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About Me

I write the truth about what I've experienced & always make sure I have proof to back it up. I don't like it when a business (or anyone for that matter) feels they can treat another person "less than"...& I don't give up!

How I Can Help

If it's just a review because of a positive or negative experience, then I will post it to make others aware. Other times it's an issue in which I always try my BEST to resolve directly with a company. Fortunately I've had some results from writing reviews. In a worst case scenario I won't stop with written reviews. I've reported to the BBB & health department & I know there are more resources out there if need be.


Love animals & helping others

42 Reviews by Elyse


Yes, Ibotta has lots of "rebate" & bonus potential. It IS a rebate site since you must buy things & they give you money back on the things you buy, but they also have many different ways to earn bonus money. However... their website has SO many issues & support doesn't really well support! I've given solid proof of countless issues & it's rare to have someone on the support team to admit (even with image proof) the problems.

They also ask for LOTS of personal information & I didn't really think about it until I started referring people. They want access to EVERYTHING, including your log on name & password to link your Ibotta account to the Walmart purchases. No matter what a friend did, they wouldn't let him shop without giving that information, so needless to say he's not using them at all!

Many things are seriously wrong with this company & with all the extra people online more lately, the hackers are having a BALL with stealing all kinds of supplied information freely given by US the consumer!

We wonder why there's more spam all around & it's because of websites like this!
It shouldn't be this way at all... if they want information so you get paid, that's one thing, if they want a receipt after you purchase something-GREAT! They should NOT be asking for everything just to sign up & use their service. Clearly if they're paying back so many people, they need to make money on it so I'm wondering if selling our information is one HUGE way they're doing it?

Be careful!

Tip for consumers:
Be very aware of what information you're giving them. Keep track of all your purchases that would apply, including screenshots so WHEN you don't get all the money back you have PROOF that can't be ignored by the support team. Do the same with every issue...take screenshots of everything!

Products used:
Everything I purchase is from grocery stores.


I am beyond sorry I ever tried to deal with this company at all. Very sad to say it was the worst experience from the very beginning. A rep contacted me after I input my information wanting to see if I could even qualify & he barely listened to anything I said. Started out by telling me back incorrect information & even when I corrected him, 2 minutes into the conversation he repeated the same incorrect info. Trying to fix the issue, I pointed this out to him & said this is a REALLY bad start. It was as if he didn't hear me at all, continued with a quick "sorry" & moved on very jovially.
In speaking with this same rep, it just got worse. He would speak over me, interrupt me, dismiss my requests for when/what number to contact me on & then getting a family member involved he proceeded to be extremely unprofessional.

Even though I was (working with someone) I still got a couple calls from people asking if I was interested in a mortgage? I finally wrote to that first rep, explaining that I would not tolerate his antics & IF I were to continue with this company it will be with someone else. He then tossed my file back into the NEW leads! I called & spoke with a new rep, explained everything & he was actually nice, listened to me & forwarded my information to a supervisor. I still got a few more NEW lead calls & finally got a supervisor who was beyond helpful, said I could get in touch with her directly & never have to deal with anyone else.

She was great! So I thought because this company still decided to put me back into new leads! I don't blame her but I blame the company as a whole. This morning's call on the wrong phone that woke me up was the last straw! The guy who quickly rambled his opening, I interrupted telling him they shouldn't be calling me at ALL & thanks for waking me! He didn't bother to care what I was saying & transferred me to the next available specialist who tried to get out HIS opening... I said again, you should NOT be calling & he kept speaking but I had to hang up on him.

Be careful with this company, customers are just numbers to them!

Tip for consumers:
When you hear the first red flag, don't continue to try to work with them. It does NOT get better.

Products used:


So many rebate sites, where to go, who to use? I did forget about Wikibuy & had a credit from a while ago just sitting there but I'm not overlooking them anymore. They are giving some rebates where other sites may not be, take a look at who their affiliates. Not only that but they credit pretty quickly & their customer service is on point!

• Updated review

Since my last review was helpful to someone I had to update because it had been a long time. I wrote to the website a couple months ago & got a response from someone who couldn't answer any of my questions. She told me to contact the store which I knew for a fact they couldn't help with points as I had asked before & they told me to contact corporate, why I wrote to HQ since it looked like things again were messed up. The woman who was in touch finally explained that she was working from home (totally understood) & she was not corporate but said she would get someone else to get in touch. It's now been more than a month & I got another message only stating to contact the store, they were sorry for the long delay in response & everything is now up-to-date that they have corrected all points... which is not at all the case, nothing was changed. No one even acknowledged that the other woman contacted me it was as if this was the first time being in touch & didn't say anything about my birthday (this month). So I have no idea what is going on but I guess I'm going to have to attempt to call & sit on hold for that extended wait time to try to fix this because I have way too many accumulated points that I don't want to lose.

Well done Sally's!
• Previous review

I had so many issues with Sally's before but I will always try to give updates, especially for the company's that are improving & care about their reviews. The website people have been outstanding lately & I'm very impressed. Everything on my account is finally updated & corrected. I had to get back in touch a few times to get it squared away & explained but they are way better & I'd recommend them now.

