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Entrepreneur and digital space provider of custom development, applications and e-commerce. SEO/VSEO expert solutions and services, mobile website applications and video production for mobile internet deployment. Also major golf fanatic and purveyor of FloridaBusinessVideoNetwork.com. Producer of Best of Tampa Bay broadcast television show (weekly on WMOR-TV in Tampa Bay area).

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Many years of experience in video and broadcast production, sports/sporting goods industry online, also most other online business applications and website marketing strategies. Currently own and operate Advertising Agency and Production Company in Tampa Bay, Florida.


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How cool is the Tea Party Express?

Their homepage says it all:

The Tea Party Express III: Just Vote Them Out! Tour

Join us for the biggest Tea Party Express national tour to date. Starting March 27,2010 with a Mega Rally in Searchlight, NV (hometown to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid) we will take this message across the nation all the way to the White House in Washington, D. C. on April 15th:

"You, the politicians in Washington, have failed We The People with your bailouts, out-of-control deficit spending, government takeovers of sectors of the economy, Cap & Trade, government-run health care, and higher taxes! If you thought we were just going to quietly go away, or that this tea party movement would be just a passing fad, you were mistaken. We're taking our country back!"

Join us from March 27th to April 15th, 2010
As we tell Congress and the White House: "Enough!"

Check out the site for the Tea Party Express stop near you this spring heh.


Beware of sites like this. Many times the equipment is not what you think it is.

You're better off NOT buying golf equipment on the internet, but if you do be sure to buy from the big guys like GolfSmith.com, GolfGalaxy.com or $#*!sSportingGoods.com. They all have CLEARANCE areas where you can find some interesting deals on all sorts of golf equipment and accessories. Most of the prices are all competitive so don't get burned trying to save a few bucks.


Love the Beckster!

Check out the current big story on "What Are Your Kids Learning" as Glenn continues to expose the Progressive agenda and the effect it is having on this generation of kids. Anyone with children needs to know this information.

Glenn's site is terrific.He tells it like it is, and has a very exacting approach to analyzing and exposing the truth in current politics. Things have run amok, and Glenn is right on top of it.

Question With Boldness, Hold To The Truth.

"A true Patriot must always be ready to defend himself against his own government"


This is the OFFICIAL website for purchasing Norton software (it is made by Symantec). Any other site is a "reseller" and you never know what will happen. I have seen cases of pirated software, non-delivery and other problems with purported reseller sites. If you haven't been burned by one, you're lucky.

Until I switched to AVG I was a Symantec/Norton customer for years. The site is laid out nicely, the transactions go off without a hitch and they give very good customer service. I just found that AVG was actually a better product than Norton and actually costs about $10 LESS per year.

But if you want Norton Security products, I suggest you buy them here. That way you get direct factory support and no chance of getting burned.


I have tried them ALL, and I must say that AVG is the best yet!

As a former McAfee and Norton Utilities user (for many years), my new AVG software has been outstanding. It actually has better live updating and even found an idle Trojan Horse that was on my main computer's hard drive that had been previously missed by my Norton software. AND it costs less per year than Norton!

The updates have been very intensive, with thousands of scumware, spyware and adware/malware programs being added constantly to the update database. I highly recommend this site and their products. Easy transaction too, and excellent customer service when I've needed it for questions and additional product inquiries.

NOTE: Remember, this is ANTI-VIRUS SECURITY software. If your computer is running slow, you will also need a Registry Cleaner. This is DIFFERENT, please see my review on www.CCleaner.com for FREE Registry Cleaning software that works great!


In keeping with my continuing reviews of consumer fraud and scams, this is Kevin Trudeau's website also. This site apparently is getting much of the "action" right now as he continues to brazenly lie to, and rip off, the public.

