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If you do a great job I'll praise it to the sun. Negative reviews made by me will always include LOTS of details. I don't leave a negative review unless I've done everything possible with the company to fix it and gotten no results.

7 Reviews by Erin


Took our vehicle for an oil change on 10/12/19. Even though our car had never been outside of CA before, they stated that our car had been to their service station over and over (we later found out a previous owner took it to a location in Los Angeles, CA) and wanted to upsell everything (which we expected but declined as our car was in perfect running condition before we took it to this location).

We thought everything was fine after we left until our car started having several code issues pop up, almost immediately after leaving. We had to replace our O2 sensor as it was somehow damaged in the oil change (it had just been replaced in September 2019 before we drove from CA to NJ), and had constant issues with our car now stalling when it had been completely fine before the oil change. We found out four days after the oil change that the employees never reconnected our hoses when they disconnected the air filter system in my car, which was causing all sorts of fuel injection errors. Rather than having this shady location touch my car again, we fixed it ourselves at our own cost.

Do NOT trust Jiffy Lube to touch your car, this is not the first time a Jiffy Lube location has ruined a vehicle of mine but it sure is going to be the LAST. I will not ever return to another Jiffy Lube location and I highly recommend that nobody else does either. There are so many places to get an oil change these days that are so much more respectful to the owner and to the car itself. (Photos of the damage attached)

Tip for consumers:
Find a mechanic who will treat your car with respect rather than the un-trained people at Jiffy Lube locations everywhere.

Products used:
Standard Oil Change


On February 19,2018 We were traveling on the freeway in California, and a FedEx truck intentionally cut off our vehicle (we have a Honda, versus a large FedEx Delivery truck!) as we were trying to change lanes, causing us to swerve violently OR RISK BEING SIDE-HIT AT 65 MPH BY THE FEDEX TRUCK which caused other vehicles to also swerve and slow. We had signaled properly, and had enough room, and the FedEx driver was blatently laughing at our car, as well as flashing us the middle finger for about a mile after the incident. The vehicle number 87729 was and the plate number was 32300W. We immediately called FedEx to complain about this unsafe delivery driver in their fleet, and customer service said that they would "look into it" and would call me back within two days. This happened over 4 weeks ago now, and we never got a call back. I have video of the driver laughing and brushing it off like it was nothing - of course he stopped flashing the middle finger as soon as he saw I flipped out my phone to record his sorry driving actions as I'm sure he wants to claim he was 'innocent' of all actions like lairs always do! At this point, I am demanding that driver be FIRED. Not 'warned', not 'disciplined', not 'written up', but FIRED because we never got an apology from EITHER FedEx or that lame delivery fool. It's too late for an apology FedEx. You need to be more careful who you hire as drivers - this could have caused a major accident and is NOT a laughing matter. Don't expect me to EVER choose FedEx as a delivery option if I have any choice in the matter EVER again. I would rather have a package shipped Media Mail by the USPS than choose an unsafe company like this one!

Tip for consumers:
Be wary of large companies who practice unsafe methods like FedEx! Avoid whenever possible!


AAA Paving Co in Rialto, CA needs to better manage the staff driving their company vehicles. One of their trucks (truck #1108) tailgated my vehicle this afternoon while my daughter, who just got her permit, was driving. Close enough that I couldnt see their plate when I looked back. Had we needed to suddenly stop for any reason that truck would have been halfway through my car. We were driving at the posted speed limit of 45-MPH, and once they started tailgating her she sped up to 5-MPH over the limit because she was afraid they were going to hit the car! On a two-lane, no-passing zone, 45-MPH road at Canyon Crest in Riverside, CA this is NOT ACCEPTABLE. EVER. Two male employees were in the truck and both flipped us the finger as they went past us, and then they sped away exceeding 70 MPH on that same road. This is not safe. For anyone! I know a lot of people use that back way as a get-around from the Central Avenue traffic but exceeding the speed limit and riding other drivers bumpers are NOT nice. EVER. I want both of the drivers in that truck FIRED IMMEDIATELY as well as a written, PUBLIC apology to both myself AND my daughter. Not written up. Not warned. FIRED. I dont care if you work in business or as a construction worker, you still need to be polite and courteous when driving. I have photos of the truck and the truck plate as they zipped around us. Date of incident was approximately 4:00pm PST today, January 2,2018. License plate began with 77 and ended in 81. I have the images posted on Instagram and Facebook and WILL NOT remove them. If one of this company trucks does this again I will take this to the next level sue the company for harassment and road rage! I do not approve of this company, and will NEVER recommend their services. And YES I work in construction, so my recommendation can go a LONG way.


