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I am New York City Registered Nurse and Only Caretaker of my Mom, although she has two other adult children who have no interest in her health but have an interest in her money and assets.

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Please do your research on the internet about assisted living or anything else. Ask Nurses where you take mom for diagnostic tests/office or Hospital for advise and ask the Geriatric Doctor. Visit the places beforehand-even if it is out of state to get a feel for it. Ask if they would put you up for the night-so you can see what goes on when the residents wake up and follow their day alongside them! GOOD LUCK!! and GOD BLESS YOU ALL for all you do!


Honesty,Integrity - I don't exploit people in my profession. I am compassionate +caring

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I have been with this bank for many years. Recently I came into some money from the sale of my mothers house. It was placed in a savings account with the knowledge that I would need the funds to pay for a house in North Carolina, furnishings and expenses. Immediately the banker named Christine C at Capital one in Staten Island NY started harassing me- "You need to do something with the money! It's not doing anything in the savings account!" I told her that it doesn't pay to invest my money with Capital one as I will be purchasing a house in North Carolina by the Fall (of 2017) and that I will need the money for expenses. Also I informed her that there doesn't appear to be any Capital One Banks in NC and I like my bank closeby for my banking needs She asked me for the Zip Code in NC that I was going to buy the townhome in and told me that there is one right in the area which turned out to be false. With this information I finally agreed to meet with the Financial Advisor Alex B. And Christine C. The banker, sat in on our meeting. She and Alex B both encouraged me to turn over my only savings to this investment account- which they said was "so much better than a Savings Account which old-fashioned. Nobody has them anymore!" They said that "Savings accounts don't earn much and that someone with my money would put it into one of their accounts with Cap. One Investing". I explained my needs to the Financial Advisor -That I need to withdraw from it in increments for expenses of the house and for my medical care bills. He said "No Problem" He made it liquid for easy access. He did not mention fee's and decrease in value as a risk for withdrawing. I told him that it can only be in this account for a couple of months since purchasing the home would be in September or by the end of the year and it was already the end of August. He said that it was fine because it would be a liquid acct that was not tied up and lastly he said that it would be an income producing portfolio and would generate income much quicker and greater than a savings account can. Both Christine and Alex asked me how I was going to pay for the house? I told them outright and in full since I had enough money in the bank. They persuaded me to take out a Capital One Mortgage Loan to pay for the house a little at a time as it was too risky to pay in full. They both said that they would not pay a house in full because if something disastrous was to happen to it you could lose all your money. I didn't fully understand this. One day when I went into the bank to discuss the loan that I was approved for, an honest banker told me that there were no benefits to paying with a mortgage and why should I take on the extra financial burden if I have enough money in the bank? I relayed what Christine and Alex told me and she said that what they said wasn't true so I decided not to takethe loan and paid for my townhome in cash. Capital One Mortgage Loans went defunct last year! Capital one Investing went defunct this February and here the deceivers were only 6 months prior trying to convince me to invest my Savings-$100,000 into their failing and decrepit Investing Division! It turned out that the money is not easily accessable-There are fees and you have to wait until the economy is healthy in order not to lose value to your account. Alex never mentioned the exorbitant advisory fees charges every 3rd month and the negative values that chop down any gains. As part of his manipulation at the meeting he showed me an account of a Nurse, a little younger (I am 60) who invested 100,000 dollars and was happily earning income. There were no negative numbers on that screen. Her account impressed me and so I forked over my entire savings and signed on the dotted line. The Banker and the Financial Advisor failed to mention: 1) Capital one Investing is failing and will soon be Defunct-It happened in February 2018, 2)There are NO Capital One Banks in North Carolina, 3) Taking out money from the portfolio is Risky- there are fees and value changes with the economy (it is a PIMCO Bond and Stocks portfolio- I didn't fully understand the nature of and it wasn't explained to me) 4) Never told that I would have to call for Alex B to send a voucher to my home in NC for the money I would need at that time.
Investment Accounts are now being managed by the "National Advice Center" and not Capital. Alex B was fired and never bothered to inform me. In fact, the bank never informed anyone about its decision to terminate Investing services. Through placing phone calls, and gathering conflicting information from Capital One employees it was challenging to asses the situation. Capital One Investing is now defunct- it is nowhere on the internet so no one really knows about it.
The customers are in the dark and weren't notified. We have little or no Info. One employee who called herself a Financial Planner said that my account is being handled by the "National Advisors Group" and that my account will be taken over by "Financial Advisors Group" She abbreviated FSC which doesn't make sense. I cannot find information on both organizations on the web and so it is Scary!
Who the hell is FSC and why should I let them handle my account! They may be just as DISHONEST as CAPITAL ONE BANK!
Why should I trust them with my money when I can't even trust Capital One? Now I am waiting for the "right time" to withdraw this account without losing a big chunk of it. They will also charge me about $300 in fees to take it out as well as the loss in value in the portfolio. All this is not explained at the contract meeting where they connive and brainwash you into signing over your money! Once they get your money, it is all a different story. I'm sitting here in my new townhome in NC without any furnishings and no car because I am to afraid to take the money out. Hopefully a Lawyer may be able to help. Capital one Bank trains it's employees to be Vultures. They TARGET, HARASS, DECEIVE and EXPLOIT any one with a substantial amount of money for THEIR FINANCIAL GAIN!
Please let me know if you have experienced this with Capital One investing also!

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Today is Sunday-A day of rest for me since I'm Mom's caretaker. Ever since I signed on with"A Place for Mom" the robo and spam calls on my phone and emails have increased dramatically. Scammers call even on a Sunday! Today I got a call from *******179, ID unavailable. A man said he was calling on behalf of the representative-Alice Ziroli, that first contacted me. He called me by my nickname (how did he know that?)- a name I gave to Alice Ziroli. I called back and a woman anwered"Alice Ziroli" but she didn't sound like the one I had a long conversation with at the beginning. I hung up on her. I get numerous calls saying that they are calling for Alice Ziroli and that she is busy. Why can't she call me herself? The numbers never match the one where I registered for "A Place for Mom". The numbers range from 855 to 877 to 800 to 866 and the caller ID is always "Unavailable". One time I was having a conversation with a woman who said she was calling on behalf of Alice Z. And then she put me on speakerphone (I could hear the resonance and people in the background saying"you got her on the phone?) I regret talking to her as I don't remember what I said after her many questions and love-bombing me with her sickening sweetness! Now I just hung up, like I did today and even if the real Alice Ziroli wants to contact me (and Alice Z. Got a lot of info from me also with her sugary sweetness and ingenuous interest/concern by talking personal-" are you Italian? My husband's Italian too... I love Italian food etc. engaging me in a personal conversation-I now realize it was a ploy for her to gain my trust and get me to disclose more info), I don't answer or will hang up and block emails from "A Place for Mom". A PLACE FOR MOM is driving the CARETAKERS Crazy! We need support- not scamming, exploitation and running to the phone every 15 minutes! I am an RN and please believe me when I tell you that they are not interested in your mom's well-being! They are interested in MONEY from their referrels and SELLING your personal information to other companies and God knows who else! Please stay away! I guarantee you that once you sign up with them the harassment will begin! Please DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH! I can't deal with this-I have my hands full with Mom.

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