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I called customer service at Peapod.com after placing an order they put in a pending amount $5.00 higher at my bank, they stated they do this until the order is delivered then bill the right amount. This is illegal the pending charge is to be the charge of the order. Anyway, the woman stated that I was going to bounce my account there was not much money left over after they took their amount out. I told her I don't bounce my account. Then she stated most normal people keep at least a minimum of $150.00 extra in their bank account each month so it don't get over drawn. I asked her what she meant by normal people. She stated most normal people do this. I told her I was normal and I don't do this. She then stated I was not normal I was disabled. She stated people leave this much money in their account in case someone puts in a unauthorized charge on the account like a credit card or false check and your account bounces. I told her that it is illegal for a credit card company to put in an unauthorized charge on your account. She stated it's not and the bank does not have to refund you the over draft fee, and the company does not have to issue you a credit if you owe money. I told her both statements were untrue and false. Then she told me that the local police had shown them emails that I wrote to International Presidents complaining about my situation. I told her I did not know what they were talking about, she stated they have the copies of the email that I sent from my email address that the local police gave them copies. I asked her how do they know its my email address. She stated my name was in the email. I told her someone else could of sent these emails. She stated the police confirmed it was me. I told her it was illegal for the police to hack into my email account and print out my emails and give them to other people. She stated it was not and they have a legal right to do this. Then she stated that if the company knew I was Russian or at least knowing I'm part Russian the company would never of hired me. Stating Stop and Shop does not hire Russian people. She stated for the reason they don't agree with how Russia treats Russian people and this country in the past has had so many problems with Russia. And added in her own opinion she does not feel other companies would hire me either if they knew I was Russian based on how they feel about this she feels other companies would feel and agree to the same thing. The woman also added, "We also don't hire minorities to work for our company, such as Chinese people."

I worked at Stop and Shop over 20 years ago.

A few years back, Stop and Shop management called me to tell me they have a record of me and what was on the record, as they had the legal obligation to inform me of this. They also told me that Shaws had the same record on file on me as Shaws owns Stop and Shop, as well as Hannafords as Shaws owns Hannafords and any other store Shaws own the store has their own record of what they have. It is sent to all stores Shaws owns, and anything updated to be added to the record. They told me it contained complaints of me stating a man was breaking in on me and they were given copies of my police reports, because this man accused also worked at Shaws. I told them it was illegal for them to have these police reports. They stated the police felt they had a legal right to them where I was accusing one of their employees and they agreed with the police about this. And the record on me started once I filled out these police reports and the police started coming in talking to management and employees other Stop and Shop and Shaws management and employees. I told him these complaints by me of this man breaking in that worked with Shaws and still does to this date by the way, are supposed to be kept on his employee record. They stated they were not going to put them on his record because he was never arrested and they didn't want to ruin his employee record or his reputation by adding this to them. I told them regardless it was illegal for your companies to have copies of my police reports and witness statements as they stated they had and I requested they immediately be destroyed and shredded. They told me they didn't have to do that. They have a legal right to keep them on file on my record where the police gave them these copies. They also stated it contained comments of conversations with me from the police and other comments they had. I told them this was illegal for them to do. The male manager at Stop and Shop told me they do this with all their customers and keep records on them, especially if the police come in and say anything about the individual. I told them this was still illegal for them to do. They stated it was legal and as far as they know it is legal other wise the company would not do this and it is company policy to do this. I told them it is illegal regardless of company policy. Then they told me I worked for them a long time ago and they had a legal right to keep records on me under my name. I told them that is illegal the law states once employment is terminated the employee can no longer add anything, records, comments, etc in an employees record. The only thing that can be added is unemployment claims under law and that's it. They told me they keep records on their customers all the time and is easy to get the customers name because their customers use a stop and shop card that shows their name up. They even keep on record of that person complaints made by other customers about them and what the complaint was and that other customers had in the past made complaints about me. I told them I've never done or said anything to other customers, they stated some of the complaints stated, I watched the individual as they entered their number on the screen even though they knew I could not see the number, I stood to close to them and did not give them enough "space", etc. Which was all false and untrue and illegal to do and put on a record on someone else based on a customers complaint. They stated it was their company police and had a legal right to do so.

