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Needed info about gifting, yet apparently they require you to chase them down and refuse to return phone calls. Guess they have too much money to bother. We are also cancelling our monthly and will find an environmental organization that also responds to humans.


If you want your GENETIC data shared outside the US, don't use this site. So they delete your account after you've consented to let them use the data as they want after YOU PAY for their mass genetic data collection and research efforts. Deleting your online account doesn't mean that your genetic data hasn't been recorded, kept and shared in the US and offshore, where there are no data protection laws. Our data is not currently protected by our government like it is in Europe. Not to mention the results are unreliable at best.


Don't go with the Flo, she's only a front. It's probably time for American consumers to support businesses that support American workers, when located right here on American soil.


One person out of four employees we approached in their mega store was actually helpful. Rude / lazy delivery guy despite considerable expense. After an hour on their customer service line, still couldn't speak with a supervisor, now they simply don't take calls unless you're placing an order - even their website customer service form for is only for cancellations. We can only hope the boxes haven't been damaged in transit. Run, don't walk.


Kohl's just tried a sneaky way to get our cell phone number into their database by cancelling our online order even though they sent a confirmation number. We didn't provide our cell because their "privacy" policy (tiny link at the bottom of their cart page) indicates that they sell our customer data to third-party marketers. When we called and refused to provide it (they wanted to send a verification code to our cell even after we provided verification of all our other identifying data), they would not let us place our order.

In addition to the waste of our time, and needless to say, a supervisor did not appear when we asked, Kohl's doesn't need our cell number or shipping address since we were going to the store to pick up our online order.

This is going to get worse people before we start reading "privacy" policies and saying "no!" to these online retail companies and online applications (GooglePlay, Applestore) with deceptive Terms and Conditions / "privacy" policies regarding their data collection and data selling practices.

For now, shopping in person seems a decent way to keep some of your PII private and from being sold or hacked. Don't forget the free security alerts and credit freezes with the big 3 – 4 credit reporting agencies!

PII or "personally identifiable information" is any data that could potentially identify a specific individual > address, cell phone number, date-of-birth, driver's license, credit card info, etc. This information is online gold, yet they aren't protecting your data, not at all. Some online retail stores even give it away to offshore companies who don't have data protection laws. California has some laws in place, but a lot of us don't live in California. Having a post office box address probably wouldn't hurt.


Placed an order with two separate Etsy shops, which were cancelled by the following morning. I received emails from Etsy indicating that the shops had cancelled. Nope, contacted the two shops, and not only had neither shop cancelled my order, these two charges were on my credit card. Etsy cancelled these orders and "blamed" the shops, not to mention no clear reason was given as to why Etsy cancelled. However, a third order with a third shop went through without incident.

One shop has a separate online store, so I purchased the exact same thing using the same delivery address and paypal, yet ordering through his shop was about. 88 less than on Etsy. I looked online to see if Etsy charges buyers for transactions. Couldn't find anything. Yet it appears that they do. All these little hidden charges must add up to something quite nice for Etsy, in addition to what they charge the shop owners.

Shady, not to mention that there's no Etsy customer service phone or straightforward way of contacting Etsy, especially if they have cancelled your orders since no order create a case to, with broken shop contact links. Definitely having second thoughts about opening an Etsy store and will mention this to a friend to whom I recently suggested she open an Etsy store - don't think so!


We found that communication is consistently not great, often have to ask more than once for clarifications or FAQ that should be provided upfront.


The New Yorker magazine (Conde Nast) attempted to charge my credit card for an $99.99 plus tax for their (most expensive) annual subscription option. Not three, but only two months in. Never received an original email confirmation, nor another one when they auto-charged my credit card early. Only noticed because we were looking at bank statements for something else. Never would have expected this multi-layered shady from them. Who knows how many "trial" subscribers they've pulled this on. Sad.


Called today, selected Tech Support from Netgear's menu options, waited 18 minutes, phone answered by a barely-understandable person, who then informed me that I had a technical question and she was going to transfer me to Tech Support. When I protested that I had selected Tech Support from their menu options and didn't want to be transferred, she hung up. Of course, if we had know about Netgear's less-than-zero customer support, we would not have purchased their product.