This site is a bit more specific, and focuses on his filthy "Natural Cures" books (these are the books he's in the most trouble for). He will also now link you to his other scams including a "moneymaking" program (yea money making for HIM), worthless newsletters (some of which were part of what led to his second criminal conviction and jail time for credit card fraud against his own customers!), and other ridiculous products.


Warn your friends, family and anyone else who is contemplating buying into this animal's deceit. I can't stress how dangerous this guy is. PLEASE take a moment to watch John Stossel's piece on this criminal:


DON'T give your credit card # to this person EVER... you'll regret it!


Kevin Trudeau should be in prison... in fact he has been!

This website, and the one it forwards to (www.ktradionetwork.com) are one of the most dangerous traps every built for unwary consumers. I'm sure that MANY of you have seen his endless infomercials on TV at all times of the day and weekends. He only sells books now... that's because the FTC has a Federal injunction against him for EVER selling any kind of product for the rest of his natural life. Selling books comes under 1st Amendment Freedom of Speech protection, so that is now his primary business. Except for the rip-off newsletters you'll get signed up for and countless other scams.

This guy was ordered to pay millions back to consumers by the Federal government, was convicted of credit card fraud, and all sorts of scamming. If you search him on the internet you can find all the public records about this, including countless consumer complaints. His books help no one, cure nothing, and he has been featured in major news exposes including John Stossel. Here are some the most damning links to learn more about this frog:





The youtube link is John Stossel. The last one is the FTC record whereby Trudeau was ordered to pay $37 Million in damages for false claims in his weight loss book. So be warned folks, this guy is a psychopath. He's very slick and has bilked the public for millions and continues to operate to this very day! He struts around in all sorts of high-end clothing and tries to hob-nob with elite personalities. This guy has definite mental issues which are evident in his behavioral history. I think he's a frustrated would-be "personality" who is a complete loser. His 'soft-focus lens' closeups are frightening. The guy has a big nose, a mouth like a fish, bad teeth and a bald spot. He has serious problems. He appears to be a frustrated "wanna be" star but instead has spent his life being a scamster and criminal. But above all, he is there to TAKE YOUR MONEY and play into your fears about disease, weight loss, smoking, and anything else he can hustle a buck from. Just Google him, and all will be there for you to see. Do not patronize this website or anything else he's peddling. There are stories of people who bought his "Natural Cures" book and went OFF their medication, some died. His entire history is one deep cesspool of unforgivable fraud. So many desperate folks have been burned by this piece of crap.

I sure hope they keep Hell hot for this guy.


This is it... the Official website for the PGA Tour~

This site is a favorite of mine. Singularly unique, contains absolutely all the information about the PGA Tour. Players, scores, mobile updates, everything a golf fanatic needs.

This site is a MUST bookmark for all golfers. Big thumbs up.


Bill O'Reilly rocks~

This site is excellent, and all the money from memberships and merchandise purchases go to charity. Good content, Bill is the man.

Check it out.


With baseball season fast approaching, I had to do a LOVE YOU review for MLB.COM!

This is Major League Baseball's Official website, and has everything a baseball fan could possibly want. It just ain't baseball season without MLB.COM.

Stats, scores, shopping, MLB news, links to all the team sites, videos, it's all here. This is my homepage from April to October on my main computer.


Now this is really one of the ONLY places you should be shopping for Officially Licensed NFL Merchandise. I'm sure that once in a great while there might be a "deal" somewhere out there, but for me it has never been worth the risk to save a few miserable dollars.

This site is the NFL's Official site. It has all the jerseys, caps and other apparel and accessories that I like to buy. For myself and for gifts. You can even buy a Gift Card to the site if you don't know exactly what your gift recipient would like. I have had great success shopping their outlet area and closeouts too!

Excellent customer service, prompt shipping with tracking, I recommend them for all things NFL.


How could anyone POSSIBLY engage this website and expect to receive legitimate products? It's absolutely unbelievable.

