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In anticipation of some court litigation I contacted Diamond & Diamond Law because of their constant and relentless media advertising. Have they been overwhelmed with more litigation cases than they could possibly handle? Because of the pandemic I wanted to do my basic due diligence before actually meeting with any of their lawyers face to face.
I asked for a blank basic litigation Retainer Agreement.
I asked for their basic hourly legal rate, their invoicing practices, terms and procedures.
I asked if they did provide their lawyer's education, legal background, litigation experience, references, and their discipline history with the Law Society.
I asked if they charged for office overhead items, such as photocopies, stamps, file folders etc. as disbursements?
I asked if they included third-party receipts, and complete, verifiable, carefully itemized time-sheets with all your invoices.
I asked if they transferred any of their Retainer Agreements to other lawyers for a finder's fee payment.
I asked if they farmed out cases to any articling students, and then charged both for their time as well as the lawyer's supervision time.
I asked if they gave legal advice and then followed the instructions of the clients, OR if they basically did what they felt needed to be done for the client.
I NEVER received any acknowledgment to my email nor did I ever receive the answers to any of my questions.
Please post your experience with this law firm. OR ask them the above questions yourself and post their reply if any!


I telephoned the Office of the Ontario Ombudsman concerning the status of my complaint letters concerning 4 court employees. A man, asked me to wait while he found my file. As I was waiting, my telephone was quickly disconnected.

I dialed the Ontario Ombudsman a SECOND time, and asked why I had been cut off, but he offered no answer. He again told me to wait, and again the telephone was quickly disconnected.

I dialed the Ontario Ombudsman a THIRD time and again asked what was going on, and why I was constantly being disconnected. He offered no explanation as to what was causing the constant disconnecting of the phone lines.

He then stated that that my complaints had been resolved "last June" and that the file had been closed. I asked him how it had been resolved, since I had never been notified in any way, but he did not answer my question. I asked him if it was normal procedure to close a file without informing the complainant, but again he did not answer my question.

I told him that I was complaining about the misconduct of 4 Courthouse employees. He stated that the Ontario Ombudsman did not handle complaints about Courthouse employees. I told him that the Ontario Ombudsman did indeed oversee courthouse employees because they were employed by the Ministry of the Attorney General which was in their overview.

He then stated that courthouse employees did not work for the Ministry of the Attorney General. I asked him if he had ever checked who paid courthouse employees, and he stated that he was unable to check who the 4 persons in question were actually employed by. I then asked him for his name and my phone again became immediately disconnected for the FOURTH time.

Please note that the Ontario Ombudsman is a LAWYER and therefore will ignore all complaints concerning lawyers, employees of the Attorney General and the Legal Mafia! Readers of this post should ask the Ontario Attorney General why the Ontario Ombudsman has not been fired for violating his job description and responsibilities as listed in the Ombudsman Act?


Democracy Watch purports to be a national non-partisan organization, and Canada's leading citizen group advocating democratic reform, government accountability and corporate responsibility. Why then does Democracy Watch refuse to deal with the corruption of greedy lawyers and other members of their protective LEGAL MAFIA?

The reason is because some Democracy Watch Directors are lawyers who would never act to diminish the monopoly stranglehold that their Legal Brotherhood have on Canada's democracy and government. The democratic human right to a competent, honest lawyer with integrity is apparently not pursued by Democracy Watch.

Duff Conacher, who founded Democracy Watch and is a Director, is a graduate of the University of Toronto Faculty of Law. He was an Adjunct Professor at the University of Toronto's Faculty of Law. A Visiting Professor at the University of Ottawa's School of Political Studies and a Part-time Professor at the University of Ottawa's School of Political Studies, and the Faculty of Law. He is currrently a Ph. D. in Law student at the University of Ottawa Faculty of Law.

David Baker, is another Lawyer Director of Democracy Watch. He currently heads up a practising law firm in Toronto ( focusing on human rights issues.

Please leave a comment here and write to Democracy Watch if you are troubled about their lack of action against the LEGAL MAFIA. Also email your Ontario and Federal Members of Parliament!


Are Canada's Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Ontario Premier Doug Ford in collusion with the LEGAL MAFIA? The Federal Government constantly states that the courts are the responsibility of the Ontario Government after being told endlessly that the Ontario Government REFUSES to investigate all allegations, acknowledge all problems, answer all questions and give any explanations about lawyer corruption and Law Society bias.