BIG difference between the website & the stores!
• Previous review

The people I've spoken to from the website aren't always the nicest & that's putting it lightly. The store, however, I haven't been to one where they aren't nice. Maybe some are a little more quiet but VERY willing to help & if they can't they will try to get someone who can! The people online really don't want to be bothered, it's more like either order something or don't-all they know & anything more than that is too much, so they get annoyed. When I first became a member I spoke to 1 nice person-she must have left, haven't heard a friendly voice ever since & that is what I'm reviewing the website. Not just the people but the site isn't accurate or helpful. Things tend to imply that you can only get a LOT of products online & not in stores. I don't know how many times I've called stores to find out they did have what I was looking for but it would have been nice to know when I looked online that 3 or so lines of products were not just online & that stores DO in fact carry them too! It's very misleading & makes me as a customer not want to shop at Sally's anymore, as if they didn't give me enough reasons before but I don't like being "lied" to time & time again. I refuse to order anything online from them... if it's not in the store, I'll get it somewhere else or find any way else but I will not deal with Sally.com

Tip for consumers:
Even as I read the reviews, I saw that more people wrote positive reviews about stores & not really for the website.

• Updated review

I finally got a hold of someone at HQ & they were very apologetic. I've always loved my local place because any time there was the smallest issue directly with them it's been handled but obviously if it's a website problem that's not their fault. So with many website issues & not just lately I can't give 5 stars but because they do want to take care of the customers I'm updating to 4 stars.

Hit or miss with points
• Previous review

You do get points when you place orders that equal over $10 of the subtotal but good luck trying to get the promotional points. Don't get me wrong, I really like my local Dominos but this rewards thing is ridiculous! You have to get 60 points for a free medium pie AND after you do earn it, don't think you can get it for free delivered because there is a minimum for delivery!
I've been having so many issues with these rewards it's insane. No one responds when you try to contact them through the website either. I've tried with all the issues & I always send screenshots but when I finally talk to someone I've heard the same thing... they tried to get in touch with me but no one answered my phone. I only have one contact number & I'm always home, it's a landline so that's really not even possible.
This time I think I've e-mailed about 3 times already since my order & I even ordered from another place & earned a free pie which would have been Dominos but they didn't give me the rewards I earned.
I'm getting really tired of having to fight for what I earn or any other issues that come up. It's just not worth it. Right now with what we are all going through I was trying to support them & appreciated them still being open but they didn't do what THEY promised & yet I still get bombarded with their promotional e-mails.
Sorry Domino's, now I need more than that to order from you again... you have used up way too much of my energy & I truly feel have even taken advantage of my loyalty too many times. I gave chances that you didn't even know.

• Updated review

So things continue to say one thing & show something else. I'm never bothering again to write through chat again because I know it will just be frustrating. I requested money to be transferred from my bank into my Paypal account on a Saturday, it said it usually takes up to 5 business days to be withdrawn & credited. If it was taken out of my bank on Monday then why did it take 3 more days to get my credit? There's no reason for money to be floating around or Paypal to have taken it & just not credit me for all those days in between. Lately I've just been seeing things that just don't add up. It's a very good thing I keep a good eye on everything & have trust in their credit card company, otherwise I'd find another service.

No one to talk to
• Previous review

Believe me, I understand there is a LOT going on right now but what do you do when there's an issue with your account? The ONLY way to contact Paypal is through live chat & not ONE rep I've spoken to have given me CORRECT information. I can prove that for a FACT because when they are telling me about MY account, their information is wrong & it's proven wrong because the real facts are directly on my Paypal account activity! NOT ONLY that but I've sent them MORE proof from the bank they CLAIM money was NEVER taken out of but I copied & pasted the information to them!

Soooo, it's bad enough that for 2 days straight I had to type to multiple reps many who looked at all the details & then when they got to me immediately disconnected & sent me onto someone else but the next person always gets on asking to hold on while they review the previous information just to ask me for it all over again. I'm disclosing more because it gets worse... I tell them that I'm disabled & typing is painful (yes even now) & it got to a point where I wrote I've very limited time my hands are cramping & don't even know how much longer until I can't move anymore. The last guy kept asking me to give him the same information & my hands started to claw up, I was down to one hand & he kept asking me for the information again, I said already typed & hands clawed, he told me he understood my frustration... wrote not stress, pain & again disabled, he just didn't care telling me he needed that information & honestly don't remember the last one word I typed before I hit disconnect & sent the entire conversation to my e-mail.

I was in total spasm at that point & yes this is very personal but it touches on some serious things... out of about 6,7 reps through Paypal live chat who start a conversation asking for time to review all the details they ASK you to take time to type, "maybe" only ONE actually admitted to reading it. That is the first issue because ALL the others still ask for it again & a couple even said hello then immediately disconnected. All the others STILL don't have the right information because I've provided PROOF, regardless of what they BELIEVE & there's no one to speak to & those are HUGE issues. These people don't seem to have any training & are wasting time & money. What's the point of even having a live chat through Paypal?

Now this may be the biggest issue of all. Even if they don't know what they are doing, taking out the human element because of a live chat is HORRENDOUS! At the VERY least, the could be there for another person, "listening" & pretending to care. You don't have to know what you are doing or even have all the answers to be empathetic to another person. I've told several of these reps that I'm in pain from all this typing, trying to solve this issue & only ONE said a quick "sorry to hear & she'd try to explain quickly" (even though everything was still totally inaccurate). Not any other person even acknowledged my pain, disability & as I said, the last fully ignored the fact & was quite demanding about not even assisting me if I didn't give the information that I provided many times over, that he asked ME for time to review, which I patiently gave to HIM!

The reps are saying my bank won't pay b/c of NSF on a date where there's NO proof of that date ever being attempted on Paypal OR my bank, only proof of a date much earlier but they (Paypal reps) are ALL saying never happened! It's in the records, in the activity & in my bank account! These reps claim it takes from 3-5 business days for an ACH payment to collect from a bank, but again... I have PROOF that's not true! In fact I have gone through my May AND June ACH payments & of all those 6 total-4 went through my bank the very next day, 1 made it 3 days BUT it included weekend & even another still was withdrawn in 2 days including the weekend.

