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Entrepreneur and digital space provider of custom development, applications and e-commerce. SEO/VSEO expert solutions and services, mobile website applications and video production for mobile internet deployment. Also major golf fanatic and purveyor of FloridaBusinessVideoNetwork.com. Producer of Best of Tampa Bay broadcast television show (weekly on WMOR-TV in Tampa Bay area).

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Many years of experience in video and broadcast production, sports/sporting goods industry online, also most other online business applications and website marketing strategies. Currently own and operate Advertising Agency and Production Company in Tampa Bay, Florida.


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This is a REAL company that issues "fee based" credit cards for folks with prior credit problems, bankruptcy and other previous personal credit issues.

FEE BASED means that they issue credit on a limited basis and charge fees. Sometimes rather exorbitant fees. But if you're looking to re-establish your credit you might want to look into this. Two people that I know have these and they report your new credit and payment history to the credit bureaus. There is, I understand, an initial fee structure and the interest rate is VERY high so you would want to use your new card carefully. Apparently they start you out with about a $300 credit line. There are also some other fees as well. I suppose this is understandable as they are taking a substantial risk issuing actual unsecured credit cards to folks with prior credit problems. But it is a manageable way to re-establish yourself.

From what I understand, the online application process is simple, and you get your approval and new credit card within a couple of weeks. At least I have confirmed that this is a LEGITIMATE company (I've seen the actual credit card they issue and statement). This was a big help to friend who had a divorce and serious credit issues a few years ago. As always, proceed with caution as the fees can be rather nasty if you screw around with the card too much or max it out. But it is, as I say, a REAL UNSECURED starter credit card (no deposit required).


This site is like so many others offering "great deals" on golf equipment. I find the language and terminology poor (improper use of English) which is always my first indication of possible Chinese knock-offs. There is a lot of "cut and paste" and typographical errors as well. Sure sign of a questionable website.

Read other reviews in my guide under golf equipment before making any decision to purchase golf equipment online. I am in the business and highly urge caution always!

Hit 'em straight~


Hey Gang~

Talk about PRINTING MONEY with your computer, this site is a gas! After you download a simple coupon printing program (it's required to print bar codes), you can just line up all the savings on this website with your shopping list and kick butt!

I found this site when I was trying to locate the $1 OFF coupon for the new V8 Fusion drink. Hard to believe that it's never been reviewed and that I never knew about it before now. Anyway, it's got a top BBB rating and all the manufacturers coupons are there... everything from cereal and drinks to personal hygiene items, everything! Big savings and very easy to navigate. I think it will identify you by your geographic location (I'm in Florida and the big banner at the bottom was featuring Publix supermarket coupons). So in addition to the manufacturer coupons you may find even more specials at your local supermarket chain (and other stores as well). A great money-saving resource and it's all FREE!

I rate this 5 of 5 $$$$$


Now these guys are really getting it right!

This site has a great selection and is still relatively new. They have a unique format so that you can select your accommodations AND your golf rounds independent of each other. So you stay where you like, and play where you like, without being "shoe-horned" into pre-packaged trips where you are stuck staying and playing on a set schedule like some kind of Disney tourist.

They also have a number of very good properties and courses on board. They're helping me with a trip later in the month. Great personalized service also, you're not stuck communicating with email only. I have to recommend this to golfers~


This site has had questionable business practices. HOWEVER, it does act as a GREAT directory if you're looking for a hotel in a particular place.

As a seasoned traveler, I much prefer to contact the hotel DIRECTLY and take care of my own booking and confirmation. It only takes a few minutes and is infinitely more efficient. No chance of a "dropped" reservation or being scammed by fine print.


I think we're going to have to do a lot more research on this site before recommending, but the history is NOT good. Can't find Versign registration or other pertinent information. Their BIZRATE is also a fake. Interpret any positive reviews to date with guarded skepticism. Some of these Chinese fake goods sites (not limited to GOLF products) are having people sign up for Site Jabber and place phony "reviews". You'll know many of them by the poor use of English.

Also look into other top-name online golf discount sources like tgw.com, golfgalaxy.com and golfsmith.com before doing any business with a "NO NAME" site for golf equipment and/or accessories.

As with all commonly shopped goods on the internet, these scam artists establish domain names that have keywords in them that you would search (discount golf equipment, Tiffany jewelry, UGG boots, etc.). They're just hoping that your search turns up their site, and in your zeal to save a few dollars they rip you off.

Be careful out there!


Here is a great site to learn ALL about malware, viruses, and all sorts of things that can affect your computer.

I used it to find out about fraudulent "Attack Page" warnings that pop up on normal websites from time to time.

It appears that there is a gang out there that actually can INTERCEPT you on your way to a website, YOU SEE a bogus "Attack Site Warning" page, and they capture you and send you to a site where they will sell you fraudulent 'anti-spyware' software. That is one of many examples of what you can learn, and defend yourself against, on the the internet. I also found a number of interesting posts and helpful advice.

I highly recommend this site for anyone who wants to stay up on some of the terrible things that happen on the internet!


I think we're going to have to do a lot more research on this site before recommending. Can't find Versign registration or other pertinent information. Interpret any reviews to date with guarded skepticism.

Also look into other top-name online golf discount sources like tgw.com, golfgalaxy.com and golfsmith.com before doing any business with an "off brand" site.


C'mon folks you HAVE TO STOP trying to buy cheap NIKE shoes from these Chinese operated rip-off sites!

Here is your first clue:

Read ALL the various sales and support text on the site. What you're looking for is poor use of English or grammatically incorrect sentences LIKE:

Any question regards of order please contact us, thanks!

