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Entrepreneur and digital space provider of custom development, applications and e-commerce. SEO/VSEO expert solutions and services, mobile website applications and video production for mobile internet deployment. Also major golf fanatic and purveyor of FloridaBusinessVideoNetwork.com. Producer of Best of Tampa Bay broadcast television show (weekly on WMOR-TV in Tampa Bay area).

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Many years of experience in video and broadcast production, sports/sporting goods industry online, also most other online business applications and website marketing strategies. Currently own and operate Advertising Agency and Production Company in Tampa Bay, Florida.


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WOW was I glad to get turned on to THIS website!

I'm sure you've all seen the advertisements (and the scams) about software that will "make your computer run faster" and they offer a "FREE SCAN". Then the nightmare begins, where they tell you that you have over 1,000 problems with your computer and then try to sell you their Registry Cleaning software package. Now, several of these are very good (PC Tools, AVG, Norton), BUT they all cost at least $29.95/year!

CCleaner.com is the best and ONLY totally FREE Registry Cleaning software out there. It's easy to use, does the job quickly and thoroughly and is ABSOLUTELY FREE (Gawd I sound like a commercial for them, but really I'm just a satisfied user). There's no reason to pay big $$$ to get this type of software.

Registry fragmenting is the leading cause of your computer slowing down with age. You have to clean it up (your basic "De-Fragment that comes with Windows doesn't do this), and you need software like this to do it!

Here's a youtube of a guy who will give you the info and a quick tutorial on how to use it:


Then just go to www.CCleaner.com and get yours. My sister (a huge computer geek) turned me on to this after I got aggravated by the other companies trying to charge me for it (even AVG who I just paid $50 for the year of security software and why isn't this included anyway i asked?).

I'm amazed at how much faster my hard drive is running. This is a totally unbiased review, I only know enough about all of this to be dangerous. Even my website programmer told me that this is good stuff and have no fear. Anyway, here's to faster computers! Enjoy.


This is a terrific family-owned and operated business. They used to have a shop in Florida too and did fantastic work for me and others that I knew. They've continued the great quality and service at this location.

Great graphics and layout assistance, very reasonable pricing and good turnaround on print jobs. It's worth the extra $20 on a large print order to have them UPS my stuff! Their website is very informative and helped my quite a bit with some brochure-type projects I was working on over the past year.


I have been using Authorize.net for my E-commerce needs (CyberSource is the main company) for about 12 years now. The rates are competitive, and I've had no customer service issues whatsoever. Their client website is well constructed, and includes ALL of the real-time reporting you would ever need about your transactions including a virtual terminal for manual processing of off-line transactions. Complete e-mail merchant receipts and batching, never missed a beat with them. I would recommend that you contract a GOOD web-tech who can handle the installation of the Gateway software. Ultimately you should build your own interface. My only critique would be their payment processing screen which can be a little finicky. If the consumer doesn't absolutely complete all the fields and enter the 'security' letters precisely as show (case sensitive) the transactions don't go through.

Overall I give it a good rating and recommend them for your e-commerce merchant processing if you're shopping for a new company or better rates.


I just felt I HAD to throw out a quick review on this one~

Here's the deal... you see the infomercial on TV about these fabulous HD Sunglasses, and hear about how cool they are and the "HD" vision you get and how everything is clearer and more defined, colors are brighter, etc etc. In fact, the glasses aren't that bad... certainly not as "cool" as they would have you believe in the commercial but not bad for the price.


When you go to the website, you will be inclined to listen to the audio (it's loud so turn down your speakers) and then proceed to get your "2 Pair for only $10" plus shipping and handling. DON'T GO TO PURCHASE... just try to close your browser window. A pop-up will come and tell you that you qualify for the "Deal of the Day" and can have the glasses at "2 pair for only $5" plus S & H!

Now this is not a scam, if you THEN go to the purchase page, you really DO get 2 pair for $5 (I know because I bought them!). The S & H is $13.98, so your total cost for the 2 pair of sunglasses delivered to your door is $ 18.98. They're definitely better than the $5 flea market sunglasses, but not the 'superman' vision glasses you think you're going to get from the crazy infomercial. So... if you're inclined to give these a try, that's your BEST deal (if you know the trick to get the 2 for $5 price). The site itself is very simple and easy to use once you've decided to buy them. Hope this saves everybody $5 if they want to try the glasses. I give the actual glasses a 5 rating on a scale of 1 to 10. Life goes on.


This site may be the biggest hoax ever perpetrated on the American public. I'm not going to use the "Jabber" as a soap box or political forum, but all of you seem to be good and reasonable folks on here. I take offense at the existence of this website, and that's BEFORE all of the mistakes and misinformation contained in it.



LinkedIn pretty much rocks~

You have to pay attention to a couple of things, otherwise it can provide you with all kinds of great connections if you're in business:

1. DISABLE the "Public Profile"

2. Don't get into too much drama with the discussion groups

3. Make sure you take the time to explore all that it has to offer.

I would definitely recommend this site. You can also find great job availability and even make a few friends along the way. A large number of the guys in my industry are on here and I love the new products posts and other insider stuff I find.


This is home base for me. Nothing more I can say... be a part of the Nation!


I have been an Amazon.com customer for over 2 years now, and I've had pretty much good experience overall. I really like their "Magazine Subscription Manager", it's way cool and you can see all your mags, the renewal dates, and then get the best deals (sometimes as low as $5 for a full year!). I pretty much buy all my books from Amazon (with a few exceptions). You just have to be sure that you order like $25 minimum each time you buy things to get the FREE shipping, or that will cost you a lot of money over time. Also the CD's are reasonably priced if you buy your music that way. Overall a good experience, I would recommend them.


Typical of these types of sites. It's not that convenient, since I still have to call the golf course to check on maintenance status, cart path only (if it's rainy) and other issues. My biggest problem with site and others like it are:

1. They make a strong effort to peddle the 'discounted' times (these are the times they take from the golf courses for their 'fee' so it's all their money if they sell them). These are usually not the most desirable times either.

2. You have to pay 100% UP FRONT, and the only way to get a refund is if the course actually CLOSES that day due to weather. So if your schedule changes you're basically stuck (like a hotel reservation).

3. There is a "booking fee" which I find ABSURD.

4. Their selection is pretty weak most of the time.

I've been playing golf my entire life, and this type of technology really isn't welcome. I much prefer to interact with the pro shop personnel, review and select a tee time with him/her directly, and have the flexibility to change or reschedule. Use this site if you're so inclined (at least that's what the "mind control" advertising on Golf Channel will tell you to do), but for me and my golfing buddies it's a failed experiment.


What can I say? This is the best place for everything related to weather, both my local weather and for traveling too. As an avid golfer, the weather is critical in my life. All the local "news and weather" sites are slow to load and are peppered with popups and nonsense. This site will give you exactly what you need, quickly and without a hassle. I also love the extended forecasts they give. They also have a cool desktop icon if you really need weather on-demand, like if you work outdoors or do things that keep you outdoors a lot like me :)


I LOVE the concept of SiteJabber~ Easy to use, and it has a fun 'feel' to it for average folks who would like a "Consumer Reports" for internet commerce and service sites. I believe that with some advertising and good affiliate linking on the net, this could easily become the #1 destination for all consumers to find ratings and reviews. Keep up the good work, I'll be spreading the word at my end.

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