I was Paypal's biggest supporter & right now they HAVE to make a change... as I said, at the least train the people on chat to treat us with SUPPORT in SOME way!? I'd rather hear "I don't know, then feed me lies & totally not care at all" THROW OUT THE SCRIPT

Love everything about them, especially their PayPal Card!
• Previous review

Whatever they are doing they are stepping up. All the transactions are going through very well & any concerns about being answered very quickly. I couldn't find a different place to just review their credit card but I have to say they are absolutely AMAZING! I use their card as my main card & the people are always so helpful! Keep up the great work PayPal.

Tip for consumers:
Check & double check to make sure all your T's are crossed & I's are dotted. It's easy to make a mistake, but even if mistakes are made they are very willing to help & sometimes if you catch it in time you can cancel a transaction.

Products used:
I use transfers & their credit card.

They do enough.
• Previous review

I like having the access to Paypal & they are ok. I say this because if you ever have a valid dispute, I really hope you had paid with their credit card & not just through them. They did NOT do their job with regards to this but their credit card company is AMAZING!


I placed an order & simply bad timing especially for what I wanted. It took a long time to get it but there was never a delay in response from the very kind customer service woman. Finally getting my item was a bad experience so I contacted the rep again told her everything. She took care of me, caring for me as a person (not just a customer) & why I'd absolutely try them again.


They are always here for their customers! When COVID-19 was really made aware in SC, they were the first company to give customers relief without being asking or questioned, just all around everyone got immediate assistance. They are a coop & I'm always seeing/hearing about them giving back... don't know who I'm supposed to be reviewing but HTC as a whole, is an amazing company doing whatever they can to improve & assist. They just redid their website & I couldn't be happier with them... thank you HTC, HTC Connect, HTC internet & I've had your other services before too.


Any time I've had an issue with rewards, I've called them & sometimes it may take another try but they look into it & fix the problem. They make sure it's legit, I don't blame them & would want them to... but it shows they want to do right by their customer!


It's not easy to start out but at least you will always get some compensation for your time. They work very differently from the other survey sites. It takes time to build up on what they call "trait score" points. The computer will just do survey "type" questions that are more about you just to make sure you are answering honestly & this builds up your reputation with them. In between these, once in a while you might get a "real survey" that can earn you more money. The idea though is to build up your "honesty/trait score" & that's when they will give you more again..."real surveys" to gain more money. I like this because if you get any kind of survey, you will do that survey & there's no survey questions to answer & possibly be disqualified! You don't ever waste time to earn nothing. It took time to understand this & they are different but I believe worth it. No, you don't get multiple things every day but when they have something, you know it's because they have something for YOU & that is why they are legit!


Nice new streaming service & extremely helpful customer service! This is exactly what I would expect from Disney :) I had a problem & even though the rep didn't understand how to help, he tried to give me whatever information he could to assist & even learn a little from me.

There are so many things to watch & you can add a LOT of people so Disney really wants you to share, give your friends & family their own profile all on one account for one price. They combined a lot of old & new, tv & movies that are family friendly... it's just wonderful.
Can't hurt to check it out especially if you also like Hulu &/or Espn because they even have bundles.
Really... I swear I don't work for them (wish I did). When I believe in something this good I like to share what's good about it.
Thank you DISNEY!


They have different packages & even the basic has a lot to offer. We have commercials with regular live tv when using all the older ways of watching & pay much higher prices so this saves money BIG TIME. I chose what I want to watch & like with all other commercials, get my snack or bathroom break... no biggie when you are only spending $7 compared to $70. Of course everyone has their preferences & if it's not about how much you pay, then maybe a streaming service isn't your cup of tea. I'd rather cut the cord & stay with these types of ways to watch my shows & am VERY happy with them!

• Updated review

As I posted in my other review, I was really hoping to update this because the way things went were not good. Since nothing was explained, I'm deciding that it was a simple error & mistakes happen so it's forgiven. The message today said my order was approved & account credited. I seriously don't like putting out such bad reviews but I will always tell the truth & am glad whatever the reason this was resolved therefore providing the company a better rating with my update to the consumer.

Hoping to change this rating
• Previous review

When they first took over Ebates it wasn't good but then they got much better. I truly am hoping to update this rating because right now I feel very deceived. I went through them purposefully (instead of another site because they were doing better) to get an annual streaming service membership. I read through ALL the terms & they even said it would be compensated "tomorrow". It just so happened that I also joined another service minutes prior & that compensated IMMEDIATELY! However the much larger amount is still not credited & even worse, in my shopping trip history it says $0 for the amount. In writing to customer service the automated system said the free trial period doesn't count & it could take up to 7 days for my credit (uhhhh, what happened to TOMORROW?). The service has been paid for, I have full confirmation from the company & my credit card but Rakuten responded back saying they must contact the company & it usually takes 10 days to respond, possibly up to 45 days!
Even with ALL that proof I gave them?
Well, I decided to contact this streaming company myself. They clearly told me I'm a new customer, paid my annual membership & there's nothing more to say! It took me less than 4 minutes on the phone for confirmation.
SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO my question is... Rakuten, are you trying to pull a fast one on me? Why do I, as the customer have to send you my e-mail proof from that company welcoming me & showing I paid AND include my credit card info but go even farther to CALL them for confirmation?
YOUR terms show I've done the right thing yet my shopping trip has a check mark with $0 rebate & $0 payment? Do I need to send you a screenshot of YOUR terms too?

