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Entrepreneur and digital space provider of custom development, applications and e-commerce. SEO/VSEO expert solutions and services, mobile website applications and video production for mobile internet deployment. Also major golf fanatic and purveyor of FloridaBusinessVideoNetwork.com. Producer of Best of Tampa Bay broadcast television show (weekly on WMOR-TV in Tampa Bay area).

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Many years of experience in video and broadcast production, sports/sporting goods industry online, also most other online business applications and website marketing strategies. Currently own and operate Advertising Agency and Production Company in Tampa Bay, Florida.


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Great service for moving large files among people who don't have a common FTP or other server upload ability. Plenty of capacity for most usage (especially large graphic files like photos straight off your camera card). Free and very easy to use.


If you need a simple PDF printing software program, this nifty little freebie should do the trick. Easy to download and install, works great. I tested it myself and found it to be a spyware/scamware-free download site. There are several of these shareware PDF printers out there, but I can recommend this site with confidence.

Print documents, spreadsheets and other program files to PDF format.



Terrible, filthy scam. This is not the only "people" site out there, it's just apparently one of the better financed scams. They blitz the airwaves with commercials, get a whole bunch of folks to sign up unwittingly, and like others before them... they will be GONE at some point without a trace.

Always be WARY of any site that shows "people" trying to contact you (or are "looking for you"), when the people listed are roughly your age and from cities or towns where you have lived. A lot of information is available about you, especially previous address information. That's the key to this SCAM... just try it for yourself!

Go to the site and put in your name. It does an instant database search (they're obviously interfaced with a skip-trace type d-base), and it finds your previous addresses. Then it cleverly assembles a "list" of people who are "looking" for you, who are approximately your age. With random assignments of 'male' or 'female'. Quite a clever scam actually. So for example, let's say at some point you lived in Miami and you're now 32 years old. The skip-trace database has all sorts of info on you (including age or DOB), so mysteriously the site says that a "FEMALE AGE 32 IN MIAMI" is looking for you. What a goof. If you lived in Miami when you were 25 years old, there's a good chance you KNEW a female there at that time, and she would also be 32 now (7 years later). They leave the rest up to your imagination. Like "hmmmmm... I wonder if that could be..." then your mind fills in the blank. Maybe a girl you dated, or whatever. This is most despicable rip-off yet... using your own personal, historical information against you. Which up until now had only been used for debt collection, credit reporting, and skip-tracing and/or law enforcement.

There's just WAY too much information about ANY of us floating around out there in databases, just waiting to be exploited like this. Stay clear of ANYTHING that shows you 'generic' search results about your past life, it's always going to be a scam to get your credit card number!


This is a terrific site (and one of the more well-run) to help you find products that are MADE IN THE USA! They list products available in stores as well as on the internet. Also great info about how to help get our country back on the right track. I highly recommend that you cruise this site, I've already found some great items for Christmas shopping and I won't be including China in my Holiday plans!

"The solution is just too simple. The American people need to start requiring the government, that works for us, when using our money to purchase all goods and services bought on our behalf, to be only from United States sources. That is what our founding fathers wanted."

"The concept that they are saving us money by buying off-shore is bogus, as the jobs lost and subsequent lost income will eliminate the ability for us to buy any products at all. This can only exacerbate the increased unemployment, and cause company bankruptcy."

"If Obama won't help, the people can do it themselves. Let's say 300,000,000 Americans each simply reallocated 1 dollar per day, spending 1 dollar less on foreign-made goods, 1 dollar more on American-made goods. (That's $30 per month, per person, and it is not an extra $30 per month, but just where you spend it!) After a year, this would add up to $109,500,000,000. What could the real, productive American economy do with an extra $109.5 billion? How about 2,737,500 new jobs paying $40,000 per year?"

"The greed of us all wanting lower prices is also cutting our own throats in the process. The government and businesses, as well as the consumer has forgotten what made this country the greatest in history. To just flush it all away, and end up just another poor socialist country is a tremendous waste of our divinely inspired founding fathers vision, and the lives of all those that fought and died to keep us a free nation and a great Republic."

This last quoted paragraph gives me pause, as Veteran's Day is this Thursday!


Excellent, easy to use site for creating simple animated. Gif files (web banners, etc). You don't have to be a programmer or have any special skills, just create your images and upload them into the free interface. The site creates your. Gif for you, and that's it. I highly recommend this, check it out.


LOVE Google Videos. Excellent content and lots of very interesting videos on all subjects.


The Great Global Warming Swindle





Terrific site from Google for creating nicely designed blogs for personal or business. If you're in the internet business, the links from this site are powerful for 'link flow' back to your site, or to your client's sites. Also a great way to post and broadcast what's happening in your business.

