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I am a admin at a chat site my friend owns

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I can give feedback on chat sites and chat software in areas of safety and features.


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3 Reviews by Ewan

The webmaster is so funny, and I loved many of the features they had.

Ill restate that I met Lions their webmaster while exploring chat options and coming across some reviews regarding chat software.

Ill state again that I went in under cover so to speak to check the validity of some of the other reviews on this site. And found that not only are the reviews false, but this site is probably the safest chat site I have ever seen. And I have been chatting for ages.

Again some of the reviewers coming in are from another chat site called chat-avenue.com and they have no business reviewing another site regarding safety. Just look at the mess they got going on over there. chat-avenue.com should be black listed, the owner should be arrested, and the site should be removed off the internet. It is a plague that us chatmasters cringe and grind our teeth over. It is the worst place for a minor to chat online.

cronychat was pleasant, very inviting, the regulars were all nice, and funny. I even got to video call with their webmaster, you know he may be young but he is very intelligent, and very nice, and there is no way in hell hes a day over 11 lol. So now I am dead sure that you trolls are just trying to bury your competition.

Parents, please listen to what I am saying. cronychat is a great place for your teens, and chat-avenue is only attempting to squash a good sites reputation for the sake of not losing business. I had such a good time at cronychat that I will have to keep going back from time to time. I laughed til I cried, and not once was I hit on by anyone. Nothing sexual ever came up. So chat-avenue take your lying butts and move on, because Ill have all my friends review the site as well. I wont tell them how to review it, but im sure that there will be more 4 and 5 star reviews than the later.

Maybe we should all join cronychat in trying to oust chat-avenue from the internet? I could certainly join forces with Lions and cronychat to end your decade long tirade of grooming innocent minors.......talking to chat-avenue.com.

I really liked cronychat, and so will you
I recently have been in search for new chat software for my chat site. In doing so I started testing various software, and came across minnit.chat. Then I noticed the site jabber reviews on it, and came across another chatmaster who had already ran the software. His review on the software checked out to be true, so then I decided to check out his site. So this is what I have discovered, and to dis-associate any of the many negative reviews you see here, I will explain my overall experience.

I can tell you that I don't know where the idea of a scam comes into mind, because from what I gather it is completely free to use, and all I see as far as purchase options is a voluntary contribute button. That doesn't seem to bad because the price ranges are from $5 to $20 dollars, and is not a condition to even use the services.

I also seen reviews regarding the fact that the site is unsafe. Compared to the likes of other chat sites, and even my own, that couldn't be further from the truth. I first went in with a guest alias. I didn't want their administration treating me any differently than a regular chatter. I not only felt safe but I actually had a really fun time chatting with their regs.

Other rumors claim that their chatmaster could be or is a "fake". Well this is also not true becuase, recently as stated I found myself in search for new chat software, and I ended up shortly thereafter contacting their webmaster via video call. If Lions is 31 as you claim him to be, then hes the youngest looking 31 year old I have ever seen.

This to me, seems like pure competition from other chat sites, trolls, bullies, how ever you want to spin it. Because some of you have mentioned comingn from chat-avenue.com and then thats when I put on my questioning face. Your tactics to defame this site....I am talking to those coming from chat-avenue are very hypocritical don't you think? Mean the constant grooming that takes place in your chat site, should leave you speechless when it comes to any other chat site. chat-avenue.com is a breeding ground for illegal online activity.
The rules listed at cronychat are detailed, to cover user safety, with detailed instruction tools for moderators and staff, and clearly defines that the site is not used for dating, and it states that crimes such as grooming are immediately reported to authorites.
After speaking with Lions he informed me over the last year 8 arrests have been made on charges ranging from grooming, to even intent to commit. Ill stop at that.

The staff at cronychat were very nice, and didn't come off as German Nazi Prison Guards. I felt very safe using the site, and they have all the features that a chat site should have.
*Text chatting
*File Share
*Stunning youtube displays via a link
*audio calls
*video calls
*private messaging
*A very nice forum
*A very nice blog
*User membership area

For cronychat being a small time operation they have all the features the big sites do, and they run their chat site better.

For those of you that are reading this, before you pass judgment stop on in and meet the people at cronychat, then go over to chat-avenue.com and log into kids chat or girls chat and then you can see where most of these reviews are coming from. Then ask yourself if these other reviews are even plausible. Mean would you trust a burgler with your 60 inch flat screen? Then why would you trust anyone coming out of chat-avenue with a honest review on a chat site?

Take it from my there is nothing wrong with cronychat, as a matter of fact I really enjoyed myself.
This company and it's prodcut is nothing but a scam. This is a chat room meant to stay on the minnit.chat website this is NOT for websites or chat sites.
This company must be fairly new because, they fail to realize that chat sites, especially teen chat sites have laws to follow. Both federal and international regulations. Some of those laws require that the owner submit user data to certain agencies when a crime has taken place.
Question for minnit.chat is
How do you expect, your website customers to be able to uphold their legal obligations, other than in a previous review someone said that he would have to subpoiena you each and every time. That is going to cost a fortune in court costs and attorney fees. Why in the world would I pay you
360 dollars USD per year for a chat software that will only cost me more money, every time I have to drag your butts to court to fulfill the obligations on my end.
And are you aware that even small chat sites for teens will make at least one cyber tips report a week....come on people it is the internet!

Declan you are 100% correct in your review. Chat sites simply can't use this product. It would get us all shut down. They have no idea what they are doing and any senior webmaster/chatmaster will figure it out. Hopefully before paying these schisters.

I also agree with him, in that wait wait hold the phone.....you do have an abnormal amount of branding on your software. Yet the only promotional offering you have must be the minnit.chat domain? Now come on guys your biggest customers will be chat sites, and chat sites want to be able to advertise their chat sites...not their chat rooms. Your customers which will be chat sites, would most likely give you a outstanding recommendation, but why if your not giving them a reach around?

Declan I would like to maybe get into contact with you Me and my friend own a chat site, and you own a chat site and we clearly see eye to eye here. Maybe we could exchange some information. And I might add your chat site is beautiful I absolutely loved checking it out.

I also agree with Declan that this is only a scam by minnit.chat to steal your site traffic if all they are doing is branding the product....charging you for it...and forcing the registrations to go through the minnit.chat servers. Then it intentionally leads your users away from your site to their site. It is proceliting and that is ethically and morally wrong and not very professional.

This company wont just cost you the amount of the software they will cost you thousands and double digit thousands in revenue due to the traffic you will lose, because of their scam tastic ways.

Declan bravo love your review bro! and thanks for the heads up. I saw that and then did some research talked to a few friends and you know what your 100% right about everything you said.

Jack idk who you are but you sir have no clue about the laws regarding chat sites. And if you did, then you would know that you are facing shut down if coppa comes in asks or subpoenas you for a users data and you say "oh i don't have it"? yeah your done!

Maybe you all at minnit.chat should listen to the ones who know the law, and know what chat sites need, instead of trying to wing it. This makes 2 chatmasters you have peed off so far. Im sure there will be more.

Good day...cheers

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