I TRULY feel you are taking advantage of what is going on in the world right now & reverting back to old ways. The automated e-mails me to wait up to 7 days, then someone wrote saying they'd have to contact the company... something isn't right!
As I stated in my e-mail to you, do the right thing. I don't want to change my rating here to less & end up going on other sites again.
I'd much rather post good than bad but consumers have the right to be informed!

Always double check IF they are paying but I'm fair... they may have taken note?
Verified purchase
• Previous review

4 '16 SOOO upset that I have to put this kind of update because I was their biggest fan. Lately like the last 6 or so months, I think Ebates has been getting a bit full of themselves & customer service is falling flat. I have been having problems to the point where I have to send them copies of my invoices, about every OTHER online shopping trip I'm doing. I got used to doing that, even though they continued to "blame" me & said I was using the site incorrectly. THAT doesn't make sense if I've been doing the same thing for so many years & NOW all of a sudden I forgot how to use the site? I even told them that if I take too long to order I noticed I better re-do everything & start over or they won't acknowledge anything. Maybe they need the extra money to help pay for the new app upgrade? I don't know what happened because it's not nearly as easy to use Ebates.com or deal with customer service, I think they fired all the GREAT people & hired all new ones who don't care about the customers & clearly fabricate (or just don't know) what they have on their site!
5 '16 **UPDATE** Now I think I'm finally done using Ebates all together. I sincerely believe they are pulling the wool over everyone's eyes. Not only am I having to keep ALL times I'm making purchases & make SURE they give me credit for it but then I have to double check they don't delete ones they already gave me credit for after I send them ones they didn't! GO FIGURE? I showed them one from a company that was not issued & after they gave me credit for that one, they deleted a previous one... uhhh, what are they trying to pull?
4/23/17 UPDATE-I think the site took note & started fixing things. Since I called them out, saying exactly what I've said with reviews like this I do believe they have tried to take care of things. No, I haven't used them again yet but I did have some old things & they didn't delete anything which they could of because I totally forgot about them. They reminded me that I had a some small rebate heading my way & why I'm giving another update. I will ALWAYS be fair like that! Plus IF I do start using them on a regular basis again & find they are back to good or great, I'll post that too & revamp my entire review... but will keep the history, just a shorter version.

• Updated review

Going through another survey site, they were giving "bucks" for signing up with them sooo I decided to give them another chance. I signed up & everything was confirmed, I was a new customer, AGAIN. I was supposed to have gotten my "bucks" to the other survey site within 24 hours & that didn't happen. I tried to submit a ticket to the site that referred me & had issues, they didn't respond so I wanted to at least make sure LifePoints did what they were supposed to do on their end. Well, I couldn't get a straight answer. All they kept telling me is that I was a member & to start earning points I needed to do surveys on their site... uhhh, not my question. Meanwhile I was getting bombarded by e-mails from them saying I was SO close to getting to the "next level" whatever that meant. Talking to customer service was kind of a waste of time because they just told me to go talk to the other survey site (they clearly weren't going to do any further digging & well it WAS just customer service so they probably had no clue how to). Fine I understood but they could have asked someone else. Between them not bothering to find out if they at least did their part & the other site not even responding & worst of all LifePoints e-mailing me every day to do surveys, after more than a week of this, I finally cancelled. I was done with all of this & I tried, I gave them that second chance & it's not worth it. I even did try a couple surveys but did't qualify, nope not worth it.

Benjamin B. – LifePoints Rep

Hi Elyse,

We're sorry that you haven't had the most positive experience with LifePoints.

If you open a new ticket with our Help Center here - https://lifepoints.zendesk.com/hc/en-gb/requests/new - while quoting 'SITEREVIEW-SJ', we can ensure that your ticket is escalated with our customer service team.

Kind regards,

Months later
• Previous review

I finally hear from them. Ok so for some reason after I wrote my last review they decided to write to me, why I have no idea? I had written directly to them about half a dozen times & actually I did even decide to cancel my membership & their automated system said "sorry to see me go". Of course I wrote some things about why I didn't believe that since they couldn't care less when I wanted to be apart of their website. They wrote directly to me & asked if I deleted my membership accidentally? I responded said absolutely not, don't know where they got that from in everything I wrote told them they need to do the right thing by those they still have & they lost me for good! They still tried to get me to come back, again I don't know with everything I wrote & included ALL the messages I wrote to them & they totally ignored! SO I pray that anything I went through did something for even just ONE person. It's the reason I write reviews on companies good or bad to inform others & I am very honest about it when I write to the companies about how I feel & what my plans are. I always give them chances to do the right things first before I warn everyone about them. The good ones also need to be commended & even ones that turn things around :). . If I know about it, I'll write an update. 

Benjamin B. – LifePoints Rep

Hello Elise

Thank you for your feedback and for sharing your experience with the LifePoints Community.

We will keep working to make sure our Member can get the best possible experience with LifePoints.

Kind regards

Never heard from them again.
• Previous review

Still 2 months later, nothing from them... they never did contact me with surveys for me & my membership is still active. I actually forgot about this website & even the fact that I wrote about them until someone said my review was helpful. I thought they may have deleted my membership so I checked, yup it's still there. I still have points & it had a spot
Where I hit redeem Copied from their site..."Great things are waiting.
We have rewards you'll actually use" Then again when I tried they had in red..."You are not authorized to redeem your reward points."

I looked through the terms & I've only been with them for a couple of months, they don't say anything about a limit that must be met before redeeming & the only thing they do say is they have the right to terminate at any time. If that is the case why do I still have an account with them at all? This is exactly what others had complained about... either all of a sudden not having an account or not being able to redeem what they were owed. Those were the biggest issues. This was why I didn't bother after what I was able to do with them. I wasn't going to waste my time & this proves even more how corrupt they are.