For personal or organization blogging, it's also a great resource. They have many nice design templates, and lots of flexibility in the layouts. You can add widgets and Google Adsense ads to generate more interest and even income!

Check it out, easy to use and very attractive blog alternative (or addition) to everything you're doing.


WOW what an awful scam.

And to take money from folks who are having a hard time or have hit a bad patch in life. I guess there have been palm readers since the beginning of time. This is reminiscent of the "Miss Cloey" 900# scam. One look at this and you just know the claims are too good to be true, and "Tara" is based in Hong Kong? Give me a break.

Here's your prediction from me, FREE today only:

"I see credit card disputes in your future..."


Widgetbox.com is the BEST!

Thousands of widgets for your website, Facebook page, Twitter account, RSS feeds. Absolutely the best resource I've found. All of the widgets you want are FREE!

They have every category you can imagine. Sports, food, travel, weather, it's endless. Definitely worth a look if you want to spruce up your page with cool content that is actually worth something.



This is a total counterfeit merchandise trap!

If you are interested in NFL, NHL, MLB or other Official jerseys or apparel PLEASE go the the actual website for that sport and click the "shop" link to go to the Official store for those sports.

PLEASE read my reviews on these types of sites, and my guide on how to avoid these awful scams and rip-offs. I can't believe this, what a nightmare. These sites are SO poorly done I can't believe that anyone would actually put in a live CC number and make any attempt to buy this junk.

The Official stores (like www.nflshop.com) actually have a lot of great deals, sales and clearance items. Buy the Officially Licensed, genuine products! You might pay a little more, but these knock-off sites will rip you off BIG TIME (and that's assuming they actually ever SHIP you anything). You have NO LEGAL RECOURSE against these types of sites either, so once you're money is gone, it's seriously gone!

Another obvious problem we have are these "hit and run" reviews posted by what are apparently agents for these sites. They come onto SJ and make ridiculously obvious 'sales' posts, usually in very poor English (check the review for this site). This is becoming rampant and we have to stick together to clean up this filth. If you see anything like this, please FLAG it and report it to management. You might save some poor soul a heap of aggravation and keep them from becoming the next victim.



For business owners and managers:

I have to say that Ad Committee has provided a major missing piece of the marketing puzzle for my clients. What an incredible, simple to use platform!

Essentially, you sign up for an account and Ad Committee issues you telephone numbers that you use in your advertising. For example, you buy 3 lines and assign one to your newspaper advertising, one to your website, and one to your radio ads.

The calls are recorded, and then you log into your admin panel and get detailed reports on all the calls. You can LISTEN to the recorded calls (the customer is told that their call may recorded) and know WHO is calling, FROM WHERE and WHY, and evaluate the quality of both the inbound callers and the performance of your employees and staff. I signed up for an "Partner Account" (affiliate) so that I make a little bit from each number, and my clients are just loving the service and how much it's helping their businesses! The website is simple to navigate, the reports module is excellent and the quality of the calls over these VOiP lines is great. I highly recommend this for business owners, anyone in marketing, or tell your boss about this at work... you might get a raise!

Check it out if this pertains to you. You can 'Take The Tour' on the site's homepage and it explains everything clearly.


Just as with other major sports, the counterfeit and fraudulent "jerseys" business is booming. And just as with all things on the internet, they're using (in this case) "NHL" in the URL of the website, hoping to capture traffic of folks searching for NHL jerseys and related merchandise.

LOOK AT THE SITE CAREFULLY! Right on the homepage is awful sales copy that isn't even written in proper English. Do you need a finger to come out of your screen and poke you in the eye?

We went through this last season with a lot of similar rip-offs on NFL jerseys, so the same thing applies for ALL major sports. IF YOU WANT TO BUY A REAL JERSEY for any major sport, then go the the Official League shop located on the Official League website (MLB.COM, NFL.COM, NHL.COM, NBA.COM, etc.). You will be assured of getting Officially licensed, bona-fide merchandise. You'll get terrific service, and most of all, a secure transaction and the REAL JERSEY that you wanted.

So again, for NHL Jersey purchases (and for the general category of Official merchandise)... BE CAREFUL when you look for this stuff on the internet! Go the the real source for it. Don't try to save a few quid on a no-name website. In fact, on the Official websites there are always all sorts of sales, clearance areas and specials. The Chinese and others are EXPERTS at counterfeiting this stuff and selling it. That's assuming they ever even ship what you paid them for. Agents for Major League Baseball and the NFL make a couple of major busts every year, accounting for literally millions of $$$ of bogus merchandise.