Now THAT is copied and pasted right from the HOME PAGE. Who speaks or writes English like that? That's the first tip-off that you are on dangerous ground. Let's not mention that you have to learn (sometime) that there's NO FREE LUNCH, no such thing as high quality name-brand goods at incredibly cheap prices.

NEXT THING: You must ALWAYS ALWAYS look for the Verisign or other CC processing SSL logos. CLICK THEM! Make sure they take you to the page where you can verify the sites certificate status. In the case of this website, those "seals of approval" are BOGUS! You can't even click them, they don't GO ANYWHERE. They just copied and pasted the logos from wherever. Sheesh.

Add this site to the endless list of scams, rip-offs and ne'er do wells. Just start with the OFFICIAL brand site for ANYTHING and then work your way down from there. Don't start at the bottom. Now you can add the money you got RIPPED OFF FOR to the cost of the REAL shoes you now have to go buy from a reputable company [should have been there in the first place]. I only wish there was some form of policing for these thieves but there isn't.


What can I say?

Wilson Staff is, undoubtedly, the best of the best for golf equipment (my opinion anyway). Been playing WS all my life. Their irons have won more Major Championships than any other ever produced.

Their newest irons, FG Tour and the improved Ci9, are excellent. You should definitely try them out before making any decision on buying new irons. Their Smooth driver is good, and their Fybrid 3 and 5 woods are the bomb!

Wilson Staff has made me the man I am today. Check out this website if you play golf. Also the BEST lineup of Junior equipment for the kids!


Golf Dating website. Been around for a while, they have a lot more participants now so I thought I'd throw it out there. It's well run and not a scam of any kind, the people on the website are real folks.

The price is reasonable, and you can review all the listings before you join. Pretty solid service.

PS-Guys with $$$ handle with care... there is NO social dating site that is not without gold-diggers~


Youth Golf of America/Champions Junior Golf Tour

If you have kids age 8-14 and are interested in putting them into a well-run, affordable junior tour program this one is the best I've found. I work with younger kids in the instructional programs and when they're ready to compete this program rocks!

They are primarily in the U.S. now and expanding all over the place. So check it out for your kids and see if they have a Local Chair and program in your area. They're doing a terrific job in Florida, and from what I understand they are already up and running in Ohio, Kentucky, Nevada, California, Iowa, S. Dakota, Nebraska, Louisiana, N. Carolina. I highly recommend this organization. The website is improving and there is a LOT of information there for you to check out.


Busted Tees has really great T's and more. I get some really 'different' stuff here. Good prices, good service no problems.

Check it out sometime, it's excellent really.


Although the selection is a bit limited, this site is pretty easy to navigate and the streaming quality is great so far. You do have to create an account (it's FREE but they will bother you to do some 'surveys', no big deal).

All in all, a good experience. There are several movies that I've watched and so far no problems... and you can't beat the price! Check it out.


I do like sidereel.com most of the time. It's fun to dial up episodes of good TV series when I'm working and not watching the news or other disturbing media heh.

No junk, no downloads or ad clutter. Sometimes it will take you sideways (like when I watch 2 and 1/2 Men you actually get fed from CBS.COM) which is a good thing actually.

All in all, not bad as far as 'free' access media goes. You'll have to check all the listings to see if the shows you like are there or not. Other cool content too (movie news and stuff). Enjoy it!


Bernie Goldberg is a gas! (also: www.BernardGoldberg.com)

His articles and commentary on the "Lame Stream Media" are terrific. Very entertaining stuff. If you think that you are an "elite" liberal and smarter than the regular folks, Bernie will beat you down and put you in your place.

His new "Lame Stream Media" store is great. Polos, T-Shirts, Mugs and stuff with cool Lame Stream Media graphics. He even has a selection that says "I care about Global Warming as much as the next guy... unless the next guy is Al Gore" OMG too funny. This stuff is great... you know I ordered mine. So if you want to have some fun go to this site. Bernie is the guy who worked in network media for almost 30 years and wrote the book "A Slobbering Love Affair... the true and pathetic story of the torrid romance between Barack Obama and the Mainstream Media" and it's available there (although priced better on Amazon.com).


Not looking too good folks. Although they do have a PayPal option payment link, if they're insisting on Western Union or Bank Transfer (to the Bank of China obviously as stated on their website) this could be VERY dangerous.

Why wouldn't you just go to Best Buy or Wal-Mart locally? Usually the shipping kills any additional "savings" you might get dealing with this type of website. And that's assuming that you actually RECEIVE what you pay for (which looks like an issue since at least one of you is still "waiting for your product").

Common sense has to take over at some point here...


Another B. S. site ripping folks off on NFL merchandise.

Read my review on www.NFLShop.com

Get the authentic item from the REAL source... prices are reasonable and great service from them! Stop trying to save a buck on these no-name rip off sites.


This is the REAL website whereby you can access and print your credit report from all 3 credit reporting agencies once per year.

The site is easy to navigate, and only takes about 20-30 minutes to access ALL 3 of your reports and print them out. They also have useful information about disputes and other credit issues that you might need to know about. You can have a free report once per year. There are additional services available for a small charge to get your credit score or monitor your credit. All in all, a nice experience and very helpful!

Don't be scammed by the "freecreditreport.com" type sites. This is the ONLY ONE that is really free and supported by the credit bureaus themselves. All the rest of it out there is just a ploy to get you to buy their "credit monitoring" or protection services. Not really sure if those work or not. But if you want a service like that, it's available here from TrueCredit and it's terrific and a LOT LESS than you'll be hit for on many of the other sites.


An army of spammers are writing reviews for this site.


UPDATE: 03/09/10

As you can see, the spammers are all finding my review "not helpful". This has been reported and will be dealt with by the site management.

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