For those they are still good to, I'm glad they haven't taken advantage of you, yet.
They can't take everyone's hard earned money or else they would totally be out of business so if they show the public that they are still paying out... at least someone, they have a leg to stand on. I've got my proof just like all the others & if you chose to take a chance, at least you have all the information. I've already deleted the account that referred me to them & told them I hoped they would start doing better then support companies like these & take responsibility for what they are doing. I've said it before & I'll say it again, there are way too many survey outlets out there to deal with these kinds of unethical tactics!

Benjamin B. – LifePoints Rep

Hi Elyse

We're sorry that you haven't had the most positive experience with LifePoints and we will gladly carry out a further review of your account.

If you open a new ticket with our Help Center here - https://lifepoints.zendesk.com/hc/en-gb/requests/new - while quoting 'SITEREVIEW-SJ, we can ensure that your ticket is escalated with our customer service team.

We hope that we can welcome you back to the LifePoints Community soon.

Kind regards,

Don't even sign up, not on a C rated site... that doesn't have surveys for you.
• Previous review

Check out all the BBB complaints. They are owned by Lightspeed & there was a merge. No one gets back to you, just as no one has ever gotten back to me. They have a "chat" option for issues but no one is ever available TO chat & sending a "note" means you aren't able to send a note unless the "chat" option isn't up. Ok, try to follow... you're messages may appear as if they are getting sent through "chat" or the "note" because both say thank you & the "note" sends an automated message but no actual person ever gets back.
Regardless I've never been credited for signing up through the website that referred me & they said no matter how much proof I provide Lifepoints needs to send it. Lifepoints also keeps telling me there are no surveys for me & they'll be in touch when there are surveys... it's been almost 3 weeks, that's a long time for not even 1 survey, what's the point?
Like I said I've also tried to contact them over this entire time 3 different ways, 3 different times.
BBB has so many complaints & their rating is a C. It's probably that good because apparently they used to do the right thing.
So don't waste your time if you are new... too many others out there!

• Updated review

After asking them to cancel my order & not hearing back until much later same rep said would try to cancel my order, then much later it was already sent & gave me a tracking number. At the time I asked for it to be cancel only a label was created & it hadn't even gotten to FedEx until late that evening. It would have saved a lot of time just to contact FedEx & not be sent to me but that became an ordeal. Well the one "good" thing was that I didn't have to send back the first order, twin sheets (that I couldn't do anything with) & I got my refund. Issue one totally resolved.

This time to have to send the item back at least a label was created AND pick up was along with it. I must apologize to the company though because when I contacted UPS they told me ONLY a shipping label was paid for & this is why I say an ordeal ended up happening with that. I spoke to not only 1 person at UPS but 2 & even though I had a tracking number AND pick up confirmation TWO UPS reps told me there was NO pick up paid for & the first person told me that if I wanted this to be picked up I had to pay for it, which I DID. Only until today did I get an odd feeling & spoke to a third person who also originally told me the same thing... only a label was paid for then after speaking to her for more than 10 minutes did she start saying the company paid for pick up later. I asked "when" later & she tells me the date the label was created, meaning it WAS paid for & I should NEVER have had to pay for it.
When I'm wrong I say I'm wrong & why I'm apologizing on this website because I accused them of lying to me.
I will take care of what UPS did myself but OpenSky, you did what you said you would.
I hope we can part ways learning something & that was what I'd been trying to do from the beginning. One call could have stopped the shipment & saved a lot of aggravation for everyone involved.
Still my mistake for getting bad information & I'm glad I got the truth so I could apologize the right way!

3 stars just for handling my last outburst, now we can part ways amicably

Told me to leave my house to send back their mistake
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I never knew anything about them but out of the blue I started getting e-mails from them about some kind of "credit" I had & better use it before it was gone. So I took a look... well that "credit" wasn't exactly what we think of credit, it was credit off of the wholesale price. Ok, I did place an order anyway. Totally wish I didn't! I got bed sheets set because my most comfy ones just ripped & the ones I got in this filthy (outside) bag I opened up with gloves on (we still have to be very careful) looked BEAUTIFUL, then after washing my hands & just feeling them, they even felt nice but taking a closer look... they were a TWIN size, I ordered a FULL size! Even the return slip inside said FULL! I'd tried to get in touch with Opensky twice already to ask some questions & only found a tracking number show up in my fedex account so called that company prior to getting these sheets. It's a good thing so I actually had someone to call. It sounded like his personal number but he gave me the customer service number to that company, the company who made the sheets. All they told me was that they'd request a refund, no other options because they were out of stock. I wrote back, asking about other colors, other sizes... bigger or course & never heard back from them. For over the next hour plus I went back to Opensky looking for sheets & this wasn't easy, nothing comparable to what I bought but there were many options at the time I bought them!

Interesting that today I got a message from Opensky talking about my item was delivered, even though my last message was clearly in that thread talking about the item I got was the wrong item!
They wrote back & said they'd send me a return label & not charge me for the shipping but I need to GO bring it to a UPS place within a certain time so I can get my refund. They apologized for not getting back to me sooner but had to prioritize the messages. Still didn't acknowledge the fact that my last message was about the wrong item! I responded about what is going on & my own situation being ill prior to the pandemic & I barely left my home but now I don't leave plus of course I shouldn't have to pay for shipping for an item I didn't purchase. They shouldn't be asking me to GO anywhere & should automatically offer UPS to come pick up their mistake. I was even more worried now if they were treating new customers like this, I wasn't sure about the new order I placed but waited for a response. This rep had responded quickly before but I waited & since she didn't respond, I sent another message asking to cancel the order I placed not even 12 hours ago.