Be careful out there!



Please read my guide on golf equipment and related sites. I am in the Golf Industry and I will help you anytime with a recommendation. Just hit me up with a message.
This site is another crudely constructed JOKE, preying on folks who are trying to save a buck. In reality, the top reputable sites usually offer the best pricing as well. You will find many clearance and sales items on the primary seller sites.

PLEASE PLEASE don't patronize this type of deceitful website!


Parkseed.com is a terrific site if you're interested in growing flowers, fruits and vegetables. Their selection is TOPS and you can order a FREE CATALOG on the website (which they mail to you), as well as browse their eCatalog. You may also sign up for their newsletter and email updates about sales and gardening tips and advice.

Their service is terrific and prices are excellent as well. So if you're interested in any type of gardening this is a great resource. I highly recommend them!


Norton Anti-Virus products are made and sold directly by Symantec

ONLY buy Norton at www.Symantec.com (see review)

You might also like to check out AVG (www.AVG.com). I like it better now than Norton and it's actually a little lower in price.


This is nothing more than a cleverly designed trap to convince folks that their computer is so messed up that they have to pay their fee NOW to get help.

Read the reviews (including mine) on www.CCleaner.com

This is the only reliable and TOTALLY FREE registry cleaning software. I even included a link to a simple tutorial posted on YouTube on how to use it.

Check that out, and STAY AWAY from this new wave of 'registry' and 'PC' cleaning software websites and products!


Another scam site that is set up to catch you if you misspell "GOSHOPPING.COM", a well-known and trusted site for general shopping.

BE VERY AWARE when you search on the internet or type in the name of a website that many of the domains that represent a COMMON TYPO (like this one) are set up specifically to capture you. It's very rampant now. As with all questionable sites peddling garbage from Asia, always look over the site and look for the most common signs~such as really BAD English in the text. This site has a the page where you go if you click the VERISIGN seal (not supposed to go anywhere but their Verisign page, by the way):

Payment Methods

Paypal save time. Check out securely.

Accept all kinds of VISA CARD


Accepte all kinds of Mastercard, Visa Electron, MC Maestro CARD

Transportation Methods

Express Delivery

According to your located country and region, We will select the safest and efficientest express delivery company to ship your products.

Know more about shipping coat Please click:

THAT MESS you've just read was copied and pasted from the PAYMENT PAGE, the most important and sensitive page on any site since it deals with YOUR credit card! Oh yea... and they show ALL the best stuff that they're famous for counterfeiting (Gucci, Prada. Etc etc). What a joke.

PLEASE PLEASE be careful out there, this is just the sort of FILTHY TRAP SITE that can just take your money, and you have no recourse whatsoever!

PS~It seems that the counterfeit Asian rip-off website underground has found Site Jabber. I see all sorts of hit-and-run "reviews" (by people with common names, who only have 1 review). But their grammar and spelling are TERRIBLE so that pretty much narrows it down doesn't it?


I have to admit, I was VERY skeptical of trying the "new" Domino's pizza. I always knew it as AWFUL, the bottom of the barrel.

BUT~Finally gave in and ordered a pie. WOW it was definitely improved (of course, anything would be an improvement over that cardboard nastiness they always peddled). The crust was excellent and the sauce actually pretty tasty. I cranked out the 2 medium for $5,99 each deal, one pepperoni and one plain cheese. Not bad at all. I suggest you give this new 'recipe' a try if you haven't yet. The website order went through without a hitch, and it arrived pretty much on time and not cold or anything. Check it out.

PS~They have some coupons or deals on the website that you can check out before you order, although this current promotion seems to be the best deal by far. Oh... be sure to tip the driver well if you intend to order in the future and get quicker service.


If you have kids from age 8 to 16 and would like to get them into a terrific program, then be sure to check out AAU Junior Golf!

They have a terrific event schedule and it's all very affordable. The AAU does every bit as good a job with golf as they have done with basketball, baseball, soccer and all of the other sports for many, many years. I have volunteered as a rules official and tournament volunteer for many of their events and it's just a great thing for the kids. Perhaps your child is looking for something that will really interest them, and junior golf might just be the ticket. This is, without doubt, one of the best national programs. There is a locator on the site so that you can see who is running the program in your area. I highly recommend this, especially for the 8 to 12 year olds!


This site is operated by retired Marines, and it is definitely a great concept and a great cause.

You can send an active military member a special mug with a month's supply of coffee. Anyone who has ever served in a forward area knows the coffee isn't the greatest, especially in the field. I have even done some marketing for this website and know the owners personally. Just a great thing to do to support our troops!

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