We bought the Ledger Nano S in 2017 - tried logging in after receiving an email notification from Ledger that our account data had been hacked a couple of weeks ago. Two weeks later and countless emails with Ledger "support" (no phone support), and still can not upgrade the firmware to get this device working again on their Ledger Live app after barely using it. This wild goose chase after paying about $100 for it and having our Ledger PII data hacked two weeks ago. Just don't.


Called Experian yesterday to ensure that I have both a security freeze and fraud alert on my Experian credit reporting account.

6/8/20 - Called and waited 32 minutes before reaching someone who's phone doesn't work - I could hear him, yet he couldn't hear me. Called again and was on hold for 15 minutes after being transferred - now I've been transferred a third time and expect to be on hold again for a while for who knows what result. I am not able to log into Experian's website even though I have an account (apparently from a data migration that wasn't successful, yet those of use affected were not informed). I did not receive a login email "within 10 minutes" after my call.

6/9/20 - After not receiving a login email, and now on my third call to Experian, I was transferred to the dispute dept even though I mentioned login issues, and am now at over 3 calls and 2.5 hours (32m, 61m, 95m) on the phone. More concerning, due to a misspell, Experian may have emailed my user information to another email. So much for "security".

It also turns out the fraud alert I asked for was not added yesterday, and I still don't see the security freeze after being able to log back into my account today. In fact, I see my account was unlocked (?) after checking online. At this point, I have no confidence that my Experian account has a security freeze and fraud alert.

Experian's ineptitude even affected our mortgage application back in December - fortunately the lender was okay with accepting the other two major agency reports.

When I called Innovis yesterday, it was a completely different experience. First person that answered right away added a fraud alert, security freeze and even offered a free credit report, all in less than 10 minutes. I have not had any of these Experian issues with Equifax or Transunion.

How is Experian going to provide seamless customer service instead of bungling everything possible, wasting the public's time and ironically putting our credit reports at risk by sending login and user information to another email address?


Chase holds on to your money then starts bleeding your account while denying your promotion... then you have to start calling. We then closed this account.

Spent a hour with a charming car salesman (er, "banker") who reviewed what we needed to do to meet Chase's many requirements around this promotion, which we did. (btw, after the account was set up, we couldn't get a hold of this guy or have our calls returned). Not seeing the promotional credit, we called again. Now we're hearing that because we didn't use the debit card as one of the required five transactions, we won't receive the $400 promotional credit. Despite all the "careful" advice we were given, we didn't know we had to use the debit card. (yeah, whatever, if not the debit card, there would have been another excuse).

In addition, they forward-dated a deposit transaction so it appeared we didn't have the minimum daily balance the entire prior month so they could charge a $12 monthly fee. Which of course, drops the daily balance below their minimum for the current month = another $12... etc.

Don't let Chase use your money, don't waste your time. Oh, and when we called the branch, they hung up on us after waiting 10 minutes then wouldn't answer the phone. Other issues just not seen with the other major banks, which aren't perfect, but don't seem to resort to these shady practices as a matter of doing business.


Unexpected UCC-1 filing and processing fees tied to home mortgage closing process (made to seem legit; this is not per online legal sites), inept staff throughout contract length, not able to get through to an effective customer service person, not to mention I was emailed a huge final bill meant for another customer. When I asked for a supervisor, I was left a voicemail by a phone number that does not accept return calls, with an automated email reply that I may hear something back in 1-2 business days. If you don't pay their $150 UCC processing fee, Tesla tacks it on to your closing costs and the title companies agree with this, although this is a solar panel contract, not a home loan or home lien. Instead of addressing my request to remove this unexpected charge (not mentioned in older contracts), it appears that Tesla will add this $150 fee, which seems both highly inflated on both the filing (usually $10-20, not $100) and Tesla's ($50) processing charge to my closing costs. Probably as a result of other customers pushing back on same. Needless to say, we have a nice sunny roof waiting for new solar panels and will not be going with Tesla.