I can't believe this is how this company treats their customers especially with everything that is going on. It's not that I could have been a customer but I'm a human being! To tell me to GO somewhere & the ONE thing that you are doing for me is NOT CHARGING me to send the wrong item back... WOW, thank you! Worst customer service in a lot of places lately but I think this tips the scales! Send me something I can't use, an item that I didn't order then tell me (someone who is mainly bed bound & has no way of getting around) to GO & bring it to be sent back to you.


I live at The Lively at Carolina Forest & having been bounced around from very bad to toxic previously this place is outstanding. Well first of all it's new so going from the minus 0 & bugs living in my last places of COURSE this gives Lively 5 stars automatically but that wouldn't be fair. I've been here for almost 3 years & there's been a lot of turn around with staff so that can get a bit confusing. Now this or that has changed but still I am very fortunate, it's safe, clean & more helpful people all around. (when I actually ask) If I'm going to take a chance, I'd chose The Lively apartments over any other I've seen so far in the Myrtle Beach area.


If it wasn't for Credit Karma, I wouldn't have known about some things that were done on my credit cards. I've been very pleasantly surprised with this website & it's free. It will give you updated information every month from 2 credit bureaus, you don't have to pay for that extra information. I use it for what it is... getting my credit information.

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So the last rep told me once they received my package I would have to wait to get my refund for the other 2 items & that could take up to 2 full weeks. She really didn't care about anything else I had to go through & just gave me the same song & dance as all the harassing e-mails did. She told me if I didn't get my refund by April 29th, THEN I could contact them back but to at least wait until then since things would have to be refunded manually.

Of course I called on the 29th & got another rep who told me everything I did wrong & why I didn't get my refund! Going over facts as to why it MY fault like not sending them in individual packages regardless of them all being sent to ME in one. She didn't care that I had been in hysterical tears with the supervisor when the first UPS guy came without a box after the first rep told me SHE would take care of things for me & sent it in writing that UPS would be here with a box & label. She didn't care that the supervisor didn't take care of things for me either & that I told him I'd be sending things back as soon as I could find something to put them in... the same way they came... 1 package & he STILL sent me 3 labels & never said anything about my items not going in 1 package like we discussed. Even the UPS guy said only 1 label was to be used! Everyone I spoke to & wrote to knew that this was being sent the same way it came... 1 package for all 3 items & in the instructions it clearly says to send it back the way it came.

Anyway, after being reprimanded AGAIN by yet another representative & saying she was listening & caring about the situation & apologizing for what happened, I asked if she was telling me that this means I'm not getting my money back for items I sent back as promised & they've had in their possession for 2 full weeks? "Hmmmm & uhhhhh", she finally says she needs to send it to another department to have this looked into because she couldn't do anything. No kidding! She tells me that someone would get in touch with me, which of course I didn't believe but surprisingly I got an e-mail & why I actually gave 2 stars.

The e-mail said they were looking into this & asked me to wait just 3 business days, even apologized for asking me to "wait more". That would really mean 5 since we were going into the weekend, but still someone wrote to me. In MORE shock I got another message this weekend saying my refund was now being processed! Holy cow! Well, that's going to take up to another 5 business days but again... it's finally getting done!

Sad part is it wouldn't be if I didn't keep on top of them. They'd have my items back & be fine with not giving me the refund since nothing in the system (per last rep) was being shown anything was ever sent back & I needed to SEND those other 2 items BACK with the labels I got!? It's a good thing I keep notes, take my own & keep all the ones that were sent to me for PROOF!
The principal was worth WAY more than what I spent & some was used on a gift card & some with a regular credit card. They needed to know what they were doing wasn't right & I had to update everyone with how much effort it took on MY part just to get them to do the right thing.

These orders were received around April 9 & UPS picked them up 2 days later? I tracked the package knowing that Amazon had it late on April 14, so could start doing their thing as of April 15 (also confirmed by Amazon) & why a full 2 weeks would be April 29. Now I have to wait up to another 5 business days for my refund... meaning possibly May 8. That will be a full month since being charged for & receiving compromised items.
NOT ordering anything at all in the first place would have been MORE ideal. One item in particular was half price & I chose to order from Amazon instead of Walmart that had the same great price & now obviously that's no longer around so can't replace that because that WAS a big price difference! (at least for me)

I truly hope Amazon takes note of this & steps up their game. As of right now, my orders are coming from someone else. I'm not buying anything from them & bringing it into MY residence.

For your safety, buy elsewhere... this is sad.
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I wish I had an updated review in between my last one because they were back to being the true Amazon Prime I always knew them to be! They were extremely caring, understanding & going beyond the regular job responsibilities. NOW, I'm very sad to say not only have I seen news reports about the lack of safety but I experienced it first hand with my last order!

Already disabled & in high risk, simply getting my package was a major task but I'm doing what I'm supposed to for everyone's safety! LONG ritual leaving the house & coming back in especially if I'm bringing anything in with me on top of the regular exhaustion of having to leave when I'm normally mainly bed bound. I was trying to be calm when I received 3 different orders in the same box that we ALL unsafe, not properly sealed, leaking &/or dirty on the INSIDE of things that you consume or put directly on your skin!

I threw out the original box & bubbles, cleaned the outside of all 3 items but not until I had energy the next day did I see the conditions of my items were worse on the inside, maybe already used or contaminated, I just don't know.
Amazon's first rep told me she would make sure UPS would bring a box & the label for me the very next day because to get a refund they needed my items returned. OK, not safe to even be doing that but I agreed to what was asked of me. She even told me I didn't have to see the carrier since I was concerned about social distancing & instructed me to leave my items outside my door in my apartment complex! I wasn't going to do that, they probably wouldn't be taken but then I also would never know what UPS did or didn't do.