I confirmed what I was told by this male Manager at Stop and Shop with a Walmart Manager, a Roche Brothers Manager, and a Big Y manager, all grocery stores and they all told me what Stop and Shop and Shaws was doing was illegal. A store can not keep records on a customer and a past employee once terminated with the company can no longer keep records on that individual. They all stated that the only time a company can keep a record on an individual is if something happens in the store and the police are called, and they fill out a form with the persons name, the situation, and what happened with the police there what they stated etc. And they do not keep it in a private record on the individual the form is filed in one area, under all other forms related to other people of the same thing. And all 3 managers stated that is the only way a store can have record of you and they all 3 managers advised me not to shop at Stop and Shop or Shaws anymore.

Anyway, the Peapod delivery man came. At my door, he stated what do you want me to leave the groceries out here, I told him he could bring them inside and just leave them on the floor, and he stated he is not allowed to come inside someone's house, I know this is peapod policy they carry the groceries in and place the bags on the floor. I told him it's OK for you to come inside and just leave the bags here on the floor. Then he stated, well I can do that but I can't help you put them away. I stated I know this and I don't need your help to put my groceries away. He carried my groceries inside, and he stated to me, "I'm sorry to hear you have breast cancer." I told him Thank you. I don't know how he knew I had breast cancer/tumor, I never mentioned this to anyone at the company of Peapod, Stop and Shop or other related company or individual working there. I don't know how they found out my private medical information. Then he stated, I just wanted to let you know that you did not get a breast tumor the way you think you got it. I told him I did not understand what he meant by that. He stated that he had heard that a man had injected me with something that gave me the tumor in my breast and that I willingly let him inject me with this stuff. I told him that sounds rather crazy that someone would allow someone to inject them with something especially something like that. Then he stated he just wanted to let me know and thought I was unaware of what really caused my breast tumor.

Then the delivery man stated, from seeing the kitchen and entrance to small area of the house, "It looks unclean in here." The house was clean. Then he stated, "What i mean by that it looks like you have a lot of things down here." Then he asked if all these belongings downstairs were owned by me. I told him no, my father owns them and I've been too busy with school work to do anything down here. I'll have to help my father out someday when I have a chance and get him to straighten some things out and get rid of what he does not need anymore. Then the delivery man stated, "Oh no its not your responsibility to clean your father's place, or even help in straighten things out that is his responsibility to clean his own place. Then he asked me if I had a refrigerator upstairs. I told him no, I share the refrigerator downstairs with my father. He stated that he did not see how there was enough room to do this and store 2 peoples amount of food in the refrigerator. I told him my father has a freezer out back to. Then he asks me if my father does cocaine. I told him no my father does not do cocaine my father does not do drugs that's a rather strange question to ask someone. He replied, well I see two large plastic containers on the shelf with white stuff in them that to me looked like cocaine. I told him you can clearly see the containers are labeled with black marker one stating Sugar and the other stating Salt. Then he stated he would have to put down in report on his notes that he saw 2 containers that looked like there was cocaine in them. I asked him if he was going to state that one container was labeled as Sugar and the other container labeled as Salt? And he stated no he was not going to put that down and does not have to include that he has a right to include what something looks like especially if it is an illegal drug. So know Peapod delivery keeps notes on the customers. He added also he was going to include on record on the notes on me, that the house was unclean as he stated it actually is unclean, your father has too many items on his shelf rack, and too many personal items on his counter and from what I can see in the other room he has too many personal items. And this makes the house look unclean and there is no need for anyone to have this many personal items. He also stated he is allowed to right in notes whatever he wants to be kept on record of the customer.

I should of listened years back what the 3 managers, from Big Y, Roche Brothers and Walmart had told me never to shop at Stop and Shop or Shaws, or even use Peapod as Stop and Shop owns them.

Just one of the statements that woman made to me on the phone when I called to ask about the over balance charge on my bank statement, every other company would of monitored that call which I'm sure they did in this situation, either monitored the call or listened to the call at a later date, and all other company for just one of those statements made to me the company would of immediately fired this woman.

So if you want your privacy, and don't want unknown records kept on you under a record of your name on a company file that is illegal for the company to do in the first place, of information about you given to the store management or conversations even with store employees by police, other customers or other people, Which is illegal to do and keep such record under any person, Don't shop at Stop and Shop, Shaws, Hannafords, or any of Shaws owned stores, or Peapod.com

The Stop and Shop manager that reported having these records on me, stated they got my personal contact information from my store Stop and Shop card. I asked him how they make records at Shaws or other stores Shaws owns on other customers on where they don't use a Stop and Shop card, he stated, "It's very easy, all we do is send a video clip of the person that we want identified, with their name and address, and we can even use the footage of the video we have in the parking lot showing them get into their car, which shows their license plate, with this video clip to the police and we ask the police to identify that individual to us and give us the information. I told him this was illegal for the police to do that. The male manager stated, they don't mind helping us out on something like this, they are aware it is our company policy to do this and keep records on our customers if we have complaints on them or something or any other reason and we need their name and address to make such a record and the police are aware we need this to make a and the police don't mind helping us out here on this.


