right? So I went through the return process within the specified period of time. They were shipped unopened in their original boxes. I have photos of the boxes as they were shipped. I have signed confirmation they received them. They did not add comments about shipping damage. I returned them at my expense which wasn't cheap. I waited and waited. I got the "we are behind because of COVID" excuse over and over. Finally I filed a claim with my credit card company. The bank has had zero luck dealing with them. My bank notified me today that CabinetParts.com is refusing to refund and they would take it to the Visa Review board. This is absolutely ridiculous wasting my time and my bank's time over something that has no grounds to be contested. I recommend you avoid buying anything more than a cabinet door opener from them. They are not a reputable company. I am sure Visa will make this right. My next steps will be to file a complaint with the attorney general, BBB, every review site I can find, and file lawsuit in small claims court. It's over $1000. I am not going to allow these thieves to steal it from me.

Tip for consumers:
Avoid using them. Walk away from the temptation to order anything that has a possibility of being returned or you would expect a refund. That means everything they sell.


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