Needless say UPS only came with labels-PLURAL & told me where to go BUY a box! Don't get me started, I didn't even have my door but a crack opened.
Contacted Amazon, again was told now a supervisor would try to fix it & make sure my things were picked up. All HE did was send me several e-mails, each with it's own shipping label? & instructions on how to prepare my package for UPS pick up.

I tried to explain to him, that wasn't what he said he'd do either after he told me the first rep was wrong for what she did & said. For the next several hours, I continued to get harassed by more reps writing the same things about why UPS didn't do my pick up & everyone's policy.

Getting to the main issue... there have been reports directly from Amazon's workers about unsafe work environments & the spread of this illness. The other reports talk about how many things are unsafe to purchase through Amazon because of so much false information. I have even warned them about a product harming me & still saw it on their website after people telling me over & over they will make sure it's taken down!

All you have to do since I can't put in a link is look this specific information. Amazon isn't doing what they claim they are doing & worse, they don't seem to care about the customers with experiences like mine. Customers like me who are trying to prevent spreading anything & make sure I'm doing MY part to ensure everyone's safety!

Not caring like they used to...
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After my first review they were really coming out as THE top company for customer service but something has seriously gone wrong. I was starting to even give the first line reps a chance to take care of things & they were doing it! NOW... very sad to say that less than 40% even care anymore & that's first line reps (who are now telling you whatever you want to hear & then blind transferring you with false information about why you are even calling) & then only SOME of the team leads believe you & try to help.
I NEVER used to ask for money back if I was returning anything & I'd simply ask for a gift card to keep my business with them, now for the first time in a LONG time I asked for my money back because I'd much rather wait for whatever I'm getting then deal with anymore Amazon customer service issues or fibs. I used to BOAST about them even if something went wrong, at least the next higher reps still did the right thing. What's the point of paying for a Prime membership if this is how they are going to start treating their customers?

:( had to redo review & still gave 3 b/c I know most DO care
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When I first joined & had some problems, eventually getting to the right person got the job done. Now after being a member for over a year realizing that the "right" person meant never the first line of reps. The latest having every reason to tell a "team lead" I'm never speaking with first line customer service again after needing 3 before the issue was fixed & still hearing from 2 more for no good reason. I've spent more time on the phone with a representatives (plural) giving them chances to first take care of something that should be simple, then the following people chances to take care of what the first &/or second should have & told me they were going to do. It's when I receive the e-mail that says something different that I make another call & the next thing I know I'm between e-mail & on the phone for half the day. No more of that nonsense-right to the team leaders.

Tip for consumers:
Really just have to go straight to the leaders for most things & that's unfortunate. I've asked people to confirm exactly what they were doing & they have said exactly what we agreed on but when I get it in writing that wasn't the case. I hope for the future this company is able to turn things around.


I was in total shock when I got a notification from a credit bureau asking me if I closed an account. I'm trying to keep building credit, especially right now & not close accounts for no reason. I have excellent standing with all my cards & that was the same with the Wayfair Card... I've only been with them 2 years & 2 months & to find out my account was closed, no warning & no explanation? I went onto the website to even see if this was true & sure enough it was. I tried to call & got an automated message saying if I was calling about my closed acount they couldn't do anything about a card that was closed by the bank but I could reapply. GOOD BYE & I got hung up by an AUTOMATED SYSTEM! I wrote in to see if someone would explain, the response was that there was inactivity on my account so they closed it!? I've only been with them for just over 2 years, it wasn't inactive for 10 years! 2 years in the credit world is still a new account & with what is going on right now, the pandemic... NO ONE is spending on non-essentials BUT it might be nice to have that option afterwards, no? Apparently not in Wayfair's eyes! They decided to take credit that I gained over 2 years, hurt my credit years & my good standing with them since I've never been late & told me to reapply! Not to mention that they already knew I was disabled BEFORE the pandemic & clearly still didn't care what they had done. I asked them to take another look at this but their response was SO cold & heartless. This is how Wayfair treats their customers who don't spend enough... they make it MANDATORY that you spend on a bi-yearly basis or you lose your card, as far as I can see with how they treated me. I have written proof as to why they cancelled my card & exactly how long I've been a card holder along with the messages I sent & their response... to reapply & thank for my feedback. By the way, they never even responded to my last message... that shows they don't care how they look & why I did decide to post a review to warn others. I wish someone warned me about them. I would never have gotten a Wayfair Card to begin with. So many other companies have better rates & deals & actually care about their customers, no matter what is going on instead of taking advantage of world issues.

• Updated review

Customer service is really helping a LOT when it comes to issues & not being credited. I'm sure they are short staffed right now probably like everyone else but since my last review I have to commend them on picking things up as much as they have, again. It's clear to see they do really care & if you are honest in what you are doing they will help!
Thank you Swagbucks team.

Dropped the ball before the ball dropped... 2020
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I'm going to make this really quick because it's painful for me to even say. They were doing SO well & now I'm a customer, a trouble shooter, a quality assurance person, tech person, etc... too many times I have to submit things to get the credit & the problem is technical which I've figured out. More major issues started in Dec., why I said they dropped the ball & I was having to screenshot EVERYTHING I was doing! I was getting re-routed everywhere & spending HOURS on end for just a couple dollars & it was telling me they thought I had an ad blocker which I totally did NOT! Then it was messing with my computer in other ways, not just on their website & ad blocker, no ad blocker, I'm still sending them screenshots of all kinds of things but no one from the tech department is getting back to me with ALL the information I've given them! I'm SO upset because they were doing SO well & again, I KNOW that it's a tech problem because even when they send me messages sometimes they are fine & sometimes not. I've got an entire file just on them if all they send is that 1 automated message & then ignore all the other proof I send with technical things. I really like the company, like the help desk just wish that one department would get with it!