Can't rave enough about Princess Packers through Meathead Movers! Shelsea, Suzette, and Karina were the best "Princesses" I have had the honor of meeting! They arrived on time, made sure to walk through and document any items that might need extra "Princess" care, and kept us informed the whole time about progress. All of the boxes were labeled perfectly with contents, which room they came from, and had a cute pink label with the princesses name on it for each box. They saved us so much time and stress, and when it came to move day none of our items broke because they were so careful! The Princess estimated quote actually came in exactly at the "minimum" quote, and we added a tip for them being so efficient in their jobs! On moving day, Ronald, Michael, Sonny and Joseph were the best "Meatheads" we could have asked for! They were very thorough in loading the truck, and did actually jog when they were not carrying an item! The four gentlemen were very polite, friendly, and even made us laugh with a few jokes as the day went on. The Meatheads estimated quote also came in exactly as quoted for the minimum quote price, and we gave the Meatheads a tip as well for such great service. Thank you so much for making our move wonderful, instead of stressful! If you have to hire someone to move your things, hire Princess Packers and Meathead Movers - it will be your best move ever!

Tip for consumers:
Princess Packers and Meathead Movers take the "stress" out of moving!


After falling for their catchy intro prices, we finally decided to purchase two bra/panty sets from AdoreMe on May 14th, 2016. Worst. Decision. EVER. After 2.5 weeks, we still had not received the items, and hadn't heard anything from AdoreMe either. So we logged into our account to track the package. Which was listed as "undeliverable as addressed" (Even though the address in their system was correct, they failed to put the street number on the damn box!). So the item was being returned to AdoreMe because they messed up. (even though they declared by phone that it was NOT their fault). The rep on the phone said we would get a full refund as soon as they received the items back. Another week goes by. No notice. We follow up again, via email this time. They got the items back, and "conveniently" gave us a store credit, NOT a refund to our credit card! They claimed we could purchase the same items again and just use the credit. But, we could not, because now we are an "existing customer" and they will not offer any intro discounts again (which is the ONLY reason we bought from them in the first place!), meaning we would have to pay an additional $20 to order the same 2 items again. We had to request a full refund onto our credit card 5 times in email format, each time the rep, Diana, stating that we needed to confirm we wanted a full refund. At the fifth time, I simply replied "YES WE WANT A FULL REFUND OF $64.90 ON OUR CREDIT CARD". Two days later, "Diana" finally replied back stating we have been issued a refund of $53.00. Because there is a $5.95 restocking fee, PER ITEM ORDERED. Which was never listed anywhere, never told to us by ANY of their reps at any time in the refund request process, and was only stated AFTER they issued the refund to our card. If you can issue the full store credit, there is NO reason to take that money out to put it back on my card. Scam alert! I have already filed complaints with the BBB and will take all action necessary to get our remaining $12. Save your time, your money, and your aggravation. Just go to Victoria's Secret, or hell, go to Walmart. You can thank me later.
UPDATE TO REVIEW 06/06/2016: After filing a complaint with BBB, we finally got our full refund back, including the restocking fees. I am still not happy with the company and am leaving my review as a 1-star review of this company. They now deserve the "one" star for getting me all of my money back, but that was WAY too much hassle to ever want to deal with this company again.

Tip for consumers:
Don't. Just, don't use this site.

Adore M. – Adore Me Rep

Hi Erin,

Thank you for your review.

We deeply apologize for the entire misunderstanding. We can confirm that we have issued a full refund on the credit card, including the restocking fee.

We apologize once again for the inconvenience this may have caused you.

Please let us know if there is anything further we may do to help. Our customer service is available to answer any questions you may have.

Adore Me


91 days. 91 days until my lease is up and I am running SCREAMING away from this place.