Amazon states, they bill you when the order ships, well my credit card got billed over 6 hours later on 3 orders that didn't ship. I checked with the bank, the items were manually processed for payment at Amazon to my credit card prior to shipping. They lie. They bill before they ship. Also I had an order cancel - and over 6 hours later, they billed my credit card and the email they sent on cancellation stated "Don't worry your not billed anyway until the order ships." What a joke. I don't like dishonest companies that lie and would not refer them to anyone for beans. At least Ebay is honest and they don't lie.


Does nothing there - employees get paid to do nothing and not follow the rules of the origination - I can only assume they pick and choose who they want to file against.

Why complain to Government Agencies when they do nothing - who cares


Complained to the CIA once the FBI was under Federal Law required to help me with no exceptions not to. Any way this CIA Agent wrote back and said the "The FBI are a bunch of bird watchers" Laughed myself to pieces. I had to actually look up the word the CIA Agent used in the email it wasn't bird watchers another word and the definition of that word was just "Bird Watchers" Well you get the name you earned it as that's the way I see it. Gotta Love it though. Love the good CIA - made me laugh for hours on this one. I never felt so good that day.


Submitted complaint got no confirmation email no confirmation case number no password or link to check status.

What these employees get paid for a job to do nothing and with my assumption here based on my complaint and not legal response received required they send to me they pick and choose who they want to file a complaint against. What a job to work get paid and not do the job. Who cares right?


Patch.com posted an illegal slanderous listing of police charges on me - against their policy to accept such a thing - and their policy states users will be banned for posting illegal contents, but I guess they get to choose who this refers to and allows to accept the police to post illegal contents and they did post this anyway - They refused to take it down from the post unless the charges were dismissed.

The arresting charge was not properly phrased for proper arresting charge and posted to Patch.com in a slanderous way instead to damage/ruin my reputation. Then when I request to have taken down - they tell me by their policy I have to submit to them a court document from the court signed of the dismiss charges or they refuse to take down. What about their policy- now i can only assume for what they allowed police to illegally post illegal slander on me that they allow slander to be posted as a policy or just allow the police to do this and break policy and not ban the policy from further posts.

Totally illegal for anyone to request a copy of your personal documents/especially court documents for any reason. The company address is in New York - so don't tell me New Yorkers are ignorant or stupid to not know the difference between legal postings and Illegal slander. Also totally illegal not to immediately take down due to my request the statements made about me on the Patch.com were affecting me from getting hired and lost me a full-time job offer paying $35.00 an hour.

You want the same news - on patch.com your better off reading the actual true non slanderous stories on AOL. They have tons of them Updated regularly to stay current in time relation of the event.
I've sent a copy of link of the review of the above review to Patch.com stating here's your review you earned it!

Update a police officer that was a detective for the police told me something very interesting about patch.com the department does not use patch.com and I asked this officer why not - I was told by this officer - what they post up there on people's names and arrests dates locations and charges is illegal. Police stations are not supposed to post this type of police log or violations if they want to call it anywhere on the internet all police logs have to be published in a local paper if published or on a private are of the internet where other people that are not police officers can not access to view. I asked this officer why it was illegal to post he stated that it defames the individual listed (defame: damage the good reputation of (someone); slander or libel) by putting up this personal information and everyone listed on the patch from the police department with the charged offenses can sue the police department and the patch.com for posting this information for the public to view and himself and other officers have called police stations up that do use patch.com to post this information told them this and their response was they didn't care and the majority of the people are unaware of this and don't have the money to sue them. The police officer even stated they contacted patch.com via phone and told them this was illegal what they were doing and they replied the same to this officer and stated the public has the right to know this information even though the officer stated no the public does not have the right to know this information.

If you live in MA go to the law: https://malegislature.gov/Laws/GeneralLaws/PartI/TitleVII/Chapter41/Section98f

It states: For the police - "however, that the following entries shall be kept in a separate log and shall not be a public record nor shall such entry be disclosed to the public, or any individual not specified in section 97DL" - This means they can not publish police logs nor arrest names and charges publicly even on the internet.

If you live in another state do a search your state will probably have the same/similar law about this.