I'd rather be wrong :)
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I truly LOVE being wrong about bad things! Ok well it took a month to get the answer but that SOMEONE (whomever this was) finally asking me what I purchased EXPLAINED EVERYTHING! I was in shock because I had NO idea that could have something to do with why I wouldn't get credit for my shopping. Since the very beginning I was asking why I wouldn't get the 1000 SB & no one had ever done what she (I wish I knew her name) did. I was beyond thankful & apologized for not knowing. I've no problem giving praise to the company when they do right. I LOVE writing good reviews, I'd RATHER write an AMAZING REVIEW..., especially in this case the 6 reps or so before her just kept giving so many different reasons that made no sense. So now I understand & it makes sense why & it's all ok, forgiven & forgotten.

An EXTRA EXTRA thank you to the rep who also had the time & patience with me asking so questions & being a problem customer (Diane :). You couldn't have been anymore amazing! Swagbucks needs more people like you!
Swagbucks is looking up.

I'm waiting on a few more answers, wondering if I'll get those or if it will be another month of badgering or if it's worth it. It's truly exhausting doing the surveys & then having another job keeping track & making them accountable for my surveys & the bonuses too. Then again the BONUSES is really where it counts the most! Uhhhhh I know mistakes happen...

Here's something for the records!
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As you know I take screenshots of everything. I gave them the proof of their promotion for my first purchase through them, 1000 SB & proof OF my purchase many times & only TODAY after a month did they ask for exactly what I purchased. The first excuse was that they couldn't track it so I was out of luck & even though in their fine print it says only travel & MyGiftCardPlus was ineligible TODAY my purchase of pet supplies was not eligible at the time of purchase? Uhhh what is that supposed to mean? Like I said, I've been sending them proof of everything since I made the purchase AND in all my research looking around my profile I came across some "shopping" credits of 85 SB that I've NO clue where they came from b/c I've never made ANY other purchase other than this one I've been talking about. Why did I get that 85 at all then? They are playing games & I wanted to warn everyone & keep you up to date.

The other issue is still the Daily Goal Bonuses. I've got all my proof that I've met my goals for 30 days now. They have me as 21 days & skipping over 30 days & starting over now meeting the 7 day goal. Not true at all!
Everyone be careful! If I have to, I'll put up screenshots here! I've got them ALL & so does SB. Mistakes are ok but as I've been telling them, it's how a company handles the mistakes that makes them bad or good. They must be accountable for these errors & try to take care of the issues, not make different excuses for all of them.

Need to double check everything
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Now I honestly don't know what they are doing. I'm seeing surveys that I qualify for & actually able to complete & for the most part even get the SB. However the Daily Goal is another story. I'm checking for the bonus points & none of them seem to be applying. I've checked my activity every day & it doesn't match with what their Daily Goal's been saying. I'm not getting the daily goal points nor have I gotten the points for meeting those goals consecutively. I've written to them several times about this, have screen shots of a LOT of conflicting days AND within minutes of looking up all these days to copy it for proof, they Daily Goal part has changed without me doing anything.
There is something wrong with their website & I keep trying to advise them of this but if I don't report it somewhere else they seem to ignore me.
If you are doing things with them, take a screen shot EVERY DAY!

I had to update, they WILL eventually listen.
• Previous review

I finally redeemed some SB & so far so good. I still don't like the excuse for why I wasn't compensated for doing a shop & earn however they did come through on other problems. Not going to still keep track of things but it's ok to make mistakes as long as a company will listen & do as they promise.

They will not ignore us...
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I meant to put in "update", not add another comment so this was just hours later...
If we don't let companies get away with things like this, they WILL have to do right. I had been fighting with them for a while & it's not a coincidence that I tried one last time to warn what could happen. It's not a threat if I'm doing what I said I'd do & post reviews for others to watch out. It's not a threat if they already showed me (regardless of my proof) that they weren't listening or caring towards their customers. However this is also why I'm writing something saying they listened TODAY! After sending them one last chance & posting things AND contacting the 1 company that promised me compensation through Swagbucks, this is why not any of us should just let things slide. I will still continue to monitor them & made sure to take another screen shot of my total. I don't trust them but this is a step in the right direction, even if I still must show them how to add correctly.

They do NOT pay!
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It all looks GREAT being a first time member & believing you can earn so much from them. All their sign up bonuses, sure it accumulates pretty quickly... at first. Then you will start to see issues. When I wasn't getting paid for a few pennies here & there, I had to start taking screen shots of everything I was doing. They did apologize for a few things, very little amounts to credit back, but now that I've done more with WAY bigger payouts, they are ignoring me & telling me a list of excuses. They can't track things, it must be a problem with whatever I'm doing, they aren't responsible TO pay in the first place because they have to GET paid from those other companies first in order to pay their members (yes I get that but when I show proof?), I've seen pending credits totally vanish & of course they say nothing about that either & the last I'm seeing is even daily balance not add up. Please look at what other people are really saying about them NOW. I've read they used to be good but now people are beyond upset & ready to take further action against them. I know I am & I've got PLENTY to back up all I'm saying. If they don't care with how many times I've asked nicely, I can't ask nicely anymore.

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