One star is one star too many. This complex is AWFUL. I've lived at Artessa since it was Archstone, in September of 2012. The ONLY reason I renewed my lease in this complex for another year was due to financial difficulties. 91 more days and I am OUT. I would rather live in a cardboard BOX.
Artessa bought out Archstone in 2013. And has been through so many management changes I can't keep track of who is who on the staff here anymore.
I should have known better when I transferred out of a 1-BR and into a 2-BR within this complex a year ago. First off, I could NOT see the new apartment before move in day... just their "sample" one. The deposit amount due on move-in day changed three times, and increased each time... the last increase was made after 5pm the day before we were to sign the new lease. I was charged $2000 in deposit fees (of which I'm sure they won't give me much back!) Ask for the move-out fees BEFORE you move in. They charge for EVERYTHING. Painting. Cleaning carpets. Cleaning the apartment. Whether you've been here 2 months or 2 years. Didn't find that out until the day we signed the new lease for the old unit we move out of!
If you don't get one of the lucky units that has a washer/dryer hookup (Bring your own or pay more per month to rent from the office), you're stuck using their 6 washer/6dryer (for 200+ units) laundry system which now only takes credit cards (Visa or MasterCard) and charges $8 per swipe (but, auto-corrects to the proper amount of $1.75/$1.50 24-48 hours later says the office sweetly). One machine is always broken. People that use the working machines do not take their laundry out on time, and homeless steal clothes out of them all the time. Several of my clothes have been destroyed by their dryers, which doesn't allow us to properly clean the lint-traps. But "they are not responsible for damages".
I have DirecTV dish installed on my entryway instead of my deck ONLY after contacting the office first and getting their approved "OK to place it there" (because the tree by our deck blocked the dish connection). Not 24 hours later I'm being told a "resident" complained and I had to remove it. Why give me permission if you're only going to take it back? 95% of people who have dishes have them installed directly onto the railing yet I'm the only one who needs to move mine? Sent a letter to corporate about that stating when the rest of the complex moves theirs, I'll move mine. They have since hacked the tree outside my deck (It WAS beautiful... they should just cut it down now... there's nothing left but a tall stump that doesn't give any shade) to try and get me to still my dish. Not going to happen.
I had 2 cats when I moved in and had to get rid of one (personal reasons NOT due to the complex) after we moved in on the 1st of a month (rent clears the 2nd each month). When I called to get one cat removed from my lease (so that I am only charged for one pet instead of two - $50 vs $100 a month), NOBODY in the office knew how to do that. I finally was told to write a letter and submit it for next month's rent to be adjusted. Since I'd already paid this month in full I get no refund or rent adjustment (Funny that they'll pro-rate rent DUE but not when rent is owed back!) They are CLUELESS in the office how to effectively run this complex... and yet they are ALWAYS in "training".
Everything is falling apart here. Outside the apartment is pulling away from the foundation, and the cement walkway on the second floor is cracked the whole way through, but I've been assured we are in no harms way of it breaking/falling). The tile floors are peeling up, windows are old and drafty (good luck staying cool when it's hot... you waste A/C running it below 80 degrees), and there are so many layers of paint on the wall that you can literally peel it off like a sticker. Our fuse box was painted SHUT with about 5 layers of paint. Very handy when your fuse blows at night and you cannot get in the fuse box. They often use their landscapers to fix water problems (26 hours with no water last month in April 2016 because the landscapers had no idea how to fix a water pipe they had broken during their morning cutting of every growing thing in the complex.)
Their water saving methods they installed blew all the pipes in our apartment (too much pressure and no where for it to go when you turned on the tap), so all of the pipes under the sinks leak. All. The. Time. The water is extremely hard and calcified. Buy vinegar or CLR to run with your dishwasher, trust me. The light bulbs in the bathroom take 15 minutes to "warm up" so you can see, I waste more energy waiting for them to properly light up!
The rear gate is now padlocked (several of them) shut, so that students who go to the school right around the corner have to hop the fence (which happens at all hours of the day anyway) or walk the long route. The front gate is constantly breaking. Found out the company that ran it is no longer is in business, and they don't make parts for it anymore, so 90% of us can't get in unless you have an opener (one per apartment) and people are nasty about getting through the gate - I've been side-swiped twice by people now. The code box only works if you've lived here since 2012 and haven't changed your number since 2012. Forget security here. Cops are a frequent site, and homeless constantly wander in and out to pick the trash bins for cans.
Neighbors are loud and rude. If you live near the tennis courts, you will wish for death before you get any sound sleep. Complaints about it do nothing.
Save yourself $1400 a month ($1500 if you have a pet) and just buy a cardboard box. It will be so much better than this place!

Tip for consumers:
Don't. Rent anywhere else. A cardboard box is optimal. The drug-slums around the corner are second to the cardboard box.


After trying to plan a vacation on Priceline, all we got is problems and hassle. Their site said after we tried to purchase the hotel room we got an end page that said that "They could not complete our request but our card would not be charged". We got no email confirming this. No confirmation number. NOTHING. Except almost IMMEDIATELY, we had $126 charge pending on our debit card. So, curious, we called the Priceline phone number. And were put through an automated system of HELL. It took us five (FIVE) calls to actually get to a person, and when we got to a person, the female was outsourced from some other country and we could barely understand her due to her thick accent! She confirmed our reservation was NOT made and that "Our card would not be charged". When we confronted her about "Hey, we WERE already charged, please explain", she then reverted to the "Well, we have to charge the card to make sure the card will work first, and all charges will be reversed in 3 to 7 business days". Right. Except our trip is supposed to be in five days, and now because you won't offer an IMMEDIATE refund, we can no longer go on our trip because Priceline is holding our funds. We can't book another hotel room when you won't release the money! We are calling our bank first thing tomorrow and pressing fraudulent charges against Priceline. When we asked her about this point she stated that that is the policy and she can do nothing to change it. We will NEVER use Priceline again. NOT. EVER. Stay away. If you find yourself on Priceline's website from Trivago, immediately turn around and run screaming. Priceline will do NOTHING to help you but EVERYTHING to take your money without reason!

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