The Law Society in Ontario Canada is grossly biased when dealing with the public complaints against Lawyers because it is the Lawyers' own Union. In the United Kingdom they are known as the LEGAL MAFIA. Every lawyer pays yearly Union Dues for job protection. The Ontario Provincial Government knowingly allows lawyers to rob their middle class clients! Meanwhile, the Federal Government knowingly washes its hands of all responsibility!

The Law Society does NOT serve the public as a fair, unbiased, independent, impartial, third-party, arm's-length, non-lawyer Adjudicator when resolving lawyer disputes. The Lawyers' Union is a self-regulating, self-policing, self-adjudicating, self-promoting, self-serving, self-protecting and self-financing Legal Brotherhood. The Ontario Government has given Lawyers a self-serving monopoly to rob their clients with impunity with their unverifiable, bloated invoices!

The Law Society is dedicated to enlarging their lawyer member's bank accounts by legitimizing and protecting incompetent, dishonest, greedy, self-serving, unscrupulous, corrupt lawyer behaviours and practices. Please comment on my personal experiences by leaving a post and by sending an email to your Ontario and Federal Members of Parliament.


The previous LAWYER Chief Justice of Canada did NOT act in good faith for the good of all citizens, did NOT act for the good of the country and did NOT act in the public interest. NO ONE in Canada is, EVEN NOW, monitoring the judges in our courtrooms to ensure that they are indeed competent and not merely generating constant Appeals by their bad decisions.

That LAWYER Chief Justice of Canada constantly gave many speeches asking for more judges and more courtrooms, because all the incompetent Unrepresented Litigants were overloading our courtrooms. Yet the LAWYER Chief Justice of Canada NEVER acted to remove any incompetent lawyers, nor remove those lawyers who churn court cases for their own financial benefit.

The LAWYER Chief Justice did NEVER exit her society-disconnected IVORY TOWER and meet with any ordinary middle class people to allow them to present their problems and to educate her. She was totally out of touch with reality and did nothing to educate herself about all the true problems in Canada's legal system. SHE NEVER RESPONDED TO ANY LETTERS I SENT TO HER!

I am outraged that the LAWYER Chief Justice of Canada, NEVER acted to make our justice system fair, equitable and helpful for ordinary Unrepresented Litigants. The Chief Justice gave constant speeches about how Canada needed more courtrooms and more judges because Unrepresented Litigants were overloading our courtrooms, but she did NOTHING to ensure that incompetent lawyers did not overload the courtrooms. The LAWYER Chief Justice of Canada, NEVER acted to investigate and improve the competence and integrity of the entire legal profession.

The LAWYER Chief Justice of Canada, has NEVER acted to help Unrepresented Litigants who are treated like third-class incompetents in every courtroom. Unrepresented Litigants are NOT allowed to use the Legal Library in the courthouse to prepare their case. Unrepresented Litigants are NOT allowed to sit at the front tables at a Hearing. Unrepresented Litigants are always heard LAST in a Hearing and are NOT heard in the order of the paper listings. Unrepresented Litigants are told to DUMP their coats on the floor at the back of the room, and not to hang them on their chair, because they do NOT have a public change-room!

For 17 years that Chief Justice did NOTHING for our Justice System nor for Canadian Citizens! Yet the Government of Canada still has done NOTHING to ensure that our present Chief Justice is any better! Write to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and your MP for an explanation! Also write to the present Chief Justice of Canada.


Overcharging Lawyers in Ontario Canada are fully protected from criminal prosecution and jail-time by their own Law Society, and by the governments. Every lawyer pays yearly Union Dues to their Law Society for job protection. The Law Society's self-protecting conflict-of-interest is fully supported by all members of both the Ontario and the Federal Governments because of the disproportionate glut of lawyers elected to both governments. Canada's unelected LEGAL MAFIA has control over our governments!

A Judge Assessment Officer of the Ontario Superior Court of Justice is assigned to review the lawyer's bill. This Assessment Officer is merely a lawyer friend, colleague and/or crony of the dishonest, overcharging lawyer. The Assessment Hearings are merely an obvious sham and gross miscarriage of justice. The kangaroo court Hearings are a total farce, intended to punish the Plaintiff for having the audacity to take a lawyer to court!

My Assessment Officer even had lunch with the Defendant-Lawyer on both days. My Assessment Officer and my overcharging lawyer were then both one hour late returning from their lunch and then even entered the courtroom together. Please comment on my personal experiences by leaving a post and by sending an email to your Ontario and Federal Members of Parliament.


BEWARE! CHIP refuses to let a lawyer review their contracts!
If you ask for a blank copy of their contract to take to your lawyer they refuse.
They make excuses that they have no blank contracts copies, or all the contracts are different. They want to bamboozle you with their high pressure sales in your home.

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