MA happens to have open records not all states have open record laws - which means these records are public at courts and police stations - but you have to go in and request the individual record you can't go in and request an entire police log - you need to know the name, state in writing your reason, and you are told you can not publish this publicly anywhere even on the internet once you are given a copy of such public record and you are told if you do publish this you will be charged with a crime and can/will serve jail time. This is either stated in writing for the form you request in the public record or they will state this to you in person.

I would advise people that are listed on Patch.com to know their rights - in every state - and if they find this law - file a complaint with the Attorney General's office for violating such law of not being able to publish name and arrest charges - and quote the link on the internet where this law is stated in your state - and even quote a section in the complaint area what they are violating. Patch.com the owner name and address can be found on a web domain look up. (This information needed to fill the complaint out) And you can find the company name even who owns Patch.com on a web search.

What I don't understand here in MA how the patch.com has been getting away with this illegal act for so long - you can't tell me know one else ever noticed this from various state departments that know this is illegal to do? And the police departments in MA know this is also illegal to do to publish this information and they do it anyway? And Patch.com gets away with breaking the law and publishes this information publicly on the internet? Doesn't make sense to me. Since when do police get to break the law they are governed by and get away with it knowing they are breaking the law and allow others such as Patch.com to break the law. I hate to say it with all the police corruption I vote for Military Martial Law - 2 kinds - to come in and have the Military Martial Law and have the Military come in and take over all the police stations in the US and run them. There would be no public curfew if this Military Martial Law option were in effect. There would be no corruption and people would be safer in the community. All police would be fired and replaced by the military - Army.
---------------------------------------- by the way under the State of MA it is illegal for the police to post publicly police logs/arrest reports/names they are available to the public for free at walk in request - and they do tell you at the police station or at least are supposed to tell you that you can not post or publish it the arrest name/charge -, here is the MA State law stating this about the police in MA can not post police logs/arrest names etc on logs publicly - https://malegislature.gov/Laws/GeneralLaws/PartI/TitleVII/Chapter41/Section98f - Know your rights people and stand up for them for all of you all that have been publicly posted by the police on police log reports for arrests names/charges you have a very good law suit against the police here of a win win situation here - even at the very least and you can't afford a lawyer you can still file at small claims for the maximum which I believe is $7,000.00. Just bring a screen shot printout of the post with your name and charges on the police log and a print out of this law. Your rights are being violated.


90 - 95 percent of items for sale on Tophatter are listed for sale on Ebay at a cheaper price. Most sellers copy the same headings they purchase from on Ebay and use as a heading on Tophatter so you can find the item on Ebay rather easily - not very bright to do this. The rings, necklaces, Smart Watches, etc on Tophatter - 90 - 95 percent are on Ebay - and the price is dirt cheap for what your buying on Ebay - grant it most of the items may come from China but its worth the 2-3 week wait.

Check out this link: http://whois.domaintools.com/tophatter.com.

Who is record for Tophatter.com

(Notice the name Amazon.com Inc)---

Registrant Org Domains By Proxy, LLC was found in ~11,427,190 other domains
Registrar Status clientDeleteProhibited, clientRenewProhibited, clientTransferProhibited, clientUpdateProhibited
Dates Created on 2011-12-16 - Expires on 2018-12-16 - Updated on 2015-05-03
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NS-506.AWSDNS-63.COM (has 4,471 domains)
NS-875.AWSDNS-45.NET (has 217 domains)

IP Address 184. 73. 185. 225 is hosted on a dedicated server
IP Location United States - Virginia - Ashburn - Amazon.com Inc.
ASN United States AS14618 AMAZON-AES - Amazon.com, Inc., US (registered Nov 04,2005)
Domain Status Registered And Active Website
Whois History 161 records have been archived since 2001-08-05
IP History 13 changes on 9 unique IP addresses over 11 years
Registrar History 4 registrars with 1 drop
Hosting History 9 changes on 6 unique name servers over 10 years
Whois Server whois.godaddy.com
Website Title Tophatter: Live Auctions
Server Type nginx
Response Code 200
SEO Score 86%
Terms 832 (Unique: 522, Linked: 121)
Images 9 (Alt tags missing: 7)
Links 89 (Internal: 56, Outbound: 9)
Whois Record ( last updated on 2016-06-19)
Registrar URL: http://www.godaddy.com
Registrant Name: Registration Private
Registrant Organization: Domains By Proxy, LLC
Name Server: NS-875.AWSDNS-45.NET
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DNSSEC: unsigned

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