PayPal reviewed my complaint and immediately handled the situation when I contacted them 10 weeks later. Then NLPPower "customer service" commented on my attitude after I mentioned I would contact my bank or PayPal if I didn't receive the refund I asked for (within days of purchasing; by the way, the audio is terrible, which is why I returned this product). Didn't start out with an attitude yet definitely developed one after numerous attempts by NLPPower to not refund, who then tried to call me out. Hilarious. Received an email reply from them today that my refund had been processed. Yep, thanks to PayPal, not NLPPower. Then some nonsense about my other email address, which has very little to do with refunding my PayPal account. Slimy business model.


Seems ADT has turned inept and/or criminal these days. We were already with them and hadn't experienced any issues, so thought it would be a breeze to set up new service. After over an hour on the phone, we were able to customize our new system. We signed a new contract. Yet today, ADT voided the contract, then gave us a call that we need to sign the contract. I replied that we had already signed a new contract (and have the PDF to prove it); nope, the rep insisted, it hadn't been signed. At first we thought this was a scam call. When we got home, we found the signed contract copy (be sure to download folks, since docusign docs can be changed). We also noticed that we received an email confirmation that it has been voided, with a second email requesting signature on a new one. Not only did the rep insist we hadn't signed, it goes without saying that they're attempting to skirt around possible contract changes. This in addition to an overcharge of nearly $100 after the install which appeared as an automatic bank deduction (!), which was reversed after several transfers and over an hour with customer service. The installer also seemed a bit shady, hovering to see new system password and router password. Assume nothing honest about ADT, try to find something with better ratings and honesty, which is ironic for an alarm monitoring company.


Needed to return 4 unopened boxes of small ceiling fans. Their charge would be $63! If you buy their O Club membership for $19.99, you can return for "free", where free means for store credit only. Not to mention an overall difficult return policy. And if the item is damaged, then it's your time and photos. Not worth it. Returning these fans then I'm done. Ps: $10 less on Amazon for the same thing even with Overstock's 15% coupon.


Their site servers continue to suck = missed opportunities to bid = lost money = stupid for everyone.


Not only that, Fiverr's current Terms of Service prohibits you from contacting your credit card company to dispute the charge (this is not legal or legitimate - you may contact your credit card company to dispute whenever you want). If you do, Fiverr will attempt to automatically keep your money to "protect" their sellers. In the meantime, Fiverr's "resolution department" puts it back you to resolve issues with the seller, who failed to be open about what is actually provided and how it will be completed by YOU, while refusing to honestly address your resulting questions. This may be fine for low-cost services, not for the nearly $250 I paid. Another thing I noticed, is that you can't contact every seller (some have Contact Me buttons, some do not) with questions until after you pay, which by then, may be too late. You may want to find another similar company with solid ratings to help you.


Super Affiliates System does not honor their 30-day no questions asked trial period. My experience was crickets after making my refund request five days after signing up, as well as to my followup request, despite a support ticket. So true, there's no questions... nor a refund. Contact your credit card company if you need to. In the meantime, SAS will be sitting on your hard-earned money for the next 60 days while your credit card company investigates. Look online for their 30-day guarantees and make a copy for your credit card company in case they ask. Also, just a few days after logging in, I immediately started receiving many calls for coaching, legal and accounting services. They are pretty inquisitive about your current financial situation, claiming that they need to know you're a fit for their expensive coaching (that they can't tell you about) and that they would want your testimonial if you're successful. Also mixed messages and attempts to instill doubt that the Crestani online course isn't enough depending on who calls you. These people claim to be from his office, yet their email addresses don't match. "Shady" is what comes to mind. Too bad since this looked like an otherwise possible course; although it was too soon to tell before I had enough of the constant up-selling before asking for a refund. Not sure what the course is called either, it has different names on the login dashboard - imjetset, SAS 3.0, etc. There's a different program called Super Affiliate Network, if you're looking for reviews, which is completely separate. Hope this helps you avoid some pitfalls in your online affiliate journey.

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