The "title" of this website is: WELCOME TO MY WEBSITE

There is a message on the homepage (cut and pasted here):

Thanks for interesting in our products
All of our products are original anthentic and bank new unlocked
We''ve make a sales promotion.If U order larger quantity, we''ll give U 10% discount--20% discount.
Best regard!

Yep... that's it verbatim.

These animals pirated the VERSIGN secure emblem... they are NOT Versign secure. If you click the emblem, you go to their PAYPAL page.

Look people, you have got to wise up when it comes to shopping on the internet. If it looks bogus or weird, it is probably a scam of some sort. Check their security certificates, search them openly on the internet to find reviews or complaints. This isn't rocket science. STOP TRYING TO BUY CHEAP! Over half of everything on the internet is questionable... stop being so gullible. All in the interests of getting something for nothing... it ISN'T GOING TO HAPPEN!


Fred Lake & Co. Is my favorite for all types of corporate and business supplies. Their selection is the best I've found, and their website is easy to navigate.

The orders are processed quickly and the prices are excellent. They offer live customer service for all of your needs. I love ordering rubber stamps for all sorts of direct mail projects from this company's website. I recommend them as a satisfied customer.


As a long-standing Capital One customer I can definitely recommend this site and all of the services that Cap One offers.

The site is laid out very nicely, with quick log-in and full function for all my financial products. You can pay on your credit card(s) directly with no fees, and the website is always up to date and very fast!

Security, service and information... this site does it all. I recommend that you check it out!


As a big user of the Constant Contact program, I have to highly recommend it to all business people, groups and organizations.

The programs are simple and easy to use and navigate. They provide you with a large selection of newsletter templates. You can upload images, manage multiple email lists, the works!

They also offer a survey feature which I find very useful in my business, as well as a NEW Event program so that you can announce events and help the folks register to attend them. Overall a fantastic value (you can start for as little as $20 per month and believe me it's worth it). I have thousands of members on my consumer website and this service has been just terrific for my monthly newsletters, surveys and event announcements. I believe it to be the best around. You can even sign up for a trial (and they won't bug you for your credit card... I hate those deals). So try it free of obligation, I give it my personal endorsement.


This is a terrific company and website. They have every imaginable display for brochures and so much more. They offer pretty much the lowest pricing I've found and give great customer service.

If you need displays for business, community group functions or just about anything else, I highly recommend this website and company. I have been purchasing from them for over 2 years now (sometimes in very large quantities) and have had 100% satisfaction.


This site is a total goof. Don't even think about giving this clown any of your money.

There are only a couple of real, bona fide ways to drive traffic to a website. They ALL take professional expertise, money and/or time. Nothing like this will work... EVER.

Stay clear. If you are in the internet business and own/operate a website you will need to find a true professional to assist you in building your business. Beware of "SEO" guys who claim they can do it... search engine optimization is only a piece of the puzzle. Find a seasoned web development company.


Love the Architect... Karl Rove!

The site is excellent. Very well designed and developed. Some of the most intelligent and comprehensive information available. Party politics aside, this is a terrific resource for learning about a great many things... and getting them from a White House insider's perspective. A must visit for anyone who wants to truly stay informed.


Sportsline ROCKS!

Everything you need (or want) in sports. Up to the minute scores, play by play, stats, everything a sports junkie craves. Good Fantasy leagues and programs. Just all around good stuff... I prefer it over ESPN.COM.


I absolutely love this website and their products!

If you play golf or tennis and have ANY issues with your hands, like arthritis or gripping problems, you really need to check out this website. They manufacture these incredible orthopedic gloves that enable you to grip your golf club or tennis racket with ease and without pain. I don't play golf with a glove, but I had to wear one of these when I was rehabbing from a hand injury. I also know a lot of folks who have arthritis and other hand issues and once they got these gloves to play golf with, their pain and hand problems were greatly diminished and they could play again.

If this sounds like something you need, check it out by all means. I highly recommend it! The site is easy to navigate and great customer service too!

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